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Tue, 11 Nov 2014 22:01:20 GMT
Talk-Sports in ESPN The Magazine
Talk-Sports has been outted in the most recent edition of ESPN, The Magazine. Pick up a copy. You can also see the article online. Don't forget to leave a comment.

Thu, 16 Oct 2008 03:27:29 GMT
Crosby Denies Talk-Sports

In a recent interview on ESPN Radio, the interviewer asked Sidney Crosby about his Talk-Sports girlfriend forum. Crosby denied knowledge of the website. It's pretty exciting to here that Talk-Sports is being referenced on ESPN radio, but it's disappointing to here Crosby deny knowledge of it, as I'm aware that the website was talked about considerably in the dress-room last season. It's entirely possible he didn't put two and two together, but I suspect he was simply lying :-(

You can listen to the interview at the following link. The reference is at 19:30 or thereabouts of the interview.

Mon, 11 Feb 2008 19:20:05 GMT
Update on Richard Zednik
Hoping all the best for Zednik.

Wed, 04 Jan 2006 03:15:08 GMT
Blue Jays Projected Starters

ESPN projected the starting lineup of all the MLB teams, including our Blue Jays. AL and NL.

C  Gregg Zaun
1B  Lyle Overbay
2B  Aaron Hill
SS  Russ Adams
3B  Troy Glaus
LF  Reed Johnson
CF  Vernon Wells
RF  Alex Rios
DH  Shea Hillenbrand

SP1  Roy Halladay
SP2  A.J. Burnett
SP3  Gustavo Chacin
SP4  Ted Lilly
SP5  Josh Towers
CL  B.J. Ryan

Mon, 07 Nov 2005 12:14:09 GMT
Terrell Owens a Disgrace

Washington Post: Owens was suspended indefinitely Saturday by Eagles Coach Andy Reid for conduct detrimental to the organization. [In] an interview with ESPN that aired Thursday night [cut] he was critical of quarterback Donovan McNabb and complained that the team had not publicized the 100th scoring reception of his 10-year career. [cut] Eagles sources confirmed before the game that [Hugh] Douglas [cut] exchanged words with Owens in the training room Wednesday and that both men threw several punches, none of which landed, before they were separated by several other players. Owens reportedly went into the locker room afterward and challenged anyone who was talking behind his back to take him on.

Randy: The Eagles only have themselves to blame. Not publicly recognizing a players 100th TD seems pretty stupid. Signing this problem to a seven year contract was beyond stupid.

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