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Mon, 24 Oct 2011 17:12:28 GMT
Updated Euro Super League rosters
We updated the Euro Super League rosters this aft.
Wed, 14 Apr 2010 21:20:52 GMT
Marketa Linden Suing Talk-Sports
Marketa Linden, supposed girlfriend of Sidney Crosby, has informed us at to expect a lawsuit in the next week from their London office. She intends to sue Talk-Sports for 1,000,000 in damages. I assume the amount is in pounds or euros but they did not specify. They claim Marketa was bullied in the Talk-Sports Sidney Crosby girlfriend forum and that members of Talk-Sports have made death threats towards Ms Linden. We were unable to confirm the claims and they have not provided us any proof of these claims.
Thu, 02 Apr 2009 03:49:43 GMT
Maples Leafs Grades

Here's my final grades on your 2008-09 Toronto Maple Leafs.

  1. A+ Alexei Ponikarovsky - 23 goals on less than 16 minutes per game and best of all he was +8 on a mostly minus team.
  2. A Luke Schenn - In limited ice-time, he finished 18th in hits thrown.
  3. A Mikhail Grabovski - The rookie tallied more points than Stamkos.
  4. A Niklas Hagman - Good two-way players and we have him locked up for 3 more years.
  5. A Nik Antropov - Career high goals and good trade bait.
  6. A Andre Deveaux - He played 21 games on the big club. Who'd a guessed that last September.
  7. A Dominic Moore - Claimed him off waivers and traded him for a 2nd round pick in just over a year. Not bad.
  8. A Jeremy Williams - According to Ron Wilson, he doesn't play well defensively from the press box. WTF!?
  9. A Carlo Calaiacovo - Finally turned into the NHL player we new he would be. Unfortunately, we traded him first.
  10. B+ Ian White - The + is for effort.
  11. B Tomas Kaberle - He didn't step up and become a leader.
  12. B Matt Stajan - He's not a #1 center, but was forced to fill-in as one.
  13. B Pavel Kubina - Solid d-man
  14. B Nikolai Kulemin - 10th in rookie goals.
  15. B Jonas Frogen - Good start.
  16. B Phil Oreskovic - WOW! He played 10 games in the NHL.
  17. B Anton Stralman - Improving.
  18. B Brian Burke - Interesting moves.
  19. C Jason Blake - Better, but still not earning anywhere near his salary.
  20. C Jeff Finger - Didn't earn his salary, but not entirely his fault.
  21. C Mike Van Ryn - Looked good on the ice, not so much in the medical room.
  22. C Vesa Toskala - Leafs won't get better unless the goaltending gets better.
  23. C Brad May - Great team man, but he's a candidate for retirement.
  24. C John Mitchell - Has the talent to play in the NHL, but doesn't show it during the games.
  25. C Tim Stapleton - First NHL goal and great AHL rookie season.
  26. C Jeffrey Hamilton - Good depth player.
  27. C Martin Gerber - I think we got brownie points for taking his salary.
  28. C Curtis Joseph - Stunk before Christmas, but played better since. Retire already!
  29. C Ron Wilson - Didn't have much to work with.
  30. D Lee Stempniak - Do we really have to pay this guy $3.5 million next year?
  31. D Jamal Mayers - Kulemin threw more hits.
  32. D Jiri Tlusty - Finally clicked in the AHL. He might get another chance next year.
  33. D Kris Newbury - Injured!
  34. D Alex Steen - Lost patience with him and got traded.
  35. D Jay Harrison - Leaving for Europe was a bad career move.
  36. D Staffan Kronwall - Lost him on waivers. Not a biggy.
  37. D Jamie Sifers - Didn't progress.
  38. D Boyd Devereaux - He stunk with the Marlies.
  39. D Ben Ondrus - HuH? They didn't have anything better when they played him in 11 games?
  40. D Ryan Hollweg - We actually traded a 5th rounder for him.
  41. D Mark Bell - Contract is over. Bye!
  42. D Justin Pogge - Horrible.
  43. D Cliff Fletcher - Stunk.
Sat, 07 Jun 2008 17:40:40 GMT
Euro 2008 Predictions

My daughter and I submitted our predictions to a local pub. Here they are...

Group A Group B Group C  Group D
Portugal Germany Italy Spain
Turkey Croatia Netherlands Russia
Czech Poland France Sweden
Switzerland Austria Romania Greece

Spain over Germany in the finals.

My daughter's...

Group A Group B Group C  Group D
Portugal Germany Italy Greece
Turkey Croatia France Spain
Czech Poland Netherlands Russia
Switzerland Austria Romania Sweden

Germany over Greece in the finals.
Sat, 07 Jun 2008 14:02:59 GMT
Euro 2008 Countdown

Less than 2 hours till kick-of.

Thu, 24 May 2007 01:26:45 GMT
Soccer is a Joke
In the same season where A.C. Milan were convicted of match fixing, they are the European club team champions. Beyond the fact that a game of soccer is about as interesting as watching paint dry, they now allow teams that are convicted of match fixing to win the championship for the same season they were convicted of cheating during. I guess cheating pays in soccer. What a joke! All soccer fans should be embarrassed at the mockery of their sport.
Sun, 09 Apr 2006 02:45:28 GMT
The New European NHL
Many in the hockey industry are commenting that the current NHL is taylored to the European players. Of the top 24 scorers in the NHL, 15 are North American (12 Canadians) and only 9 Europeans.
Sat, 29 Oct 2005 00:19:05 GMT
Congrats Chicago but...
It was great watching the Chicago White Sox win the World Series. It's nice to see a new team win. That said, it's very boring to watch the Yankees, Astros, Cardinals, Red Sox and Braves compete in the playoffs year-after-year. It really sucks having a team in the A.L. East. How are my Blue Jays ever going to win when both the Sox and Yanks have more salary in the starting infield than the entire Blue Jays roster. Basically, most of the league are simply feeder teams for the top half dozen super teams. This equates to the entire league being fixed to hand the World Series to the Yankees every year or two. Boring! I guess it's a lot like European soccer now.
Wed, 05 Oct 2005 17:00:20 GMT
Atlantic Division Predictions
  1. Philadelphia Flyers - This team will win with Forsberg and Esche and lose otherwise.
  2. New Jersey Devils - This team is gonna have a hard time scoring goals. Fortunately Brodeur should still get them into the playoffs, but no further.
  3. New York Islanders - If DiPietro becomes one of the top goalies in the NHL, then they are in the playoffs. Otherwise, I can't see a team captained by Yashin succeeding.
  4. Pittsburgh Penguins - Improving, but still too many holes on defense. Crosby and Lemieux will have to score a lot of goals to keep this team in the playoff hunt.
  5. New York Rangers - Sather is gambling that Europeans will dominate the new NHL. Weekes is gonna lead the league in saves and unfortunately goals against too.
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