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Tue, 26 Oct 2010 14:51:04 GMT
Marketa Linden's Formspring

From Marketa Linden's formspring. Gotta <3 her crazy reply. As if a Brit happens to write in the same broken English as Marketa.

Randy Charles Morin

How come Marketa and all the ppl that work for her use the same broken English?

Excuse me? Firstly, your hat is not in vogue, 2nd, I am native British citizen, Derrick is my name, and I am not into you. If you have an idea apparel company is run by 1 person doing all from sewing to web design, I'd like to see you as IT doing sewing. Anyway, this formspring is about styling tips to our clients. You need proper makeover but ask someone else for the help.

Mon, 13 Sep 2010 21:51:05 GMT
Who is Channing Sleete?

@channingsleete saaaangria...ooooh yeaaaaa on TwitpicChanning is a girl from Michigan who is accused of creating the Jillian Domani facebook profile and using the profile to have phone sex and sext with dozens of guys. She also distributed NSFW photos of these guys to her online girlfriends like Mellisa Johnson.

She created the Jillian Domani profile from photos of another girl, whose identity I'll leave out at her request. She created a bf for Jillian named Ryan from pics of this other girls bf. She also create numerous other identities using photos of other people.

She claimed  to live in Chicago and to be dating Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. She would photoshop pictures of Jillian with Toews and Kane to solidify her story. She friended profiles for Toews, Kane and many other famous athletes on facebook, but most were fake and she may have created some herself. She also claimed to date Jesse Lacey from the band Brand New, Jeff Baker of the Cubs and Rick Porcello of the Tigers.

A few years back, Channing had a major crush on a boy from a band. This boy rejected her, but her crush didn't stop there. She created an online profile of a girl that she thought this boy might like; the Jillian profile. She connected online with him and they began an online-virtual relationship. Unfortunately, it didn't stop there, she continued using the profile to befriend other girls and to have phone sex and sext with boys. It snowballed into what became the Jillian profile.

Jillian's fake bf's fb

Channing's FB

Parody Channing FB with lots of pics

Channing's MySpace.

Channing's MySpace profile pic.

Google cache of Channing's Twitter.

Another pic of Channing.

Pic of Channing and her sister Shelby.

A lot of thee information I acquired from Mellissa Sue Johnson's formspring.

Other information was acquired from the dozens of girls and guys that contacted in the weeks after Jillian was exposed on

More to come.

Mon, 09 Aug 2010 08:56:42 GMT
Jillian Domani is a Fake

Of late, someone calling herself Jillian Domani has been posting on Facebook, Formspring and Talk-Sports that she was dating several high profile athletes. She often posted on the Jonathan Toews girlfriend forum [] that she dated Toews and his teammate; Patrick Kane. She appears to have created an elaborate network of friends who like to discuss the relationship status of athletes on Talk-Sports. She also befriended me and created fake profiles for her boyfriends and close friends. She even texted and called many of her Facebook friends from a 312 area code.

Some posters investigated and found that she had stolen her pics from a girl living in Austin, Texas. The girl, whose identity was stolen, contacted me on Facebook. I asked her to accept my FB friendship so that I may determine if she was a fake. I reviewed her FB account. She has pics and wall posts dating back more than a year. She has an elorate connection of real friends who have been tagged in a very large set of photographs. It's impossible for me to believe that this Texas girl could have created such a detailed FB account for more than a year, simply to discredit Jillian. As such, I have believe that Jillian stole her identity and created a completely fake profile.

When it became public information that she may have stolen the pics she claimed were her own, Jillian changed her FB profile name to Jillyun Ruhnay. She once told me that Rene was her middle name. You can still find her FB profile [], but it is now completely private and she has unfriended myself and nearly all others. About two dozen girls have now contacted me and told me similar stories about their relationship online with Jillian. Many of the girls claimed to have established a very close relationship with Jillian online and over the phone. When pressed to meet her online friends, she always devised an excuse not to meet up. She claimed she had cystic fibrosis and was a medical student.

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