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Wed, 10 Dec 2008 22:46:10 GMT
NFL Layoffs?

The NFL is laying-off 150 of their 1100 workers or 14% of their workforce. is laying off 20 of 5% of their workers. The NBA laid-off 80 earlier this year. The AFL is talking about suspending operations for the coming season. Things are tough!

Fri, 11 Jan 2008 03:20:03 GMT
Puck Bunnies
The Globe and Mail interviewed me this week for a article on the cover of today's Life section. The article is about puck bunnies, this website and a new TV series starting this month by CBC.
Thu, 13 Apr 2006 13:25:25 GMT
Maple Leafs sign Jean-Sébastien Aubin

David Shoalts: Ferguson let it be known that he signed veteran goaltender Jean-Sébastien Aubin to a one-year contract. While the contract is just for one year and comes with only a modest raise to $525,000 (U.S.) from Aubin's current annual stipend of $500,000, the big attraction is that it is a one-way deal.

Randy: That means Aubin will make his half-million whether he plays for the Leafs or the Marlies. If any team in the NHL could pay there AHL goalies a half-million, it would be the Leafs. This might mean the Leafs are prepared to go with Aubin and Tellqvist to start next season, which would open up the bank to sign a forward or defenseman.

Fri, 17 Feb 2006 17:41:00 GMT
More on Gretzky-gate

Just a few updates on Gretzky-gate, known officially as Operation Slapshot.

Tue, 07 Feb 2006 16:09:59 GMT
NHL doesn't own Stanley Cup
Richard Blackwell: In an out-of-court settlement expected to be finalized today, the National Hockey League acknowledged that the trustees who control the prize can award it to a non-NHL team in a year where the league doesn't operate.  [cut] The settlement will end a court case launched during last year's players' lockout by a pair of middle-aged hockey buffs who wanted the Cup to go to amateur teams while the NHL was shut down. Gard Shelley and David Burt, members of a Toronto pickup hockey league called the Wednesday Nighters, went to court to challenge the NHL's claim that it controlled the Stanley Cup, and could prevent it from being used as a trophy for other leagues. 
Mon, 03 Oct 2005 14:54:44 GMT
Millen leaves Sens for job with Leafs
Globe and Mail: Analyst Greg Millen has quit his broadcasting job with the Ottawa Senators to accept a post with the rival Toronto Maple Leafs. Millen's decision to join club-owned Leafs TV has left the Senators scrambling to find a television colour commentator.
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