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Mon, 25 Jul 2011 19:42:03 GMT
Nic Harris on Talk-Sports

Nic Harris of the NFL Carolina Panthers sent us a video acknowledging his Talk-Sports fans, which we used to replace his girlfriend forum.

This is part of a program where we replace the girlfriend forums for players who are concerned about the content on their girlfriend forums. Please see the link for more details.

Fri, 08 Apr 2011 00:27:31 GMT
Rookie of the Year

We have some race this year. I can identify 7 legit candidates; 3 of which scored 30 goals.

Jeff Skinner

One year ago, Skinner wasn't on anybody's NHL radar.  He wasn't drafted and wasn't even projected in the 1st round of the draft. He scored 20 goals in 20 games during last years OHL playoff and he became a 7th overall pick. Twelve months later, he has 30+ goals in the NHL and is the choice of many to win the Calder Trophy.

Logan Couture

Nineth overall pic in 2007, he stagnated for the next 3 years. Out of nowhere, he's regained his top prospect form and put 30 pucks in the net. Unlikely to win, as he doesn't have the most goals, nor the most points for a rookie, which is the prime criteria for a forward.

Michael Grabner

Grabner was the 14 overall pick back in 2006. Like Couture, he struggled after his draft year. He played the last 3 years almost entirely in the AHL. A brief 20 game tryout at the end of last season was successful, potting 5 goals. The Canucks traded him to the Panthers, who then waived him before the season started. He was claimed by the Islanders and the rest is history; 30 goal rookie campaign.

John Carlson

Drafted 27th overall in 2008. Note that all these rookies to date have been drafted in the 1st round. Somebody might wanna inform Brian Burke of these facts. Played half a season in the AHL and he's an NHLer. Fits in well, on a very talented Capitals team. Unlike to win.

Cam Fowler

Tell Burke that Fowler was drafted 12th overall in 2010. Ya, that's last year. And he scored 40 points this year as a defenseman. His -26 plus-minus rating is gonna keep him away from the Calder Trophy.

P.K. Subban

Drafted in the 2nd round of 2007. I have to think his skin color and mouth kept him out of the 1st round. How many defensemen score 56 points in their OHL draft year and don't get picked in the 1st round? He's improved every year since, is now a household name for every hockey fan and a twitter fad (#blamesubban). PK's stats might not get him the Calder, but I watch a lot of hockey and from what I see, this guy is already a leader on the Canadians. He's my Calder pick, but I doubt many will agree. They'd rather blame him for something.

Corey Crawford

I always hate it when a goalie qualifies as a rookie, yet he played games in 4 NHL seasons. This is actually his 5th season playing in the NHL. The numbers are there and he resurrected the Hawks season. He'll get votes, but he was drafted in 2003. Hardly a rookie.

Mon, 19 Oct 2009 17:31:54 GMT
NHL Eastern Conference Predictions
These are my predictions for the NHL Eastern Conference.


The Rangers are off to a great start. Nothing new. Lunqvist does this every year. Don't credit anybody but Lunqvist and laugh at hockey analysis who make anything of the Rangers fast start. Lunqvist comes back to Earth as the season wears on him.


If Leclaire keeps it up, then expect the Sens near the top of the Northeast division.

Capitals and Penguins

The Pens and Caps will shoot it out again for the conference title.


If Miller remains healthy, then the Sabres are playoff bound.


Great start. Maybe they can make the playoffs. Maybe. It's 50-50.


Still getting worse and relying on Brodeur more than ever. Brodeur will likely get them into the playoffs yet again. Someday he won't.


Amazing team outside of management and goaltending. How do you put Randy Jones up for grabs? How do you gamble on the Emery headcase? If Emery doesn't implode the team, then they make the playoffs.


Should easily make playoffs. GM is executive of the year for the Kessel trade. Last 12 months have put them into Stanley Cup contention for the next 10 years.


They can't play defense. I feel sorry for their goaltenders.


Getting old. Need to surround Cam Ward with younger players. This is likely a good year for them to exit from the playoff picture and get a good draft pick. Ward may make that difficult.


They suck again.


Too much change in team personel, plus Andrei Markov not heathly, equals a lot of unfair doubt on Carey Price's skill and no playoff.


The Isles will never make the playoffs until Garth Snow is fired.


This franchise is turning into a joke. The Ducks cup win obviously had little to do with Brian Burke.
Sun, 14 Dec 2008 02:11:38 GMT
NHL 2008 All-Stars

I thought it'd be interesting to list my 20 NHL all-stars for this season.




Thu, 30 Oct 2008 21:51:58 GMT
NHL Update

We just updated all the NHL rosters.

New Jersey Devils
Chicago Blackhawks
New York Islanders
Columbus Blue Jackets
New York Rangers
Detroit Red Wings
Philadelphia Flyers
Nashville Predators
Pittsburgh Penguins
St. Louis Blues
Boston Bruins
Calgary Flames
Buffalo Sabres
Colorado Avalanche
Montreal Canadiens
Edmonton Oilers
Ottawa Senators
Minnesota Wild
Toronto Maple Leafs
Vancouver Canucks
Atlanta Thrashers
Anaheim Ducks
Carolina Hurricanes
Dallas Stars
Florida Panthers
Los Angeles Kings
Tampa Bay Lightning
Phoenix Coyotes
Washington Capitals
San Jose Sharks
Fri, 12 Oct 2007 14:39:31 GMT
Jesse Boulerice, the new Hanson - Episode #13

A new episode of the podcast

  • Flyer's Jesse Boulerice, assault to do great bodily harm less than murder in OHL
  • Paul Holmgren, Broad Street Bullies, Charleston Chiefs, Johnstown Jets
  • Tootoo's elbow to the head
  • Thrasher (0-4, Hossa, Kovalchuk played) v Sabres
  • Hurricanes v Sens (Gerber)
  • Panthers (good) v Devils (out)
  • Coyotes (Gretzky) v Preds
  • Leafs TV and Rogers
  • Leafs (Raycroft shot chart, bounce back, Sundin 14mins, Stajan 1-3 21mins ) v Isles

Tue, 02 Oct 2007 16:20:53 GMT
Steve Downie 20 Games - Episode #6

I recorded a new episode of the podcast on time for the first time since Thursday. We had to cancel yesterday's show. Sorry.

Southeast Preseason Preview

Wed, 12 Apr 2006 00:17:30 GMT
Leafs v. Panthers, Game 78

1st Period

2nd Period

Notes: Antropov and Poniko are +13 to lead the team. Stajan and White are +6. Sundin and Harrison are +5. Wellwood is +4. No other pluses.

3rd Period

Notes: Watching the replays of all the games on TV, Burke for the Lightning looked horrible.


I think I just listened to the best Leaf game since Gerry Valk put the Leafs in the semis. Would have loved to watch that!

Tue, 31 Jan 2006 00:26:31 GMT
Leafs v. Panthers, Game 51

1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period

Fri, 20 Jan 2006 15:24:57 GMT
NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Down to four team. Usually at this point in the season, one team would stand out from the rest as a clear favorite to win the Super Bowl. This is untrue this season. We have four team, we equal chances to with a slight edge to the home teams.

Sunday, Jan. 22
AFC -- Pittsburgh at Denver 3:00 CBS
NFC -- Carolina at Seattle 6:30 FOX

Let's start with the Broncos, who have looked awesome in their last two games against the Patriots and the Chargers, knocking both teams out of contention. But they are playing the Steelers, who in two playoff road games have held the Bengals and Colts, the two top offenses in the NFL to less than 20 points. Now, if you remember Roethlisberger injured his throwing hand in the 2nd half of the Colts game. That and home field advantage seem to be the only reason to pick the Broncos over the Steelers.

In the second game, we have the Seahawks who are likely the best team over the entire course of the season. In their one playoff game, they held a pathetic Redskins offense to 10 points in there win and their MVP running back, Shaun Alexander sustained a concussion. The Panthers on the other hand destroyed the Giants 23-0 in New York, then out offensed the best defensive team in the NFL, the Bears 29-21 in Chicago. The Bears lacking offense scored 3 touchdowns on 3 long drives in 4 consecutive possessions. There's reason to pick and not pick either team. Toss a coin, with a slight edge to the Seahawks, playing at home.

Sun, 08 Jan 2006 18:53:06 GMT
NFL Playoffs Week #1 2006

Jags v. Pats

Redskins v. Bucs

Panthers v. Giants

Steelers v. Bengals

Mon, 02 Jan 2006 04:15:14 GMT
NFL Playoffs Predictions

It's all decided, the wildcard games are...

Saturday, Jan. 7
Washington at Tampa Bay 4:30 p.m. ABC
Jacksonville at New England 8:00 p.m. ABC
Sunday, Jan. 8
Carolina at N.Y. Giants 1:00 p.m. FOX
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 4:30 p.m. CBS

I predict the New England, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Panthers.

The Patriots are maybe the best team in the NFL at this time, unfortunately they'll have to win two road games to repeat (tough task).

After losing to the Bengals at home, the Steelers began destroying their opponents. Bengals on the other hand, haven't played a significant game since that win over the Steelers.

Redskins haven't won a road game against a good team since their first road game of the season. Bucs last three losses were to division winners. On the other hand, the Bucs have had an easy schedule otherwise. I'm going with the Bucs, because they are at home, but it's a coin flip.

The Panthers have struggled in the second half the of the season, after winning six in a row early. You have to get hot at the right time. Fortunately, they are playing the worst defense in the playoffs. They should win.

The byes goto Indianapolis (AFC), Denver (AFC), Seattle (NFC), Chicago (NFC).

Tue, 29 Nov 2005 01:16:51 GMT
Leafs v. Panthers, Game 25

First Period

Second Period

Third Period



Tue, 01 Nov 2005 00:40:54 GMT
Leafs v. Panthers, Game 12
First Period

Second Period

Third Period

New lines today


Fri, 21 Oct 2005 00:18:05 GMT
Leafs v. Canes, Game 7

First period

Second period



Game thoughts



Wed, 05 Oct 2005 16:56:04 GMT
Southeast Division Predictions
  1. Tampa Bay - Without Khabibulin, this is no longer a Stanley Cup contender. But still enough firepower up front to win the division easily.
  2. Florida Panthers - Very strong in net with Luongo, average everywhere else. They have a chance at making the playoffs.
  3. Carolina Hurricanes - Mediocre all around. Doesn't look like a playoff team.
  4. Atlanta Thrashers - Hossa is gonna find out it's a lot hard to score on a bad team. They need work on their golf game.
  5. Washington Capitals - An awesome youngster named Ovechkin and the worst D in hockey history; Biron, Heward, Witt. It's a good thing they have three goalies (Zolzig, Johnson, Ouellet).
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