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Fri, 24 Oct 2008 15:30:14 GMT
RotoHog Sucks

Hopefully any potential advertisers will find this before they publish RotoHog ads. I entered into an advertising agreement where RotoHog paid me $200 up front, but would pay me an additional amount per conversion. When it came time for RotoHog to provide me with conversion stats, they simply ignored the emails (my contact was Ryan Mantor). They did try to renew the advertising, but I told them until they settled the first contract, that I would not be renewing them. Since they did want to renew, I'm sure they were happy with the number of conversions they got. I can only assume they received a lot more conversion than anticipated and don't want to pay me my share. If you do advertising for RotoHog, make sure you get paid up front or you may get screwed like me. Do not enter into a pay per conversion agreement with them.

Update: I just found out RotoHog laid off a large chunk of their company. I guess I know why they aren't paying their bills.

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