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Sat, 30 Oct 2010 17:19:29 GMT
The Hook File Talk-Sports Cyber-Bully

I don't know exactly who this person is, but they've been posting ridiculous crap on Talk-Sports and other websites since August of this year. All that I know is that they are from Montreal, Quebec as indicated by their IP address. They think that Marketa, Sidney Crosby and myself are part of a big conspiracy to place hook files on people's computers. And supposedly the police are helping us cover it up.

Latest rant about the hookfile. They figure if they use big words and technical terms that they'll seem intelligent. This person is severely paranoid.

Their wordpress blog.

Recent press releases likely written by the same person.

Some original claims they've posted on Talk-Sports

His recent posts.

A Facebook post.

Their FB account.

More links.

Mon, 27 Sep 2010 16:00:05 GMT
Arriving at Michigan International Speedway

Summer Vacation, Day 26, August 12th 2010.

After a 10 day break from our summer RVing, we jumped into the motorhome and headed to the Michigan International Speedway. We passed thru Saline, MI and did some shopping at the local Walmart. We had a last meal before our 4 day camp inside the racetrack at a Wings Pizza n Things. The restaurant-bar was very cool, beer was cheep, but the service was slow even with more staff on hand than customers.


The lineup getting in was crazy, but considering how many RVs there was, it was amazing that we were parked within one hour or lining up.


Video of us crossing the racetrack into the infield.

The high banked turns at Michigan. We were camped inside turn 1.


Michigan, unlike any other racetrack we've been to, is all about the tailgating camping experience.


Tue, 21 Jul 2009 02:46:43 GMT
Ahmad Smith on 4th and Long

Ahmad Smith's play on 4th and long, final four, was legendary. I can't wait for the video. Last play kickoff. 28-28.  Michael Irving tells Smith to make a play on defensive special teams. He causes a fumble that leads to the winning touchdown with zero time on the clock. I can't even imagine that it was real. Was it fake?

Mon, 29 Sep 2008 06:25:33 GMT
Warrick Dunn and CAA

Four times via email and once via snail-mail, I have received the following cease and desist order from Warrick Dunn's agents at CAA Sports (see link below).

They claim I'm not allowed to use Warrick Dunn's name and picture without his permission. They also claim to be lawyers. I responded six months ago with "I suggest you talk to a lawyer. Your interpretation of the law is wrong." This got rid of them for six months, but they are back. I really have to wonder if Warrick Dunn is getting proper legal advice and if his lawyers are just trying to accumulate billable hours against their client.

I've also found out that CAA and Denise White work together in some manner. If you don't remember Denise, then click on the following link and read.

I can only assume that the sub-industry of serving wealthy sports athletes is thriving. Do these athletes really think they are being properly served? I deal with hundreds of agents every month and most all are reasonable people. I can usually satisfy any concern an athlete has very quickly. At other times, the agents seem more interested in wasting every body's time than accomplishing anything. Hopefully Warrick reads this.

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