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Wed, 24 Aug 2011 17:58:14 GMT
Blue Jays Blackberry Tweeting Tuesday

This week, my son and I attended the Blue Jays v Royals Blackberry Tweeting Tuesday game. Every Tuesday is Tweeting Tuesday. We sat 11 rows back down the 3rd base line. The tickets were less than $90 for both of us.


Driving there was a nightmare as I stupidly drove right thru the Exhibition grounds, where the annual Canadian Exhibition was being held. Still had to buy tix. Lucky I was way early and we still caught the 1st pitch. The walk up crowd was big, but they still only had 20,000 fans at the game.


First inning, we bought two required hotdogs. Mmmmm. Ketchup for the son. Mustard for me.


Later in the game, my son wanted a poutines. Very disappointing. The gravy was so thin that it simply runs to the bottom of the container forming a gravy soup. Rogers Centre needs to learn  how to make a poutine.


The CN tower view from inside the Rogers Centre.


Two fans stormed the field and were tackled by security and escorted by police. The police shown took forever. The 1st cop had his guy off the field before this guy finished his donut. LOL


Night view of the CN tower after the fame.


Downtown Toronto.


The Blue Jays always lose when we go. They were down 6-0 in the 5th. Lost 6-4. Escobar hit a 3 run homer, which was the highlight of the game.

Tue, 14 Feb 2006 16:43:48 GMT
Beckie Scott and Sara Renner Capture Silver

CBC: Canadian cross-country skiers Beckie Scott and Sara Renner won a silver medal in the women's team sprint Tuesday at the Torino Olympics. Renner was able to recover from a broken pole on the third lap of the six-lap race on the Pragelato Plan course.

Tue, 24 Jan 2006 21:44:21 GMT
Super Mario Retires Again! Mario Lemieux, the owner and captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins announced his retirement as a player Tuesday afternoon, ending a legendary career that saw him post glittering offensive numbers that thrilled a generation of hockey fans.


Fri, 20 Jan 2006 12:46:11 GMT
Tie Domi

Just some thoughts.

Just how much are we paying Domi?

Tue, 10 Jan 2006 22:41:41 GMT
Bruce Sutter goes to the Hall of Fame
2006 Hall of Fame   voting results
The complete vote (520 ballots, 390 to gain election, 26 to remain on ballot):
 Player  Votes   %
 Bruce Sutter  400  76.9%
 Jim Rice  337  64.8%
 Rich Gossage  336  64.6%
 Andre Dawson  317  61.0%
 Bert Blyleven  277  53.3%
 Lee Smith  234  45.0%
 Jack Morris  214  41.2%
 Tommy John  154  29.6%
 Steve Garvey  135  26.0%
 Alan Trammell   92  17.7%
 Dave Parker   75  14.4%
 Dave Concepcion   65  12.5%
 Don Mattingly   64  12.3%
 Orel Hershiser   58  11.2%
 Dale Murphy   56  10.8%
 Albert Belle   40   7.7%
 Will Clark   23   4.4%
 Dwight Gooden   17   3.3%
 Willie McGee   12   2.3%
 Ozzie Guillen    5   1.0%
 Hal Morris    5   1.0%
 Gary Gaetti    4   0.8%
 John Wetteland    4   0.8%
 Rick Aguilera    3   0.6%
 Gregg Jefferies    2   0.4%
 Doug Jones    2   0.4%
 Walt Weiss    1   0.2%
 Gary DiSarcina    0   0.0%
 Alex Fernandez    0   0.0% Bruce Sutter made history on Tuesday. Not only did he become the latest member of baseball's most exclusive club by the slimmest of margins, the right-handed split-fingered fastball artist became the first pure reliever ever elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Wed, 09 Nov 2005 21:26:59 GMT
Leafs v. Capitals, Game 16

The difference between Sunday's game against the Capitals and Tuesday game against the Capitals can be summarized as "Belfour stopped letting in bad goals after the 1st period." In both games, the Capitals had a lot of low quality shots on goal that evaded Tellqvist all game.

The reffing was somewhat better except that they continue to call it hooking when a players stick lightly touches another player. If you wanna create a new rule banning touching other players with your stick. Calling it hooking, when the stick isn't impeding the player at all, is kinda dumb.



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