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Wed, 24 Jun 2009 15:06:42 GMT
Update MLB Rosters

We just updated all the MLB 40-man rosters. We removed all the retired players and those no longer in the MLB. We will also update the minor league rosters in the near future. You should see your favorite rookies on the rosters.

Texas  (37 - 32)
L.A. Angels  (37 - 32)
Seattle  (35 - 35)
Oakland  (31 - 39)
Detroit  (39 - 31)
Minnesota  (36 - 36)
Chi. White Sox  (33 - 37)
Kansas City  (30 - 39)
Cleveland  (30 - 42)
Boston  (43 - 27)
N.Y. Yankees  (38 - 32)
Toronto  (39 - 33)
Tampa Bay  (37 - 35)
Baltimore  (32 - 38)
L.A. Dodgers  (47 - 24)
San Francisco  (38 - 32)
Colorado  (37 - 34)
San Diego  (31 - 38)
Arizona  (30 - 41)
St. Louis  (40 - 32)
Milwaukee  (37 - 33)
Chi. Cubs  (34 - 33)
Cincinnati  (34 - 35)
Houston  (32 - 36)
Pittsburgh  (31 - 39)
Philadelphia  (37 - 31)
N.Y. Mets  (35 - 34)
Florida  (36 - 36)
Atlanta  (34 - 36)
Washington  (20 - 48)
Mon, 22 Jun 2009 17:09:05 GMT
Here are one person's thoughts with regards to making the NHL more entertaining for him. There’s nothing in here that would be remotely appetizing to the 30 votes that matter.


  1.          Reduce the number of players dressed per game to 18. This effectively removes less skilled players.
  2.          Reduce the number of teams to 20. This effectively removes less skilled players.
  3.          Reduce the number of games played per week to 3. This effectively allows for better rested players, where games per week are currently 3.5.
  4.          Reduce the number of regular season games. I’m flexible with regards to the exact number of games. A minimum of 50 games would certainly let the cream rise to the top without bumping those quality teams that go on a 3 week swoon. The number, however, should not become so high that the outcome becomes too predictable for the majority of the teams. That just might make 70 games the maximum.
  5.          I prefer a balanced schedule, although I’m well aware that most enjoy playing local teams more often
  6.          Reduce the number of teams that qualify for the playoff to 8, with 3 7 game rounds. 5 games might be sufficient; however I can not get my mind to think of a playoff round being other than 7.
  7.          1st seed will play 8th seed, etc…
  8.          I prefer that these 8 seeds are the top 8 teams in the NHL with no preference being offered to division and conference. I am well aware that some may lose interest if no one from their region was competing in the playoffs. Perhaps my opinion is one from the east end of our continent.
  9.         I should be noted at this point that with a balanced schedule and no seeding preferences the concept of division and conference adds little to our world
  10.          No playoff round is to begin before the previous round is complete
  11.          Playoff games will be scheduled such that you are playing every 2nd day, where each team is to get at least 1 day off. This last point is important between rounds.
  12.          3 week training camp seems sufficient
  13.          Time off for Xmas, All-Star break, between regular season & playoffs, for Olympics & World Cup can easily be accommodated
  14.          Shut down 11 franchises Atlanta, Phoenix, Nashville, Columbus, Florida, Carolina, Tampa Bay, San Jose, Anaheim, Washington & New Jersey
  15.          Add a new and 2nd franchise in Toronto
  16.          No expansion to Winnipeg, Québec, Halifax. In the new 20 team NHL teams such as Edmonton & Calgary will be considered weak in many respects. Although I did intend on staying away from any reasoning of this sort.
    •          West division
      •          Vancouver
      •          Calgary
      •          Edmonton
      •          Los Angeles
      •          Colorado
    •          Midwest division
      •          Detroit
      •          Chicago
      •          Minnesota
      •          Saint Louis
      •          Dallas
    •          Southeast division
      •         Boston
      •          New York Rangers
      •          New York Islanders
      •          Philadelphia
      •          Pittsburgh
    •          Northeast
      •          Montréal
      •          Ottawa
      •          Toronto Maple Leafs
      •          Toronto 2nd
      •          Buffalo

What undermines everyone’s effort when entertaining any conversation that puts forth anything resembling the above is the idea that you can sell it. Don’t! You can’t! It’s purely entertainment!

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 15:38:52 GMT
Who Reads Talk-Sports?

Here's a cool summary of Talk-Sports users prepared by Quancast.

This site reaches approximately 62,239 U.S. monthly people. The site attracts a middle aged, primarily female, more African American, HH income up to $60k audience.The typical visitor watches Black Entertainment Television, uses Ticketmaster, and reads Washington Post.

Tue, 25 Nov 2008 03:08:43 GMT
NBA Players Updated

We just updated the NBA players for the 2008-09 season.

Boston Celtics  (13 - 2)
Philadelphia 76ers  (7 - 6)
New York Knicks  (7 - 6)
New Jersey Nets  (6 - 6)
Toronto Raptors  (6 - 7)
Cleveland Cavaliers  (10 - 3)
Detroit Pistons  (8 - 5)
Milwaukee Bucks  (7 - 8)
Chicago Bulls  (6 - 8)
Indiana Pacers  (5 - 7)
Orlando Magic  (9 - 4)
Atlanta Hawks  (8 - 5)
Miami Heat  (7 - 6)
Charlotte Bobcats  (3 - 9)
Washington Wizards  (1 - 10)
Houston Rockets  (9 - 5)
New Orleans Hornets  (7 - 5)
San Antonio Spurs  (6 - 6)
Dallas Mavericks  (6 - 7)
Memphis Grizzlies  (4 - 9)
Utah Jazz  (9 - 5)
Denver Nuggets  (9 - 5)
Portland Trail Blazers  (8 - 6)
Minnesota Timberwolves  (3 - 9)
Oklahoma City Thunder  (1 - 13)
Los Angeles Lakers  (11 - 1)
Phoenix Suns  (9 - 5)
Golden State Warriors  (5 - 8)
Sacramento Kings  (5 - 10)
Los Angeles Clippers  (2 - 11)
Thu, 30 Oct 2008 21:51:58 GMT
NHL Update

We just updated all the NHL rosters.

New Jersey Devils
Chicago Blackhawks
New York Islanders
Columbus Blue Jackets
New York Rangers
Detroit Red Wings
Philadelphia Flyers
Nashville Predators
Pittsburgh Penguins
St. Louis Blues
Boston Bruins
Calgary Flames
Buffalo Sabres
Colorado Avalanche
Montreal Canadiens
Edmonton Oilers
Ottawa Senators
Minnesota Wild
Toronto Maple Leafs
Vancouver Canucks
Atlanta Thrashers
Anaheim Ducks
Carolina Hurricanes
Dallas Stars
Florida Panthers
Los Angeles Kings
Tampa Bay Lightning
Phoenix Coyotes
Washington Capitals
San Jose Sharks
Mon, 27 Oct 2008 02:48:12 GMT
NCAA Football

Today we added forums for all the NCAA football bowl division players.  Check 'em out!

Boston College
Florida State
North Carolina State
Wake Forest
Georgia Tech
Miami (Fla.)
North Carolina
Virginia Tech
Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Texas A&M
Texas Tech
South Florida
West Virginia
Michigan State
Ohio State
Penn State
East Carolina
Southern Mississippi
Southern Methodist
Texas-El Paso
Notre Dame
Western Kentucky
Bowling Green
Kent State
Miami (Ohio)
Ball State
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Northern Illinois
Western Michigan
Air Force
Brigham Young
Colorado State
New Mexico
San Diego State
Arizona State
Oregon State
Southern California
Washington State
South Carolina
Mississippi State
Arkansas State
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Middle Tennessee
North Texas
Boise State
Fresno State
Louisiana Tech
New Mexico State
San Jose State
Utah State
Wed, 22 Oct 2008 05:58:05 GMT
Even It Up Reffing

I really hate, even it up reffing. Last night, the Calgary Flame's Rene Bourque got a deserved 9-minute penalty, leading to a 9-minute power play for the Washington Capitals. The next 8 penalties and 16 minutes were called against the Capitals in one of the most blatantly obvious attempts to even up the penalties that I've ever seen. The refs Chris Lee and Bill McCreary are official idiots, although we've long known Bill to be. BTW, I'd like to thank Bill once again for all the homer calls in international hockey. I can't believe he hasn't been fired yet. The announcers are just as stupid as they actually tried to justify the 8 penalties in-a-row. A great victory for the Flames, except that they needed massive help from the refs.

Sat, 05 Apr 2008 14:55:17 GMT
WNBA Fan Forums

This morning, I created fan forums for all the WNBA players.

Atlanta Dream
Chicago Sky
Connecticut Sun
Detroit Shock
Indiana Fever
New York Liberty
Washington Mystics
Houston Comets
Los Angeles Sparks
Minnesota Lynx
Phoenix Mercury
Sacramento Monarchs
San Antonio Silver Stars
Seattle Storm
Sun, 24 Feb 2008 17:31:31 GMT
Lyon Entertainment Launches BALLER ALERT
(Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte U.S.A)– Lyon Entertainment is launching Baller Alert a phone based text service that  provides real time text alerts with the who's who of the club scene. This service will initially be available in five Metropolitan areas Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Miami, and Charlotte. When we say BALLERS we mean celebrities, athletes, and the people in your area that get the party started. The text service will be free of charge and will keep you notified when Ballers step into the hottest parties. Promoters and club owners are invited to contact Lyon Entertainment Regarding advertising opportunities.
Wed, 30 Jan 2008 13:26:33 GMT
Post on Talk-Sports

The Washington Post had a small blog entry discusing last week.

Tue, 02 Oct 2007 16:20:53 GMT
Steve Downie 20 Games - Episode #6

I recorded a new episode of the podcast on time for the first time since Thursday. We had to cancel yesterday's show. Sorry.

Southeast Preseason Preview

Fri, 17 Feb 2006 19:25:32 GMT
Evgeni Plushenko in Car Accident

AP: The car driving Evgeni Plushenko to the Milan airport was involved in an accident hours after the Russian won gold in men's figure skating. No one was hurt in a chain-collision accident.

Sat, 11 Feb 2006 22:15:07 GMT
Caps sign Olaf Kolzig

CP: The Washington Capitals signed goaltender Olaf Kolzig to a $10.9 million US, two-year contract extension Saturday.

Randy: I was really hoping the Leafs would trade Belfour and something for Kolzig. Oh well, maybe Theodore is the cheaper prize now.

Thu, 12 Jan 2006 17:00:08 GMT
NFL Playoffs Predictions

On the back 3 of 4 predictions last week, here's what I think is coming down this weekend. Let's start with the matchups.

Saturday, Jan. 14
Washington at Seattle 4:30 FOX 126 124
New England at Denver 8:00 CBS 126 124
Sunday, Jan. 15
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis 1:00 CBS 125 124
Carolina at Chicago 4:30 FOX 125 124

I predict Seattle, New England, Indianapolis and Chicago.

The Redskins were unable to move the ball last week and were saved by an amazing defensive game and an equally bad Bucs turnover offense. The Seahawks will simply play a very conservative game on offense and that should be enough to beat the Redskins, whose offense doesn't merit playing this late in the season. On the other hand, if the Seahawks start throwing the ball on 1st and 2nd down, then the Redskins' defense could make this a game. I'm pretty sure Mike Holmgren is smarting than that and they do have the best running back in the NFL in Shaun Alexander.

I really like the Broncos. This will be the best game of the week. The Broncos haven't lost at home all season. But they are playing the Pats and the Pats are a dynasty. Now don't get me wrong, this game will be a coin flip. The Pats have a 51% chance of winning.

The Colts haven't played a significant game in more than a month. They should win. But I didn't like the selfish play demonstrated by Payton Manning in the Charger game. Edgerrin James runs the ball effectively in the first half, then it'll be a blow out, otherwise it'll be close.

Back in September, the Bengals scored 24 points against the Bears defense in Chicago. Every other home game, the Bears held the opposition to less than 10 points. I don't expect things to change this weekend.

Mon, 02 Jan 2006 04:15:14 GMT
NFL Playoffs Predictions

It's all decided, the wildcard games are...

Saturday, Jan. 7
Washington at Tampa Bay 4:30 p.m. ABC
Jacksonville at New England 8:00 p.m. ABC
Sunday, Jan. 8
Carolina at N.Y. Giants 1:00 p.m. FOX
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 4:30 p.m. CBS

I predict the New England, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Panthers.

The Patriots are maybe the best team in the NFL at this time, unfortunately they'll have to win two road games to repeat (tough task).

After losing to the Bengals at home, the Steelers began destroying their opponents. Bengals on the other hand, haven't played a significant game since that win over the Steelers.

Redskins haven't won a road game against a good team since their first road game of the season. Bucs last three losses were to division winners. On the other hand, the Bucs have had an easy schedule otherwise. I'm going with the Bucs, because they are at home, but it's a coin flip.

The Panthers have struggled in the second half the of the season, after winning six in a row early. You have to get hot at the right time. Fortunately, they are playing the worst defense in the playoffs. They should win.

The byes goto Indianapolis (AFC), Denver (AFC), Seattle (NFC), Chicago (NFC).

Mon, 07 Nov 2005 12:14:09 GMT
Terrell Owens a Disgrace

Washington Post: Owens was suspended indefinitely Saturday by Eagles Coach Andy Reid for conduct detrimental to the organization. [In] an interview with ESPN that aired Thursday night [cut] he was critical of quarterback Donovan McNabb and complained that the team had not publicized the 100th scoring reception of his 10-year career. [cut] Eagles sources confirmed before the game that [Hugh] Douglas [cut] exchanged words with Owens in the training room Wednesday and that both men threw several punches, none of which landed, before they were separated by several other players. Owens reportedly went into the locker room afterward and challenged anyone who was talking behind his back to take him on.

Randy: The Eagles only have themselves to blame. Not publicly recognizing a players 100th TD seems pretty stupid. Signing this problem to a seven year contract was beyond stupid.

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