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Kalisto's family & friends:Twitter @KalistoWWETwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @1stladyluchaTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @MarsheRockettTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Emanuel Alejandro Rodríguez is a Mexican-American professional wrestler better known as Kalisto where he is best known for his work in WWE.Notes:Kalisto has been in two major factions as of 2018, those factions being in a tag team called Lucha Dragones with Sin Cara(Hunico) and Lucha House Party with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. Kalisto is married to Abigail Rodríguez.
SON is way better!
Yes he sucks. He is an awfull defensive player and blame all his actions on team mates. He does not belong in the German National team or Arsenal. He should quit football all together. Mustafa you suck.
Aaron Mukasa, Texas
fransecsco totti sucks so much because he p
My names Warren Hilton, I’m a huge city fan but I died a little inside when this sexy f*cker got sold, was so our best player by far. Oh and I did I mentioned how fit he was Hmmm I wish he’d smash my backfoors in!!
Warren Hilton , Manchester
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Peter Mcdougal, Ur mum
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Bonucci ciucciacazzi. Son arrivato qua grazie a UltimoUomo
fucc you tizzi
dybala is trash
no he is awesome
he is homo sexuel
pato sucks dick
he is not married bug dating
Why is that retard given so much press, he is useless and exudes zero talent. He is a cheap shotter. His lips would fit well on my Camaro for drag slicks.
Michela Persico
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