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no he is awesome
he is homo sexuel
pato sucks dick
he is not married bug dating
Why is that retard given so much press, he is useless and exudes zero talent. He is a cheap shotter. His lips would fit well on my Camaro for drag slicks.
Michela Persico
I would so date him
Every single time h comes into the game, I worry. He loses possession time and time again and his decision making cannot be trusted. I have no clue why allegri does not see this... I personally blame him for juvenile losing to Bayern in CL last year. Watch the replay, every time he got the ball. He lost it.
Icardi is the worst forward to happen to interSincerely,Mario
Fai cagare tu vagone di merda
Yes, he sucks. I am a lifelong Napoli fan but I have never understood all the hype around I signed. Weak on the ball, marginal passing ability, and does not perform in big games (for both club and country). I know he is a homegrown Napoletano but I would rather see him sold.
Girlfriend: Sara Lindteitsdottir
Paul pogba can win world best player if he doesn't have sex with any girl in TWO MONTHS . It will happen if he do so
He plays for Liverpool
Is he single?
I believe is highly overrated by Milan fans
cant volley
Zaza sucks period
Martins Indi, Amsterdam
found on The Blemish and Deadspin:Derek Jeter is known for giving his one night stands giftbaskets full of signed Yankees memorabilia after he’s done banging him. Nowanother small factoid has made that the second weirdest thing Derek Jeter doesto his one night stands. According to a tipster from Deadspin, one must eatDerek Jeter’s butthole before being allowed to exit the premises. The best partis… it works. That’s nutty!
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