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anthony musto, sioux city iowa
Hi Carole. I was an admirer back in around 1973-74, in Lusaka. Maybe you would never remember. We danced together at The Lusaka Golf Club disco night for the under 18s. 40+ years have passed. Ken Laming
Dottie pepper is horrible
Jim Steiner, Bend, Oregon
sarang hae kang hanna...
Alex Nicolay, Cape Town , South Africa
An absolute babe. Love to meet her in person.
She's dating with the girl, not the guy.
Peter friends, LA
I thought this Fukking Cunt was taking a dirt bath ...
Kay.. It's me...Wolley. Have you ever had sex with a guy when both of you are wearing pantyhose ? Well Kay...I just had a round of intercourse with non other than my mother in law. She has awesome breasts, unlike you who have very small breasts..She has great legs, while you have these skinny little sticks. She has a great ass..You.. not much to look at. Anyhoo, I would accept a blow job from you...
You have not won much lately but you're body is sofa king awesome... I bet you get laid at least once a day..maybe more. I would like to fukk the living shit out of you but that probably wont happen. So... I masturbate a lot to several pics I have if you in a bra and panties...
I just checked out your bio.. Wow...were you an awful golfer Anna. You didn't do much of anything. Never won a tournament. Only five top tens i your entire career. How Fukking Pathetic is that. What are you doing now ? Sucking cocks I imagine.
You should be given a few strokes per round to compensate for the difficulty in swinging your club due to your extremely large breasts. If you look at all the great female golfers, like Annikla Sorenstam for instance, they all have one thing in common and that is they all have small breasts. Annika was a 34 with an A cup. You are probably sporting at least a full D maybe more. Just a thought. I'd sure like to see you topless so I can masturbate in front of you.
Just checked you out on google and you are not bad. I'd fukk you in a heartbeat. Those breasts..they're quite nice. I think you're probably sporting something in the neighborhood of a full C cup. Like I said, I would like to fukk you in the ass marina. Call me..My name is Tom... ten inch Tom to you.
Hey Christie..Wolley Here. I was just wondering if you will be heading up the Lesbian coalition this year ? The festival is being held in Akron Ohio to celebrate Gay and Lesbian pride this cuming June.
This woman is a piece of fecal matter. I wouldn't Phuck her with your cock !!!
You were one hot mother fukking cunt way back when Laura. I used to like to watch you bend over and pick up your golf ball. That's when I would whip out my erect Penis and masturbate several times or until I was bone more semen, just blood. I still beat my meat to this day when I check out your picture.
OH....MY.....GOD!!!You are Sofa King Ugly Karine. What the fukk happened to your face? I did detect some rather impressive breast tissue however. Maybe you can suck my cock while I massage those D cups.
if she is single i would date her, if given the chance.
Spread those long legs Michelle..her I cum with my super terrific Wong...the ten inch Wong by the way...
I understand that the Korean Gals will be spinning off a group that will be known as "THINK CHINK"...
Reply-to:saw you grabbing your right side numerous times Sunday, hope you dont have an injury!A lot like Rafael Nadal Grabbing his ass right ?
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