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I hate Fatty Kerr, ugly old bitch.
Shasta.. Baby.. Since My Cock Is So Large, Can You Fit It All In Your Mouth ??
My Name is Al.. Al Beuterol. I just wanted to ask one quick question Gerry. Could you tell me what size brassiere do you wear ? Whenever I see you I tend to start sporting some serious wood. I am extremely well endowed and each night this week I was jerking off to a picture of you. God Those tits are fantastic...
Hi Marissa... Wolley Here. Just a quick heads up fro you. I started wearing pantyhose and high heels whenever IO am masturbating..per your suggestion. My erections are so much more intense and the subsequent ejaculations are awesome. I am now jerking off about five to six times a day and I have started to save my splooge in a container in the fridge.... just for you Marissa..just for you !!m
She is on the oral sex tour which is playing in Akron Ohio this week..
Hi Lynn.. Wolley here... Wolley Segap. Just want to let you now that I am wearing the Cock Ring you gave me. Even though my Penis is rather large, the cock ring helps me maintain an erection in addition to enhancing my orgasms.. Than ks Lynn.I owe you one. How Bout I lift your skirt and Fukk You In The Ass... one more time ???
Put It In...Leave It In...Pull It Out...Eat It Out ...
Danielle Kang is a legend in her own mind, 1 win in 6 years on tour and she thinks she is an elite player. Ha.
I wanna date her
Alex, Cape Town , South Africa
Junk banter from rankin. Truly sucks. " ahhhh...ummm..ahhhh...u know we all know". Truly a trashy announcer
She was using SRIXON balls in competition. A change from TITLEIST.
Milen, Vancouver
Jerry Pate was Gay... just in case you didn't know that !!
Congrats on finishing second over the week-end. The only girl that beat you set the all time LPGA scoring total. I love your swing. Reminds me of Jerry Pate when he was in his hay day. 
Jack Trott, 43230 Columbus, Ohio
Ryu So-yeon
Amy AllCock !!
she's from China.. nearly every
I would date her
Does not wear a brassiere...Very small breasts....Surprisingly she gives a great hand job...Loves to supplement her income with oral sex soiree's at night...
Kevin Marcella, Nevada
wow some pretty harsh & ignorant comments.
Michelle Wie is a China cut who can't make a putt. Overrated bitch. Her dad sucks cock. Asshole licker. You will never be a winner. Beat the men you can't even beat the other ugly China cuts on the LPGA tour.
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