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Kevin Marcella, Nevada
wow some pretty harsh & ignorant comments.
Michelle Wie is a China cut who can't make a putt. Overrated bitch. Her dad sucks cock. Asshole licker. You will never be a winner. Beat the men you can't even beat the other ugly China cuts on the LPGA tour.
Minnie lee
IK Kim is the sexiest woman to ever pick up a golf club. I would do anything in the world to have dinner with her. She is more than just a stunning Korean beauty. She has handled herself with dignity and grace.......particularly after overcoming setbacks that would have destroyed other people.She is truly a "self-made woman!!!!Gary Weitz DMD
Stacy pregnant? It must be an island of dr Moreau situation, what species bred with her?
Kerr isn't bad for a 50 year old, but she's still a fat , slow playing bitc h that is hated by most fans and players.
Yes I would date her, I’ve watched her hit balls on the range at my club. I like what I saw.
John shirey, El Paso
Hey there Lexi... Wolley Here. Just wanted to let you know that I ordered, and just received that Penis enhancement ring that you like. It fits perfectly over my Penis and testicles and it is adjustable. So Lexi, when I get an erection I can increase the tension and that will make my Penis extremely large... just the way you like it. Remember how big my Penis was as you were giving me a hand job ? It was just under nine inches and you loved it.
I would love to take her out for a quite dinner and go dancing James quisenberry 281-960-0977🌹
Excuse Me Marisa, But was it the enormous size of my Erect Penis and That frightened you ?
neal kopasek, baltimore - шопинг из китая интернет магазин
Who is that woman with the large American Breasts? Why it's none other than Gerry Pillar..and those are some large breasts she has slung to her chest ...
She is the hottest woman ALIVE
Milt Meler , California
dear dottie i heard you fukkeed jodins speetes spoom and that he banged you ample bottom and that you gave him fricken reach around you two timing beeatch shees now i can no even get an eerection in my chinse resatraunt for fukkkeeeng slutyyyyy cuckoo lady
you are hot and charming.
Cindy Glover, Kentucky
Who cares, I'd still eat it!
Hi Katie Fukker.. You are the very best.. at giving head that is. You have not yet sucked on my Penis, but I have heard that you do a "Mighty Fine" job when it cums to oral sex...Mighty Fine...
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