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he dates eazy e 's daughter Reemarkable
Yes, he has a girlfriend.
How old is joc pedersons gf?
Hi how are you doing today❔
Lisa Marie Fabean, PA
Do you have a girlfriend❔
Don't hate on Mallex, he's an amazing athlete
Can't hit and field. Why is that dumbass skipper still put him out there?
This guy absolutely sucks. We lost today because he's incapable of making a tag
He is dating Miss Texas, Daniella Rodriguez.
This guy is a flop, Brewers are giving him a chance, and he is showing us (the fans) that he doesn't have game. Batting under .200, he isn't productive, not ready for the major league.
another spear chucker in the league to fill their quota, gots 5k against this spook today, go nats
Mallex Smith does have a girlfriend, they've been dating for a while now, she's hot. They been real low key tho
corey seager,
sucks shit
Useless motherf ucker
I am not really an anti-fan, as I own him on my Fantasy Baseball team, but I am pretty annoyed with him. So if he doesn't act like a Major League hitter in the near future, I will be forced into becoming one.I'll keep you posted...
I'll be your girlfriend :) Love,Courtney ❤️
does he have stds
From hero to f uckin' goat after committing errors in the 8th inning. F uck him and the astros. Royals rule!
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He will lose to royals
Corey is smokin hot and hits the crap out of the ball!
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