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Jairo and Dubraska had a baby named Hannah in July 2016, married in October 2016, and she passed away in October 2017 from cancer. He is now a widower.
My name is Jorge and Ricky Martínez is my favorite wrestlerTwitter @MaxxStardomTwitter @maxx_stardomInstagram @DiamanteLAXInstagram @diamantelaxTwitter @RamosfitInstagram @ramosfit
My name is Jonathan and Ricky Martínez is my favorite wrestler of all time.
Pinkie Sánchez is one of my all time favorite wrestlersTwitter @beyondwrestlingTwitter @teamPAZUZUTwitter @SantanaLAXInstagram @santanalaxTwitter @Ortiz5150Instagram @ortizlaxTwitter @YeowSavageInstagram @yeowjakaTwitter @DirtiestDaddyTwitter @DirtyDickinsonInstagram @riveraannette107Twitter @cliverrrrxoInstagram @cliverrrrxoSnapchat @cliverxoInstagram @crystaltee_
Carlos Sánchez, better known as Pinkie Sánchez is an American professional wrestler of Puerto Rican descent from New York City New York. He's best known for his work in Beyond Wrestling where he is a member of the group Team Pazuzu with Santana(Mike Draztik), Ortiz(Ángel Ortiz), Jaka, Chris Dickinson, and Larry Legend.Twitter @beyondwrestlingTwitter @teamPAZUZUTwitter @SantanaLAXInstagram @santanalaxTwitter @Ortiz5150Instagram @ortizlaxTwitter @YeowSavageInstagram @yeowjakaTwitter @DirtiestDaddyTwitter @DirtyDickinsonInstagram @riveraannette107Twitter @cliverrrrxoInstagram @cliverrrrxoSnapchat @cliverxoInstagram @crystaltee_
Toles is garbage. He finally hits the ball and is so lazy he doesnt even run full out. Lost the game due to his laziness. You would think somebody that is up and down from the minors would show that he wants to be in the majors when he gets there. Seems like doesnt even care.
The midget rally killer strikes again. Leadoff double in a 1-1 game and this scumbag comes up and we know he can't even bunt and once again strikes out not even touching a ball the entire count finally swinging at a ball over his head.Everyone wants this bum off the team right away
How many wrestling factions was/is Nelson Erazo apart of??
"Nellie" as in Nelson Erazo??
Hector Garza and Shawn Hernandez are so cool
Hector Garza and Shawn Hernandez
cheating piece of shit
Useless passballs and strikeouts.
Lisa Marie Fabean , West Newton PA
If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
harvest miller,
Jeannie bierman, Cincinnati ohio
Why isn’t Corey with all the boys? Missed all the weddings?
So, how long does the engagement/marriage last? Tbh, I would have waited a couple more years
he was with a girl named Astrid Ocha who claimed to be his wife
Bruce Maxwell...Thanks for being a good Man and doing what you did.
mariano resnick, washington, dc
Reply-to:Her names Jasmine Jefferyfrom Gilbert, AZ
yes they been together for a very long time
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