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Jake Bailey, Muncie, Indiana & Fairfield, Ohio
Excuse me, ignorant man. This country is going to hell thanks to people like Jennifer and yourself. That's all I have to say, clueless man.
aj baykow's a fag goat
What's that about Estrada?
Hey legend it’s me red.... i see Matt acting a dam fool again prancing around that he is a dodger again... acting a dumb ass fool along with his cheating as uncle i guess they rounding up the LA hoes
A bunch of the Giants women went to a painting thing and of course no sign of Andrea.
She a hoe...they were in Arizona together. He wants to act single. He don't include her in any pics of video even when she around
He’ll only ever date models. No matter what money you have what you do for a living. Unless your a 10 and a size 0 and are well known in the model world he’ll piss in your face
Unless it’s a model he won’t take you out in public lol the guy makes millions unless your a model no ones marrying anything less. For now he’s smashing like 50 models facts
Seems a little gay. I smash him while his wife is away. Get about a grand every time he contacts me for an hour. Could be a good husband, if only he wasn’t contacting me every time she flys out of Florida
I caught him staring at me taking a piss at a highway rest stop last year. He came up and offered to suck my cock. I ran back to my car as I'm not gay. However, he offered to fill up my car with gasoline, so I allowed him to lick my junk. He's an expert and I came within seconds! As a straight man, I have to say that he is very sexually experienced. All in all, he's a great guy.
Me vale madre si está o no con ella siempre que esté ahí para mi basta
He certainly didn’t look too happy to be joining the Padres.
You know he def is looking for girls because on twitter someone posted he saw Aaron at American social (a bar) on Friday and he was liking this girl’s pictures yesterday and he probably met her there bc she posted she was also at American social 😂 And he totally went through her insta bc he liked a pic from July lol
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Con Los niños no se metan No Sean insensibles y malandros(as) sus hijos son hermosos y creatures invented y sagradas. No deben mencionarse a menos que sea para bendecirlos y punto.
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Why does everyone think Aaron Hicks is Nostradamus??? If Aaron Boone has a lick of baseball knowledge, he'll see immediately that Hicks simply can't play. He is an awful hitter, who even when he's streaky he sucks. I can't believe the Brass doesn't see him as a talentless fraud. My god look at his lifetime batting average and his zero production in the playoffs. Please don't mention his defensive prowess any little leaguer can catch a fly ball!
Damn she has some ugly feet too! Fits with her face
Who threw that psych DG a peanut? The one who made this board a cesspool is now coming on to throw in here two cents. Get a clue Crazy woman your opinion on anything means nothing.
I have never seen such a promising fastball go to waste by a complete lack of control or a good second pitch. Glad the Pirates have this wasted talent.
Robert Connerley, Wyoming
She's not gonna travel all over the country to give them the boxes, that's the point of mailing something
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