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Yasiel is proposing in Paris
Trade? Impossible. Who would want him, especially for that price. Stupidest mistake Cashman made.
Please keep his money to leave funny.he jumps ball hits under his glove
Perfect for LaLa land,a head case that likes to put on a show,I can’t stand him!!!!!
You guys are all truly insane. Holy moly.
A week later.... he still sucks.
He lives in TX in the offseason and Julie lives in Chicago. So what so they do then? Do they see each other?
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Excuse me, how are you? I have a few questions for Pepto Bismol times two. When is the wedding going to be? In two thousand thirteen? Are you both going to wear pink? And last but not least, how does it fell to be clueless human beings? I'm so intrigued.
I get all riled up hearing folks say Kershaw is an “all-world” pitcher and a “generational” talent.” Really? Hell, I might as well not be around to witness it because he truly sucks! I hope he opts out of his contract so the Dodgers can move on without this choker.
Do you think it’s Jen who is sending this fake stuff out?
Leemor Shtrom who has to pay guys for sex is scamming with her wife beater husband David sigal on eBay on qvc on Etsy by selling their clients credit info on the dark web for cash plus David sigal has been scamming his partner plus he keepsBeating leemor shtrom because she cheats on him
He cheats on her
Kacie and Eric are going strong. It’s great to see such a powerful couple with class on the rise.
Veteran, you spent last night calling me ‘gay rookie’ as you tagged my ass in the dumpster, you no love me now baby? You no love me now baby?
Danielle Gersh, she’s a TV news anchor in LA. They both grew up in Westlake.
I do not know why the Cardinals kiss this guys butt so much?
F ucken pos.....die u f ucken faggot
Do we need to find another spot vet?! 🤔 -red
What kind of women does he like when they are not models? Tall? Brunette? I just wanted to know
I hate Joe Kelly. He sucks so much I can't even put it into words!
His fiancée looks like a MAN!!!
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