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So if Latina was so much better why hasn’t Matt wife’d up one (we know his been through a lot of Latinas ....... I’ll wait ...... exactly
I am sick and tired of seeing this guy give up home runs. He is a complete liability. Most over paid player in history. HE GOT HIS MONEY!! Doesn't care! Please waive this guy! 160 Million for a guy that throws an 85 mile an hour fast ball, really?! My daughters boyfriend in 9th grade throws faster than this guy! 35 YEAR Mariners Fan.....
july 21 comes in to a tie game in the ninth with the cardinals. walks the first 2 batters, both score.why is he still in the majors?
7-21. Pitching 9th with 7-0 lead. Double, single but no runs. You still suck.
Where is that picture of him in his bed?
She is fugly
No problem lol but for SI the body matter more than the face. Google the list. Lol. But no I don’t think she’s ugly, she’s not gorgeous or beautiful. She have an average look.... nothing wrong with that. Most of us are average.
Ughhhh yes that's a good point... and I have not seen that wwjd bracelet these days either..
Lol I don’t think he’s paying her bills. He may be paying for her plane tickets to see him but I don’t think he’d pay her bills. Would be a major red flag this early on.
7-21-18. Current ERA with Cardinals 6.97. You still suck!
Now he’s a big bad 3 hitter with that 7-10 homer a year power. What a faggot nigger stud.
Trade Sanchez for a pitcher. He can’t catch and certainly is not hitting
Excuse me, Alex, do you have a house with a garden? Because if you do, you should learn gardening and teach your kids too. Make your girls have some sort of responsibility, and gardening is a lot of fun that brings precious rewards. Listen A to z, my father was very rich to me. I grew up living with maids. We had a house in the back of my father's gorgeous place with a housekeeper, a chef, a gardener, a nanny and a chauffeur. Yep, we used to live like kings and queens, yet I had to make my bed everyday and keep my room impeccably organized and clean. Sometimes, I would get upset because why did I have to do the work when we had so many maids? This is what my father used to say while looking at my face "The maids are my maids. The day you make enough money to hire your own maids, that day you will do whatever you want with them, but until then you do whatever I say" And my father was very kind with his employees. He was very sweet, and generous, and respectful and extremely considerate. My dad used to be rich, but he tended to wake up every morning at five am and made his own coffee. He made sure he didn't make any noise, so the maids could sleep until seven o'clock. And even though we always lived with a nanny, my mom was in charge of myself 100 percent. The nanny was there only to help my mom, not to raise me. My mom and dad raised me personally.
Package him with a prospect and get rid of him.
Being a cardinal fan I think he’s a real dick!! Go F#€k yourself Lester!!
He's a nazi.
I’m tired of seeing his little bitch face
Starchie,You had 4 days off to get ready for tonight, yet, you looked completely unprepared to protect a 3 run lead.  End result:  6 run inning surrendered and a demoralizing L against a division foe.TL should have stuck with his usual winning formula and inserted Hirano to start the 7th.  He shuts them down, then you only have to worry about 6 outs left vs. 9.  His switch, and your lack of preparedness cost the team a big one tonight.  Shave your filthy birds nest, and start focusing.  Being a below average set up man is no way to go thru life...   
Whether or not they have a good relationship? It just shows that two years in a row she can’t be bothered to simply throw together a basket of cool things he likes and memorabilia for a CHARITY auction. She’s so uninvolved.
Soph - I saw that pic on Insta and a similar one today on Twitter of him just driving around town in that super-nice convertible (maybe it’s new 😂). If “Aaron Judge in his car at stoplights” photos become a trend, I’m not gonna lie, I would be all for it. And he seems cool with it too 😂
Soph 09:11:37 that is one hot story. How dare A Rod embarrass Corky in front of J Lo. Thank goodness Corky taught him another lesson. One of these days A Rod will finally understand that lovable ‘tard.
he's one of those guys who is a great pitcher yet I wouldn't want him on my team because I would have to look at him.
Greg bird absolutely sucks never hits when the game is on the line
Get rid of Hudson now! He makes the Dodger bullpen look like amateurs. Optioned him
How many times has worthless Joe struck out looking this year? How many game winning hits has he had? I cannot wait for him to be gone.
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