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Jackie Niedzielski , MI
Jackie Niedzielski , MI
Ya, he's with Kelly Nash . They were seen at the Clemson game . He's cheating on her ?
As far as ioanu. Ajs snapchat. Both of their instagram stories. Im a major league stalker. Lol
Contact your local FBI office or closest international office 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Call 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324) for the Major Case Contact CenterCall (866) 720-5721There is a case being processed on Randy Morin. If you have any information or copied any of his degrading comments please call this number. They will explain to you what to do next.I have contacted most of the athletes that I'm seeing bullied. We can and will win this.
What a bitch ass fraud this f Ing lil facial hair coloring self entitled cunt he is. He's got the nerve to say " I always wanted to come back to T.O " lmao. Who does this clown think he's fooling ???. WHO ASSHOLE ???. Any fan of his I swear must be just as feminim as he is.
герпес убить навсегда гепатит б прививка покраснение g6687hjhk7
57:46 Tim would run away from you if you asked him. He would like to forget his mistakes of the past. He is ashamed that his vasectomy got botched so badly, and even more embarrassed that he contracted genital warts under his eyes. I mean, how many people does that happen to?
He sucks dick
So I noticed the girlfriend posted a pic of her and a guy friend yesterday commenting on her long friendship with him and how greatly she was, and today it's not there. JD getting possessive and making her take that stuff down? Interesting.
casilla is now on the A's and he can stink it up for them too again lol
Ellsbury lack of energy and hustle makes him look like he is playing in a recreational mens league. I hope a shady locker room attendant helps Ellsbury fake a car accident to collect insurance money on his contract ending his career to free up a roster spot. It could happen.
lmao at the part where you think I will worship your white cracker dot as my motherinlaw!🖕🏿kill your self white cracker🖕🏿🖕🏿👴🏻💀🖕🏿
2 is Bette then 1 . Dejen de estar metiendose y odiando a Puig . Let him have his baby momma and his bad side bitch jajaj
He's terrible in bed I slept with him last week.....maybe he's into men
T.y. Hilton
No. My comment got deleted. Sophie posted a pic of a group of people she was with and Gracie was there
I want to rip nasty smelling queefs in Alex's face while his lover Corky really gives it to him in the ass. (Laura)
Thankyou Atlanta for making sure HR Dickey is gone bye bye.:)
I want to meet him this with they played with Detroit Tigers this year 😀
I want to jerk off in Anthony's hair and give him a nice greaser look.
I have solid info that Anthony has ballooned to over 300 pounds and can barely swing a bat. He swears this extra weight increases the potency of his pepperoni farts which is the only thing he's concerned about.
Liam, you can get so much better!!!!
Adelaine Moroin about 2 years agoIf there was something you could change about your family, what would it be?My father has a talk sports site that i wish he would close. He often gets drunk and argues with himself on it. He pretends to be little fan girls. Every one at school knows and they make fun of me. He posts bikini pictures of me every where. What father does that? He says hurtful things about my mom on the internet. My mom is my rock. I don't know where I would be without her. Asked by Shayan Rizwan about 2 years ago
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