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Hahahaha!! I predicted and it happened!! Debbie Marin, I told you Andrea was just using you to help her keep Yasiel by her side! Ya vez que ni madre te izo comadre??? Ella anda sobre el dinero, del punto que lo veas y por eso se busco esos "padrinos de conveniencia"!
Ching Chong Ping Pong Ding DongIm racism haha you uck asshole
hi guys
Tim could've married Drew and nobody would know except Drew and Tim.Even the SGH TROLL wouldn't know. And that troll wouldn't really care because it was only Cristin that made the SGH TROLL into a jealous, shallow, fat-ass troll with no prospects of her own. Do you notice that sgh never posts on here anymore? sgh was outed over being the troll that couldn't stand for Tim to have sexual relations with the teacher and made up the whole Tipsy Pig story only to have someone else hijack that story and put a different spin on it. Too funny for words!
he has a face only his wh0re of a mother could love. typical white trash from south Jersey. Go shove a pork roll up your ass Todd
He is a worthless thug
They want more they will never be satisfied nigger hate is getting worse who likes niggers I don't he'll no they smell
Is Michelle holding baby Luca? Beautiful family.
Welp, guessin someone upset him or his pr people since the whole convo is gone.
Reply-to:Hunter pence
I have solid info that clubs have seen this forum and are interested in having Jason work out for them. They have no interest in traditional baseball skills. Instead they want to workout Jason’s belching and newly developed farting skills. Will Theo respond? Will the Cubs part with their best player in order to land in what I’m hearing could be at least 5 top tier players? It will depend on how far Jason has progressed with his farts. If he can show a team he can stink up an entire locker room with one blast as loud as a steam whistle the Cubs could expect to be able to demand anything for him!
So Emily had all of her friends come to Florida for a girls trip I guess. And on one of her friends instagram snap storys Emily was wearing a sash and it said “mostly likely to black out at her own wedding” so I guess the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. I see nothing wrong with wanting to go out and get drunk and have lots of fun, we all do it. She is only 23 years old and I think she needs to wait a good couple of years before getting married to anyone right now.
Why doesn't Peter have his own page?
Ha you think his baseball is bad his greed and attitude worse his dad is an one arm handicapped living on a fixed income he got josh where he is today. And his dad struggles to eat and he is a multi millionare
What happened to his stylist girlfriend?
Hicks is trash.
I like Corky. I want him to pin me down and use his Mongo strength to penetrate me repeatedly causing my ass to release a shit gusher. I heard Corky is good at getting constipated people to let loose. I haven’t shit in a month. I hate that Zoink Man faggot. If I see him I’m gonna kick him in his tiny little dick. I can’t believe Corky allows that queer to be his bathroom attendant.
I am new to his whole board so this may be a dumb question but why was that Jen girl not by him when he won that award on Monday and up for the award today. Are they together or not? Isn't that something you would be at if you were dating someone??
Hi,am Emma.i had a professional hacker helped me hack into my spouse's email and calls log and Facebook account,when i find out he was cheating on me,if you need help you can contact him on think is high time we take this cheater out for good.Good luck as you find out what your spouse as been hiding from you.(any problem relating to hacking) just a mail and it done. he hacks all most everything from,facebook,emails,text,viber,kik and lot more.Emma referred you in.
Esa es una prostituta solo pasa desnuda vendiendose como carne asco 😷
Fernando y Catelin Rojas ahora de fue a vivir a Miami y siempre sube frases a fb que le agradece a Dios no cuero agradecele al culo que te metiste un hijo de un hombre casado segun tu que la llevabas de correcta vistes dinero y bailastes como la perra que eras pobre Fernando si supiera que ese cuero singaba con muchos peloteros
His rumored girlfriend wants him in L.A. said tmz
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