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Alex took Corky to dinner at a Taco Bell on Sunday night. After eating his 6th greasy taco, Corky leaned to the side on his chair and ripped a heinous fart. Corky then said, "smell my fart!!!!" A-Rod said "no" and then had a disgusted look on his face. Corky got really upset and flew into a 'tard rage!!! Corky yelled "smell it!!!" while slapping A-Rod in the face and then smacked him in the head with his tray! Then Corky dumped his extra large Mountain Dew Code Red in A-Rod's face and started kicking A-Rod in the ribs. Corky then ran to the soda machine and used his 'tard strength to pick up the entire 200lb machine and then launched it A-Rod, nearly killing him! Corky then took off his overflowing diaper and rubbed it in A-Rod's face before punching him in the Adam's apple. Corky then stole A-Rod's wallet and got in line and ordered Cinnamon Twists. A-Rod sure learned the importance of smelling Corky's farts that time!!!
Is there any truth the the rumors that Giancarlo sucks off Ichiro Suzuki in the showers after every game?
No problem. Yeah, Disneyland is crazy. Every mens room stall in the park gets used every single day as a pump 'n dump/blow 'n go. The place is freaking filthy. Straight people don't realize just how many of the public bathrooms in So Cal are used as casual hookup spots. There are thousands of them all over the Southland. Whether it's your local Barnes and Noble, Macy's department store, public park, 24 Hour Fitness, health spa, etc, etc...there's a good chance there's a restroom in it that's used as a cruising spot where strangers show up to meet other strangers to suck off. They call them "pump 'n dumps" in the game. Are you a student at a local university or junior college? Guess what, it's a certainty that one of the floors of your library or one of the quads on campus is a local cruise spot, and one of the restrooms on campus is used as their sweet spot. Ever wondered why one stall at your local shop, or school, or gym is always locked/occupied? Why sometimes a strange guy is looking at you out in public like you're on the menu? Because you're at a cruising spot and he's trying to size up whether or not you're a top or a bottom..whether he's gonna do some pumping or get some dumping. ,
Im gonna call him a bust's been 5 years and he STILL can't hit for squat. Just another Z draft scrub. He isn't ever going to "turn it around" a very stupid draft pick, but still not as dumb as the Danny Hultzen pick...what a joke!
He's had a Hall of Fame career, but he's done and should retire now. He no longer adds value and is practically a guaranteed out at the plate
She hates you to trash hood rat smelly pussy pos
This guy is a thug lying pos
5 batters and gives up three hits and two walks. How much more do we have to take?
Worst reliever in baseball I literally googled why does krod suck after he just blew this lead to royals and this forum came up.
I'm so happy we pay him 30 mil to sit in the bullpen and not throw
He sucks
I heard JD was on the hunt for a housewife he could control and she was on the hunt for a sugar daddy. Perfect pair.
F uck u hammel!!
Massiel Núñez, República Dominicana
Bryce Harper is a spineless, dickless, homosexual who deserves to catch aids from sharing steroid needles with his gang of butt buddies. Every time i see him flip his hair i wish he would be scalped Native American style. The only reason he's having a good year is because all the pitchers feel bad for him because he's the biggest faggot in the world.
Hey guess who sucks again!!! Tony "blown save" Watson!!! He sucks really really really bad. Title of closer and he certainly does close the door on the Pirates getting a win. Thanks Tony for sucking!!!
She's so fake
Cindy the ho has found another swinger to hang with. Will he beat her ass next after he finds out she has herpes? And Randy has finally shut up with all of his many lies. Are you feeding Adelaine too much. She is getting some giant thunder thighs. Watch her or she will end up short and fat like you "dickwad".
Just use a strap on on him
You need to stop playing baseball you bum
Miss him!!😢 Get well soon Madison! -z.
Strikes out 1/3 of the time and hitting about .220--try someone else
I think it's already happened.
did he marry
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