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This fat ass clown needs to go what a waste of protoplasm. Another loss. Trade this POS or send him to Aberdeen.
Her kid is ugly and looks like a little snot nosed brat just like her rude mama
Reply-to:Do great guys break up with their 8 yr girlfriends days after a wedding venue to please him was chose? It is such a shame whoever ever wrote this question has such hate in her heart, to lie about such a thing.  It was Hilary's choice that the wedding not be at her home, and that the wedding be a destination wedding to where she and her family spent Thanksgivings.  Ross's friends traveled from near and far to be at his beautiful wedding three years ago.  Ross is a wonderful person, and has been married to a beautiful, wonderful, kind, loving, and brilliant woman. 
Legend... 😂😂😂😂
Who is she dating?
He flies hookers in to town whenever he has a game.
A waste of money and a roster spot. As useless as tits on a bull.
What happened to your Memphis phone number Cindy Baumal Muchnick? Did you freak out when you were pegged and disconnect it?
Trevor is the ultimate dumbass, St Louis management the ultimate fools for repeatedly putting him out there to trash contested, close games. So...We have the ultimate dumbass and the ultimate fools-- we call 'em the St Louis Cardinals.
Dodgers watched film on JD as a right fielder. Nicknamed him "the butcher" and had no trade interest.
Clayton kershaw
Hes cancer to the jays.
This guy Foster , definitely sucks. He'll give up more runs , than any his team can score , every time. Can't strike out anyone , passionless waste of mound space.
WoW !! The Toronto Blue Jays must be really stupid OR Tulo has a great agent to get $20 million / year for this kind of baseball !! This guy is not even good enough to play in AA Buffalo !
no, i believe that girl is jenn from chicago
Corky friend, how are you today? Hey, what happened to A? Wait, let me guess... He dumped J-Low from the block because he couldn't take it anymore and his back with Torrie since she is of course his true love. I think I like Torrie's wigs better than J-Low's. No? Okay then let me guess again. He left Jenny from the shit because he met another girl much better than her? No. Oh. Okay, one last chance then. He broke up with J not only because she is a pain in the neck, but also because thanks to her A realized he's gay. No? Okay, I give up. I don't know. I give up.
Swings at absolutely everything.
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkyour website
If anybody receives this message, please send help..Like others before me, I too have somehow become trapped within Alex Rodriguez's enlarged, stretched colon cavity. I don't know if I have shrunk or what, but it is literally like being in a large, moist cave. So far it has been nearly two weeks since I last saw real daylight. I know I am not alone in here because I often hear voices echoing farther down in his colon cavity, but I am unable to see anything due to the darkness. At one point I even struggled with a large hairy 'something' over a small kernel of undigested corn that I had found. Unfortunately I lost the struggle, but I did manage to get away from it when it attempted to sexually assault me, but I am now pantless as a result..So far, I have attempted to escape A-Rod's colon several times by trying to catch a ride on one of the many shit logs that pass through here occasionally. At one point I nearly succeeded in escaping when a very wet and mucousy fart, followed by a tsunami of diarrhea, carried me towards a long tunnel of light leading to the outside world. Unfortunately, before I managed to exit the tunnel, a large black fleshy penis ended up shoving me BACK UP into the darkness of A-Rod's colon again, immediately followed by a thick spray of hot salty semen which hit me so hard that it blew my shirt apart and knocked me unconscious. When I finally regained consciousness, I was completely naked and covered in several layers of moist shit, sticky mucous, and rancid semen, all of which I was forced to lick off myself out of pure desperation for food and nourishment. I have since grown addicted to semen as a result, of which there is large quantities of, thanks to the several ejaculating penises which pop in and out of here every couple hours..If anybody out there receives this message, please send help as soon as possible. I can only live off of shit nuggets and semen deposits for so long and have grown frail and weak as a result. Please help..Sincerely,John McJohnson
It would have to be Lincecum Law. She's an expert. If you don't believe ME, just ask her. Lol.
No one will ever be good enough for Anthony especially not a young college girl with no career or aspirations in life other than following him around. I'm sure his mother is quite disappointed with his choice
They were on for a bit in the summer of 2014. Anyways, she's a really big game of thrones fan. He could have been talking about Amanda too though.
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