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Bueno si se niegan se niegan los dos porque ella siempre que le preguntan por las redes sociales se hace la loca o evita la pregunta o manda a que le pregunten a él so parece que a ella no le importe mucho si está o no con otras mujeres si hasta se burla la muy estupida
Don't worry, we aren't planning on wasting any more of our time and attention on a worthless troll who has yet again been shown to be full of sh!t. Ignoring you and your bile is clearly the way to go.
He dumped Astrid. He just used her for awhile and then got rid of her like he does with so many.
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I can’t even type straight bec you just troll so hard to get on people nerves ..
So is he back with the ex? Or is the slut cocktail waitress from AZ still chasing his wallet around spring training
Google I just read this also.Please don't be the Padres..I would be over the moon if it was the Dodgers and ok also if it's the Giants.DG
It's bad enough you're still on the team, but how about you quit taking so freaking forever looooooong to throw the damn ball over the plate, you giant piece of crap. How anyone still defends you is beyond sanity.
Today A Rod took Corky to his health club. Corky was proud to be with A Rod and strutted around. A Rod was showing him around when they got to the massive indoor pool. Corky’s face lit up when he saw it as he thought it was the worlds biggest toilet. He had never seen an IIndoor pool before. He quickly dropped his pants, ran over, and dropped a nasty dookie into the pool. It quickly spread out like a toxic oil spill. Corky was so proud of himself. A few members saw this happen and were shocked and when A Rod yelled at Corky Corky’s feelings were very hurt. Corky insisted the pool was for dookies, and flew into a tard rage. He tossed A Rod into the pool, making him splash down in Corky’s dookie. Corky then began tossing things at him, which ended when Corky tipped over a lifeguard chair which crashed onto A Rod’s head rendering him unconscious. Corky then went to the snack bar for a treat but was angered to find they didn’t have gummy bears! Someone fished a shit covered A Rod out of the pool and he drove an angry Corky home in time for Corky to watch He Man. Corky said he’s never going back to that giant toilet place with no gummy bears.
what about us
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I can never rely on him EVER, everytime he comes out the bullpen i cringe. I just know hes gonna walk someone and someone is going to HR off this bitch. His mom is his biggest fan and I remember she got all upset on Social Media because some fans were talking shit about him, he's a wimp. He is a little bitch. How does this guy still have a job in the MLB, the Jays need to seriously drop this dumbass
Her mom runs it
Jake Bailey, Muncie, Indiana & Fairfield, Ohio
Excuse me, ignorant man. This country is going to hell thanks to people like Jennifer and yourself. That's all I have to say, clueless man.
aj baykow's a fag goat
What's that about Estrada?
Hey legend it’s me red.... i see Matt acting a dam fool again prancing around that he is a dodger again... acting a dumb ass fool along with his cheating as uncle i guess they rounding up the LA hoes
A bunch of the Giants women went to a painting thing and of course no sign of Andrea.
She a hoe...they were in Arizona together. He wants to act single. He don't include her in any pics of video even when she around
He’ll only ever date models. No matter what money you have what you do for a living. Unless your a 10 and a size 0 and are well known in the model world he’ll piss in your face
Unless it’s a model he won’t take you out in public lol the guy makes millions unless your a model no ones marrying anything less. For now he’s smashing like 50 models facts
Seems a little gay. I smash him while his wife is away. Get about a grand every time he contacts me for an hour. Could be a good husband, if only he wasn’t contacting me every time she flys out of Florida
I caught him staring at me taking a piss at a highway rest stop last year. He came up and offered to suck my cock. I ran back to my car as I'm not gay. However, he offered to fill up my car with gasoline, so I allowed him to lick my junk. He's an expert and I came within seconds! As a straight man, I have to say that he is very sexually experienced. All in all, he's a great guy.
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