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Reply-to:Wonder if Tim buying a new home in AZ, it will show eventually online if trueAZ here: Didn't know Tim was selling his Paradise Valley home, but if true, he will make a bundle. He purchased it during the housing bust at a really low price. Probably bought it as an investment anyway, and it's going to pay off big time.
And you are a scam, Veteran because you know exactly who I am. I'm beauty and smart together in one little head that goes perfect with its frame. I'm not Jennifer, no. Now, leave me alone, or I'm going to hang you by your balls. Estupido.
PED use definitely enhances hand eye coordination and awareness. I’d do actual research before spewing such filth. If you really believe that then Brain is a cheater and you’re a moron.
Gardner - LOL just the name makes me laugh. The guy is well past "sucks".
He stinks when he isn’t taking steroids
I have a feeling I know who gave it to him but I won't say her name there was a photo of it on his lip on MTO and that is when it first made it's appearance.
What? Y r they not following one another then? Where is the proof.
22:17 typical faggot
Lol you even think about sending her screenshots
What a worthless piece of sh.t! Can't even make a play in right field. Just another dumb n.g..r!
Look who else cant hit a high fastball. Say goodnight Luke. You are done in this league. I hate you.
Jose Quintana is a worthless spic who needs to take his illegal ass back to the Columbia
If I was Bird I would blast Boone to the media and demand a trade. Bird and Sanchez stop hitting as soon as Boone takes over. Its just bad management.
Ewwww! Yo Addison, you are lowlife wife beater thug! You awarded Manhoe of the year. Congrats you got 3rd baby mama, just gross. DFA this bitch!
Time to trade this Grade A TV diver.
I’m genuinely confused AF with these letters 😂
You think he likes Meredith Marakovits?
he sucks and is a wife beater has two stories about Melisa. Here’s the links:
If I understand what I'm reading correctly YP is nothing but a s3x maniac, plain and simple.
Finally he hits a HR with bases loaded . I would to know how many times this bum has struck out with the bases loaded .
Fukk you liberal trash faggot
Hubby + Wife = Married. They are not any of these things because he is NOT faithful. How can they stand before God? They can’t!
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