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I concur bad kissing. Boring dude but really nice and sweet. Decent in bed, but doesn't initiate.
I think he is with a new blonde girl look at what he is tagged in on instagram
It is amazing that Verlander turned out as well as he did if his dad really is a limp-wristed SJW cuck
some girl is saying is with him she is way older then him has done alot of visits to the surgeon cuz body is fake and to top it off she is ugly
my name is Bill and I am a bouncer at the Cubby Bear. We have received quite a few complaints about the Rookie's behavior at our popular bar. Rookie has been caught on security video soliciting men for sex and drugs and was also videotaped sniffing toilet seats and licking pubic hairs stuck to the urinals. His behavior is disgusting and needs to stop immediately or we will contact Chicago PD and press charges. If we catch you doing this again next weekend, you WILL be prosecuted. Consider this a warning
What Domician man has 1 women? None
Robin Williams, Purgatory
Dios bendiga los hermanitos Puig ChavesY Puig de la Torre. Son inocentes angelitos. Dios quiera que sea muy buenos hermanos y su padre Yasiel los trate con igualdad , amor y respeto.
Awww he can't handle being told he's not that special. His feelings must be hurt. He's a real piece of shit.
More like Josh Phagley; aka Josh Fagley; or as the French know him, "Josh le gay"
His address is 1720 Santa Barbara Dr. Dunedin, Fl. Google it, he's the owner.
His Father is a Liberal through and through but Justin is not. I don't think Kate's family would like him very much if he was. He seemed very excited to meet Kate's uncle and he's a conservative Republican. Justin is quite opposite his father on many issues including this one.
Yes he was, got a salad.
Anonymous (Rookie)...It's a one is perfect...Shadonna may have made some wrong choices but we all do..however she dedicated her life to him and his well-being....when it was questionable about him returning and even those times when it was questionable about him signing with a team. Just to think that a mother who is suppose to be a Pastor of a church....would raise an uncaring individual....I guess her dismay of being rejected by his father left her bitter and controlling. The Bible clearly declares "you will reap what you sow! And so glad that God is not interested in our material wealth,but the condition of our hearts. You will never be completely whole because you have left some unfinished business. This marriage will not last long because of your unfinished business. I am glad Shadoona has moved on and God bless her with someone who will love her and all her imperfections because we all have them. The evilness of your heart will play out in your Life......
rawhide, downtown
Is A-Rod really into that rough stuff? I'm surprised he allows Corky to slap him around and beat him up
Sandra Ramos, Texas
Wowzers that man in drag looks just like Brittany Bigler. but strangely also George Kontos. Haha!
I heard that JD Told Jose & Edwin in The Blue Jays Dugout Last Season That He Likes Drew Hutchinson's GF Name Elizabeth And He Wanted Drew Hutchinson Gone From The Blue Jays Roster Last Year To Get With Her Montreal Is Going To Be Very Interesting
Wow, all the work Photo Gal put into it with all her pictures. What a shame.
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