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I think it would be hot to watch Bryce Harper and Mike Trout tongue each other's anuses and suck each other off!!!
He's obviously one of the best players in the game. However, egghead sportswriters who were probably too uncoordinated to ever play baseball themselves have all but anointed him as one of the best players to ever play the game, which is nuts. The primary reason they do this is because of his WAR stats, which nobody seems to truly understand. Without considering WAR, Trout simply becomes a very good player instead of an all-time great.
albert is a gaywad
Yeah! Cut his nuts off and then cut off his dick and stuff it into his own mouth! Then put him in prison and let the other inmates stretch his donut. You know how they all hate woman beaters.
I'm shocked anyone would want to see that human gargoyle Dustin Diamond in anything, let alone a porno. A Rod is one depraved maniac.
***This forum has been referred to the proper authorities for monitoring. IP addresses for all future participants will be extracted and submitted for investigation. Please be advised that this statement acts as formal notice to cease and desist from all future use of this forum.***
Sign j bats already jays lets go boys if they sign j bats watch guy he's going to have a ridiculous season of watch and that team might as well be the jays j bats can still put up nice numbers lol like look at his numbers in da last 6 years lol
he's ugly, and looks like a beaver, but he has alot of cash, and that is what most woman want...
Micah Johnson
he likes much much much older women
No kids because Tim is impotent
Yeah he does. She's cute.
This is too funny. Honestly, the lady that catches his eye has to be a special lady. He has such a humble spirit about him, and he seems really laid back. My type of guy! But honestly, that will be one lucky lady.
Greedy traitor, hope his career goes downhill from here. Worst of luck money chaser
La AndreA Es chuzma y que boca de chupacabra. Feliz como una lombris que le toca esta fea de esposa a yasiel. Dios si escucha 🙏🏻
I love men that shave their whole body not gross at at. Gross thinking of men or women ...who don't
That commercial is a sure fire hit! I'm sure once black America is introduced to Jason's fine grape soda they will purchase it in bulk so they to can try to belch like Jason. I wonder if Jason will discuss this amazing business with President Obama tomorrow while the Cubs are at the White House? I also wonder if Kris Bryant will sniff Obama's Anus. I bet it's filthy!
Anthony is a total beefcastle! I'm shocked he's dating Steve Bartman who is a total nerd. I bet Anthony really gives it to him in the ass before pressing his bare ass to Steve's face and ripping a nice wet pepperoni fart! Man that's hot!
I am in love with Trayce. I would love to '69 each other. Mutually sucking each other off would be really hot and then we would finish by eating each other's asses!!!
He posted going somewhere fun today can you guess where and he is standing near a lear jet. How are we suppose to guess. Sometimes i think he is out of something to type.
He's been verified for awhile. His former flame has been too
You know what maybe you guys should chill out. He just might be one of the good ones. Yes he is an extremely attracted man. And I'm pretty sure women are throwing themselves at him. Remember though the flesh is weak. Nobody is perfect. He might be getting some booty on the side, if he is that's his choice. I wish the men the best of luck. To whoever he ends up with, she'll be one lucky lady.
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