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Send this guy back down for the rest of the year....
The blond girl and a friend of the wife of joc and me have said so i know that they are not together because you would see the trayce workouts
hahaha i love how this forum is still a think-- just said to some coworkers "is tyler clippard retired yet"
Sammy definitely does NOT manage Kyle Hendricks..
I recently bought some Corky brand diapers and was steered here as this site is listed as customer service? I am really enjoying the diapers and cannot believe how much shit they are able to hold. My question is on the side of the package it says “they are great for strangling your lover”. Yet no diagrams are provided as to how one can best use the diaper to strangle someone. I am a raging queer and one of Corkty’s biggest fans. Are their videos of him strangling men with his diapers or possibly a diagram so I may strangle my current lover Pepe? I hope this truly is the Corky diaper companies customer service website?
Rizzos stinkhole = penis clamp for Gaywards pecker
Good morning, A. How are you today? Did you die last night by any chance? Not yet? Oh, damn. Let me know when. I'm still waiting for you to say "I'm in love with Jennifer. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her" Because that's what a real man would say when he is in love with someone. Right? Right. Now, the day you say that, I'm going to burry you alive. Good bye:-)
I can’t imagine his family wouldn’t speak up and let him know if they shared the opinions on this forum about him being more smitten with her than she is with him.
I MOST DEFINITELY SAY JUDY “COME GET YOUR SON”. Saying come get your son is not a bad thing. These ho’s is out here trying to get him. I’m just giving her a heads up. I doubt she pays attention to it though. 😂😂. But that’s not done in a disrespectful manner. I definitely don’t speak on JL. That’s a man of God I actually respect him and his family. IDK who trolls about him. Some of us here actually support Matt. I’m not gonna lie I go in on the past nightmares that he dated. He has terrible taste and standards in some of them.
They should call Brandon Drury and send Bird down. Bird has no speed on the base paths and when all the smoke filled parlor talks settles, he's just a .230 hitter. Bird is not feared by MLB can how they pitch so cautiously to Sanchez, Stanton, Judge, Torres and Andujar......Bird is not that kind of talent. Drury is athletic and if given the opportunity he can play first......not that hard by the way.....remember the iron gloved Jason Giambi????
That new photo she's tagged in says everything I need to know about this relationship hahahaha
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27:07 who is DOUG FROM OSHKOSH? Sorry to disappoint ..I have no idea what you are talking about.Who trusts fish? Please .DG
man he is a bitch
I hooked up with him not too long ago so assuming hes single?
Typical nigger! Straighten hat up boy!
worst closer ever 
Robinson es Gay. Su mujer es Melky
Vet did he hurt you or something? You seem really emotionally invested.
Randy, thank you for the update! Looking forward to reading more posts about Anthony’s pepperoni farts and gay trysts with Steve Bartman!
Do you mean to tell me there isn't a lefty relief pitcher on the scrap heap who the Yanks could sign? Anybody would be better then Chasen Shreve. The Yankees had lefty Wade Leblanc during spring training. They shouldn't have cut him. He's doing a great job with the Mariners now.
He sucks again tonight.
Bochy is a gd moron for using this guy.
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