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Walk, hit a batter and allwed a hit all within first inning. I bet they yank him before 2nd inning. Good job, Geo Metro.
He sucked with Yankees. Glad they got rid of him.
You can’t hit. Strikeout way too much. You suck too.
Yep, he still sucks in the 2018 Post Season.
Hits 2 players, 1 run then gives up a grand slam! ouchhh
One pitch, one homerun. You loser. You suck!
Reply-to:I think their pretty much finished , shes been hanging bu a thread for about a year now, yim has no emotional attachments to her or SF , he just want to he overpaid from the team and booty from HerAre you nuts? No emotional attachment to her? He's been with her for a few years now. He takes her out publicly and acknowledges her as his girlfriend. And no emotional attachment to SF? What????
F ucken suck !
I don’t think anyone thought they would. I think everyone is hoping he would have better taste then a nobody who brags about everything they do and her and her friends leak information.
For once in your miserable Dodgers life, you're not sucking dick big time like you normally do. Maybe bullpen coach Mark Pryor is getting through to you, finally. Still, that doesn't let you off the hook for your many many shitty fook ups and sins. Keep up the good work. Fook, I can't believe I wrote that.
Gary, be it known that I am the elderly lady you dealt with. You have it wrong as I was very excited with the annuity you were offering and was impressed with your projections for its maturity. What I cannot abide however, is liberal pos Hilary voters like yourself who fail to accept the love between two men dressed as random tv characters. I left on principle because you did not proffer any words of encouragement to the men, nor did you clap after one particularly loud fart which rattled your windows and clogged them with thick, acrid green smoke. Next time I demand more professionalism!
Roberto Marrero, Minnesota
Jim Tamburro, Connecticut
Red probably..legend
Acts like a straight up punk cholo!!!!!Wannabe coon with his girly cornrows!!! Bitch!!
Gomes has always been delusional about his abilities. He asked Pedy if he could suck his dick but Pedy told him no and he sucks enough on the field.
He has broken up with that gold digger I would know I’m his cousin
Another clutch strike out by this bum in game three of the NLCS. Get rid of him!
He sure acts single and when asked before the season ended he said he was seeing no one special....
Yasiel is proposing in Paris
Trade? Impossible. Who would want him, especially for that price. Stupidest mistake Cashman made.
Please keep his money to leave funny.he jumps ball hits under his glove
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