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Gay way missed an easy pop fly, but they don’t give him an error. No the error goes to the sun. And a routine fly ball is a two rbi triple because the baseball gods love a gay nigger.
He will be traded, no hitting and too much trouble. It takes a special kind of asshole to get fired by your agent. LA doesn’t promote him like they used to, he is on his way out.
well Tim wasn't a reliever throwing everyday before either he was a starter throwing every five.~Google
Dang that's crazy because we just met up in Oakland. he won't stop blowing up my phone. he just got my ticket to go to Chicago with him, I ain't know he had a girl tho. Oops.
I’ve seen piles of dog crap that have more value than this senior citizen dickweed, dodgers suck anyway so yeah keep him for years to come. Scumbag organization perfect fit
Does he have a girlfriend?
What a horrible trade for a garbage player. Leone and Green for this tomato can? Shapkins got fleeced!
and now bruce boachey made him the closer what a dumb coach
He is totally inreliable. Just when you need an out he gives a two-run homer and usually gives up the lead. Get rid of him
Buster Posey is a broken down old man. Time to retire, old man.
That Stacy Hurley has been stalking Randy (The Chuckster) Morin for years. She talks about his penis. And now she is stalking Randy's daughter! Stacy is on sick person.
Spin it anyway you want but this was not a friend weekend. I’m sure they talk and text everyday that’s why when he had a girlfriend he couldn’t even like her pictures. You just want to be different and that’s fine I’m sure it gets you a lot of attention in life but if you are friends you are at least bringing someone else with you. She came just for him and they spent all their time together.
Another loser that fits in fine with the Cincinnati
Ugh, Brandon Belt is terrible. Someone please teach him how to breathe.
I think he is married to Raul Castros grandaughter
Tired of him trade him & spend the contract money we might use to sign him to sign someone who will actually pitch , these last two seasons he pretty much screwed the giants with his injuries he wo t be the same
Pinch hit 4-22. 0 for 22. Finally gets a hit.
$6 million dollars for what?
Brad blows another save!! He is NOT a closer! Come on Buck, get him out...he sucks! Struggles every time he comrs out!&:
As a Yankees fan, I love all of this.
The entire team needs a carnal anal ectomy. They all suck against the Rays.
Hitting 220 or so since he came to the Jays. Ordinarily this makes you an entry level salary, unless you playing for the Jays who specialize in giving ridiculous contracts to decaying one time star-veterans who were once good.. Like that rotting carcass called Tulo, a name derived from his batting avg.
Well,. You still suck. Meatball pitch, grand slam, game over. Dump the deuschbag
wow this loser is the worst i have ever seen in MLB
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