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Hey legend iam here how you been?! MK still fat i see and he isn’t aging well at all -red
como ha gozado
Spring training off to a great start for Happ........ 52 AB, 7 hits, batting .135 with 14 strikeouts.  He has actually improved from last year.  Instead of striking out 43% of the time, now he's only striking out 27% of the time.  Of course, his Batting Average is worse than a Pitcher, but at least he's not striking out.  I'll bet Joe has him in the lineup on Opening Day.
It seems like all he does with his free time is play golf.
The numbers don't matter as long as he feels good.
Is he winning any 5k races?
At some point Bochy needs to say it. Melancon sucks. Awful
whoa no Leg. Are you asking to F someone? Oh no, run....
After his last "comeback" no team is going to waste their time giving him a look. It's over. Even Adele has sung a last song for him.
Stacy Hurley tries to pretend she is Juliuanne Hough. But she is actually frumpy, dumpy, and pockmarked. That's why Donna dows not wish to be seen with her anymore. Even Cindy Baumal (horseface) Muchnick is better looking.
[b]Patek[/b][b]PatekPatek PhilippePatek klokker
He’s a has been. Bye fame
Ichiro is good
yep they broke up, back to bartending I guess
Someone told me today but am I the only one who didn’t know that when he broke up with Sam one of the first times in 2013 when they were still at Fresno and he went out with Margaret Wood that she had already been in playboy and had a 3 year old daughter? How did I not know this? So much for the big role model. Why did Sam go back out with him even then? The guy dumps you for a girl like that and she still went back anyway. I think he is always going to actually want the Margaret and Jen types and that’s why he always loses interest in Sam and she keeps getting dumped by him.
Greg bird will not Produce at all and when he does people are going to see do you see Bird is coming around. And you know what I would say let’s see what he does when the game is on the line when the game means something like a playoff game not game to the playoffs like a game seven of the playoff game he hits a homerun off Miller and everyone makes big while about it what did he do in game seven against the Astros nothing
15:32 fukk off fag boy
Or he’s hit in the face! Either way he’s sexy!
GTFO here Scott and move to DFA city. And while you're at it, refund the millions of dollars in UNEARNED and UNDESERVED salary that you've stolen from the Dodgers. And finally, go F yourself!
Fat turd he may be, but man, that dude somehow still (unbelievably) has a job with the Dodgers.
Josh, maybe you should call your old teammate, Pedro Bozo Baez and ask him for pointers on how to keep a main roster spot while still be being a shitty reliever. He's the best of the worse, so you can at least aspire for that with the Brewers.
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