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8-20-18. You suck. You’re supposed to get batters out!
F Roberts!!!! You put scumbag Blowez in with bases loaded and the first thing he does and walk the first batter. Kiss our sixth consecutive playoff goodbye. Horrible!
Astros just don’t seem interested in playing. Cole gives up 2 runs in first against Mariners. But one doe to CORREA error.
Yes when that photo was posted of them all of the comments were negative and people were tagging him, and was saying she needed to go back to his ex.. if you study body language you can tell he didnt feel too comfy with her.. Remember when he was with voodoo pussahhh a sista he acted more PDA with her than anyone I ever seen.. Not sure if that was a fake one or not but he acted like he was more of a bf with her than any of these birds we see him with now.. It was just normal people shading this chick and him and some were making fun of that suit he had on. All I know is that every since mama simp has followed this bird now all of a sudden she wants to quote bible verses and show less ass and act all inspirational on her page.
Corky should consider bottling his farts and selling them as an alternative to smelling salts. His farts are potent enough to revive an unconscious person, so he could make a lot of money. He could probably also make a lot of money selling bottles of it to sexual deviants within the gay community who get turned on by sniffing smelly farts. He’s sitting on a gold mine!
How this guy wins games amazes me
Many years ago I worked for the LA Dodgers.  If anyone hit below 240 they were not even on the team.  In Seattle you can hit 195 and get paid $3 million a year.I remember Roseboro, Sherry, Campenela, Schcia - real catchers who hit for average and were paid 10% of what Zunino gets paid.  Sad...
If I hit 200 in the minor leagues I would be retired.
You worthless anchor baby bastard u purposely walked batters to get ur pitch count up so u can get yanked from the game early in hopes of keeping era low by not giving batters a chance to hit. You idiot this does not work YOU STUPID FUKKING BEANIE A HOLE
It amazes me this guy made it to the major leagues--politics for sure no talent
Well, hello everyone. Are you ready for another snow white night? Since I'm watching Jimmy Fallon's show I don't believe in Hollywood anymore. I now believe in the power of cocaine.
Homer pitches tonight. Reds 3 game winning streak will end.
What an idiot to think she's a nutritionist without going to school for it 🙄
All out assault on the career doubles record of 792 by tris speaker. Gay nig up to 221 already. On 571 to go.
Blister cunt! get out you suck
Astrid find yourself another Sugar daddy. You dirty sl_t. You sleep around with everyone in our city. You sick fuc_k
Lori F Gilbert, Rome NY
His mom and his agent’s wife look a lot alike. Are they related?
Okay, get rid of that douche and Melvin too!
1 inning in AAA wtf? Go back to china u chink fag
Again, chase is a “model” who poses for different companies/products. He had dated models exactly like her before.
He seems good, he has good command, he's one of the better pitchers in the league.
He's an erratic pitcher, lacks command, walks alot of batters, and his wild pitches advance base runners into scoring position. When he starts a game, expect a loss.
Jen is in Miami! Funny that's where the team is going
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