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Randy Charles (The Chuckster) Morin doesn't like women anymore because his wife cheated on him. When Randy found out he tweeted on social media that he wished she would get off the guy's dick long enough to call him to let him know if he needed to pick up the kids from school. A few days later he tweeted that his wife had caught crabs from the guy she was getting fuct by, and had brought the little buggers home and exposed the whole family. His wife is Bernadette Nacar Morin. And who can blame her for cheating on Randy when he put that out there for everyone to see.
Now the word is out that Nosy Nancy, the supposed stalker of DG, bought a giant strap-on dildo and she put it on after sneaking into DG home in the middle of the night and then used it to fk DG repeatedly. DG liked it, says Nosy Nancy, and now the two are lesbo lovers. Who woulda thunk it?
anyone think she’s in Paris for work? or did she have to beg for the first leg of the trip this time lol
what a fruity pic!
you stop with that hurtful language!
hey hey hey whats going on here?
yeah, they need to birtch less!
screech picture?
Jealous much
Gregg bird I wonder whose fault is this to blame bird? Yes and no Bird is not good not any good at al. It's the announcers fault for making him sound so big bigger than what he is. Too bad we can't trade them according to Yankees they picked up a stock so high last year we should've traded him before all talk on what we thought we were Gona get out of him.
So did they get married? It’s not that hard to get married, Verlander and Upton got married a couple of weeks after he won the 2017 World Series. If Puig is so in love with this girlfriend why doesn’t he marry her?
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iCarly > Yasiel Puig and Dodgers
sorry for the following spam that was Miranda Cosgrove's "Kissin U" lyrics; for those who hate STL Cards.
They are together
He's somewhere with somebody according to the red sox reddit forum.
How many people does the foundation employee now? I didn’t think they had enough staff for a catered holiday party...
00:48 has aids
Yellow Nigga died
Angela is a stalking POS
10:02 is a lesbian
He likes it in the ass
Yankees are fags
Farmer Tublow needs to stop milking his rehabs and do the right thing and retire with what's left if his dignity.
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