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Rookie, that is truly a heartwarming story and an apt character portrait of legend. Would it be remiss for me, as chairman of the guild of fast food janitors, to invite myself and my throng of a 1000 members? They are mainly male and ethnic?
wadina <3
Scripture 😂 gotta live by it. Church on Sunday drink the rest of time and cuss and other things
Matt Kemp is dating Justin Nicole go look at her IG stories they been together last couple weeks she is with him right now at dodgers stadium her IG is ItsJustineNicole
His family lives in LA too, right?
Maikel is the definition of hottie alert
How was gayboy denied the mvp again. After all he does with the cockblowing.
Hahahahaha your brother died
I wish he died, I have evidence to back this up. 1.) Just yuck look at em, 2.) This thing made me lose 20 bucks. 3.) if he was killed I would feel no remorse what so ever. 4.) I hope what happened to Paul walker happens to him. 5.) Matt Harvey’s gonna read this and then prob just cry cause he’s the definition of vagina. 6.) Burn you wasted breath, your taking my oxygen.
I’d accept a box of Girl Scout cookies for Shane Greene... straight up. Make me GM and I’ll pull that trigger in a heartbeat
Red he was out there handing out turkeys today back at home with his family.
He’s currently at Universal Sudios in Orlando wearing matching sweaters with Emily. He’s so screwed!
08:58 get a life bitch
Dodgers really want to trade Puig. Bye Felicia Puig and Andrea
Angela wants to be fukked hard
16:52 why are you sucking him off fag boy
Sophomore you need to shut the fukk up homosexual pile of shit
He’s never been in a committed relationship. He’s got kids with a bunch of girls.
Oh the Sex and the City movie is on! Zack prob makes a terrrific Mr. Big to his wife!
40:56 Don't believe Tim is so dumb that he doesn't realize it's over now. He won't try again. And aren't you the one that posted comments like, "Once again Timmy was seen at the Powerhouse in SF. He loves the place so he can get his shit pushed in. Reminds him of being 14 years old and begging daddy and Sean to push his shit in? " I think you are a gay that visits glory hole establishments and always hoped to meat Tim.
All of us men are still wondering how a guy like Happ ends up with a woman like her. She is too hot .
Gotta love the brain dead reporter pushing for Jays to negotiate a long term contract with Stroman now. How about a salary dump instead and get someone reliable. (An adult would be a nice upgrade). His act is old and getting older all the time.
What an asshole.
Guys I think judge is getting married tomorrow
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