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Things aren’t always what they seem.
As bad as Giles and Harris. All worthless. 4 batters on 7-22. 2 homeruns.
Almost never throws a first pitch strike - so he immediately gives the batter the count advantage. It is a fact that being behind in the count adds 30+ points to a batters average. Allen is clueless of this critical advatange.
She still should never have posted it. Of course people were going to see it and it was going to get on other sites.
That's his nephew
Katie B, Missouri
Rook, unfortunately all tp action is within the stalls. Many participants only entertain with the stall door closed. Those who do fall out or crash through the stall tend to wind up having their anus tounged by some deranged queer. I so quite a bit of anus tounging but almost no tp action. I’m guessing there could be some in a clogged toilet but that’s not my bag.
Hahahaha right 😂
Starlin Castro
She is unbelievable. They are a good looking couple.
Wow!!!! thanks for handing the A's the game, pitching fastballs to Khris Davis. Serving up bombs like no other. You Suck
acabo de hablar la rata 🐀 de jenifer denis jejeje tu si chapiaste hay si te doy la razon querida pero lo rata y cuero que eres no se quita con dinero igual estas quemada en el bronx todo el mundo sabe la clase de basura que eres y chipi k eres robokot jajajaja aunk te vistas de ceda cuero te quedas
Doubt he’s paying any bills but I’m sure he’s funding the travel for sure.
There is a rumor in Miami going around that he slept with this former video vixen name Tammy Torres, there are a bunch of pictures of them together
Solis takes a shit again against the Braves... there has to be someone else in the minors better than this clown...
Gay nigger goes 0 for 3 with 2 walks. 6 bombers on the year. He’s a threat to go deep once a month.
I don’t think it’s wxtensions, her hair was already pretty long earlier this year.
Yes I read about it a few people on a said he caused it
Tim's career is over.
You suck too! Not a reliever.
How is Jeremy Affeldt a commentator!! He sucks!!! Just because he was a good pitcher, doesn’t make him a good commentator!
The fake faced dentist is a weirdo. Nobody who is successful has to shove it down everyone’s throat. She tries way too hard and it’s embarrassing. Anyone who is legitimately successful at their craft and has a large clientele doesn’t have time to repost pics they grab from the internet to look like lifestyles of the rich and famous. If she had a busy business she wouldn’t be on social media paying for fake followers to try to be relavent. It’s very sad what grown women will do to try to be “popular”. Grow up and then maybe people will take you seriously. What dentist of your goes on social media and chucks up the duces ! 😂✌🏽 Wtf!?
semien sucks, quit trying to steal, always picked off!
Omg thank so much😍
Another 0 for 4 day...losing 3 in a row to the bottom dwelling Royals. No leadership. No hits. Pitiful rbi production. Worthless Joe is sucking the life, and money, out of the team.
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