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Legend please confirm you once starred in a hardcore gay porn with Evil Ed, Stephen Geoffreys. Can you confirm at Halloween this year Stephen and yourself will reenact your Uber hot sex scene?
Another dumb beaner/nigger motherf ucker
Majority of haters in here are clueless as to overall game of baseball. Instead of looking at just batting avg, notice Bregman leads the team in OBP(on base percentage), is 2nd in slugging and OPS. He’s one of the handful in MLB who has walked more than struck out. Dude can play!
is adam Fraziermarriend
Another dumb beaner motherf ucker
Awful 52 million to strike out every time
I’ve completely given up on this loser.
He kinda looks like Christian Bale. If Christian Bale had downs syndrome and served up dingers all day
perfect pitcher for the A's, loser!
Omg Vet was arrested for raping his 8 year old cousin! What a disgusting degenerate
The national anthem is for uneducated losers, they are the only ones who care about it. Merica! What a bunch of idiots. Patriotism is for fools who can’t seem to succeed in their own lives.
F uck u and ur boyfriend edwin...f ucken faggots
Stupid monkey, grounded into Triple play...f Ucken useless nigger.
Get rid of this idiot and sign Storman!!
He has been dating Sabirna before the 2019 season even started.
Please don't trade Madison!
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He is back to his old ways again. Swinging at anything and everything. One of the easiest K's in the majors. Get this bum off of our team. We need more DJ Lemahieu type players and less Gary Sanchez type players of we wanna win number 28.
Jennifer Lopez stop being so confident in yourself!!! Because that's the biggest mistake a woman can make. Let me cut to the chance, clueless Jennifer. When you are not making a fool of yourself on a dirty stage wearing ridiculous fake hair, you look like a homeless dumb who got expensive clothes from a shameless church.
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