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Nobody can really speak for Rick but my opinion is if he likes to be private with his personal life he should really stay away from models etc who are in the limelight. Other girls are beautiful too !! And yes maybe he should try a normal girl who can relate to him and be interested in the same things he is and vise versa. He'll figure it out and find the right person when he least expects it.
I am happy this fragile moron with weak calf is finally moving to the Cleveland Indians, get lost weakling.
agree, his not worth $20 million, but more like $500,000 with his terrible performances.
ahora a venezuela 🇻🇪 cuiadalo hay por que tu si eres fea chapiadora y las chamas si so hermosas jajaja no hechas como tu ratona sucia asquerosa chichoriso jajaja todo postizo tienes mujer jajajaja
Put Greg Bird in center field. He has a canon for an arm and will hit dingers. Hicks is a better golfer.
Su mama esta la puta.
9-18. You still suck! Can’t get thru an inning without a hit.
Astrid has a great body!!!!!! But you can’t fix ugly
It definitely seems like that is what he is trying to do that’s why he likes the amount of pictures he does but like you said she isn’t exactly the same kind of girl as them.
To Rookie at 7:31:18-apparently Klay and Mykee are into all woman. Klay's current girl is black or mixed black. Did n't you see the group of girls they took to Cabo? Real ghetto. Trayce might be into white, but the other brother into everything!
I got your faggit swinging. U wanna be New Yorker
Another k for Stanton when they need s hot desperately. So far 0 for3 for thus Maricon
Someone spilled it to SG
Sad individual
A mentally deranged homosexual who writes for Sesame Street claims that Bert and Ernie are gay lovers. just know that guy wanted to normalize homosexuality to children and will eventually try to normalize child molestation. I don't have an issue with Corky and A-Rod being gay lovers, but something is seriously wrong with a marketing homosexuality to impressionable children.
He is dating Kelly Nash the sports reporter for years now.
Birdman doesn't want to be injured and wants to lose the reputation as always being injured. Also, the more plate appearances as a starting first baseman will increase your arbitration award. It all comes down to money. Yes I know for a fact Birds back in bothering him. I am not going to say more than that on this forum.
It’s just a bummer because she could have a great, non traditional career supporting the various causes that Anthony and the Cubs support but she doesn’t. Instead she just seems to drink a lot and act like she’s in college, which is disappointing.
Reply-to:I do have a picture of her and Ian. Her Instagram was open for a short window. I went to middle and high school with her. Shes an 11/10.Her Instagram account it private, she must not want people to know what's going on. But he has no pictures of her on his IG account.
I agree with you @rookie
A few more ABs and Luke Voits 2018 numbers with the Yankees will be identical to his 2017 numbers with the Cardinals. And where did that get him? Sent back to AAA. Voit sucks and Tyler Austin has one nut.
Faggot back in the lineup tomorrow aiming to amass some more infield dribblers
Congratulations on your surprising grand slam tonight. It was against Rondon so you still suck. You’ll be back in the minors in no time.
I mean, why is even playing? He can't pitch! He can't hit! Seems like daddy's got a ton of money and play my boy! Sucks that professional sports can be bought off by $$$$ I don't think I want to watch any longer
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