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who was pete living with at 8030 Inagua Lane Wellington, FL
Ahahahaha!!! La Andrea ya saco el cobre..ya demostró lo chusmita que Andrea ya perdiste el glamor PQ sabes que todos los comentarios aquí son tú crees que meterte a la cama y en la casa de Yasiel y parir un hijo te glorifica pues que así sea..pero tú BIEN SABES y conoces de sobra con TODAS las mijeres que Yasiel te a puesto el cuerno en tus "tres añitos" con el...y ni modo que lo niegues pues a mí asta me llamaste del teléfono de Yasiel para decir que "lo dejara en paz PQ tú eras su novias y bla, bla, bla"...y me mandaste fotos de los dos..lo que tú no sabías que mientras tú me decías que "lo dejara" el me imploraba "que no lo dejara y que tú ' eras' pero ya no" ..para convencerme que le creyera asta quería llevarme de viaje pero como yo si tengo dignidad, lo mande a volar!! Y obvio se "ofendió" PQ a el nadie lo había dejado.. Andrea por favor no seas estás dispuesta a seguir siendo la burla de todos a cambio de atención y dinero, pues adelante pero calladita que a una persona sin dignidad ni respeto por si misma no le queda andar haciéndose "la digna"..y como dicen aqui, contrario de lo que tú crees, ojalá Yasiel se case contigo PQ pues sabemos que NO TE quiere de verdad y verlo miswrable contigo sería una ezcelente forma de que pague lo que ha echo a tantas mujeres ..y niña aunque uses filtros para tus fotos ahí se te ven muy claritas las estrías, que es normal quedar con estrías después de un parto pero te ves ridicula diciendo que "no tienes estrías" y claramente se ven..girl you are a sociopath!! 😂😱
Only strikes out, walks, pops out, or dribbles. the Belt brain- "I kinda suck. How can I nurse my way through a career." By pretending you wouldn't have struck out if that terrible high strike had not been called. #LosingMentality
Should have been traded 2 years ago. He is done and his value on the trade market is zero. Too many innings on his arm. Never will play in a playoff game. Sad.
I truly appreciate this blog.Really thank you! Much obliged.
Brett Cecil is garbage
Back to the bush league you loser
Dominicans and Venezuelans are the best baseball players. Jonathan Villar is one of the best players in the major league.
This forum is retarded. The person writing all this crap must be a closet homosexual who is using A-Rod as a source of coping with the self hatred. Who would commit so much time to writing endless stupidity that isn't clever and too juvenile to be funny. Repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive. A-Rod is busy fluffing J-lo
He has struck out 13x in 21 at bats. My late granny could do that... Now.
Still suckin ass. Wow, time to hang up the cleats you pumpkin pie hair-cutted freak!
I am so grateful for your blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.
Going to be a good game tonight. It's a little windy here at the park tonight but that may die down ~google
Still can't get anybody out. 5 batters in, 2-0 Mariners. Wow, what a turd lick
200 mil for what? i knwo jack shit bout sports finances but when we signed him I told everyone he wasn't gonna be worth the far...not worth it. than god for Sale.
idk how he is still on the team. when they picked him up I was like oh hellno. the red sox rly thought he would be good? HE HASNT DONE SHIT LMAO
I have good info that Albert's boyfriend, the Problem Child guy, has been banned from the Angels stadium after many fans complained that his ass and balls stank so badly that it was ruining the game experience for them. The final straw was when people in an upper level nearly 15 sections away said they had been smacked in the face with a "stink train" when the wind kicked up a bit. I bet Albert will now go into a slump.
I agree with soph! Some of you are truly obsessed with this man. why does it matter who he dates? Rather theyre hoes or not its his life.
nJD isn’t worried about the women he pursues dumping him because he can always fall back on his high school sweetheart, Mary Fivefingers (see the Fan Club Tab). His best friend has always been Five Fingered Mary, and she is always “handy” for him. Lol.
Rook I believe you speak for everyone. I'm angry this hasn't already been accomplished. We mega queer Rizzo fans demand Anthony and Kris produce some hot spank material. I for one would enjoy it if they threw Steve Bartman in the mix!
I want Jason to retire from baseball and become a grape soda salesmen. His pitch would be to drink a bottle of his soda, then belch into the prospects asshole. This would ensure a 100 percent close rate!
Thanks, AJ. It was an absolute pleasure watching you play for the Dodgers. I respected your sincere love for life and baseball just as much as your clutch bat. You played the right way and I'm proud to say I still wear your jersey to the ravine. I wish a life of luck and happiness to your family. thanks again
Josh (Pocket-Pool) Donaldson, Toronto
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