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if we get lucky boch will have brain this season and use gillaspe posey or even morse at 1st
They are gorgeous together. I wish them all the best.
i want to jerk off into albert's mouth while he is taking a dump
Not sure how long any of you have been following this board but this summer I posted a few times about this "model" who Anthony had "dated" previously. There were at least 3 or 4 times where she just happened to be in the same city when he was on the road. I doubt anything happened but it seemed way too coincidental. Last night some friends of his posted stuff from the Omniia in Vegas and this morning she posted stuff from the same place. She was on one side of the stage at the Calvin Harris show and he was on the other. I'm sure Emily was with him but this is just too much.
It is Melissa Thomas
Reply-to:Our boy needs to be careful adriana is known for being dick thirsty and jumping from one dude to the next... Dont knock up this desperate chickWtf....According to Edelman's fans, isn't it? Only his crazy miserable fans are talking shit about Adriana. Please be careful not to be troll and attacking others like them.
Hunter Pence gives to charity.
I saw a pic on TMZ of Alex and Corky today. They were shopping for clothes at JC Penny and Alex was carrying around a large diaper bag! He keeps Corky's diapers and baby powder along with baby wipes in case Corky goes doody! That's so cute!
Ry is a nice guy we met him here in NY when they played the new york he was with his teammates and me and my girls were with some of the players grabbin drinks he did say he had a gf and how he's from Falm maine and how he lived in baltimore cleveland florida and tennesse nice guy very calm and just easy to talk to a lot of these cats have egos he wasn't like tha at all he was just chill it was something new to see some of his teammates was wanting so much attention it was ridiculous and they kept making asian jokes like we not laughing so foolish and immature oh ya he said he really liked b-town thaa how the convo started kool cat
I see Katie all the time....but I don't think she's dating anyone
I saw Anthony today. He was at Murphy's Red Hot's near Wrigley. He quickly gobbled up 23 hot dogs then ripped a loud and noxious fart. When a fan asked for his autograph he loudly belched in the guys face then ran out the door. At that time I could see that his pants were unzipped and his cock was hanging out. What's up with that?
Clayton needs to suck my cock for good luck
I dont see it. Was it removed?
Fellow Vet, I am pretty sure that story is true. Like many people of Jason Heyward's "persuasion," he has a tendency to constantly boast and exaggerate his skills. The interview after World Series Game 7 is a prime example, where he took complete credit for the victory despite hitting barely over .100. I have no doubt that he would brag about his farts even though he's really no match for John Pepperoni or even teammate Anthony Rizzo!
Looks like Lexi got her panties in a bunch on Kips IG from all the girls commenting lol
Randy Charles Morin abused his wife by posting via social media that she, Bernadette Nacar Morin, was too busy with the dude she was cheating with to let Randy know if he had to pick up the kids from school. He said, “Would you get off his dick long enough to phone me and tell me if I have to pick up the kids.” Then next he tweeted that Bernadette, his wife, had brought crabs home from her extra-marital affair and exposed the kids and Randy to the little bugs. He posted these two items where everyone including Adelaine, Brayden, and Celeste could read that about their mother. And how do you think Bernadette felt about reading that stuff? Randy is a huge bully. He even bullies his wife. Who can blame her for cheating on him?
Reply-to:Co�oooooooo caballero cu�nta jentes ni m�s chuzmaSi hago gorras d�ndole apoyo a el pueblo mejicano Empiezan hablar mierda de que estoy pobrecito ni que se cosa. Hijoeputas a to el que me critica comanme la pinga.JAJAJAJAJA!!!!Mantener la familia de Andrea a de ser pesado y por ese sientes que est�n mantenidoa “todo un pueblo Mexicano” . .pero no te equivoques, los Mexicanos somos gentetrabajadora y no necesitamos que un engre�do y retrasado mental como tu nosmantenga . .prueba suficiente deber�a ser para ti el echo de que, cuando Andrease entero de nuestra relaci�n y me mando fotos de ustedes dos dici�ndome queella era tu “catedral” y a pesar de lo MUCHO que me rogaste que no te dejara,te mande a volar rapidito porque yo, a diferencia de Andrea, trabajo duro paravivir bien y no tener que ser “plato de segunda mesa” ni lavar calzones cagadostuyos para sobrevivir y mucho menos me embarazar�a para asegurar mi porvenir!!!Esa no es una buena manera de traer hijos al mundo.
No news on Tim yet I guess.DG
mitchell mr. faggot, cunt, get fukt up your ass
I think he is going to marry JLO just my opinion.
Butt hurt PR 👇
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