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scaree apemen look of sortof tren rober but rob honkee car whel smokeng crak
i lik to fist menys gud budys but nevers meatengs "dug"
Shwoebeg is fat apebabby
Lesean mccoy
This is my GF, whaddaya think ??( ' 3 ' )
i need a kissey
GOATsnitch, Chimpcongo
All of his escorts friends are friends with his friends and they even go to his games with them I wonder if they have slept with him or his friends and also if he took his escort to meet his friends
Unbelievably bad. Why is he still playing baseball???? Casilla, you suck, big time!!!
Marte needs the roofs to be good
another nigger who will suck forever, MLB and their nigger quotas
Oh. Okay. Off and on relationships never work out. Probably a good thing they're not together now. Seems like a lot of stress and heartbreak
He is a really cute guy and I want to marry him.
poster below, will points be awarded for residual moisture around the butt rim?
For the record, my comment about Sawyer posting photos about drinking & her boyfriend was taken out of context. I simply meant by the other a hole's standards of what Britny posts making her a "daft bimbo", the same could be said for Sawyer because the majority of her posts lately are with her boyfriend or out on the town. That is NOT a reflection of my perception of her. I don't think that at all and should have worded better. Both girls are beautiful and I'm really not sure why Sawyer is still even being discussed on this forum as, according to her, she never dated Cameron. Honestly, the question this forum originally posed has been answered and really needs no more discussion. Especially hateful discussion.
dumb nigger just filling MLBs black quota
Hate to break it to you, but he's definitely still with that sterling chick. There are pics of her with the other wags at the Yankees Family Picnic earlier this month. She's still California-based (for now) but spends a loooooottt of time flooding IG with bikini pics of herself to try and keep his attention ;-)
I love him so much.
he sucks a fat one
Donna L. Cater, Michigan
He sucks.
She's not gay. She has close female friends. Damn. Just because she hugs them and vacations with them does not mean she's gay or any 1 is for that fact. Clearly you did not see the picture of her topless and that guy she was hugging. She had it posted then the next day took it down. And I thought this was a Mike Napoli forum. Clearly they aren't together anymore. So gives a shit what she's doing. What or who is he doing should be the question.
Who named the baby Princess?? DJ or Hannah?? Just curious....
LOL red flag is right, run Josh!!
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