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Sooo who is this magical person that knows maggie spilled the beans to both women!? IS this maggie?
He likes men
So now this half nig is making shit typical thug nigger
Rook, I totally ageee. Jason has always been known for his solid defense. But his intangibles are what make him truly great. One day soon I hope the hall of fame puts up a display. It would have a wax figure of Jason and one could press one of two buttons. One would cause Jason to lower and a teammate would rise from the floor so Jason could belch into his asshole. The other button would have Jason bend over slightly and an opposing teams catcher would pop out so Jason could fart in his face. This of course would have top notch sound effects as well as some kind of smells. This would quickly become the Hall of Fame’s star attraction. I would take my kids to see this many times and we would delight in determining who got to press the button. I would be able to show my kids first hand how a real baseball player plays the game. Of course the rest of the display would be covered in KFC buckets and empty bottles of grape soda.
Who is his boyfriend?
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I want to jerk off into Albert’s mouth while he expels his green doo-doo water into his underwear
What’s his name?
LOL this dude is blaming everyone on the Marlins organization that they can't field a winning team...when in reality the real reason is because you decided to be all cocky and sign that huge contract that hindered the Marlins from making any other move. Can you believe it? 300 million for a guy to hit a ball with a stick...absolutely ludricous. No I don't feel sorry for you. You brought this upon yourself when you decided money was more important than winning. Enjoy sucking at Miami and losing for the rest of your life. Hope you never reach the playoffs, let alone reach the World Series. You asked for the money, now you pay the price for it.
Randy is chuckling (he is The Chuckster you know) all the way to the bank. He slyly tricked Cindyi Baumal Muchnick into purchasing a platinum membership. He gets $59 per month as the fee for her getting to delete 1000 posts per month Only thing is, this month she probably only needed ten deletes because he stopped baiting her by posting shit on her. If she doesn't ante up for another $59 next month he will run her out of deletes again by going crazy posting stuff on her. The Chuckster loves to bully bullies on here, and Cindy Baumal Muchnick has reached the category of Laureen Foat for bullying. Only he would rather collect her money than make a bully page for her like he did for Laureen and Donna. End of story!
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Coke lift Us Up.Who knows what tomorrow bringsIn a world few boats surviveAll I know is the way I feelWhen it's real, I keep it alive.The bay is longThere are jetties in our wayBut we climb a step every day.Coke lift us up where we belongWhere the Marlins cryOn a jetty highCoke lift us up where we belongFar from the world belowUp where we can snort blow
Corky's great great grandpappy was a Civil War hero. He raped many anuses at both Battles of ManAsses. Why Corky even has a medal of honor dildo that has been passed down from his great great grandpappy that he uses on A Rod's loose purple butthole every night.
Besides it isn't cyber bullying when it isn't posted directly to her. Only some people say it to her and they're going too far. If you look for something.. you're going to find it & she wentOut of her way to find a forum with negative things being said about her that's her fault
Chelsea smith
Chelsea smith
💉 drug
He is a liar.
Kacie McDonnell
Well, well, well. I see you found a better girl to date!!! That's so great. What happened to ugly Jennifer? Did you get rid of her? Not, yet? Oh, okay. You have to think about the holidays and the money you will make. I understand, and I could care less. I'm only here to say that the reason why you couldn't play smart in front of your ex and her mom was because of Torrie and Cameron. Yep. I mean, really, what did you learn when you dated those two? And from the prostitutes? What did you learn from them? Excuse me? What? I can't heeeear yooouuu!!!! Oh well, like my dear father used to say before he went dead "Behind a stupid man there is always a Jennifer or one like her" Sorry
Hahahaha!! I predicted and it happened!! Debbie Marin, I told you Andrea was just using you to help her keep Yasiel by her side! Ya vez que ni madre te izo comadre??? Ella anda sobre el dinero, del punto que lo veas y por eso se busco esos "padrinos de conveniencia"!
Ching Chong Ping Pong Ding DongIm racism haha you uck asshole
hi guys
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