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This Fat bag of shit, gives up 5 home.. Throws at hitters because he can't get them out..He's a juicer and a fat slab of shit .
Danny hitting .194 in Triple A. Just keep swinging for the fences...You're a star!!!
This chink can suck my balls, go back to China faggot
I keep reading he is mired in a slump. It is no longer a slump. Chris Davis Sucks. If he had any pride he would quit.
Team mvp. Absolutely dominant since coming back. Now I’m running for all star and mvp
10:45 Thanks Googs. Glad you finally admit something when you are caught in a tall story or an outright fib. I mean, this isn't the courtroom where you are paid to distort the truth to get your clients out of their DUI charges. It did seem pretty obvious that DG changed her tag and started using a proxy server when her critics kept nailing her ass.
[b]carticartier utlopp på nätetcartier outletbutik online
Sorry Alex, but lier, lier, pants on fire! Because Jenny from the block is not brunette. Yellow is blonde. Bleach blonde, so are you trying to lie to me? I see. Wait no! You are lying to the world! Oh, no, A-Rod is lying to the world once more. He says he is in love with Yellow and he adores her son, but in reality inside his corazon A-Rod quiere estar conmigo;-)
I’m sure that reference was with respect to baseball
11 AB 1 Hit & 6 k'S VS Cubs this weekend.No major leaguers speed & Defense can make up for this horrindous performance.
concussion like syndrome is the old ace in the hole excuse for little joey the pussy.
Why the hate? You really shouldn’t judge. So what if I enjoy rubbing one out while a hot random dude with a nice bubble butt farts in my face? We gays think it is gross that heterosexual men lick a woman’s vagina! Eww! I’d much rather lick the ass crack of a hot guy, but that’s me - we all have our own kinks!
Chase is he’s girlfriend, really nice and intelligent women.
Legend just ignore them and no, this has nothing to do with the ex either. Just a random psycho. Try to focus on the non-ex stuff perhaps
Brandon Crawford
.224. Harper is the most over rated sack of shlt ever. Whatever team signs this POS deserves a decade in the cellar
Listening to the Orel Hersheiser announce for the Dodgers, one can’t help but wonder if he sucks Kershaws schlong post game
The biggest pussy in all of sports. Complains about numbness in his jerk off hand as an excuse not to pitch against the Yankees, and being forced to take his beating like a man. How's your $217 million dollar man doing Boston
12:55 I'm going to beat your ass you fag pos
Despite his MVP year and one other decent year, he's been non existent this year and always injured before that. He's not going to get that pay raise after this year with this type of regression. Let him walk or offer him what Atlanta offered to Bautista
Why did the Giants bring this bum back? Nostagia? He’s an automatic out and when he does get on base, he gets himself picked off. Call up Duggar and get this loser off the team for good.
Remember, he did steroids and lied about it.
Does anyone know how many old ladies Pete is porking now?
un f in believeable. This steaming pile of cow dung can't get anybody out. LOSER !!!!
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