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Get the g of the team you stupud piece of crap
Legend, how come after me talking with this other Sophomore and we actually come to an agreement, you just randomly show up and start shit again?
Sophomore has aids he is a sword fighting pos
He’s gay
He just looks like he can’t hit his batting stance is horrible like his gay fast talking
4-19. O for 3 with 2 strikeouts and batting .125. You really suck.
Have any of the queers who post here ever hooked up with a lovable ‘tard similar to Corky? I question whether the sex is so good that it is worth dealing with all of the damage that a ‘tard will do to one’s belongings. It has to be expensive to pay professional cleaners to try to remove or fade dookie stains from carpet and couches.
There's a rumour going around someone caught him pounding Gary Thorns ass on a road trip..
There's a rumour, someone caught Kay taking it up the ass in a supply cabinet.
Tulo...I hope to God you read these comments !! If you love the Blue Jays like you constantly say, then just retire with pride and dignity !! Your all done Tulo and everyone but you are admitting it !! 
Saw pics from Bricks and Ivy. Hey ward had his new girlfriend with him and Addison Russell had his new baby mamma there, too. They just move right on to the next one! I always wonder what the wives think. They were friends with the old ones and now do they just move on like the guys do? Talk about frenemies!
He wanna be a negro.Hahahaha
A black Saltalamacchia who will forever be a synonym for the shittiest baseball player the Jays have ever had. Bone lazy, and on drugs when he came and left. Longoria should have drilled him before he got here. Played the field like the ball was radioactive. Wish him well in his future unemployment.
It’s random stupid people. Ignore it.
what a waste of money, pirates knew EXACTLY what they were doing letting this clown walk
What a garbage ass junk-balling cocksucker. Encarnacion just exposed your rubbish ass. Hang yourself, bud. You throw like a girl.
Bartman does not travel with the team. Gayway is the one Rizzo selected to be his designated anal bat boy.
He SUCKS!!! Get rid of his garbage arm!!
sign him up to give up grand slams galore
The Reds makes everyone look like Cy Young.
Hey! Legend boo yeah we really are.... Iam too busy with Brit Bae he is in Hawaii filming and looking nice n buff he needs some sun he is too white.... Matt is damaged goods and disgusting you see the video he just posted of the cheating uncle kids 🙄 yeah i agreed he needs a good trainer he needs to get toned omg! He is not aging well at all~red
No one deserve to be cheated especially when you’re fully loyal lies with the betrayal of your trust. Initially, I thought I was just feeling in secured when my wife would just be on her phone odd hours, until I decided to take my chances to know, knowing Is much better than self doubts and its exactly what happened when I requested for the service of one of the best hacker to help me check her phone. Now I know when she tells the truths because I received all her calls, outgoing and incoming calls, see her what Sapp messages, Facebook, emails and instagram. I think its best way to justify his loyalty and I found out that instead of guessing , right now I have access to her phone remotely anything that goes in and out of her phone is exactly what I goes in and out my phone. I see everything, I hear everything… you can meet if you’re in the state cos he’s the only ethical hacker I know that will deliver your job in a perfect way and will not rip you up… You can contact him Via the following….. Email: williancyberghost@gmail .com Whatsapp, text no : +1(862)-930-5952.Call : +1 973-298-5449
Astrid is on her way to see Yasiel
The stupidity of done people on here that don’t understand baseball, pitching, injuries, the purpose of the DL and the value of having a full “spring training” and building up your pitches, is amazing. Do you think baevall teams are in the business of handing out money? He hasn’t been released so obviously they think something is there and are willing to see how it turns out. Keep talking, just making yourselves look dumb
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