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Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 25 Mar 2019 17:27:02 GMT reply
Is it maybe not appropriate to like an old Tampa favorite that you haven’t liked a picture of since May when you have a girlfriend?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 25 Mar 2019 04:53:58 GMT reply
Everyone on here got attacked by the same veteran and sophomore if they mentioned on here that he was flirting with that girl who ended up on sports gossip was crazy for thinking he was flirting but the girl on tumblr just had that video today saying she wished he would look at her that wa so it seems like there are plenty of people who thought he was needless flirting with that girl too.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 25 Mar 2019 02:31:43 GMT reply
I agree and I thinks that is definitely why he got back with her because he could trust her more since she knew him before he was famous. I don’t think it will be enough to keep them together though. She isn’t as pretty as he can get now and she isn’t in a small town anymore you don’t have to always look a mess. If she starts to actually care about getting her PhD then she won’t have the time to give him either. They have been in the perfect situation with both being in Florida for the past few months and he still had a few slip ups of things that didn’t look like a guy completely committed to this so when it gets harder and she isn’t around I think she could forget it.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 24 Mar 2019 22:05:18 GMT reply
I haven't been on for a while busy with school. I thought if Judge ever got back with Sam would be because she knew him when he was a nobody. I personally don't think Sam is anything to write home about. She's not attractive but she does have a brain if she's getting her PhD. Her style is the same as his (small town with no sense of what's in fashion). I liked hiim with Jen because she had a clue about life. He's so small town even though he's been in NYC for a while. He's like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Just out of place
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Sat, 23 Mar 2019 04:07:24 GMT reply
Someone told me today but am I the only one who didn’t know that when he broke up with Sam one of the first times in 2013 when they were still at Fresno and he went out with Margaret Wood that she had already been in playboy and had a 3 year old daughter? How did I not know this? So much for the big role model. Why did Sam go back out with him even then? The guy dumps you for a girl like that and she still went back anyway. I think he is always going to actually want the Margaret and Jen types and that’s why he always loses interest in Sam and she keeps getting dumped by him.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Fri, 22 Mar 2019 00:09:19 GMT reply
It was on sports gossip but she deleted her comment. She wasn’t getting very nice comments back but when you call people an embarrassment they are going to come for you a bit.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 21 Mar 2019 22:13:30 GMT reply
Where did they write these things
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Thu, 21 Mar 2019 21:08:51 GMT reply
Someone from Linden who knows him wrote on sports gossip calling everyone who wrote on there embarrassing so they obviously have some people who know them writing things. The obvious situation to me is their relationship won’t work and is just convenient in Florida. If someone sees something different good for them. Everyone can have an opinion so what is the big deal?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 21 Mar 2019 11:06:43 GMT reply
Vet I think it’s your wifi connection. It happens to me too. Don’t even reply to the troll who just wants to put hate on anyone wanting to discuss an obvious situation. It’s probably someone associated to her or him.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Thu, 21 Mar 2019 01:50:35 GMT reply
Don’t know why I was rookie again instead of veteran
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 21 Mar 2019 01:48:20 GMT reply
Rookie I have a bunch more reasons why I think they are a joke together if you missed me saying it.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 20 Mar 2019 23:08:24 GMT reply
You girlz..have not hated in 24 hours. U ho's ok?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 19 Mar 2019 15:35:46 GMT reply
I agree sophomore but he never looks happy with anyone. He looks like he always has somewhere better to be. I thought with her being around as much as she has that the vibe would be different from the Super Bowl video but it is still the same. In the video they walked in they get to there seat and he says nothing to her and just folds his arms. The other video was the usual of her talking just to keep his constant attention. She seems like such a needy person. Anyone who jumps from one relationship to the next and can’t ever be alone has to be. Everyone makes a big deal that she is there all the time but this is the only time seeing other will be convenient so of course she is. It’s about to get really difficult and that’s when he will bail.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 19 Mar 2019 08:42:07 GMT reply
I agree with so many of you on certain points. I struggle tho because his behavior is weird in pictures or videos. We’ve all been in relationships and when you reconnect, it doesn’t look like this. I’m so uncomfortable to say this because I really don’t know how to feel about Sam but he looked more happy on a NYE with someone else. Trust me that kills me to say that but it is what it is. Yes he acted unhappy w the ex 90% of the time too. It’s just an observation on my part. Thank god she screwed it up. Neither him or Sam look happy now either.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 19 Mar 2019 03:13:36 GMT reply
I guess night games are more days he can’t come on. It was both night games last week and now tonight. Though the Sam super fans will think it’s about her I think there are some days she may actually have to go to school and do something else.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 17:03:22 GMT reply
How are they settled in? She never stops talking and he looks unimpressed all the time. He acts with her like she is just one of his friends and not his girlfriend and that’s what I always find weird about them.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 16:58:17 GMT reply
Lol all Soph and I actually said was “you can tell they’ve known each other a while,” they look “settled in” and like they’re not trying to prove themselves. The only person who brought up “so happy and comfortable” is you. *We* didn’t say that so stop projecting 😂😂
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 16:48:15 GMT reply
Also has this girl ever been to a concert before? She doesn’t shut up for two seconds the whole time and he has to keep bending down to listen to her. She did the same at the fanatic party.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 16:46:05 GMT reply
Wow you people love yourself some Sam. I didn’t get that from either video. The first one she was just walking in front of him then they stop and stand and he doesn’t say a word to her and usual looks annoyed and the second video is as usual him leaning down because she is talking and him not saying anything. It’s not a matter of PDA but can he ever look like he likes the girl he is with. If anything the vibe was exactly the same as the super bowl video and you would think after all these weeks he would look a little more comfortable with her. It’s Sam though so you two will see it as they looked so happy and comfortable when that isn’t the case at least not from those videos.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 16:32:35 GMT reply
No I hear ya Soph and I get it 😂😂 It’s where you know each other well enough that you’ve kind of settled in and know what the other person is really like (good and bad!) and don’t feel like you have to impress or prove yourself all the time. Public PDA isn’t top of the list for sure 😂😂 Plus I think they are both low-key people period. I don’t think she’s gonna be all “look at meeeeeee I’m out here with Aaron JUUUUUUDGE!!!” You don’t last-name the guy you dated in high school no matter how famous he becomes later. I don’t think he’s ever been comfortable having people all up in his business either. But damn he looks ridiculously hot lately so I will take any pictures I can get 😂😂
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 15:31:28 GMT reply
Video https://www.sportsgossip.com/mlb/aaron-judge-and-his-girlfriend-attend-the-travis-scott-concert-with-a-couple-of-his-teammates
You can tell they aren't a new couple by the way they interact in the few videos we've seen of them. I don't mean this in a bad way. You can just tell they've known each other awhile.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 04:30:48 GMT reply
She was actually there. Someone sent me the wresting guys video and a fans video too and you can see her in both. I did think it was weird that she would just let him have a night with his friends by himself.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 03:32:56 GMT reply
I didn’t see that they were there too. I don’t get why Sam couldn’t go to Tampa the entire weekend because he was going to a concert on Sunday night. Even if he had friends in town there is no reason she couldn’t be there all weekend. All of his friends know her and he didn’t mind bringing her for the entire weekend when they went to the super bowl and she has been around his friends in Tampa this whole time.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 02:15:08 GMT reply
I think Clint Frazier and that Ty guy that works for him is also there with him too
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 18 Mar 2019 00:50:17 GMT reply
He is at the Travis Scott concert with Tyler Wade and Cito Culver.
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