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she’s my second cousin
He would make a great defender...if only he learned how to tackle, defend, guard someone, move, walk, pass, anything...
Bobby is married to Keri Chadwick now, they have two kids together. In 2010 he had a son, Kingston, with Taylor Montgomery.
He sucks plain and simple
Brazilian hooker
I don't know but he sure is super cute and nice. I just met him at the team meet and greet at Dave and Busters. He is hot. I got 2 hugs ❤️❤️❤️😉
Absolutely Terrible Hack of a Player should be in lower division. No idea why teams still think they need a hack like this.
His Girlfriend is Caitlyn Donahue from KC a high school english teacher!
big sleez. he has a terrible rep around town. cant be trusted!
It is entirely the business of Kris Boyd who is entitled to a private life without interruption.
He threw the ball into movsisyan...nuff said. The ball was in his hands...the things he's used since birth and he still cost us a goal when we are trying to get the last playoff spot. We need Tyler Miller
I hope he doesn't have a girlfriend 😏
This guy sucks. I just took a huge huge shit and named it KB.
again, he sucked, please never ever cap him again.
Zusi sucks!                                 
Is he dating Kealia ohai?
The worst....he just says negative things the whole time. Dude you played your career in MLS you have no standing to critique these players.
Annoying voice, must mute TV, just awful simply awful. Moreno no one cares about your opinions. How the hell did this clown get this job? Must be diversity, Hey  ESPN WE CANT STAND moreno, shut him up please.
Rowe is a bum. He can't make basic passes and needs to go. I'm DONE with him. GOODBYE. I can't take it anymore.
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