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Any women out there having an affair with Kevin? I'm he a player or just a hopeless flirt?
Stevie Richards is my favorite wrestler from ECW...the bWo is the greatest faction everTwitter @bWoStevieTwitter @HeymanHustleTwitter @CyrusOverHuge
Michael Stephen Manna(born October 9, 1971) is an American professional wrestler who is best know for his work in WWE, ECW, WCW, and Impact Wrestling where he wrestled under the name Stevie Richards.Twitter @bWoStevieTwitter @HeymanHustleTwitter @CyrusOverHuge
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Anyone else blow KB? Please share your story.
he's effing annoying lmao. i skip over his sections on espn fc. insufferable, makes garbage points, and his voice sucks. sounds like he's on coke lmao.
Do you have a girlfriend
He is the exact opposite of what a striker should be.
Some of these footballers need coaching in life,he abandoned his fiancé the actress when she was pregnant because he asked her to abort and she refused,the baby shares the same birthday as Koffie,a beautiful baby girl who doesn't know her dad because Koffie has since abandoned them in Ghana and doesn't take responsibility of both mother and daughter,the actress who already had a son before meeting Koffie who also had a son before meeting the actress has since been left a single mother
Dude Buddle middle name was injury he had countless issues prior to LA had a few good years but fell from grace...
im talking about the hockey gm
He was not even that good as an amateur while playing for malvern magic. 20 better players in the league easy. I played against him while playing for whitby. He did not impress me very much. He can thank his father for getting him all the exposure
I fundamentally disagree with virtually everything this idiot is doing with Star Wars. He keeps saying he's an old fan from the beginning.Ha ! Whatever man. Whatever He completely ruined the Legacy of Luke Skywalker.#notmylukeskywalker.#notmystarwars. Fire Kathleen KennedyFire Johnson from ruining more Star Wars.
Yes he’s getting married this weekend, not gay
Stay away. Doesn't respect women.
This guy fuc*ed me with his massive horse co*k in san antonio. He approached me at a hotel bar. I knew he was gay the way he was looking at me. Told me it wouldn't be over quickly and i better pray i can handle his girth. Still best night of my life. He called me a little piggy and made me squeal while i swallowed him whole.Kyle if you read this call me for round #2 i promise i will call you billie this time and i won't tell my momma or my daddy.Gavin 904-216-8991
Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump TrumpTrump Trump Trump Trump TrumpTrump Trump Trump Trump TrumpEverybodyThe ladies love TrumpWhen he builds the wallThey need an excuseTo suck his c***We came to vote TrumpHow 'bout you?levers upLet's go round twoIf you ain't votin' Trump get the f*** out the boothIf you ain't votin' Trump get the f*** out the booth
Worst striker ever
she’s my second cousin
He would make a great defender...if only he learned how to tackle, defend, guard someone, move, walk, pass, anything...
Bobby is married to Keri Chadwick now, they have two kids together. In 2010 he had a son, Kingston, with Taylor Montgomery.
He sucks plain and simple
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