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Nothing worse than an Islamic Russian that fights only once every year and takes breaks for shit like ramadan. He sucks dick
He just got older and he wasn’t the same he does not suck
His new girl is a slut. Why doesn't he try to settle down with a nice girl?
Not anymore. They have split up
Ufc 221,Rockhold exposed loses once facing elite strikers like Romero,Bisping.
Ufc 221 hunt time is over,got beat a can.shuold learn some wrestling and stop bitching about trt and Dana.i should to like prime hunt
He sukks shit
Hey Yo..Hey..Whose pictures of snake as dancing one..Camel three lump .. and Kerala Bear..Plus Squirrel Monkey .. whose pets..Loose like he from Iowa had meet em pets over seas stationd Germany and Italy and Europe and South Africa.. and China goYah . MISS JOLLY.. who them pets..I have Pictures of em.. mhm .. fgure it out . Mam and oh an Ferriat .. too Wrong .. Terry Moore as he seas Military Ur brother. Here. Akron. Beat It And that's FACTS Jack.. LoL
I'm Faith Alterpeter ..Stepdaughter to Calvin Armstrong Junior stepbrother to JoAnn Armstrong..Yah I believe she says bout black people she look like one to Mr believe it tis in her..She walk over top someone if layn there dead .. and hide body out go Love that one . Go's LoL Hahah.. LoL I never herd lie in that sentence all night in here up here MAN If Ur Riley Presley u do same thing look like it to me to Mam And tiz one truth Mam..Look like like Ur mom Lisa dud burn Mikie too WHAT..Thank You Yah. At his age they wantd look like me Faith. Then want hide him out . MAN Poor Michael Jackson. RIGHT Mhm.. true .. bout tis shit too Sayn brother listen to tis she do also look like but put gun in hands shot someone I would done same thing her ..I'm not sayn no names . MAN Em days..Excuse Me..My welfare payd cover my teeth braces ..Can I suie u all movie stars like u all doin myself .Right Now..Mhm. UP DOWN head nod TOO..Right HOMES.. go Todd Holmes Nelson Bout threats on here up on here thurSuied families before injuries head on in weagon thur . Go in laws by cousin to her half brother not brother got suied he just sayd it us. Go It was him tall big guy sayn lies JoAnn at us than huh and Zack and Zoey. MhmRight oh my God. That guy Minnesota than Lyin h Avon kids . By women than huhTis lady than RIGHT Sayn her insurance being takin by someone else use it. On her .was reported to us. US MARSHALLSAnd out in FBI new york too
My dad was a manager on the Olympic team and one night while he was drinking he told us while playing dominoes that Ronda came over to his hotel room and blew him on the balcony in the middle of the night while there was a rain storm outside.
Honestly, it's refreshing watching Bellator with Goldberg and Big John's commentary. Cruz makes me cringe. Everytime he talks I just think how stupid the guy is. He does take enjoyment away from the fight. Have you ever noticed it's like listening to a lobbiest tell you a bunch of shit because he's worried about what the fighter will think about what he said, instead of just telling it like it is. He said something to Bisping too like he had some fighters back and only say good things about him instead of just saying what it is, like Bisping was trying to do and did well before Cruz was offended. Everytime I see a fight with Cruz in the box, I think I'd never do a PPV with him there.
He sucks!that fight with Damian m was the worst..doesn't care about the fans only himself.phony! Private Music/Albums/mp3 FTP 1990-2018: Plan A: 20 EUR - 200GB - 30 Days Plan B: 45 EUR - 600GB - 90 Days Plan C: 80 EUR - 1500GB - 180 Days
Laurens van den Hamer, Schiedam
Haha you tootsie roll fat ass you were able to finally finish someone. It’s all irrelevant though your “ hug-foo-do “ style still makes you the most boring champ ever. I’d rather see your opponent come in and wrestle the championship belt, it would be just as exciting. You are a total joke a complete waste of a UFC spot and you will NEVER put asses in seats.
It's 2018. Great to see Mir Sucks thread going back to 2010. Oh yeah...Mir sucks. Happy that he is no longer in the UFC.
Say it isn’t so, He is back with Valerie again. I thought he was married?
slobodan sepak, cazma croatia
Randall Haungs, Fresno California
He will not step up and try to get 2 belts he wants fighters to come down
fukk u welfare fukks
He can't defend his title... otherwise he'd lose it.
Here..Fat Bitch ..Here Ur liers back corwith Iowa.I guess Ur granny lady Louise Faber to Burt Fish and her daughter Dorty Maxine Vera Fish married Armstrong as Floyd Lynhart kids r Malvin as Nick . Calvin Senior as beny .Deb . And Larry. Now GoThur . Oh boy I named em .Aha how oh butt pain grandpa's had when pregnant of my grandma. HuhFeelt be e Calvin have girl . GoU ah member mom Viola sayn happen to Floyd had kid Calvin same pains mom Viola Go .. Mhm grandma laughing go must truth.Go Calvin Ur sister is her huh That pork chop. Right Homes Yah her dad past out all em. Go Seen how babies born out woman. GoBeny . U not perfect . Now Go U had tramas reflexes beny yah.The ell Ur sister that one manAs I Viola . How kids r born by between legs up into woman. Go let's rock lolI'm not dead as Viola Armstrong Go
Horrible fighter. Let the whites down when Woodley ko'd him. Disgraceful.
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