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Kieran Dylan West, Australia
Overies just got k.o. By a unranked can Curtis blydes
Rashad got knocked out by the ugliest guy on the planet
32.03 is a moron trump is ms-13.And what trump has do with mma,romero is steroidcheat and does the stupid salute,it’s strange this fighters use God idolatry and beats up people for living,Jones,Belfort,Marquardt.Weidman.
He is married.
There he is posting pics of girls with their tits out after he had sex with them. How does this guy not have an STD from banging all these sluts?
Obnoxious loud mouth idiot. Serra is that guy at the party yelling over the top of the music so people will look at him. Dude is the antithesis of a martial artist. Crying & shit whenever one of the Gracies lose. His personality even dripped into those other idiots Aljamain Sterling & Al Iaquinta. Shut up matt, angry new york midget.
Boring backpacks league .. can Fitch and Askren please start this together
frank mir doesnt disappoint. at sucking
Damn homie
Horrible fighter. Shoulda retired after McGregor retired him.
haha connor has a warrant for his arrest in the words of the incredible hulk (almost)"PUNY DORK LOSER BIGMOUTHED CAN'T FIGHT A REAL FIGHTER PUNK"
Michael A. Hoffman , 538
Hong man choi is a great K1 fighterOne of my favorites. Maybe not the most skill, but alot of heart in his fights.
U guy never answer mine Mason City born birth boy belly problems at time 1994 goThat be my college in Minnesota go mams sures to brother of tall guy to JoAnna Armstrong know her wait in Mr hit club me how. Get got him panties go I'm Brock Lesnar now hoU all shutup U all want meet me in dark building my BOSS want it .. see if can kick my ass u all Armstrong no just comin by selves go bad it ass of all . Ho not em nobody u all in tv not black brother go a white find it hops hips now go funny go shit Miguel round yah his belly like mine Brock Lesnar and blonde head sorry Zoey to u Mam. Im dad to u Mam. Mhm Knoen not have it ups only Iowa uses hair dye bleach blonde right nor like pork chop not doin it ups no style go soCannot style it hair hers same as hers pork chop now go nirga lier black white from hell in cell go yah guess u starts it hell in cell he did Cena Brock goYah no joke . Bout can have em kids go I can kids ups blonde realy and since ninty years go begin life go mams suresoh want butt mine ass go no nah lolFunny lady mam . Mhm Faber too yah goBlack lier Panther's go killer go round good non church not have kids from women nor men go marry women go cuz father known church go but Joe can marry yah goHow. Indian in how can Catholic go Faber u work out it families huh non that wedding indeed it go huh opp stp know law breakers to stp knows laws tickets it ups of that one non father sister non r non wedding at no churches go Man sisI'm tripn BROA to em FABER families go tis funny life they live in world huh sos go can after non prom some to men or wat men women families to that one go can marry one another not blood thought but r non st church not allowd go laws breaker tickets go stp knows laws ups go book em Faber for wedding for non church a first that Catholic than non thur Gotham now wedding cuz non want kids go
He is still dating Amanda Stronegger from what I see
No dead Nicole to Nikki dead.U Faber families not meaning by ur buddy rapper snoop dog him Calvin Broadus.That JAROD took his life and Brett bout her. Go fries mine Armstrong gal fat bitch go yah went down go lol Seen like something hit her dad only goMarc yah owner eagle bar yah main .Closed doors . Bust drugs went prison murder south town yah Nikki go kolhouse yah clean she it that . Lady two kids By Mark Jensen bro Liz yah fries sister Liz years too. Go And what else want .H. Who murder wife kids PATROITS. Hendrix seen him first came here four yrs ago June out front. Mhm aha I sayn huh u . Weird . SosAnd another one carurri spell it nirga Panther's killd wife to kids seen him out front too I'm home not know Terry at
Conor got submitted in 38 seconds by Joe Duffy, it happens to everyone, Aldo was a true, defending, champion, the problem is McGregor’s no joke either, and what he did to Eddie proved it.
Hot as fuk
Nothing worse than an Islamic Russian that fights only once every year and takes breaks for shit like ramadan. He sucks dick
He just got older and he wasn’t the same he does not suck
His new girl is a slut. Why doesn't he try to settle down with a nice girl?
Not anymore. They have split up
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