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Shayna Baszler is the best NXT women's champion of all time, I'd be happy to see her win that title numerous times throughout her career and I look forward to seeing her on the main roster and I look forward to seeing her win the women's championship on the main roster and holding on to it for a long long long long long long long time, she's awesome I'm glad that she's apart of the WWE roster but when will she make her main roster denut that's what I wanna know because when that happens I'm gonna DVR it and I'm gonna watch it over and over and over again because I just know that day will be a good day, she calls herself she Queen Of Spades, well I call her the Queen Of NXT or how about the Queen Of WWE or how about the Queen Of All Of Sports Entertainment because she is dominating it and she will continue to dominate it and those are just pure facts, when is her action figure coming out because I need to get that so I can display it on my shelf and I can look at it every day and wave at it and say "you da queen girl, you da queen" such an amazing talent, keep doing your thing Shayna and your outfit is so cool I'm liking the logo and the aggression you bring to the ring.....thumbs up to you Twitter @QoSBaszlerTwitter @RondaRouseyTwitter @jessamyndukeTwitter @MarinaShafir
Nirgo bring it stp to STD all kinds to bout colords knows law .s used streets uses ups USA know that don't yah has retard for words know for sayn out rap dah man no mean ing words sayn yah to mhm huh . Aha . Lol whatever u know opp whenever wherever add upon chain cross knows do by nirgos bring it cross USA not knows out mechanic on cars us white do thinking slaying ride knows ride too not known shit bout anything else facts point cars fixing upon it get us white slayers do sos no LIEs man no shit lol.
How many promotions has Davey Boy Smith Jr. wrestled in
Harry Francis Smith is a British-Canadian professional wrestler who wrestlers under the ring name Davey Boy Smith Jr. He is best known for his work in WWE and in NJPW, and he is the son of the late Davey Boy Smith aka The British Bulldog, his mother is named Diana Hart-Smith, his uncle is Bret Hart and his cousins are Nattie Neidhart, Tyson Kidd(via marriage to Nattie), and Teddy Hart
clay guida likes to suck on his dogs foreskin
Liss Espitia wad suckin his dick
Who is the new girl he’s with now. All the way to IG? Must be serious.
David Bollea is the best MMA fighter ever
Has David Bollea ever been a pro wrestler or is he currently a pro wrestler
She likes to have large cocks inserted into her Cunt !
poked stepia in eye what a cheat
Suplex city b****
Where's Tupac Shakur
The world's most dangerous man, Ken Shamrock!!!! How tall is Ken Shamrock an does he have any tattoos
Kenneth "Ken Shamrock" Wayne Kilpatrick was born on February 11th 1964 and he's known for his work in WWE, Impact Wrestling, UFC, and Pride Fighting Championships. Shamrock was married twice, he was firstly married to Tina Ramirez and he's now married to Tonya Shamrock. Shamrock was adopted by Bob Shamrock who passed away and he's got an adopted brother named Frank Shamrock.
Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne are married and they've been married since 2017.
Great that he's back in the WWE now
Glad to see Lashley back in WWE, hopefully he wins the Universal title soon.
His career has take a big downward spiral. He followed his girlfriend over.
I'm ice t never heard Iowa hawkeyes Logo made sister to Jim Moore Iowa How the logo eight or nine spike side hair like left look it front right two open Beck mouth space bottum mouth . Not touched eye open moon down open top curve top . Under like circle half . And than back left be neck gun shaped trigger at under the mouth open by self space beck now tis chakin down road ahaha yaaah . Make u mine were fine alright pork chop. Dallas . Yet dad ur kids . Huh aha mhm mm .. dang bitch goHe dirty shit to bullshit man dirt ground when bullet hit bone seen shit bro UCLA brother fuker mother that mother fukr get mom. Susie . Her name mMhm mm ATM in slang wrapped yah alright Joann Iowa wooow . Got baby care don't ugly go . Bitch north . Yankee u mean .I'm on it on right now my mine up here .What I do . Baby honey nothin mhm mm sitn read upon news what sayn man UCLA Penn State kick fuk ass back em days whah so sad wrstling that seen it watch in stand.s for my Olympics same day it brother us kids up next Thur 1998 mhm mmU lost brother .. blew it in China man..Seen it that too watch year after Ames olympics 1999 Thur
U all want come to Ames Iowa show her trainer was meet from Makin in olympics from Algona I'm on upset lil bit go mam Joann take it from Armstrong gal . North Dodge of from Ames Iowa well here me out I'm not goin jail over redicklous shit famouswait familie of mine doin my ribbons of that sports of hanidcaps Thur factsuallity realities iq check that trainer was Johnson to mark Senior I was in preschool at time with Colleen Hagerty year was 1984 I was age 4 yes old why not u all go jail sex .es shit .Pride factsuallity realities mine nothin it u all Makin out back em days today world . Thur even have eight before myself born on 13 August 1980 that today world 9 nine be Poppi . Why fact jack tell yahs nothing why not both Jackson I listen to em days there outta Ames Iowa trainer beside BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired Bulls giticha hurt wherever from meet gonna be from winning Siouxland year was 1986 went everywhere year meet em different ones Ace 1994 yah story haha g funny When five other.s within me Jermey than my brother Calvin . Sheryl . John JJ Penny . Jesse . Danielleque.. John . Jake that we seen I am Joann . Seen fight yah we did from upstairs hotel motel room I look down window put window got here this one man u go Pratt here now man . Powpow pow oh oh what happen I say Joann yellat him feel at me come he did right help ground below under man I swear nirgo cry help man coming yah we no we u do . Don't worry coming man Run down man Joann pow pow pow fuk off game man God got brain man u waren em noDon't think so . Cryn I was feeling manPratt mhm mhm we sayn get fuk cop dam dNirgo help.and cry Thur scream ahahah..Butt Rape swaer he yell it he did Thur mKick guy ass man different name his man.Mhm no man mhm never good great good kids man mhm
I'm not sure who shes dating or if she's dating anyone. I'm glad to see her on NXT though
Who the fook is hector Lombard joining Bellator washup soon
Kieran Dylan West, Australia
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