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Shayna is one of the greatest in the whole wide world, in the entire universe Twitter @QoSBaszlerInstagram @qosbaszlerTwitter @RondaRouseyInstagram @rondarouseyTwitter @jessamyndukeInstagram @jessamyndukeTwitter @MarinaShafirInstagram @marinashafirRondaRousey.ComChatiw.Us(Chatiw.Me)Chatib.UsChattusa.ComChatstep.ComChat-Avenue.ComChatRandom.ComE-Chat.CoTalk-Sports.Com(Talk-Sports.Net)CellPals.ComFemalePrisonPals.Com FriendsBeyondTheWall.Com Inmate-Connection.ComMeet-An-Inmate.ComWriteAPrisoner.ComPaperDollsPenPals.ComPenACon.ComPrisonInmates.ComPrison-PenPals.NetDroid & iPhone apps:Chat Alternative, Chatous, DingTone, HelloTalk, IMO,MessageBird, QQ(QQI), TanTan, Tinder, Vonage, WeChat, Whisper, WickrFree disposable email sites & apps:Instantaddr, Guerrilla Mail, GMX Mail, ProtonMail, SpamBox, TempMail
Barry Minnich, North Carolina
His winning rate is about as reliable as a screen door on a submarine
Screw ryan laflare he sucks balls
WWE Monday Night Raw(June 17, 2019)takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California:Twitter @dc_mmaInstagram @dc_mmaTwitter @UFCInstagram @UFCTwitter @WWEInstagram @wweTwitter @AEWrestlingInstagram @allelitewrestlingTwitter @IMPACTWRESTLINGInstagram @impactwrestlingTwitter @ringofhonorInstagram @ringofhonorChatiw.UsChatib.UsChattusa.ComChatstep.ComChatRad.ComChatRandom.ComChat-Avenue.ComChatAlternative.ComE-Chat.CoCellPals.ComFemalePrisonPals.Com FriendsBeyondTheWall.Com Inmate-Connection.ComMeet-An-Inmate.ComWriteAPrisoner.ComPaperDollsPenPals.ComPenACon.ComPrisonInmates.ComPrison-PenPals.NetMinds.ComDroid & iPhone apps:AnyGram, Chatous, DingTone, HelloTalk, HelloPal, IMO,MessageBird, QQ(QQI), Signal, Speaky, TanTan, Tinder, TextMe, TextNow, TextPlus, WeChat, Whisper, Wickr MeFree disposable email sites & apps:Instantaddr, Guerrilla Mail, GMX Mail, ProtonMail, SpamBox, TempMail, YandexMail
WWE Monday Night Raw(June 17, 2019)takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California:Bobby Lashley walks down to the ring while Elias is in it and he spears Elias. Cesaro walks out and gives Elias the Cesaro Swing. Ricochet hits Elias with a Codebreaker and then Braun Strowman walks out and gives Elias a running slam. A fatal five way match begins to determine who will be the number one contender for the WWE United States Championship this Sunday at Stomping Ground. Braun Strowman eliminated Cesaro, and then Bobby Lashley, Ricochet beats Braun Strowman with help from Bobby Lashley and Cesaro. I wanted Bobby Lashley to win the fatal five way and become the number one contender for the United States Championship
Hahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAReply-to:Whats so funny is everyone is tryin to hate on D.B with only 8 days of notice to fight a UFC vet. Who went thru a full training camp on top of that. D.B stuck it to him with punches, blocks, wrestling, elbows, and stamina thats what happens when pros under estimate underdogs. Plus I know D.B personally been a friend of his since 1999 and I got jumped with him before hes a actual street fighter this dude has bestin up more then one guy at the same time on multiple occasions either by hisself or him and his boys outnumbered... Lebon looked drunk at the end of the fight...If u saw the fight start to end look at the punches D.B landed and the way he landed them. This dude will be a UFC dominater sooner or later...spend one day with the dude thats all I gotta say... 
WWE Monday Night Raw(June 10, 2019) takes place from the SAP Center in San Jose, California:The Miz's guest for MizTV is Samoa Joe and he asks him why he took things so personal with Rey Mysterio, he asks him why'd he involve his family. Miz said involving one's family is a line that you don't cross, and Joe said that maybe he should talk about Miz's family. Both men get up and they get in each other's faces. They're soon interrupted by Braun Strowman who said that he wants to fight Joe, and then Bobby Lashley comes out and said that he deserves to be the first to challenge Joe for the U.S. Title, and then Ricochet comes out and later Cesaro.
Héctor is not with Valerie anymore. She has moved back to her native Canada. He’s single.
Shamrock is a legend in his own mind. Just a bully and a jerk, with anger management problems and emotional scars as a grown wounded child.
So what did Nick post to his insta story that is “no longer available” I’m sure it’s something that was pulled down by them?????
The current Raw Women's Champion is Becky Lynch and the current SDL Women's Champion is Bayley. Lynch (D) Ronda Rousey & Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 35.
Shayna Baszler is privately dating fellow WWE NXT Superstar Dakota Kai. Shayna Baszler identifies as bisexual.
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Razor got Aid Hiv in WWE Davis WWE has it too AID HIV .trueAnd NBA Lakers truth gottin it same Foundation to AIDS HIV Johnson yes yes yes yes he do truth got it yo
I am a ln 8 year old boy sex slave from eastern Europe. Forrest has sex with me every night.
John fish
Will never be elite
Who ever wrote this forum sucks.... It's inappropriate.... When a person is judged by an idiot you get an idiots opinion not the truth. Waylon is a good person. Suck on that forum.
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Why is she in the ufc? She basically has a 50/50 record and clearly has no real fighting skills, is she real or is this a joke? And why is she so ugly, nerdy, and awkward? Can she like retire already please!
I use the CryptoTab browser - and I advise you! With CryptoTab, you can receive BTC simply by visiting your favorite sites or watching YouTube videos. CryptoTab is based on Chromium: it is fast, reliable and with a familiar interface.
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