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Last night live on WWE Monday Night Raw which took place at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas Texas Bobby Lashley (D) Elias in singles competition. Lio Rush interrupts Elias and announces that gee Bobby Lashley's manager, Rush says that every great man needs a manager. Lashley beats Elias via disqualification because Kevin Owens interferes but Rush & Lashley get the best of Owens & Elias.Twitter @fightbobbyInstagram @bobbylashleyTwitter @WWETwitter @mykristalonlineTwitter @itsLioRushInstagram @rushliorush
His girlfriends name is Rirah Cuevas
Cormier is a terrible announcer. I shut the sound off during the fight. UFC FIRE HIM.
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Damn he sucks
Truthfully do we believe he is using cocaine?
Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw which took place in Brooklyn New York at the Barclay's Center, Stephanie McMahon and the rest of the Raw women's roster come out and they celebrate Ronda Rousey's victory. McMahon says that Rousey is her protege and that Rousey learned everything from her. She talks about the Evolution ppv and then calls out Rousey, Rousey heads to the ring and she says that this is not all about her nor is it all about Steph, she says that this is about all of the women of WWE, she says that every single woman in thr locker room helped build the women's division it wasn't one sole person who did it. She says that Steph has some nerve to give her tips on how to fight. She calls all of yhe women in the ring and praises them all, she says unlike Brock Lesnar she will be a fighting champion, she says she will show up every week.Twitter @RondaRouseyTwitter @QoSBaszlerTwitter @jessamyndukeTwitter @MarinaShafirTwitter @NatbyNatureTwitter @AliciaFoxyTwitter @SashaBanksWWETwitter @itsBayleyWWETwitter @DanaBrookeWWETwitter @StephMcMahonTwitter @AlexaBliss_WWETwitter @WWEEmberMoonTwitter @YaOnlyLivvOnceTwitter @MickieJamesTwitter @NiaJaxWWETwitter @RubyRiottWWETwitter @sarahloganwweTwitter @MariaLKanellisTwitter @WWEAsukaTwitter @BeckyLynchWWETwitter @BillieKayWWETwitter @CarmellaWWETwitter @MsCharlotteWWETwitter @LanaWWETwitter @WWE_MandyRoseTwitter @NaomiWWETwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @PeytonRoyceWWETwitter @SonyaDevilleWWETwitter @TaminaSnukaTwitter @MaryseMizaninTwitter @RealPaigeWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWE
Certified can.
Bobby Lashley walks down the ramp and steps in the ring and walks up to Ricky Roberts and he says to him that he needs to find a new shtick because WWE already has a no talent musician. Roberts smashes his guitar on Lashley's back when he turns around and then Lashley looks back at him and he's pissed, he lifts him up and powerslams him, Lashley wins by K.O.Twitter @fightbobbyTwitter @WWETwitter @mykristalonlineTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @KennyKingPb2
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The Shayna Baszler vs Ember Moon feud on NXT was the greatest female feud in Al of NXTTwitter @QoSBaszlerTwitter @RondaRouseyTwitter @jessamyndukeTwitter @MarinaShafir
My name is Alex and Priscilla "Prissy" Zuniga aka Diamante aka Ángel Rose is my favorite female wrestler of all time.Twitter @DiamanteLAXInstagram @diamantelaxTwitter @MaxxStardomTwitter
My name is Henry and my favorite wrestler is Ricky MartínezTwitter @MaxxStardomTwitter @maxx_stardomInstagram @DiamanteLAXInstagram @diamantelaxTwitter @RamosfitInstagram @ramosfitTwitter @DiamanteLAXInstagram @diamantelaxInstagram @munchymunchhSnapchat @munchymunchh
he is a piece of shit , so full of himself, i can't wait for McGoat to destroy his piece of shit muslim face
My client Broooooock LesnaaaaaarTwitter @BrockLesnarTwitter @HeymanHustleTwitter @Sheltyb803Twitter @steveaustinBSRTwitter @GoldbergTwitter @RealKurtAngle
Wow there were a bunch of posts deleted, WHAT HAPPENED ?
Shayna Baszler is the best NXT women's champion of all time, I'd be happy to see her win that title numerous times throughout her career and I look forward to seeing her on the main roster and I look forward to seeing her win the women's championship on the main roster and holding on to it for a long long long long long long long time, she's awesome I'm glad that she's apart of the WWE roster but when will she make her main roster denut that's what I wanna know because when that happens I'm gonna DVR it and I'm gonna watch it over and over and over again because I just know that day will be a good day, she calls herself she Queen Of Spades, well I call her the Queen Of NXT or how about the Queen Of WWE or how about the Queen Of All Of Sports Entertainment because she is dominating it and she will continue to dominate it and those are just pure facts, when is her action figure coming out because I need to get that so I can display it on my shelf and I can look at it every day and wave at it and say "you da queen girl, you da queen" such an amazing talent, keep doing your thing Shayna and your outfit is so cool I'm liking the logo and the aggression you bring to the ring.....thumbs up to you Twitter @QoSBaszlerTwitter @RondaRouseyTwitter @jessamyndukeTwitter @MarinaShafir
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How many promotions has Davey Boy Smith Jr. wrestled in
Harry Francis Smith is a British-Canadian professional wrestler who wrestlers under the ring name Davey Boy Smith Jr. He is best known for his work in WWE and in NJPW, and he is the son of the late Davey Boy Smith aka The British Bulldog, his mother is named Diana Hart-Smith, his uncle is Bret Hart and his cousins are Nattie Neidhart, Tyson Kidd(via marriage to Nattie), and Teddy Hart
clay guida likes to suck on his dogs foreskin
Liss Espitia wad suckin his dick
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