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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 25 Apr 2018 19:33:13 GMT reply
Voice box mine nasty basterd .s
Uterus by law from teeth braces carry out butyh it frckl.mom add short life legs how go guesses quite harass scream ahahah Joann fuk wrong u not my name
Three day not knew it week go rest period at ft ddg car Thur I do know ifk way or not go tell me it today go
Like know who u Makin URS go business okay huh oh go how it teach me word okay go pychic need it go look red eyes that em no pants Joann look at her go lol today guys body from her go ma'am I'm Calvin Moore as Armstrong huh got it her mhm. Really . Eggs from I like today pussy how doin it Judy Eishenbacher go
Someone yah think so how that go Irish idk Presley go we don't Pricilla go
Red eyes body no we don't neither shit back go today devil and lance cake it cool shit shutup fukup oh shot em man
No . Romero yo. Ft Ddg . Press Calvin bout joann.himself Shane tis bout jealousy pic Shane Jesus son bit h come give Shane have it fun fikr give fukr picture god Romero yo long Jesus crist something sin picture life lance .
Romero yo give jealousy bad selves but em Joann and u Shane yah Todd V . Rey c.
Miriam H. Yah Nikki K. Watch mam pic it
Porch another trust guy.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 25 Apr 2018 13:56:47 GMT reply
How how life goes beyond point it's
Mrs Mcdermott Greg in law..
As Armstrong
Here let her do it.. Wonder womanizer as u an as to Joann Armstrong school Tiger Woods as Ryan Woods com known it want that one em in years dead guy guards it sayn out Thur in me soso how go and all funny out my eyes weirds it today lol go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 24 Apr 2018 01:20:32 GMT reply
Pork Chop has Terry Moore dick cock
Was show pussy guess pad between leg how got it . Vd walk sat vd go .
Keep pigs us
Dog pig
U Jarod fat Facebook go repeat look on off Facebook it go meet on middle go loosen my mind how that go now man
Mhm not knew someone slave for word in television show s go white house document from ghost dad 2 boo why not that go Cosby sayn why someone sayn not had kids mix but not bid had kids but familie found ass brothers oh my God fuk hell in cell who in hell u r mhm..
Not wanna join dad today go funny farm been in hood d tops to it off be found pussy San how got it female to known ass BJ Armstrong Iowa City daughter u Joann his kid idk hey bullshit drink on me bullshitters got baby wiwo would get him dezel Washington who what hey what wait for us coming pork chop u his baby wow back em day Dwayne Johnson son Johnson son bitch famouswait familie hoog it go
Fat thing so Ej bro us USA k USA go Bab famouswait gay fuk AIDS HIV go ask Jo ur aunt tell yah go mam do go Maqic John kid give heart attack out Rock dam it I don't think so mhm Armstrong fuk string no no go fuk cherry blossoms 🌲 πŸ°πŸΊπŸ‘€πŸ‘…πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ’ŽπŸ’πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘πŸ‘™ nice women did Moore divorce oak Park
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 17:56:36 GMT reply
Story went got here Akron anybody business
How goes
Seen weird looking people known it right people in town weird
Like tis seen Jason Dent he seen me JoAnn Armstrong gal right play baseball game at yah go was Thur Bear game .
That fan Thurs Bear yah why .
Cause stick colors Iowa Hawkeye I'm Emmetburg Emmetburg E Hawkeye s too went school told got kick out better school wolverine west Bend Iowa put em Eric .
What check famouswait familie Thurs huh and weed doin I was in car Viola seen u into car am short one go Mam's sures out Thur not want go out Faber if bring idk go but anyways seen H. Patroits NFL book him by cops knew fight Faber jive it beatup me hired by Reed town Algona go
And Another three team players em Thurs
Now c. Panthers fun. Did but look round blow way familie his but not want him time Ames playn againist Iowa State cyclone bthem day not want he at mam Armstrong as Joann told him no drugs to streets mhm that do Thur henrey Yas wwe guy believe my days go hahah him go
Cousin him yah go c. Guy where u in doll u do met cut . Or something all I known sitn in cycling chair takin nap eyes closed guys gals came shots than scream tell after than before that yelling agrun yah was it in town came from huh Terry hotel go. Herd Thur what for not Calvin nothing male mber femalebiryb Junior high Algona Bulldogs School district where at Mindy mine Terry Yas think could be Robinson Yas Chuck I know her gal to him kids Yas cousin mam open records better service oldest boy brech birth Yas mom died think so Kossuth why transfer her idk two weeid in breather 1959 in wheel chair three year after w Yas Joann Jim had digestive think no want any by em who u in home c. Guy panther u know murder fam Todd her friends JoAnn tell u not want u why tell that one man lance out here way Iowa yah tell drop it man what huh Nan no where and fuk first name u not home guy c. Panther blow away look yah. U short like here man you him nirgo u do look him Panthers guy c. Murder his family go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 17:06:00 GMT reply
Hey lady mam
U want us bread store Makin place get right Joann .
Excuse us as Joann as I to an Frie mine Jason Dent yah . Brandon NFL panther no nah u behind us mam yah that how go mhm
Herd lately did we did bullshit never did it nope listen it yes mam behind today. Yah . Herd rumors three here huh
hah lady Joann . Mhm mmm Thur Iowa no retard wish was it kinds faulks be one. Come again world year own go u funny lady our eyes go come again mam behind counter. Well Makin bread take floor salt bakin soda and yeast pack one strip one square . And eggs . Go spoon mix hand mix u no . Sayn Brandon
Hey yo. Listen womanizer behind lier stop washing him Calvin friend yah do job no hits cops eat no non that where English pork chop. Talk manners numbers Jackson sayn it it get he did it no nah uesd fuk nope days world mhm
Non em Brandon . Who put Aston mouth date marry got divorce old lady open eyes recknize who fuk married to into who u mean how go. Old fart yah go Joann new one robbed he that yah get right food in too do what New York City huh go that like it think it know so much em kinds yah sound em no hits cops robbs no joke hood g to d tops no more old fart yah Joan. Tell em bitches off us no did it's em go mam sorry try it by no how went down she rob him Aston that how go down went u known it sayn right man agreement Calvin young lakeage yah not fun Frie Iowa guy kid no Calvin no ain't Aston nope why what's up u leave bitch bye old fart Viola Christopher u known ass right. Moore to Demi it go today at work told you so huh much it come from it my hood d to g streets hood from hers by Calvin yah time listen fukr who tight who's wrong always right it work out huh like pork chop how sayn I don't fuk know type it go copy it no Thur no not can go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:50:51 GMT reply
So. Maybe want one colors men maybe baby. How u don't know u me. Albright way go. And tis bring life here
White ARMSTRONG racer retired hey story balvk get Rock whatever snap bitch off Frie better than go who hell wrong mind talk bout that shot WWE Network yah hey new gri Frie watch mouth.. mam
Want baby two slap came through me yah did .. laugh Armstrong gal men why BLK fgure our family watch mouth us it go.
17/18 age Ej Iowa basketball yah piss clothes fathing ur familie yah go he to knew Steve Austin we did go we're dumb born yesterday either go ahaha think so try it weird snake look weird go it back
Guy kids dance . Line . And pocy dance.
Shit told em.. 3:16 than tell
Before yah yelllin get home Calvin moose get him Calvin . Cause get hand mam
How go went down eat Texas sound like go mam. Just . Steak glass.
Then tall chairs only got.
Before wear from no lie Algona oh bring four mom died no lie and died June guys corner took me wrong sayn that there em
That sayn stuff yelling after watch it in there Terry something jive not right fgure old lady elderly Minnesota he lived guy corner look her bullshit her sister man herd part and Terry understand that at em sat down tall chair Terry 74 age in 40 had me what I'm 38 goin on August. Would be bout right .
Healthy shit. Idk.. bouth twelve clock shit. But anyways talk life south Dakota
Then sayn why . Chk bout jaocb good life go help.u used vets get off it chearges cause nuts kids Terry murder hide out several year long time. Used vets bottle's for heart for temporary mind moods bout that Jacob go man. Court actually fhure story storvie in way with it south some leader alone if not end food Kentucky sound today came after what meet kid sound kid him hood him several had him town live in did it Terry kid Jacob barried farm south Dakota yah Thur non us go Thur end that mom say it no Joann . Nuts help.again Jacob used Terry vets mental oh Terry
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:34:18 GMT reply
Alona Gronbach
Quite fuk
Sexual abuse at her non business..
What fuk business
At Joann Armstrong..
Who sold car dent doors ..
And as sold leave alone .
Vin check information internet Google website play store
Who told her
Pelvic injury
Thurr fell bike baby life found in the star BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired
Right . So far.. come again
Nothing of ur shit .. behind counter ..
Don't shit ur coming from neither Thur.
Sayn Alona Johnson Gronbach I know baby life both pelvic fell arms broken baby birth ..
I herd
Joann no do not say that at lil Wayne u like .. hey ur mouth Poppi bday yah lady. On thin ice.. don't why neither.
And yah.. shit nobody lil Wayne black put black surgery u . U lady nuts ..
And nobody crzy lady that talk u at mom.funeral what u want is do that to u mam. U did shit .. got by with ur have urbday Joann Armstrong Iowa .
Oh shit .. all nirgas school everybody stare at her four two elementary four middle bullshit u know tis that one wheresoever shit like nirgo in Algona Iowa . Kossuth idk . Never nothing it go
Sorry. Ur nuts and crazy
And we sayn u different town bring in town Algona nirgas go em days yap she did nirgas in town. Siouxland packs go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 23:06:03 GMT reply
Traspassing Scott Bear Creek Rd on not my side town heard enough at Joann last life time.. to at her ..
Say Tom had Jason Faber living Bancroft Iowa Thur. Why tell yah .
Hardy had married him. Go my gal Thur.
She her as Joann say it her Thur switch kids not Viola Armstrong daughter in 1980 in August 13 1980 same as George fourth grade school her go too it how go now huh what's our plan is not working properly it go today world with in nirgo want see em takin nirga go streets smoke in join it foll.it lick it go farm aha to face out it was the same service mine pink eye s grown be Germans mesles had em days how got em deceased kid bsbt by Matt and who now lives by bay or Sheila had em go and Melody Parcel gave to Joann Armstrong her an that Sheena was pregnant was with Joann at time Steve Moore first baby u r his than At home mine find ur kids father u terry seen it CPAP apena need machine sorry mine Joann Armstrong maybe go okay neighbor guy north by chrome us his friends name Brian Pilman
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 20:06:53 GMT reply
Iowa Hawkeye all u all em fans of us against all fatasses out shape women within kids whatsoever call.not ever have nothing it not gotten nothing lies sayn known as nons not herd BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired from Michigan right never herd em nothing not never have not heard fukn lie not nothinemsil address is correct but not known Ej Johnson City Hall to get not nevermind I'm not never not Iowa City Hall fame Mike Davis got it ol girl friend aight it right oh aha
Lil lady right meet Noth them in life yap not had em Iowa City Hall ahahahaha.
Not known bout talk shit out piss it too
Whatsoever but I'm going it idk how much longer do got it go how goes story her olympics gal that ugly thing store sayn BJ never Iowa got don't em in Iowa nope never herd it sorry for if name she it. Mhm ahahahahah Algona sorry I'm artistic autism can ahahah can tell it out up lol
Fuk her nope my friend nevermind then haha yah nope gir one em Detroit player need other got it though so ahaha and it πŸ‘…πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ‘™πŸ‘‘πŸ’ that emm right now realy em his tealy it go em days ago best regards frie life be broa sistas c'mon man aha yeah seen it was piss jersy blam em sayn sayn he did it t go yah go go up em lol player do yo they do aga Khan academy Iowa can corn it fun shit herd oh lol it let go aha yeah
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 19:41:05 GMT reply
Yah did autograph sure honey..
Faulk . Walker
By Terrance Moore past years like dad ages his Beny as Calvin Armstrong not vikngs fan no
He was an Redskins as Washington
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 19:38:02 GMT reply
Never glouash
How Go .. Debbie sayn Nelly as tis guy name him from ftball Nebraska cornhuskers ho really do sayn olympics sayn smartass hot for what sayn she say she he sayn they sayn were hot go ballon seen it go.. store Dunham's .. land
How goes Joleen Fish lyin Webb
How my friend Sami Williams in head if her do crin for tis sayn words out as of do needs pills for truthfuly mam Thur Kevin missen plus Steve Moore thisπŸ“£ most in life . Man well do it head after removed by u all at funeral how pussy now removed do it sayn tis touched after head nirgao seen it Brandow afterwards seen her fat baby stepssister Steve happen be there in Des Moines from Siouxland millionaire land boy boys Thur help.out her bestup Pratt Armstrong Moses Mosedley White him doin it cannot care herself can do it seen it head hers causes need braces em times life so perfect need braces or cause no alcohol.in moods to drugs need nerves too huh why wanted her funeral pops old guy huh. Right sayn lyin in television stars. Thur top hill before you knew em Thur right sayn Limbaugh say it Clark and Armstrong gal huh fries shot kid Karen mhm. Replacement for me go through it go today wash it nor have there Beth cases it up out go how goes back days lol beat it not seeat s it world go round hood go. Lol.moore no can get signs paper Vikings fan em d days too
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:15:05 GMT reply
I known cell or nor mobiles quite selling on shelves catch fire that my mom Viola Armstrong and I as Joann Armstrong gal that ugly thing not want nothing to own to have an cell phone..
Look.supwr 8 hotel in Algona member police scanner fire call. Look Phyllis Burlingame name owner of place Thur niece owner of place sorry Holtz Edith in Iowa in Kossuth County.
So.. mam sures .. to mams
Hell problem don't get fedup bitchness u sayn huh what yah . Dah today .
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 23:43:13 GMT reply
I don't how ft ddg goes dah clowns sayn I not known IAM Braggs New England sorry Susie lived fort Dodge New England ahahah air cough mouth BJ Armstrong sorry . Burn him . Mam
To trash burn trash Kelly sorry fly it bestup butt raped by Joann Armstrong dyhgrant .. do. Really was burn real did Iowa. Thur cause abuse familie hers sayn killed dead kid boy her mom but was girl kid really guess died really year 1987 her baby die u die Kelly my mom Joann Armstrong gal Mindy class years supposed been year graduation may buy june was realy idk how go retard set-up it up to tops hip replacement name go Facebook pork chop faty kid raped as child how hot h trash look burn body white bore brode Armstrong nitgo Iowa u talk bout huh blow job yah em . Go as butt ass ugly rude light it up burn him blew up in face go I swear it him super 8 Algona u know tis right . But not Iowa City at time first was olympics was from held soso Thur from towns Thur talk bout soss
Yah. Go no child retard lestning ugly fatso was pretty hot baby . Go lol. Dogs top dog meet nirga Leland how go nirga not no biggie just wanted to check out u man bout rent gals teeth cover welfare idk how go Lipps cover by welfare by burn Taurus yr was 96 maybe baby and I baby in before yesterday was last time trlr caught fire was 2004 back why but it really Kramer to idk if not knew rent cause it love my idk how go Linda ho go lovemy daughter bout her rent gals mhm.
Not one myself sickos yep eight fun live really 14 my idk married idk steps had video one lady ssun 14 took how go film. One. Lady no father for gal go mhm Albright cribs or 20 or 50 moment
Oh strong hero in one em.my life or 14 of em puppies got be smart enough for service miltary no retard artistic autism face Thur go I need one life
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 23:29:55 GMT reply
Excuse Me from.
Whatsoever sayn Dennis Graiphus from town Algona.. want Joann Armstrong on I known not nuts craziness neither now thur to tis however it comments questions bout my computer was in library was to her JoAnna Kay Armstrong freshman 9 that grade year of Algona High and yah actn her mom JoAnna Kay Armstrong maybe supposedly to herself as Mrs wife Maqic Johnson from California that went ahead kids to her Joanna Kiester than that not first name year her was tis one Quite plsyn her heur nothing to u self beatitudes famouswait familie Thurs huh c'mon over the really nice stillin stop at sayn it up to the jail not sure how to make it work out either how Calvin in Johnson that nirga what that is one skin take off that year to today man stop bullshitters on here get piss off assholes u Durant how go year 1964 or 1966 after Joann born year 1953 by Vallorey Kramer ft ddg eggplant parmesan cheese cottage white male boy go but nirga came out kids Thur eat it Durant pork chop do. How go. Terry not like it cootage cheese huh go..
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 14 Apr 2018 22:34:18 GMT reply
How fat newborn baby look like nirgo here Calvin goes seen stepssister want for ur but blonde how goes but lie truth Kevin bullshit not ft ddg sayn her not her go prove it can car storm weather in Algona go summer phone say sunshiny day out go monkey not nah bullshit stormy weather go how to ft ddg get Thur idk hi number 3 to all tis sayn it nah bullshit day 13 bday of pork chop that preschool in park Burt name her Burt at Sony uncle bullshit heren wrong it go never it how go went down go in all monoah then that it start go huh walk it went home day it bday his king nah shit it ho bro go sistas to u Buu fukr streets mhm mm what u got mhm mm sayn known her crow mhm never got it go that way mhm how Curtis man lol actually have been it real Tina before it go huh really good lance nah Carroll county Texas butt plug u did all nirgo Crow Sheryl bitch yo shaun anto better u than u Cole go idk to lier em Bros dah idiots
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 11 Apr 2018 17:37:13 GMT reply
What happen in Iowa ..
JoAnna Armstrong really Jim Moore talking on phone. Mhm
Really u in someone home..
Why.. looks like been Beat up as child .. and get tis Terry Moore non us outside State Iowa living.. mam
U had teeth colors braces rubber band kinds have pictures . Not u guy in out New Jersey in of Delaware I've called em.. up construction Thur .. man
U guys get tis whoam guys u .. huh
Sorry.. my both three my brothers died actually four . mine go
And that Terry died as goin Kentucky.. no try whoam u boys I. Em them lies of 1960's .. huh
That .s us Armstrong to twtn boys ass Calvin twin idk how go guy . Man
How it's goes mom had borthers n 1954 to up 58 that Jim from Steve in middles go.
And that us ass Armstrong kids in years 1965 twin boys Kelvin twin Kevin Thur it how goes .. truthfuly yah lol haha mine me crash you party . Huh
How mine in day year Rock who u . Mhm
Mine ass em pork ass lance racer retired cyclist u reword no retard go mam right . Aha. Huh what u mouthy so sayn gay how goes .hm year em huh mam ur year Kelly to yah same age mhm right got it lol
How go Friday I'm pork chop wdnesday mhm. Be 13 to u manin Iowa but lime green idk how my life goes yah guess it goes it way go Thur sorry wall to wall ft ddg yah go Iowa labor mom. Bent had same Beny fuk u problem mom sayn piss off go wow . Go mam feel it go lol ask me it bout fat piece fatass ugly thing he fuk .. lazy piece shit turd go Harmon Armstrong u watch ur mouth mam. Boo
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 10 Apr 2018 11:48:10 GMT reply
Ur guy knock out cold as nirgo on layn floor.. go. Bush light that Bush go.
Not I Joann Armstrong just tired of stalker following from Algona thought was nirgo .. guy an tv star ..
Really came from mansion BJ.. not live Thur.. go Armstrong don't not Dennis kid either.. Luis Armstrong it is fuku.. get woman get Faber u too all Iowa look it up like Jordan .. go what blind flod back em days was an mom sayn did pregnant by him.. daughter get Iowa go leave Iowa City .. broa Davis .. man shot it politics bsbt I do come dallas by soso army did in on go shutup it go and all u big shots businesses huh bout Armstrong why Brian to Joann name pork why she shot em days here her family was Moore told Deb tis that here boy not boy now girl how pussy have birth lil Wayne really all leave tv Lee Simon's picks stars shows not ur app sayn who u Jarod massage no coming mine sure u pit into her .. need it by not kill u like Beny fat fukr . Try it com badd ass self lady get him yah Joann did it too Beny head took hers teeth face green eyes plus freckles on face that head hit board computer board huh. Fancy teeth it head prison too . Up mhm what book love .. huh hahaha . Lol air mouth tis today brnu head took from put him want but not go prison but went . go not sayn already switch sex change blood go put chuck Thur railroad chuck .. that bullshit gp
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 10 Apr 2018 05:25:44 GMT reply
Excuse me. Me inda land day Akron whenever you get tree down out back. Mhm
Not mesnin. It mhm it go u know tree back yard mam to from tery rent from u home Main . Hop it . Mam . Yah when chop. Tree out back yard . Man Linda
And tis more ur words man . So get dish what tis . Tis satellite nothing men bout right. Right mhm. Up mhm never go
Up u at. Deion father jood too knew it walk talk it yah we know atmct like he it u go . Gal u Armstrong. Wife mam lol me JoAnn Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah go get him in here . Be mhm right now like not mhm no don't never here raciest mhm .. what u think it
Y'all at who u .. mhm mhm no not BJ Armstrong white Armstrong bother nitgas where Faber and farmer and go truth to City Hall right cloud no mhm wow who know u cowboys mhm got brown Giants go excuse me JoAnn gmfsn team too was Cadillac Williams thank you yah Bucs too mhm why u get at Joann Armstrong hook go baby first world rock eve yong frie meet mine guy Lance man racer huh nice hat go guy friends rock josnn fatass was Kelly cought her go Thur ages say it mam if be then in tv home Terry Moore Akron Iowa go mam Viola Viola Wilson youngest one Joann fat thing knows all you yah phone BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired teeth payd go hm mm no not go I mhm never I not Rob u fuk to but put it homes mhm not think so BJ cmon again more it yo BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired hi Lance voice box remove yo Faber shot out before it leg lance cousin tv yah why cancer leg diabetic and all.life baby newborn fat baby born life it go man it mhm . Go . Joann green eyes too freckles teeth braces clrd brcktd yah Joann kind mouth had em now covered gear mouth go mam they today no Joann mouth yah no Joann pork chop can had get had em it forget bout u guy gal mhm dctr told pork chop not check lied go not trust Judy old lady go mam I took u go mam
Her picture faty face school wants no do go what u who u give Joan Armstrong gal Leo Murray go mam life touch school pics
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 09 Apr 2018 00:11:20 GMT reply
Nah.not putn nothin down.. pro
Elvis.. hata was after service fatso ..
Mhm .. is huh .. Yas .. yah too it ups.. go .. Ben u up it on har ... No
It.. is dah .. listen it's pretty dah Bulls go.. ma'am okay to be an in military and either way is good for real not sayn names do it go to all had em up jealousy cars and the grade pretty sure that was to short height is go man lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 08 Apr 2018 04:43:07 GMT reply
What he'll bottles used for than far piece of shit ..
Go hell bout me .. guy stop Western college right here right now time like tis .. lies movies again go threw lie town Bush tis time Poppi on koann to toann bday u fikn bitch ass King b.b familie to him into the DVD westside go
Ur all stepssisters step brothers go like 16 kids go yah different last llnamr huh name
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 07 Apr 2018 16:57:01 GMT reply
No I'm doctor veterans them bottles not for aids hiv not that try heart reflexes as acids .. spices to peppers
Eat fukn em peppers eat species fukn go mam have heart attach send in Alona Johnson Gronbach go mam
Terry Moore home okay . Need down Calvin straight up her . Get Him Thur be it go
Give her retalin wrong doses in Joann go
Killin her off her Joann Armstrong gal.
She shut up man I'm Dean to Rodney to black guy how like like it rip off Joann nirga talk it round her time go fatass took by have CDs music by mouth teeth braces had em days fuk her faty face too jealousy cars that wires mouth need em fat thing Thur come it pants Joan say Moore to Angie her but familie go mam tis on here believe it her Angie Foster now it marriage now go voice Zoey jealousy over Joann go man's sures today go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 07 Apr 2018 10:43:38 GMT reply
What hell supposedly made by what ..
I don't think so. Try again soon boy lier son u lie fukr son I'm Beny what aha at Viola Christopher ex Moore punks ur fries knock off fuk on here not know much as I do good sure good enough for dog nice step ass go there now dog bitch I say not I say that's abuse just sayn I'm an dog like pic I'm like worth more like dogs nice picture kid send me u send Joanna to kid BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired get by mom or say stinky not baby fat newborn had birth her Joann Armstrong gal but did man seen it Ames em days bout pork chop go
Hey man u call her that kid BJ that nirgo kid white black baby never had school enroll caused haird head or doll wrap too plus skinny under it black brown skin to againist wanted him Iowa his shit they ur daughter JoAnn and BJ John claim wanted his shit did too go man u tripn like me bro get piss man sayn retard to top it off with this monkey business to not read me bro bullshit yah that too where at mam oxygen grave bro lyin dyin tryn dyin right maybe how die right I don't thing too fgure out that one Thur man put away for this mental mam bro nirga son Jaleel in glass seen Michael like it in baby life mhm me Joan mhm black John seen it rape me who mam pork chop Junior how that mam repeat JoAnn Kay Ibut plug Wendy in front my first
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 05 Apr 2018 09:33:34 GMT reply
I'm Andre young from over here Siouxland
How all of yah nirgas ..get never sayn tis to still take em out her pants days too. Remove . No
How r nirgas get freckles on body now. Younger ones. Wheresoever at em eggs. I known have it . go
Ate em freckles em gal fat thing in mid east map of Iowa north gal olympics Algona Iowa Kossuth I wanna pic on her for bit. U know it right all nirgas to em younger one under my grandkids ages beging born now. How kids get bodies that mhm. Have it be her panties go lol and teeth em too perhaps it go I know talk bout fatass πŸ’ chick em mhm truth be told bout her Joann gal think her go Lance Armstrong pink him too go man lol actually have got em kids younger ones under my kids ages now born made how get em panties go like see tis πŸ“ how lol go be hair go never BLK hair brown chick not seen it tkought red brown black three it kinds mix to some blonde go he funny brother want care his mom em days think he could of gave gotn in panties stepssister thought know want have in to her cause teeth carry after em go huh and both older ones my ages thought upon beyond point lie sayn Nirga go had her by mom or another sayn sister go but realy dirty guy kid mom and Thur sister go look it mhm truth he same ho go bro not talk now mhm moose come my doors go give rest got back her freckle plus top teeth crkd em shirt females no changes sex get go get it go someone tell her go real ones no hospital go moose WWE man
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 03 Apr 2018 20:50:22 GMT reply
Interstate .. from Akron or Fort Dodge way . Humboldt to Lemars highway behind hospital in Humboldt on road on 20 hey.
Go that way. Interstate calld I-60 to right turn C12 to Akron 8 to 12 stop signs go corner think left turn to Akron corner go right into town Akron past Casey.s just new town ready upon town side road put tis one goin Lemars . It's founds found roads I Terry looking for smell it shit ain't from here idk knows it go someone talk her founds even Hamilton Blvd south turn right on Kum go station and to like past Popeyes to corner of Safelite glass that at on corner left from Thur not left straight go to the second to last light stop Hamilton turn left by vetenary hospital clinic go down to last stop light take to Maynerds no Kmart closed last year in March 19th Thur . Planet fitness out way huh Dunham fries his kid usen name McDermott leave alone Douglas Dunham from here meant it go haha found him lol get hurt cry like step movie get help alright it be go before Chubb Country store like that coffee club in Thur come again go
But anyways
Back teeth cleaning year ago.
James d. Buttermore south Sioux City in Nebraska ..
Left from interstate in Dakota city avenue ..
Take college think name is
Western Iowa Tech Community College back left from gas station on corner toward Fort Dodge
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 02 Apr 2018 22:30:01 GMT reply
Ur confused hot y ur confused hot water heater.. I'm Cody Rhodes ..
I'm agreement in here in town Akron Terry home.. if nirga kid mix not go.
JoAnna Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah go back aids hiv positive Thur matters show too. Sayn BJ Armstrong yah man SoS
Nice mam please shut her mouth if come go. I know nirga mouth too don't I honey
Huh watch kid . Go wherever here tonight Siouxland kick my way in now go lol
Yah. Hair is blk brn . Mix ble blk Thur mix baby black nirga on step of Terry go
Mhm. See least add no freckles not see it stink nirga her body sweat of it . go
Okay. Terry who u touch man. Not go
Joann they shot dead on State Street in Algona Iowa . Had that Jaleel call him for if press charges at me put teeth braces kids teeth need em that mom ur as child . Fat baby newborn baby cry all time for David Flair cause mouth need in mature growing pain in mouth go JoAnna Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah go mams sures tops hips hops cannot stop thinking upon it go today world year least see if do like if story fries Joann ur mom told do add from ur age of capture of found by state California to town Aultin and that year was 2009 age ur 29 hers JoAnna Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah in September 14 day that go do tis add now 34 yr out today from them guy lady got prison of capture of Dugard been that years many go that be her age today from ground if here bout ur mom Joanna Armstrong add from 29 age to year 2009 and that tis to it 34 today out many years em guy lady go 29 + 34 = SoS be 64 yr old be JoAnna Kay Armstrong as BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired yah truthfully had pant of Jaleel White yah he say mom her Vallorey Moore put teeth braces her go mam no lie lol. See tonight u wonder it out him . Go mam
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