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Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 18 Feb 2018 18:31:28 GMT reply
Excuse Me.
Jake or Jacob 1984 /August / 27
With lies of lady look of an adult I'm Scott Baer. Man yah like quadruple at same birth having time birth. Go
Kids went be slipnots from Inner circle the album of arrest development too.
Before this was hits too Kohlasch families hey u turn to do someone turn on my MAN an artistic autism guy learn shit MAN.
Help him out JoAnn Armstrong go Scott Baer. Nice JoAnn Armstrong. I'm Calvin that feel like no lie Kohlasch album in Algona kids go
And that now go Scott Baer what sayn again .
Hey sticks bishop hi pork chop. How u.
Great go. Who now guys now. Slipup herd go Jersey. Right following me pork chop
HOMES do up here. Aha .Mhm lol
Huh friends Calvin Moore mam we do what we like it up here whenever u like don't it like it mam no need indeed to shit us go .ahahah laughn line go Calvin Moore no lie go meet him ftball. Now u u know huh MISS LADY mhm
Brad Nelson copy that hey Pork Chop.
What u look again burn car. Not care u abuseise to everyone. Prove it
I'm on Gail Smith McDonald ad need braces got pictures of her all em them go Jim out gates how she types Limbaugh go that's her iam her point makin out me Zoey ur lier not born yet we know it go please don't please go dolls in pickup Steve . Matt . Hey our ways what realy here as Nate Johnson see tattooes zoey Zachary them one covers up long sleeves shirt. When work back Kemna W. Sister name bought car not trade nothing u guys families u guys than Kramer aka go what Armstrong gal black Sabrina go funny sayn Alona though why gal hyvee loan money catch it stepsister go to this one everyone's does too her Joan Armstrong she realy Bj Armstrong NBA star retired than yas took up van lady go no lie watch it money all em times go Sabrina hyvee Algona Iowa Kossuth County go highway 169 Kmart intersection yah guys accident Dahl not her than times go Dundee it too never the lady before go van go mean Terry what go Sabrina lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 18 Feb 2018 17:16:03 GMT reply
Hi..love watching Adams FAMILY right
Not what is . Faber say pork chop.
Come Terry . Ahahah.lol
Show u how sister acts watch it up.
how u up never Li I e TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS Keyshaw Upshaw pork chop real one took care and Michael Vick aha.
Do out touché us she did go mhm RIGHT up her mam BROA feel.me up panties shit HOMES Pepe. Nah yah man what
Guy u fatass. No not me Keyshaw Upshaw honey she fly . Flu . Got it man
Vick say bugs . Rollin again floor feel.tis . Balls did Gail go funny. White today. Yas u r go .
Bite me . What ugly yah meow it hahah.
Realy. Hot baby. Gail . Whoaw.
Put back fat baby. Try it. HOMES u be Gail. I went diet skiny now. Yah mesn one. THUR u go Jo type it up.took care me no lies napes not feel good bad days. Heart doctors diabetes checked up they north town hill college.. that vet.
Good lady thur say legs Eagles . Go
Yah . Shots up five years temper to rabbies to calm me down go yah did it .
Killd him yap not rabbies cats can eat bugs think so JoAnn Armstrong now who u I know it this go flies , yas mine white jump up catch it at Jim Moore my brother go. , Lay plays dead send rocks stones , shock no we didn't . Go JoAnn meow it, a fuk arguing u all fukn day. Go , mam,
Meow, I'm here too Calvin Jim go lol.
And someone , afraid u rape him Jo,
What who that , Casey kids in prison killing us kids his lies sayn Calvin not known fuk her Amber Asche. That right
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 17 Feb 2018 09:22:51 GMT reply
When not meaning anything by it up here I don't know bout tis ..
What tis someone walk into someone home stole toilet paper.. yeah . Nothing new put butt plug it on that wording it on new .. that funny shit BROA
Hey . Iowa .. guys .. r funny shits SOS.never shit like that in IOWA. .
Bout that up .. Iowa Hawkeye STATE..
Hey.. suckers .. 🇺🇸.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 16 Feb 2018 17:25:53 GMT reply
Hey. yo
Schools Algona Bulldogs..
Went there too..
U know what JoAnn Armstrong put on pictures of em kids of Zachary Asche and Zoey Asche.. Casey Myers father.. em
They re Casey the em kids Amber Asche.
No Lie
So not Joan Armstrong sayn lies HUH
Sayn brother kuds . Than . Em times .
Known he fatter than other guy..
SNOOP DOG my buddy sayn that it she gotta Julia Anne Gutharie and Tim Junior and family doin it at em kids dad h ad em all like Gutharie families like Julia and Tim Junior a Senior drove his car maverick Lamont's Pontiac. Wrong it be New York car right who maverick car New Yorker car green that was hit biker in circle 24 em killd 14 and injured 18 thur came hostages families from new York he NFL player Gutharie has Snoop dealer kid has was boy becoming thing like that go him typin it go fun lady with me go rapper dog got fat on em ur my classmates Julia right month em me mam .. like my age Tim wrong sometimes fell keep balance tall fat guy 6 foot 8 cannot legs like walk that brother known never how go Tim Junior Gutharie. In not could had in Iowa stop lies thur city of Sioux city Akron. Tell somebody show her come out thur. Gold car.
Yah older Julia January 6 1971 go sounds right line school class go Dog first line head of us. Mam not no JoAnna go
Calvin not that either ur Tim Junior born December 24 1974 got blue stone not year how graduate not either. Tim Junior go
Eight held hostage people bikers new York Calby see out Iowa Armstrong them names never yahs . Jim Steve Terry sound like mine brother go I'm Calby I no.lier man this no lie. How following us Calby out here story bout jive reading Gutharie like Montana Utah. Iowa Siouxland And Omaha . Sioux Falls. Sd
Dunes SD. Go routes gal knows huh
Laurens Iowa. Knows not Lemars now go same Gutharie have with rapper got tabs hostage bikers gangs new York . Lol sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 16 Feb 2018 15:05:04 GMT reply
Guards want ports murder guess.bullshit se here.
Slap balls
Lies .
Shit here.
Where NOT being anything he said .
U why should trash why talk son
McDonald comin. Who ahaha..
Jesus not again what sayin nothn .
Hey yo . Goin Romero kids buddies out college . Got right yas hits yas
Dress dig
Halloween Hall
U HALL dumb sin Bitch young wiper snap snapper. Now what helm for work up Jesus crist yah
T on. Fuk now
Fight me . Yah
Girlfriend dead look out there
JoAnn Armstrong.hesdstone there seen it. Go.hot hot her .Jarod that look.likt that for goin . Red pink. Brown. Go fgure out anyway ho who u ho
Besude guy him Lyle . Burn hole in her pocket yas can go
Classy guy. Go never raised. Shock quite .
That weeks three four days go aha funny lady hot bitch it was hot California shit . Go
Fires frame fields names it got it on go ditch fires . Go would do that Judy si flight cigarette out windows go .
What u guys . Lol dud that what . Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 16 Feb 2018 14:32:46 GMT reply
Mike Misehloff u Faber go jail threats of Armstrong life.. yah in laws Viola marriage how guys tv maqicians shit buy at that and spoon president store now go got had ej Johnson at ur sister JoAnn if that name sound like it up here me feel. Me up here me out aha. Mhm yah man u knew Ilene yah matter u that u guy u guy confused lady Terry beat yah oh I am no never name bank used every places go own
Calvin nuts brother want Not money guy get job kid u Zoey Casey at yah see if his kids even pictures ur last Myers written it go self defence that too her brother fukn go What got that stop cloth do that docotor iffuve never been sister has shows idea how know clothes paps who doctor who sweetheart. Year once . Worry u woods Jo getn
Classmates oh bitch getn put away for what reason hit no drugs one got pills puton dumb. Families Calvin kids not Tiger north town classmates joan I'm.ryan go
Bring tall guy who see fuk her knows it him Jo yap go.wjk stick at go well got kids tall guy bother him go I'm sister tattoo cover arms seen it go I'm brain man. Tiger Calvin tattoo dies tall guy Zack zoey Zabel ankthet coverd no kids go nath Johnson knows kenma go ask him kids arms told families how text Emily Mandy Ashlee families fuku go her fukooff put him cops committed go Lyin Lyin other women not had kids by him Algona
Since member Ilene.
Friends Ilene that Armstrong gal. Fat gal.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 15 Feb 2018 23:04:16 GMT reply
Jillian nurse Reg. P l. Ft ddg Iowa
Trinity Kenyon
Records joan Kay Armstrong.
Vila Calvin Armstrong.
Overmeyer address em days doc was remny
Koss reg.
But female daughter to make .
Reason shutup learn it
Answer mind surgeon her
How put man JoAnn Armstrong..
Aha . How.
When female. Days
Got female man do that . People
By way was dark baby as nirga not blonde yellow not do bitch no tv mother wax aunt nut as Deb so lady round yet . BOSS
What makin u BOSS I've who JoAnn her body brain . Yah
Yah . Mine ft ddg would female organs but msn
How JoAnn how put msn her
Not talk today
This Akron her female organ yah her delivered Tann as Nare go
Actn her bout JoAnn Armstrong gal.. Calvin point view doin sister ugly Fat Ass fuk u families look dad Beny look same just bad em days feather ass not nothin. Yah .
Bring hospital salt.sugar u dud . Em days go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 15 Feb 2018 22:52:00 GMT reply
Hi liers
Stalker harassing..
I'm court paper got no money go
Calvie his kids money Birthplace. Birthdate .
Kelly her name
Never Cole never herd em
Dick Dale and Margaret Dale
U kill vila Armstrong as Moore in Calvin her own son bout look Joan is Ur sister lier FACTS.
Facet BITCH thur dog for in rap album ur Calvin go Kalin Kato isu guy nirga go
Ih member him AIDS HIV as child did lier say that bout her Troy Davis NFL should no more bout her . Go Olympic was child now adult em days
Reed type shit lies not truth hate cus this lies Calvin lier Hanna or Couples happen I'm Henrik son dentist Lemars say to guys say in no joan ever here on baby do work tv like sayn like that here round her non business got tv go generic dentist sugar ray fgure go Algona east us actually u guys Kevin . and Terry JoAnn neighbors Wooster them one Anna families never live there guess Linda Kramer home live vila beatup was child own daughter guess Diane usen that name Streuckler as Viola might hit yah Jo and that Jim was my sister hill changing name headstone u lady Terry home ..
No neither. Go her daughter seen beatup her black baby came out her by Tupac shit him too murder they come shot murder . Hot baby than say vila yah best wrong ask Richards who panties came out of mam say Todd . Have .
Deb nirga now go
Try guards Iowa come who got mom Joan Armstrong herd my in tv her brain cavity go . MAM
U butt rape Deb Armstrong that truth last name . Go
When truth her Deb u
Mom truth teller words at up her JoAnn Armstrong go
So black back Bj Armstrong NBA star retired she Lyin bitch never teeth brace deb sayn letter go aunt
Deb neither toast it bitch go
Trash write kill my mom Joan. Don't bitch
Don't nirga
Kid black back tapes member him cal
Nuts chops off. Chop em days go
Once get back and know lookup em bro can get back lookup new technology days now
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 15 Feb 2018 22:32:09 GMT reply
Deep VOICE..
Has that in home..
Zoey by her
Friend bring bitch McDonald.s
Thought classmates brother killd him.
Highway we all Iowa
Lies mam
Not have birthday forcing out in month of tis nuts ..
Sheriff was in Algona bad check did sayn Viola Moore had rm I wrote out go
As V
Child. New name JoAnn Armstrong.
Mom have something go bow bow
Same Terry or I'm Philip and Nancy
U em go
U actually Todd Nelson to live Patrick Kelly in Luverne Iowa
And Livermore that that town mam
U dive too JoAnn Armstrong go
Todd drive back Algona go
Terry best hell out u Mam
Randy go so did Algona. Lie for Cole bout date birth
But Calvin what for kids be that month herd it sister go
Had go off sister Calvie don't lie man
Calvie lier u know tis Moore im Trump ur lier Minnesota stop his ass lies and coping off sister Birthplace dam it go Calvin Moore as Armstrong go where sister serial number copy that number BC original copy I'm Patrick Kelly go
U past out sister piss pant shit like whee at her gateway I'm member him age Patrick Kelly Todd me
Hey go RETALIN sister got man
Not supposed open doctor rattles arms
Moore kid Zach zoey after Baker hers to Myers kids right ur sister dumb
Cole do y lie no MAN calvi piss shit families them like was child mo msn dint dare em go hell fukr Lori go Patrick age todd
Retard us scream Angie Moore Foster
JoAnn not neither live Kelly not butt rape at Minnesota Couples drugs why money streets . Who do Iowa now guys
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 15 Feb 2018 07:28:27 GMT reply
Hi streets to kids Calvin Moore as Armstrong put butt plug in families Armstrong who u kids belong never families Casey Myers kids to sami to Webb. Best it joan no lier
Go . Armstrong in Britt friends Joan Armstrong. Yah go lady Kossuth Bancroft Iowa north Algona live thur too one year move Sioux city yah joan live thur go
No lie Bancroft go Nebraska live in town lost home Akron she did go Tim Armstrong Junior cornhusks. Yas go found her within him why can't she . Two bot black baby shot it on her cuz not urs man. Sos
Butt plug doll on u man go like her war right now go can't find her go white lady Armstrong go bout pie Armstrong whole family of hers shot it her go
Yah mine went penny hardway maqic.what go
Fukr mail post man in member laughn bout dismember families pay u be it go yah.
Hit word like family to him Armstrong to outdated what why. Joan Armstrong no
Yah.no u guys go nice kid make wonder if iam hers bitch fancy lady . U guys put her prison no . Doll go big show go lol
Funny shit walk talks too u all trash ARMSTRONG not known my lie nirga hair mean pork chop go doin getn real yah got tired u all run her down go sho big she realy right n ot get along with yahs doping streets fat women go funny lol too
Heather Faber baby go want me honey sos get up for her shit like that Armstrong fatass want off her self can do it go say my name be there go fuku dope ho.lol
Not no nirgs go fancy words in cell in from cowboy Billie spark plug hardly go
Road dog he is him go BROA
Hey Michaels do got like that blow shit kankaroo movie boxer shit man no hits nah wrong bring it go lol funny lady gilo
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 15 Feb 2018 07:13:56 GMT reply
U all known came over help her wrote over what he say
Nathan Faber to u Calvin Armstrong to hi Nat Faber class 1997 Algona.
What sister do you
Sure tattoo arms Zachary and Zoey ATMs
Hate tell u Calvin
That lady
Amber Krug is Tiffany my wife too book her man ur sister no lier too it go
Read up her em women not doin yet r yah sure I'm comin stop it charges sure get him him who got Terry .
I got Snoop Dog Urijah Faber yah read paper we found to Joan Armstrong and what other sayn Lucia Wallace..
Say u have to show proof kids right Mam
To ur brother thur but u killd em no not not known how sex lady beat watch it learn bout my class Calvin Armstrong sos 1997 Algona Bulldogs let's go MAN guy to Minneapolis Minnesota or who ever u at MAN
Threaten ur sister in court paper to her Tiffany class to JoAnn they piss lady so
Go yah come Terry from 6 th go
Do right akron not Jo Armstrong book that Moore but his birthday name say Armstrong what say so piss bout now families classmates Algona go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 15 Feb 2018 05:11:10 GMT reply
Nice papers of documents court child abuse
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 22:04:56 GMT reply
Member went to gateway followd Rick chase known u in thur
Yah Dale in air Jo
Sayn yah I know not ur name Ur brother lie told em try me again that lie stop Snoop Dog u not know Snoop Dog
Her Calvin excuse me guy with him too lier guy sayn her name JoAnn in book Brett dah sister go
U put no listen how go body herd it in livin before ur got that way seem funn everyone skiny how come I look yah thur
Get I'm Dale stop Brett Calvin take meds RETALIN go minnesota that why hey by way us that Amber other to JoAnn years ask her sister might say yah . Go I'm her her got kids u Calvin to her Asche to an Krug aha go no lie man go as Weishaar ask say same year JoAnn bank yas I know that Alona go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 21:58:31 GMT reply
Excuse me.
I'm Dale Chase as Mrs Umbaugh
Hey she as ms JoAnn Kay Armstrong I s my families hair as back em days born that song want made up . As to u honey
Let's go
She realy look son bitch an nirga look as Armstrong em days Rock look no black skin in trailer park Jim.sister
Yah u black made butt plug made ass clowns no lies she males but look hot tonight too up here sayn man look male ass to gay life put her male dick no words tis cock to that tis lookin good ugly fuk stunk feet sex no fool.sayn what ever popular to us fuk that ever what says white meaning blonde RIGHT be jealous with u is tis nigh makin out to someone like nirga look she Viola em days my age say Dale herd too guy go lol herd Zoey or JoAnn do it for
U must a quite Cole as Foster
Come best up ur blonde to pop like my dad not takin her pills sent up shit in my home .
Us Faber back
Here Cantu . Trielleger . Kinseth .
And tv that star sayn shit up here can me out thought word guns too crazy bout plus
Johnson use name go like that
Can Dale go is her hair go my age no lie not go terry
Chase as Dale
Stop cops Akron try give Zoey abuse
Barbel physical . Mentaly institution abuse charges from these charges Cole go from JoAnn and Dale herd enough pants in gal Zoey nice rich for awhile Cole Foster how got rock
Gonna no not want Hollywood insults in ring of u abuse ur guy prison rock in real seen Iowa
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 21:39:09 GMT reply
What law suits from
Excuse me.
Quite harassment abuse thinkin the dad families of Armstrong in laws too..
Herd nothing too too tis shit up here ..
Is that Joanna Armstrong to Faber doctor another movie aha dad say it go .
Nice say Reed Christopher Faber why dye hair .. kidnap her From yah ur her fatass ..
They call pork chop on all pills like Keran .. yas
U did that Urijah he paralyzed for real . Yas piss me off five. He told someone I trash joker to see stones rocks fly too throw at hit wall to an target too an hundred center line that wrong BROA. No . I was say tis gonna get me piss here up hold on just second u wait he say talk told guy nut y like Dada that guy no he tis Daisy like that thing his kids by arrow plane not guy knows it shit at hits too yah thur then brother sayn laughn good had one days man back it up too sisy watch check tis shit she gotcha say on here lay bay pay in clay in hay nah how he paralyzed after three more too our us up the year that tis fgurin our mom Armstrong white shout has jealous to whit to u fine with u to with u new song hotel thing aha look at u jealous California chicko like surfer wants W ant to up sh her jealous with live hotels yah that why fuk u jealous one fatass thur herd next u em days hey yo did Romero hit pork chop she did jealous to hey influence like listen I'm jealous pork chop new s on heal something like if had with u not better had I'm Nathan better have yah u Gus Calvin how song out that aha who u fukn know pork chop so kid now yah back then before u Calvin em r Urijah. Fukn Bitch law was it is . Lance families her can u in so matter go Iowa .
Jealousy rock in white was back u ahur age Lance
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 18:04:16 GMT reply
Joanna daughter got hold me Garcia think she gal
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 18:01:11 GMT reply
Took off something body white
Ur black baby told it . Shante wife SNOOP DOG. And tis not touch him go
How got that go
Who ur mom JoAnna Kay Armstrong and ur da truth mam words up here .
No lie .
U one her friends doin at JoAnna
Don't lie .. Mam
I'm Calvin.
That guy in television not not her ..
Should I ask him ..
Calvin her brother u understand doll white r black . Baby
Fatass get that
So . U guys made me take care my sister that her up by Steve a Kevin as Joan
Pork Chop
So my mom at why reason her burn her like that one . Go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 16:30:11 GMT reply
Guy lady .
Sony shit kid baby unborn
U dorthy
Know u not man
Sorry Sony
Stop shit man
My daughter Jodi Christopher ain't she man u guys napped kid from my home Livermore. Go Jodi got her fat that her my ass pants thur
U fight qear let go service guy that why go to service go lop funny
Fuk Burt rape me
Not lier
I'm comin I'm following realy doin remove fetus joan Armstrong why
Not in book snoop out
So takin court .
Where zoey back hospital only JoAnn blood there streets it would u Zoey ur grand dawn is one em streets go plus JoAnn was newborn diabetes say Lisa took paper back from them go butt Lisa .
Never herd up em faulks I live thur go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 13 Feb 2018 17:48:11 GMT reply
Talking not fatass go
Em braces teeth plus nirga hair em days seen yah yap . R Joan Armstrong.
Don't ho home ..
Bout forgot it that too did I go brain mine . Yah.
Oh that right
Remove eggs kids adults en go days right
Herd that shut before lies actually joan tell it in Judy that fatass pant go
Mark own pants that way go prison go yap go how u guest it bout prison.
JAROD FABER go urs price right Brett made up minds here
Yah hit against me not name go
My kid letter go Alona Johnson yas JoAnn Armstrong had changed ur name go
From my mom JoAnn Johnson as uncle yo Lyle Jun by marriage Diane by Diane in laws by marriage ur dar Roni Gronbach go right fgure out it go lol funny .
No fatass go bet in letter go what
U daughter Lyin name Joan Armstrong go but plug JoAnn Johnson . She can go nobody wants but shit back like body her was look l seen he fatass everyone shot eyes go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 13 Feb 2018 17:40:38 GMT reply
U all must but plug shit back so-so too
Into letter yap go
Come back .
Let off
Why .
Want take care mom
So . But shit so-so to kid it streets to AIDS as HIV. Right. Huh
No lie u know on writing . Knew it
Call up em go
Hey not allowd to lie West was so-so
Teacher her. And yas had teeth braces.
Now fire me . Schools algona comm iowa
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 13 Feb 2018 17:37:09 GMT reply
U know before u put some to death penalty.
Good come back ..
U know this state Iowa not known had it here. Go
That only in Montana and u already up wrong .. go
U all must be special education needs skills learn to issues brains up rings.
mind it up some place. Go
And i come say that guess so-so com Texas within me believe my buddy dead
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 13 Feb 2018 08:30:15 GMT reply
All I know before people to lippy on here .
Actually blood BC dinosaur life Snoop Dog u mean pork chop as her in Akron Iowa ah a as I her..
And tis before making out within anyone u all up here. (Joan born with dark black brown hair crooked braces teeth freckles short height curved feet big turn smalls green eyes small nose if big nose like that plastic like pork chop go that's why want pork chop ass huh right)
Point tis . Knew enemies comin families
Age 4 years old mine Joan Armstrong life was eggs ovaries removed had burnd asches leave it my shit by Remny in Kossuth yas that as that age.. found it.
Before my mom Viola Meribeth Christopher Mrs. Armstrong carple tunnel wrist hands
Gotten take care myself yah explain that to four year old that better . Than u gals got up herre . Go nice second marriage to but cousin to by life Snoop Dog yah touch u guys him PORK CHOP mhm.
Farmers confused or what the fuk zapping
Huh now make mine man. Yah politics Faber Kossuth not sayn that either.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 13 Feb 2018 00:43:35 GMT reply
That Alzheimer's no she dont she
Hi Charles know had aids
Hi lier Calvin bout
Still ur sister huh
Boys .. abortion it ..
Say him go
Zoey kid hot lier ugly like aunt sayn not mom butt like head hers supposed be hers go look like cut off head adult put it right Baer . huh
By James Wisebrode bail bond guy in Algona. Say Dale
Ur lier read can up.
No not sense black haird chick was one
Haird joan been house go
Who u show
JoAnn nirga hair then Beny so no lier huh fatass . All life her no lier .
Not can Viola think Viola was dark brown black ago before greys go say Judy we r where it go funny that right truth say come out pork chop go fatass Joan..
Non Armstrong r that go
Wrong .
How went go
Calvin Senior as Armstrong of Wesley Iowa what u fukn lier go was that black brown haird as to JoAnna Armstrong go
No not she lier go beat she right guy go
Hi livin like Presley as Lisa seen it go like that guy go
Not my father that guy not know him lol funny shit em me go funny weird .
My father
Who wherever . Sorry
Guy did his time go
Leave up . Douglas
Who does my papers in Bulls team beat feel they do so thur beat so
Know lies go funny here too go
Nice fatass on here feel guards isu my
Nope . Siouxland .
Show us tis lady Deb show u picture her.
U not better be on facebook
Takin not her
Erin Calvin not boy who it
Long hair go
Faty face all em pictures go
Under coming not
Tv kids not urs
Not either say Scott
Who u not knew it knew people spotters .
And I'm goin there too guess ain't stop I go there prison Kelly sign okay go
Durant guess Allen goin kill yah child
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 12 Feb 2018 23:07:57 GMT reply
Come within drugs streets
Ur classmate live tis one I found with streets Nikki dad Marv Kolhouse.
Really had get him ..
Realy JoAnn where friends no
Ilene Misehloff date birth same ur to
Calvin Moore Armstrong I back out home I say what look at hit also her go fun sos get him .
Funny Calvin Moore u breakin law too bout ILene friends JoAnn to helper d
Bday March ,12 1974 twin Brian .. tv and was friends grade school sound funny names Calvin Bday check u out too yah Minnesota talk it to my phone now
Ice skater Ilene over Siouxland fony funny chick sister say Terry Ilene
Nebraska as in Lincoln think so u known
Who think her hey back back smily today
Rob hi .
Who robbed u guns
I'm Brandon Wegher that k ow I know we JAROD FABER no man not do nothin pork chop herd her piss up here aha lol
Rob u found her already go hot pant whoaw .
Tall guy sayn something that sisy at mhm
White . Hey not insult my cat white.
He knows it go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 12 Feb 2018 16:56:04 GMT reply
Ur families
But in here.
In laws Ur
Explain it how fat happen on body if fat newborn baby to now..
Do Viola Armstrong to fat al in cousin to me and ur in laws be cousin too.racer in families here ..
But in please..
I'm JoAnn Armstrong..
Here u where on state street sitn steps i not .
No Allen no man
U weird realy .bad that afternoon realy y did
I call Janet hospital come check out u on steps sign at Steve Moore
U keep.tell people beatn up .Sayn Allen nobody here man
Just only one me man what hell goin on man
Yah urs sayn it Calvin type it joan that bout Allen
Yah finish
Hey Allen sayn people beatn up him I keep nobody was man not see not nobody man
But back em day said this dyin
That sayn Janet Penning. Thur mom did same
Allen nobody BEATUP heart attack shit .
And diabetes too ur r Allen . Yas u Allen . Iowa City . Think cut fat off than I staple it rest was saved on ur body man . No Lie .
Joan Armstrong
Now nobody dud nothing thur right
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