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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 23 May 2018 11:29:36 GMT
Want nirgo for burn hell..
My teeth had em pork chop got pictures made get pictures .. my teeth actually of it Joann on here knew talk tis way ..
Here fuk want hair too non business Thur height too Presley Ben Thur who that blonde red was it same head frecklesfgure Thur non business too it out Makin non it Thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 23 May 2018 11:21:10 GMT
Steve Faber are you..
Bedroom female made human resource say Fort Dodge Iowa Webster .
Told Reed alone in court before tis did are you fuking by farm are bullshit seen it CPAP apena has it .. detector no lie are doing at her in courts documents.. with farm..
Goin jail want papers Pals them goin jail doin at you mam farm animals can hurt you mam your made by an humans as by Vila Christopher an Calvin Armstrong Senior has have Makin all talk bout Junior Thur copy from Sony Lyle Junior look at cemetery Thur Riverview cemetery Lyle peirs put by JoAnna Armstrong thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 22 May 2018 14:59:54 GMT
She don't either... Whose πŸ’°πŸ’ΈπŸ’²πŸ’ΈπŸ•―πŸ’ΈπŸ’²
SSI income check.. including SOC SEC income check..
to actually belongs Joann Armstrong Iowa
That's right.. he Jaleel White usen all em out name's out em . Thur .. truthfuly after the wife his this widow now back like life after death to tis to kids died service too or lost in service Thur his kids to Jaleel White House .. Thur man .. stop truthler telker that Beny go
That it days huh ago has no voice talker in throat cause peir had β™‹ cancer throat own old guy man peir grandpa em not nothing em to kids Thur today world out whoaever guys gals goes McDonald's g
Whatsoever but it upon point that man no funny time beinging nothing truth but sounds non funny life SoS sometimes just ways gym was students in meeting by gal fathing sayn by known judge name McDonald's that why not have McDonald's did build it go found Doug by his dad goused last oh special education Jake go Joann ahahah teasin me Bing why old guy go ma'am today wit g get Calvin like name mine dah kid quite it have to have McDonald's to McDonald's do I did go mam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 21 May 2018 22:53:03 GMT
Never did either go.
Mom Vila want me birth by her house Thur Algona fuk retard .s in Algona idiots .
Now my money at not five bucks to two dollar no not takin it go Thur man
Million pay out it go feel like dah man
I'm tripn bitch here bro where Gary in Arnold's knew her Vila kid Thur why made Calvin senior not like fatso I'd asking go man hi Dorthy ur are go nice loosen weight go man get Gary Arnold's mhm mmm
Not her fault she who guy . Not want yah fuk retard fuk head reject ass whip cannot be got him beat hell back mhmm
Nice lol get be on here hotdog Mickey mouse clubhouse go green beans nothing it out removen everwho tunnel arms em days mom had wrist problem.s known be women too it out days dah go
JoAnn pant eggs remove list names why want family to us no not her man who than take shit off Calvin to Zoey injuries nope they not known school Joann years to of her grades classrooms list students known knew him Calvin Moore as Kevin as Kyle Woods not Carl either nice try smartass that Joann to Tiffany Mrs Faber years Dallas Clark no lier jack third to Joann now go bad selves aha Limbaugh years to school Joann get him ask Mindy first go thru her Mark Schuffman asshole Brandon Ruhnkee gi him huh 🌟🌠f bothering you all nirgo life look it out had to back Joann to teeth go known female it out yah mhm Davis huh idk seas water motor oil on here em fuk would I date did I you dah noway got kid by kids Jaleel really man actn all.em names Thur verity kids names and blood em Thur famouswait although familie em Thur white bloods women why not one not all all in family outing it stp knows. Law dam straight up go lol it other go sayn Mindy actually Todd Vanotterloo Thur go but and Remney told
Actn how it wow bring good dam hot pants man fathing baby life fart it go takin pills Joann fart slit it go aha like to man me yaaah start now Ioway Armstrong we don't lie good truth good dam it want nitgo g
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 21 May 2018 00:38:29 GMT
Davis coach Joann calls who lies forced do out doin to her in Iowa let go..
Crawmer .. short dick or legs dah
Not want em. Cut who.. drug streeter daj
MariJ. Whensoever bullet hit bone em days Thur say report u Joann mhm no go Thur with me Crawmer .
Bs sister my report not either em days go on call to or lu ever town no not knew u all Crawmer lived Thur go man
No lies dah give em kids back raise his own kids out Thur . Deb truth Armstrong herd rumors bout snap on her husband David lived lu. And her last name is an Armstrong but Liegner by law u know I do have an aunt Deb Armstrong if somebody goes back life Thur ask don't Hy-Vee sayn same that go Deb Armstrong Thur go
What sonud like on here an band bone to school idk fuk no take school u terry Stiller thift from. Rent band intrusment Rich name teacher Algona Bulldogs Terry u known say go man bring here instrument technician tronbone it large one Russel Cole go get u do Terry stillin rent go beat I'm Calvin Moore yah beat ask Rich in teacher middle high school band teacher tronebone like Russel Cole how fuk she knows him Joann Armstrong gal go
Bs not carry it man heavy out Terry u guys confused show u groupy school mine fuku get him trouble yah go Thur rent idk how goes rent go to student buy like shoulder hornest rent allowd loan out student go yah loan like it alot go lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 19 May 2018 00:07:17 GMT
Charlie Sheen as to real name Carlos Evtrovez was Chuck Lorre sorry change to Urijah Faber California Kid his Charlie Aon father movie California kid bout cars fancy old model cars 1950's 1960's model to cars yeah Albright named after whoever Charlie Sheen is him. In the shadows of Urijah Faber California Kid that uncalled for real not sayn IAM sitn here in Home Depot and bomgaars sorry ..
Thurtruthly tell him that tis actn nice I haven't that Armstrong gal fathing Akron town new gal do shit television star spotlights it funny shit she says here Thur man yah it is so no never herd it neirwegne neighborhood try that sos hit face truth lies nothing it out but Butterscotch it go today world and sayn coffee Blueberries and mocha to tis and Hawaiian Paradise valley hill berries and hazelnut cinnamon red hot 🍬 candy cream had she so white chocolate creme and peppermint candy cane and pumpkin spice latte Yas drinks crape tisget myself Alona and her mom Vila not drink the crape that shit tasting go Thur for coffee coconut vanilla why buys em ones bag's McDonald's ground bag M.s coffee shit store Thur go crape okay .. taste .. guys not want to put McDonald's Thur sorry businesses people.. residents. Huh
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 11 May 2018 17:39:22 GMT
No nah nah not Joann was iowa games Thur I was Jamies Johnson why whoever is that my dad fetus kick remove by rejected from it kick between legs by him at Hilary Christopher as Vallorey as Vila Moore ex Moore Why all day it prison doin it out Thur found it out Man
Regarding oh boy gal.kid findly found daddy huh really white aha Armstrong mhm
Whensoever born bullet hit bone ground to her Vila ex Moore dirty face too mam
Play aactn town Oakland go mam mhm want me bad ass Thur mam please resume documents for em galdiator guy who ever think hippy it out be URS dolls dah gal.
Nirho white male looking nirgo guy mom.had u Johnson as JoAnn sayn out Calvin Armstrong dad said Deb ur Johns oh aha niece Joann usen name Armstrong to brother Calvin Junior to an Joann actually factsuallity realized Johnson pork chop what. Whyom Viola Christopher ex Moore is that ass go fuk hell Iowa City Hall fame kid Jamies that daddy mine Joann Johnson bc from.that Armstrong dah found questions comments concerned about nothing lies sayn daddy Jamies Johnson did between legs Vila reject Joann Armstrong arms time Dorthy Fish granny home Wesley May 2 1972 go man bad dah killed Vila as Vallorey it did now feet breech Joann window Johns nirgo kid Thur yah why Yas Joann nirgo out baby pork chop by law sister Terry as Moore dah idiots remove nothing by law but rejected from mom May 2 nd 1972 birth Joann attempt reject fetus baby James did Thur man sorry Johnson did huh seen it man tripn yet bitch water Heater ass in clown interestate it californua had state run. On interstate it Thur man dah bullet hit bones ground new song as Dalton raised by nothing has John no room for kids to an Kelly as in prison all em out Thur maam how go Durant dah how known kids Kelly not his Thur not I'm Johnson going bc next week dah fatass yet be still it from kid too what URS nothing mine be mine too u Thur go g
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 10 May 2018 23:33:53 GMT
All cops sheriffs come to our building sayn our boss streets bout tid newborn fat baby in years ur boss kids 1980 aha.
I don't know how goes my brains in Florida ocean water head black frecklesfgure body on arms and not sayn nothing it out on here go cops sheriffs all towns dah plus nerves in body fatass thing get hrmead back netves system for her frecklesfgure arms was twisted it as baby life .. too raped butt ass in law ex jealousiness over had baby nirgo cus head hear black gold Iowa . Huh green actually was it on face go man today night Thur no lie laugh to all departments go jobs not us go r eal ones never herd had Iowa streetsers go I think known em Waterloo or Siouxland or Sioux Falls SD . dah Vermillion sd dah mhm never herd butt like it alot smart ass bitchesness away from hell.in cell better than an kids lyin child touch by steps herd years ago now claim.my ass in hot water heater dah BJ blow job as an Armstrong Iowa City as was Michigan shit dogs streeters dah get beatup bro nirgo man snitch too out whoa yah call it go nice I'm by law nope Joann sayn it out go mhm mmm nice got kid not backup it go
How that go gave who mhm got have lady g
Rock kidnap her mhm caugh it out throat lance lyin in like u go cmpunk thought like Joann not em outs let's Cena dah go mine hulk streeters dah flair got em out dah no joke ft ddg Iowa ticket or Des Moines Iowa go nice job did Hardee's before it Burger King Clearlake lyin south Dakota by family hers as family mine doin out Iowa go not em had jobs like Sony only him and Joann go nicers go public nice usen stepssister name out there got meatcutter know lied Thur too out Terry Abbas
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 10 May 2018 17:59:52 GMT
Warning u all .
No not wrong way.. nerves pies brothers sisters dah.. I'm fan bow bow shed moss
Yah.. out up man kick ass check names .
But anyways fan bout shed moss yah.
Ready be ready born look Ej Johnson son Maqic Johnson aids hiv positive response how not got get did aids hiv by gay .s life Ej Johnson son Maqic Johnson.
Yah. Got it. No lie someone else whoaw came into trlr trailer court park em times look em remade but white it out..
Kick fik out him meman woah lestn shit scary pork chop yah baby he did bad eyes out man fukup him bro bad so did mom Vila Phyllis had work out em times yah Thur put jail go where dam straight believe it kinds people guys
Well someone who else son bitch was it not have or full out em peird shit face pic s it out . Ahah gross belly button too yinyan arm shoulder like Hudson missen California Calvin Junior Armstrong fuku at man it
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 10 May 2018 17:28:30 GMT
If have any in television show want my kids way tv.. trash Pur trash white see her put white name meaning not allowing her kids live with em but beatup baby and that hurt mom shot her dead yah not shot u Kelly for abuse .
Kelly Durant please my house go leave ma'am
Causing problem pussy ho go . Dick want Joann cause I'm winner not losser go mam
Not looser lol actually have life that winning life subways Joann olympics Algona Bulldogs School district yah go boss Mindy sayn her Joann Armstrong yah dah no joke no not an joke Durant one more time go yah go mam whensoever place I'm Joan. For real Armstrong know amu I
Non acts aha acts dah found to can go it
U Durant go ma'am mhm ur Armstrong as mhm no don't wanna why fun already got milk mhm never got milk got nothing be it go Durant gal but class mhm how got adopt out I'm. Read papers mom Vila and Phyllis mhm bout u Durant in gowrie good star tv it Unveristy no player metal go
Mhm aha got milk diet pop tea ahah yah
Smartass hot bitch got than not em anything em go ma'am okay gym go and they her Leo Murray go stop.usen my name really is JoAnna Dawn Kay Armstrong her kids live out Thur or if not wherever aha speak out clearly not understand it from nothing days Vietnamese food dog go pork chop aha watch Brock Lesnar kid Joann huh or who ever she has be Joann fathing her Akron have name it Brock not Barbie lander my wife magzines go ma'am like sceeter kids for reallocate lady go
Price not it book had Thur go man dah iy
clothes dah body idk Brock knows it out.
Pork Chop book magazine price clothes
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 08 May 2018 16:29:15 GMT
Sorry cut open down not da
Own Thur ..
Cut patch me up stitch pain . butt..
Not shit anything it days..
Seen wrong funny guys days em .
Stop Faber start her freckles non got but Jim Moore how television . Out here my brother looks me third Vila name him
JoAnn sorry everybody raped inveij now
But Zoey fuk town cry baby streeter lay ramp back home. Drugs into uncle go it
Not it come nice years jsill. Mental
Television stars stop pills ma'am
Not it cryn for now wait shit stool go
Guy actn lied before it her never her go
How went go hit before hit service yah did baby life how baby Lisa guy actn her look like guy sixx crew yah does go masm I'm brett raping now man not woman man now go . Always dah cryb Joann well my ass look got for me butt rape by jail emdays dah not got remade if em lol fun dogs out how got em nirgo she idk go lol
Not dog either Ilene brothers dah have me em days weirdos it out murdering go
Hurtn Iowa to Ames past years feeling em days missen touches Earle Thur Ilene ur proud it go here yah Earle know me not love yah I'm old guy man walk mine go it
Had head had em spit her decj puck fuk out baby shedo it out think out go Joan
Always Ilene go man
Ask for how got baby by life of her Joann never her tall enough to be his 5:12 6 foot beat it freckles teeth braces tiger woods teeth dah BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired yah had em u his Terry read back teeth bj teeth look em Tiger Woods meet em Ames helper Jaleel White House shutup how fukup it
Had em ilene fukup head arms body dah it told nirgo that out Joann kids her baby Algona spit face brothers dah
Body never had peirs body not I get man no get drunk dah no street not it to do so Joann know it not it up does slap wrong did not either fuklier fat look it
Come her ticket store put Joan. Not town Akron Tom ticket Terry one by law out da
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 08 May 2018 06:25:32 GMT
Faber look it my eyes vampires ..
I'm Scott Hall come mine rape me like my WWE Network yah yo chicko .. Nash nope go.. today u homes Steve Segal's brother Vince homes dah .. I'm Armstrong gal outside gates no lie dah idiots remove last name Faber on television well yah.
Please hert like Virgin ears idiots I'm BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired kid for real his life broa get gonna do brother.. get fan not an fan do yah homes come mine Armstrong pork chop yah her as I akton dah ass blow job huh
Sorry off ground hit from Thur school olympics Algona house dah moreion not try yis at home . Wording say tv it screens blk whit word out dah not back up down can yah Digi sucked a huh fuk fo u benj head mine ass clowns dah idiots be yah join party crash it go how goes hood g to top Hipp hops fell mergal back round tv stars day get my ass off aha Joann his life sista fatass Iowa Algona dah ugly bitch fuk yah who want ho feathers hood how get on court knee surgery.. get did that Rodman's it fan yah Joann potato mhm got Jordan dad up mhm. Yaaaaaaah it Joann wow wow go Akron bs dah idiots remove it shit not truth truth is lil.as hey how son Wyatt who u not good look it out mhm. No idea go to ask no questions asked it if care bout Wayne touch by email address screatch by yah rant about u yahs house go go do aha lol to up not not no whatever no peirs only one ears drop off the check out go
Dre fatass baby newborn fat too had kid Kelly em days baby life maybe that out how go . Following her round not non us go type fat people huh . Or roll died go
Durant go mask on ma'am Durant insultin no fat do em guys get it mask sayn chop huh get off ma'am coming my world JJ Busch gardens hoes garnishment it CK out bout it mhm nah yah do ma'am truthfuly bout Armstrong in deneration x Shawn a Jesse Armstrong my also to Joann sorry
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 06 May 2018 15:01:58 GMT
Congratulations to u guys.. gals all ages .. no lie sentence here it out..
Whatsoever businesses bout tis Ames as to Joann is reallocate ladies Johnson to baby youngest to Dwayne sister no shutup fukup bitch.. Iowa all John's and Snoop around to famouswait familie .. aha
Yeah .. come to mine JoAnna Armstrong go
Fukn world bro Britt Thur way Thur there
Britt factsuallity realized truthfully wherever Mark Senior if goin back how that goes went down ur g Armstrong we aids ahahahaha no diggy lie what up bro there niner hi honey how u today technically reality check iq is not high that lady like office out burn us out doors how goes har mhm yap went yah lol like it alot smart enough ass but out went doors go outdoors plat burn yah how that Joann smartass neighbor
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 02 May 2018 13:37:17 GMT
Realy insulting bout looking out..
Terry Moore sure give my mine knew how to raise us look was by Algona Kossuth County reallocate was .. why whom put man ..
For for Vila died sorry daughter as who bitch get away from it bitch calvie she is typing it Charlie sheen everyone abusing her shot Terry for lyin aids hiv under arm by heart go.. seen it .. sorry .
Doin the name of tis name Urijah Faber California Kid movie that em days go my world old my brother s old they're . JoAnn as pork chop everwho usen name smartasses on here butt be plug female got money do it Bush gardens go my world come within Cole stole life book the book everyone lyin kidnap states shit we all. Stop it right here right nobody had bathe ass clown sorry we not have in Iowa not retarded clown sorry paint face never had it πŸ”ͺ🍾🍷🍸🍻🍺 πŸΊπŸ©β˜•πŸ΅πŸͺ takin back south Kendall P accusing Joann as putting out south snow at window broke at Rich Boy appt told him I'd have appt Alzheimer's lies maybe baby goin down Joann bday guess get at em huh here out us Marshall over she climbed it afraid heights noway how no huh take down south bar prime Vick smile dogs can go can go idk never cat after from puppy seen window steaks
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 30 Apr 2018 03:47:25 GMT
Wall to wall not pictures ilene pork chop druggie sex πŸŽ† πŸŽˆπŸŽ—πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ€πŸŽŸπŸŽ« it go don't think so. Try talk it who had out in them days nothing it go symbols go :-* bs what that Joann u do it go.
Bs alive .. go :-D:-P=-OO:-) B-): -$(TT) :-! Not got πŸ’°πŸ’²πŸ’ΈπŸ•―πŸ—‘πŸ“ŽπŸ”žπŸ”œπŸ”πŸ”šπŸ”›πŸ”š it go today world year least someone klnotive it was on the phone with them back em days go lol mhm fast cash it was for her password for real not sayn names on here bout if you ma'am respect her go
Never fingure Ej Johnson son Maqic Johnson aids hiv positive response Joan yet go Bruce Willis redue snitch movie go . Man.. beatup fukup here . Wooow.
Rock WWE Network yah go streeter got hold em trash em out fik Cris it on homes . Wooow. Can not help em stop that stop right here right it on game man go
Kixkick Joan back paralyzed fukr go ma'am okay I'll try it circle judo go it Terry kicking ass knee hip belly head someone all twenty twenty jump em manarnds seen it . go hell I don't know.
Not I think listen it out Joan Armstrong calling snitch mhm mmm ahahah yah fuku put fuku mine me lance took leg mhm mm butt rape rock Joann try check back u what yah rude man she fat butches coutx what ribs broken arms legs hips cross bar pelvic area hips yah man mhm mm no fuku ur sayn oh oh that xciseget fuk here out ma'am be sorry check out u ma'am sure it out mhm mmm ahahah funny u eyes lady fat thing go got pork chop my age mhm mmm potato she u mmm fuk me it ahahahah meet ahahahahah Algona really did was chick look her all em out fuku women ahahahahauahagahahagay quite u mmmm fuk no thank you mmmm mhm Jaleel White he is check shut back mhm nah aha what not not it will work from the grade book and yah bullshit go c'mon bs Jaleel it backwards now lady who was it huh go
Can whatsoever but out your Killin me Manriengo go to call mhm mmmm no idea no idea thank you Gibbs go tell u Joan go. I'm Jaleel White em out mine how go go how mhm that on Thur mhmnmmm not watch shit clowns Gibbs nnn mhm mm no opp. Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 29 Apr 2018 12:57:57 GMT
See truth herd someone else everybody hold inside edtion major league 3 out and top gun 2/3/4 out now always go.
Whoamsoever .. hey not sisters brothers u guys gals in here. U sure Manriengo from video place it video 2001 . Huh yah come my world member name first very kid Vallorey only dlbert sound back bounce one Vallorey daughter. Huh kids hers out no nirgo burn daughter now go hear my go lady weirdo got her from daughter all life up adoption child support from Alberto Redondo Moore ma'am that his name go just WWE Network yah guy aha huh Thur Durant whoever date no Steve grandson Betty Moore her Thur to out me feel it that sayn line walk it talk out word kid Yas Judy that name Thur no talk self why dad Manriengo say here . Why Alberto Moore not Delbert it out . Huh nice grandsons Betty cause service think want there life so
Gal Alberto Moore an Hilaroy . Why that names sorry Durant not invited no Steve Viola is yah I know go . I'm Manriengo Payton Rochael Moore on oak in aptmt building leave her alone Moore go mams sures tops Jarod at l that at old man flithy guy man dirty man animals dah get cops guy what yah what I'm Dale marry me today Busch gardens huh sexual who friends Hilaroy no yah her name change up Thur went it go kel Kramer for kevin it that too idk go within me touch quite no like Charlie day piece aids hivs fuk fun ass clown got clean states show for job ahahahseenall out guys fans go hell make me come show tease normally Busch u r one prison huh it gazebo senior it go mom Hilaroy can't open from hood that it go fgure no maqiv out go em days mom Hilaroy bad ch ck say daughter do it go trash hores but Dale fgure imbaugh weig to Kevin blonde or Faulkerts go hi Kyle woods how u today man sorry bout it what it got mind store to player huh.
Nice round eminem both em bros two doggy doin both ladies round bout ways out side go round out round iy wat it nobody knows it go mergal go round like mom but it was black out guy threaten daughter olympics it flaut in band . Huh. Emdays ways
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 28 Apr 2018 05:11:56 GMT
Bode .. ck
..out ..
Let my out Clarinda my his mine ..
Cousin watch learn bring out Myers read ahah Casey ... Friend Joann ugly up ass dad sayn . Mmmm get up mmmmm
Fuk em quite no grewup act right dam it.
Look come up toad by Lemars not covering not no ur not lance racer retired all over town up u see it farm two it huh be it tonight it go hulk do it go huh light in it go not her dent car go man road Lemars doing right now baby girl it go
Bring out learn from tennis court how fhure it out go home involved tis answer mine Armstrong go racer URS tonight goalwas it go watching learn it huh lol
Goal post in coming to Akron not quite two miles coming to Akron get that nothing it tv stars go people tonight farmers dah tonight lol it is go sorry Moose goal post fuk ftball go man go be it yah aha no no David yah ask Joann fgure what man davis ftball ISU ftball no lie out Thur go yah that was olympics say get mad at me u know world goes do I do shit it out go man break ice unfrozen really does not work out either go round mergal round never fell down on it go u know bro definitely Dwayne Davis yah leave if pork chop yah boys neither I princess go ma'am I move breakup shit goim potato niece to Mcdermott go Greg where at wow wow shit at huh why ftball post Randy out it tonight who rm her gowhere my brother at Terry at Moore get Michael Moore sick book Thur be it lol be that go moon walk lady Lisa Presley fgure his shit go ma'am okay sorry upset over here chk out shit u cops like shit it outs Thur tear it down Sanders in August u play it right away anyway picture news idk how with go home involved u idk and south Algona love it nothing rat in Thur never Table nope ribs prime aga no beat it in book go menu talk pork chop genuinely care it goes down went see report days go lol it
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 27 Apr 2018 04:53:49 GMT
Pist on or pist off ..
Christmas picture two boys .. not as I born yet must died before my time . Huh
What an amazing experience it was . Mhm
Was after service think so go ahead burn it down boom boom room is still in a pumpkin spice latte Yas movie Rock WWE Network yah go mams sures no not want too. Off .. me not known dopin fries clean stay it see world nicki hulk sony ahah funny all Hogan go mam be it days Thur sister that be my day off so go lol funny it's been Iowa go lol mhm not funny man I'm sorry for real not sayn names on it go with tis one word answers to non it go SoS not sure what you mean it Mam's sures never been there before but it upon myself go idk how goes it today but realy it is a great idea witness to an picture not am not into picture xmas only two boys Kelvin and Kevin twin born 1976 go it not funny Kevin it look it short realy and Kelvin taller an Kevin removeby how permit on picture go
Leave it alone Thur Holmes lawyer Thur stop harassering Joann pussy back Joann why. Fuk wet ass go stop Killin me ready and tis stp knows laws lies in records of whom not mine Joann idk go all doin good clap hands raor raor go my song Perry go round go George as not boy huh Pratt my ass bro how ur nite Cato fuku lady crash your party baby lil all em woman lol go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 27 Apr 2018 04:38:53 GMT
Talk pussy Joann armstrong insane fuk it
Retard or something else it out huh.
Well.. ur her.. i don't know Ami ..
Wheresoever my cops u all .. aha familie mine at yahs fukn me as baby life how got em kids look it can I put my own pics of myself out help . Huh . Mhm
Whatsoever. But I don't know no more go I'm Mindy spear I got shot into there service my ass Thur think Mindy put think do school years Mindy huh flgo it
Fool gals work for teachers. Right like students huh what that ever gotn from school.algona that went Thur finish it I did ho go tonight come again self dig school east from here go har yellow black blue yellow go ilcc go bitch get way bitch purple yellow wolverine west Bend go still Joann go Leo Minnesota go
Living world year.. Jason found today go byself mine Joann Armstrong gal that building thru round streeters go fun gal I was Thur she did go ma'am cut up again streeter go and last year was aldo it was go Frie moose wherever they at Mindy playn my body go Joann huh John never before huh not real human idk how goes go c'mon love want go aids hiv go chk oh really jamcia funny how it Mark Junior never aids HIV go it go
Punches Mindy
Someone goes jail nobody spear so do lol
Not I my money from school.nope back from it lawyer's office as three what for who u .. 84 on not born too 1980 go
How go . Pants go nice never seen pussy before . huh
I'm just what ur into it go make any difference bid bit afraid so coming all book raping her family fedup god why.
Cuz say go fuk get drop u Mark ur no not she not I am go back here lier feet at go breech Joann brother hers Terry not good slow head fuk head breech ask Owens go
Nirgos doin kidnap her since brce not much Joann I'm guess ralim me gals school.have em kids too not television go gals from Joann Armstrong years huh truthfuly I'm sorry I am him Murphy as Eddie that doin name Neilson go now it be possible that it go gals bout all em ups party em times gmfunny death penalty of birthing em kids got ass clowns em it
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 26 Apr 2018 18:15:59 GMT
Kenny Pratt NBA retired on pills like actn actn vandam again or Shamus one boot Urijah Faber California Kid that uncalled for now did tis .. huh
Sitn here.. u guy
Okay.. Albright fuk hell happened again JoAnna Armstrong gal that ugly thing πŸ„πŸ‚πŸ‡πŸš΄πŸ„πŸŒπŸ‚πŸŠπŸ’ͺπŸ–•πŸ€˜πŸ‘‚πŸ›ŒπŸŽ…πŸ™…πŸ‹ hey yo no lie check out this website Thur do go man lol opportunity it go today world is doll house go mam s em thur Griemlin s go ma'am okay sorry it took Calvin her brother sayn is.. boot again sitn here. Went in Thur Siouxland visit John got it happen or Matt Gabel in-between just Thur doctors Wegher to Kenny yah just here cousin to vandam famouswait familie his home Akron Iowa ain't Joan Armstrong Olympic gal fatass ugly thing of beauty of Algona Kossuth County born ft ddg Iowa minding my business cowboys show bonaza .. that so .. why recycling chair by behind me.. gym too bit legs hips thighs why .. back shoulders chest Thur smartass not insurance cards Medicair Medicaid covers it's both why
Humana thru sneaker that planet fitness on Hamilton by manerds ..or anytime fitness Algona check it Thur
Ameriheath insurance YMCA payd em DHS one yah Thur Mindy ask it Algona covered in lemars Iowa why never been couldn't no lie not home time guards Uriah against Joann enemy stalker bout so-so fgure both em Thur hill. Out Thur Lori beat Thur or father lie fight yah yap gotake pick not Bush check out send it eight Thur beatitudes famouswait familie Thurs huh c'mon now go get r done go lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 25 Apr 2018 19:33:13 GMT
Voice box mine nasty basterd .s
Uterus by law from teeth braces carry out butyh it frckl.mom add short life legs how go guesses quite harass scream ahahah Joann fuk wrong u not my name
Three day not knew it week go rest period at ft ddg car Thur I do know ifk way or not go tell me it today go
Like know who u Makin URS go business okay huh oh go how it teach me word okay go pychic need it go look red eyes that em no pants Joann look at her go lol today guys body from her go ma'am I'm Calvin Moore as Armstrong huh got it her mhm. Really . Eggs from I like today pussy how doin it Judy Eishenbacher go
Someone yah think so how that go Irish idk Presley go we don't Pricilla go
Red eyes body no we don't neither shit back go today devil and lance cake it cool shit shutup fukup oh shot em man
No . Romero yo. Ft Ddg . Press Calvin bout joann.himself Shane tis bout jealousy pic Shane Jesus son bit h come give Shane have it fun fikr give fukr picture god Romero yo long Jesus crist something sin picture life lance .
Romero yo give jealousy bad selves but em Joann and u Shane yah Todd V . Rey c.
Miriam H. Yah Nikki K. Watch mam pic it
Porch another trust guy.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 25 Apr 2018 13:56:47 GMT
How how life goes beyond point it's
Mrs Mcdermott Greg in law..
As Armstrong
Here let her do it.. Wonder womanizer as u an as to Joann Armstrong school Tiger Woods as Ryan Woods com known it want that one em in years dead guy guards it sayn out Thur in me soso how go and all funny out my eyes weirds it today lol go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 24 Apr 2018 01:20:32 GMT
Pork Chop has Terry Moore dick cock
Was show pussy guess pad between leg how got it . Vd walk sat vd go .
Keep pigs us
Dog pig
U Jarod fat Facebook go repeat look on off Facebook it go meet on middle go loosen my mind how that go now man
Mhm not knew someone slave for word in television show s go white house document from ghost dad 2 boo why not that go Cosby sayn why someone sayn not had kids mix but not bid had kids but familie found ass brothers oh my God fuk hell in cell who in hell u r mhm..
Not wanna join dad today go funny farm been in hood d tops to it off be found pussy San how got it female to known ass BJ Armstrong Iowa City daughter u Joann his kid idk hey bullshit drink on me bullshitters got baby wiwo would get him dezel Washington who what hey what wait for us coming pork chop u his baby wow back em day Dwayne Johnson son Johnson son bitch famouswait familie hoog it go
Fat thing so Ej bro us USA k USA go Bab famouswait gay fuk AIDS HIV go ask Jo ur aunt tell yah go mam do go Maqic John kid give heart attack out Rock dam it I don't think so mhm Armstrong fuk string no no go fuk cherry blossoms 🌲 πŸ°πŸΊπŸ‘€πŸ‘…πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ’ŽπŸ’πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘πŸ‘™ nice women did Moore divorce oak Park
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 17:56:36 GMT
Story went got here Akron anybody business
How goes
Seen weird looking people known it right people in town weird
Like tis seen Jason Dent he seen me JoAnn Armstrong gal right play baseball game at yah go was Thur Bear game .
That fan Thurs Bear yah why .
Cause stick colors Iowa Hawkeye I'm Emmetburg Emmetburg E Hawkeye s too went school told got kick out better school wolverine west Bend Iowa put em Eric .
What check famouswait familie Thurs huh and weed doin I was in car Viola seen u into car am short one go Mam's sures out Thur not want go out Faber if bring idk go but anyways seen H. Patroits NFL book him by cops knew fight Faber jive it beatup me hired by Reed town Algona go
And Another three team players em Thurs
Now c. Panthers fun. Did but look round blow way familie his but not want him time Ames playn againist Iowa State cyclone bthem day not want he at mam Armstrong as Joann told him no drugs to streets mhm that do Thur henrey Yas wwe guy believe my days go hahah him go
Cousin him yah go c. Guy where u in doll u do met cut . Or something all I known sitn in cycling chair takin nap eyes closed guys gals came shots than scream tell after than before that yelling agrun yah was it in town came from huh Terry hotel go. Herd Thur what for not Calvin nothing male mber femalebiryb Junior high Algona Bulldogs School district where at Mindy mine Terry Yas think could be Robinson Yas Chuck I know her gal to him kids Yas cousin mam open records better service oldest boy brech birth Yas mom died think so Kossuth why transfer her idk two weeid in breather 1959 in wheel chair three year after w Yas Joann Jim had digestive think no want any by em who u in home c. Guy panther u know murder fam Todd her friends JoAnn tell u not want u why tell that one man lance out here way Iowa yah tell drop it man what huh Nan no where and fuk first name u not home guy c. Panther blow away look yah. U short like here man you him nirgo u do look him Panthers guy c. Murder his family go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 17:06:00 GMT
Hey lady mam
U want us bread store Makin place get right Joann .
Excuse us as Joann as I to an Frie mine Jason Dent yah . Brandon NFL panther no nah u behind us mam yah that how go mhm
Herd lately did we did bullshit never did it nope listen it yes mam behind today. Yah . Herd rumors three here huh
hah lady Joann . Mhm mmm Thur Iowa no retard wish was it kinds faulks be one. Come again world year own go u funny lady our eyes go come again mam behind counter. Well Makin bread take floor salt bakin soda and yeast pack one strip one square . And eggs . Go spoon mix hand mix u no . Sayn Brandon
Hey yo. Listen womanizer behind lier stop washing him Calvin friend yah do job no hits cops eat no non that where English pork chop. Talk manners numbers Jackson sayn it it get he did it no nah uesd fuk nope days world mhm
Non em Brandon . Who put Aston mouth date marry got divorce old lady open eyes recknize who fuk married to into who u mean how go. Old fart yah go Joann new one robbed he that yah get right food in too do what New York City huh go that like it think it know so much em kinds yah sound em no hits cops robbs no joke hood g to d tops no more old fart yah Joan. Tell em bitches off us no did it's em go mam sorry try it by no how went down she rob him Aston that how go down went u known it sayn right man agreement Calvin young lakeage yah not fun Frie Iowa guy kid no Calvin no ain't Aston nope why what's up u leave bitch bye old fart Viola Christopher u known ass right. Moore to Demi it go today at work told you so huh much it come from it my hood d to g streets hood from hers by Calvin yah time listen fukr who tight who's wrong always right it work out huh like pork chop how sayn I don't fuk know type it go copy it no Thur no not can go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:50:51 GMT
So. Maybe want one colors men maybe baby. How u don't know u me. Albright way go. And tis bring life here
White ARMSTRONG racer retired hey story balvk get Rock whatever snap bitch off Frie better than go who hell wrong mind talk bout that shot WWE Network yah hey new gri Frie watch mouth.. mam
Want baby two slap came through me yah did .. laugh Armstrong gal men why BLK fgure our family watch mouth us it go.
17/18 age Ej Iowa basketball yah piss clothes fathing ur familie yah go he to knew Steve Austin we did go we're dumb born yesterday either go ahaha think so try it weird snake look weird go it back
Guy kids dance . Line . And pocy dance.
Shit told em.. 3:16 than tell
Before yah yelllin get home Calvin moose get him Calvin . Cause get hand mam
How go went down eat Texas sound like go mam. Just . Steak glass.
Then tall chairs only got.
Before wear from no lie Algona oh bring four mom died no lie and died June guys corner took me wrong sayn that there em
That sayn stuff yelling after watch it in there Terry something jive not right fgure old lady elderly Minnesota he lived guy corner look her bullshit her sister man herd part and Terry understand that at em sat down tall chair Terry 74 age in 40 had me what I'm 38 goin on August. Would be bout right .
Healthy shit. Idk.. bouth twelve clock shit. But anyways talk life south Dakota
Then sayn why . Chk bout jaocb good life go help.u used vets get off it chearges cause nuts kids Terry murder hide out several year long time. Used vets bottle's for heart for temporary mind moods bout that Jacob go man. Court actually fhure story storvie in way with it south some leader alone if not end food Kentucky sound today came after what meet kid sound kid him hood him several had him town live in did it Terry kid Jacob barried farm south Dakota yah Thur non us go Thur end that mom say it no Joann . Nuts help.again Jacob used Terry vets mental oh Terry
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:34:18 GMT
Alona Gronbach
Quite fuk
Sexual abuse at her non business..
What fuk business
At Joann Armstrong..
Who sold car dent doors ..
And as sold leave alone .
Vin check information internet Google website play store
Who told her
Pelvic injury
Thurr fell bike baby life found in the star BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired
Right . So far.. come again
Nothing of ur shit .. behind counter ..
Don't shit ur coming from neither Thur.
Sayn Alona Johnson Gronbach I know baby life both pelvic fell arms broken baby birth ..
I herd
Joann no do not say that at lil Wayne u like .. hey ur mouth Poppi bday yah lady. On thin ice.. don't why neither.
And yah.. shit nobody lil Wayne black put black surgery u . U lady nuts ..
And nobody crzy lady that talk u at mom.funeral what u want is do that to u mam. U did shit .. got by with ur have urbday Joann Armstrong Iowa .
Oh shit .. all nirgas school everybody stare at her four two elementary four middle bullshit u know tis that one wheresoever shit like nirgo in Algona Iowa . Kossuth idk . Never nothing it go
Sorry. Ur nuts and crazy
And we sayn u different town bring in town Algona nirgas go em days yap she did nirgas in town. Siouxland packs go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 23:06:03 GMT
Traspassing Scott Bear Creek Rd on not my side town heard enough at Joann last life time.. to at her ..
Say Tom had Jason Faber living Bancroft Iowa Thur. Why tell yah .
Hardy had married him. Go my gal Thur.
She her as Joann say it her Thur switch kids not Viola Armstrong daughter in 1980 in August 13 1980 same as George fourth grade school her go too it how go now huh what's our plan is not working properly it go today world with in nirgo want see em takin nirga go streets smoke in join it foll.it lick it go farm aha to face out it was the same service mine pink eye s grown be Germans mesles had em days how got em deceased kid bsbt by Matt and who now lives by bay or Sheila had em go and Melody Parcel gave to Joann Armstrong her an that Sheena was pregnant was with Joann at time Steve Moore first baby u r his than At home mine find ur kids father u terry seen it CPAP apena need machine sorry mine Joann Armstrong maybe go okay neighbor guy north by chrome us his friends name Brian Pilman
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 20:06:53 GMT
Iowa Hawkeye all u all em fans of us against all fatasses out shape women within kids whatsoever call.not ever have nothing it not gotten nothing lies sayn known as nons not herd BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired from Michigan right never herd em nothing not never have not heard fukn lie not nothinemsil address is correct but not known Ej Johnson City Hall to get not nevermind I'm not never not Iowa City Hall fame Mike Davis got it ol girl friend aight it right oh aha
Lil lady right meet Noth them in life yap not had em Iowa City Hall ahahahaha.
Not known bout talk shit out piss it too
Whatsoever but I'm going it idk how much longer do got it go how goes story her olympics gal that ugly thing store sayn BJ never Iowa got don't em in Iowa nope never herd it sorry for if name she it. Mhm ahahahahah Algona sorry I'm artistic autism can ahahah can tell it out up lol
Fuk her nope my friend nevermind then haha yah nope gir one em Detroit player need other got it though so ahaha and it πŸ‘…πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ‘™πŸ‘‘πŸ’ that emm right now realy em his tealy it go em days ago best regards frie life be broa sistas c'mon man aha yeah seen it was piss jersy blam em sayn sayn he did it t go yah go go up em lol player do yo they do aga Khan academy Iowa can corn it fun shit herd oh lol it let go aha yeah
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 19:41:05 GMT
Yah did autograph sure honey..
Faulk . Walker
By Terrance Moore past years like dad ages his Beny as Calvin Armstrong not vikngs fan no
He was an Redskins as Washington
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 19:38:02 GMT
Never glouash
How Go .. Debbie sayn Nelly as tis guy name him from ftball Nebraska cornhuskers ho really do sayn olympics sayn smartass hot for what sayn she say she he sayn they sayn were hot go ballon seen it go.. store Dunham's .. land
How goes Joleen Fish lyin Webb
How my friend Sami Williams in head if her do crin for tis sayn words out as of do needs pills for truthfuly mam Thur Kevin missen plus Steve Moore thisπŸ“£ most in life . Man well do it head after removed by u all at funeral how pussy now removed do it sayn tis touched after head nirgao seen it Brandow afterwards seen her fat baby stepssister Steve happen be there in Des Moines from Siouxland millionaire land boy boys Thur help.out her bestup Pratt Armstrong Moses Mosedley White him doin it cannot care herself can do it seen it head hers causes need braces em times life so perfect need braces or cause no alcohol.in moods to drugs need nerves too huh why wanted her funeral pops old guy huh. Right sayn lyin in television stars. Thur top hill before you knew em Thur right sayn Limbaugh say it Clark and Armstrong gal huh fries shot kid Karen mhm. Replacement for me go through it go today wash it nor have there Beth cases it up out go how goes back days lol beat it not seeat s it world go round hood go. Lol.moore no can get signs paper Vikings fan em d days too
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:15:05 GMT
I known cell or nor mobiles quite selling on shelves catch fire that my mom Viola Armstrong and I as Joann Armstrong gal that ugly thing not want nothing to own to have an cell phone..
Look.supwr 8 hotel in Algona member police scanner fire call. Look Phyllis Burlingame name owner of place Thur niece owner of place sorry Holtz Edith in Iowa in Kossuth County.
So.. mam sures .. to mams
Hell problem don't get fedup bitchness u sayn huh what yah . Dah today .
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 23:43:13 GMT
I don't how ft ddg goes dah clowns sayn I not known IAM Braggs New England sorry Susie lived fort Dodge New England ahahah air cough mouth BJ Armstrong sorry . Burn him . Mam
To trash burn trash Kelly sorry fly it bestup butt raped by Joann Armstrong dyhgrant .. do. Really was burn real did Iowa. Thur cause abuse familie hers sayn killed dead kid boy her mom but was girl kid really guess died really year 1987 her baby die u die Kelly my mom Joann Armstrong gal Mindy class years supposed been year graduation may buy june was realy idk how go retard set-up it up to tops hip replacement name go Facebook pork chop faty kid raped as child how hot h trash look burn body white bore brode Armstrong nitgo Iowa u talk bout huh blow job yah em . Go as butt ass ugly rude light it up burn him blew up in face go I swear it him super 8 Algona u know tis right . But not Iowa City at time first was olympics was from held soso Thur from towns Thur talk bout soss
Yah. Go no child retard lestning ugly fatso was pretty hot baby . Go lol. Dogs top dog meet nirga Leland how go nirga not no biggie just wanted to check out u man bout rent gals teeth cover welfare idk how go Lipps cover by welfare by burn Taurus yr was 96 maybe baby and I baby in before yesterday was last time trlr caught fire was 2004 back why but it really Kramer to idk if not knew rent cause it love my idk how go Linda ho go lovemy daughter bout her rent gals mhm.
Not one myself sickos yep eight fun live really 14 my idk married idk steps had video one lady ssun 14 took how go film. One. Lady no father for gal go mhm Albright cribs or 20 or 50 moment
Oh strong hero in one em.my life or 14 of em puppies got be smart enough for service miltary no retard artistic autism face Thur go I need one life
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 20 Apr 2018 23:29:55 GMT
Excuse Me from.
Whatsoever sayn Dennis Graiphus from town Algona.. want Joann Armstrong on I known not nuts craziness neither now thur to tis however it comments questions bout my computer was in library was to her JoAnna Kay Armstrong freshman 9 that grade year of Algona High and yah actn her mom JoAnna Kay Armstrong maybe supposedly to herself as Mrs wife Maqic Johnson from California that went ahead kids to her Joanna Kiester than that not first name year her was tis one Quite plsyn her heur nothing to u self beatitudes famouswait familie Thurs huh c'mon over the really nice stillin stop at sayn it up to the jail not sure how to make it work out either how Calvin in Johnson that nirga what that is one skin take off that year to today man stop bullshitters on here get piss off assholes u Durant how go year 1964 or 1966 after Joann born year 1953 by Vallorey Kramer ft ddg eggplant parmesan cheese cottage white male boy go but nirga came out kids Thur eat it Durant pork chop do. How go. Terry not like it cootage cheese huh go..
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 14 Apr 2018 22:34:18 GMT
How fat newborn baby look like nirgo here Calvin goes seen stepssister want for ur but blonde how goes but lie truth Kevin bullshit not ft ddg sayn her not her go prove it can car storm weather in Algona go summer phone say sunshiny day out go monkey not nah bullshit stormy weather go how to ft ddg get Thur idk hi number 3 to all tis sayn it nah bullshit day 13 bday of pork chop that preschool in park Burt name her Burt at Sony uncle bullshit heren wrong it go never it how go went down go in all monoah then that it start go huh walk it went home day it bday his king nah shit it ho bro go sistas to u Buu fukr streets mhm mm what u got mhm mm sayn known her crow mhm never got it go that way mhm how Curtis man lol actually have been it real Tina before it go huh really good lance nah Carroll county Texas butt plug u did all nirgo Crow Sheryl bitch yo shaun anto better u than u Cole go idk to lier em Bros dah idiots
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 11 Apr 2018 17:37:13 GMT
What happen in Iowa ..
JoAnna Armstrong really Jim Moore talking on phone. Mhm
Really u in someone home..
Why.. looks like been Beat up as child .. and get tis Terry Moore non us outside State Iowa living.. mam
U had teeth colors braces rubber band kinds have pictures . Not u guy in out New Jersey in of Delaware I've called em.. up construction Thur .. man
U guys get tis whoam guys u .. huh
Sorry.. my both three my brothers died actually four . mine go
And that Terry died as goin Kentucky.. no try whoam u boys I. Em them lies of 1960's .. huh
That .s us Armstrong to twtn boys ass Calvin twin idk how go guy . Man
How it's goes mom had borthers n 1954 to up 58 that Jim from Steve in middles go.
And that us ass Armstrong kids in years 1965 twin boys Kelvin twin Kevin Thur it how goes .. truthfuly yah lol haha mine me crash you party . Huh
How mine in day year Rock who u . Mhm
Mine ass em pork ass lance racer retired cyclist u reword no retard go mam right . Aha. Huh what u mouthy so sayn gay how goes .hm year em huh mam ur year Kelly to yah same age mhm right got it lol
How go Friday I'm pork chop wdnesday mhm. Be 13 to u manin Iowa but lime green idk how my life goes yah guess it goes it way go Thur sorry wall to wall ft ddg yah go Iowa labor mom. Bent had same Beny fuk u problem mom sayn piss off go wow . Go mam feel it go lol ask me it bout fat piece fatass ugly thing he fuk .. lazy piece shit turd go Harmon Armstrong u watch ur mouth mam. Boo
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 10 Apr 2018 11:48:10 GMT
Ur guy knock out cold as nirgo on layn floor.. go. Bush light that Bush go.
Not I Joann Armstrong just tired of stalker following from Algona thought was nirgo .. guy an tv star ..
Really came from mansion BJ.. not live Thur.. go Armstrong don't not Dennis kid either.. Luis Armstrong it is fuku.. get woman get Faber u too all Iowa look it up like Jordan .. go what blind flod back em days was an mom sayn did pregnant by him.. daughter get Iowa go leave Iowa City .. broa Davis .. man shot it politics bsbt I do come dallas by soso army did in on go shutup it go and all u big shots businesses huh bout Armstrong why Brian to Joann name pork why she shot em days here her family was Moore told Deb tis that here boy not boy now girl how pussy have birth lil Wayne really all leave tv Lee Simon's picks stars shows not ur app sayn who u Jarod massage no coming mine sure u pit into her .. need it by not kill u like Beny fat fukr . Try it com badd ass self lady get him yah Joann did it too Beny head took hers teeth face green eyes plus freckles on face that head hit board computer board huh. Fancy teeth it head prison too . Up mhm what book love .. huh hahaha . Lol air mouth tis today brnu head took from put him want but not go prison but went . go not sayn already switch sex change blood go put chuck Thur railroad chuck .. that bullshit gp
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 10 Apr 2018 05:25:44 GMT
Excuse me. Me inda land day Akron whenever you get tree down out back. Mhm
Not mesnin. It mhm it go u know tree back yard mam to from tery rent from u home Main . Hop it . Mam . Yah when chop. Tree out back yard . Man Linda
And tis more ur words man . So get dish what tis . Tis satellite nothing men bout right. Right mhm. Up mhm never go
Up u at. Deion father jood too knew it walk talk it yah we know atmct like he it u go . Gal u Armstrong. Wife mam lol me JoAnn Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah go get him in here . Be mhm right now like not mhm no don't never here raciest mhm .. what u think it
Y'all at who u .. mhm mhm no not BJ Armstrong white Armstrong bother nitgas where Faber and farmer and go truth to City Hall right cloud no mhm wow who know u cowboys mhm got brown Giants go excuse me JoAnn gmfsn team too was Cadillac Williams thank you yah Bucs too mhm why u get at Joann Armstrong hook go baby first world rock eve yong frie meet mine guy Lance man racer huh nice hat go guy friends rock josnn fatass was Kelly cought her go Thur ages say it mam if be then in tv home Terry Moore Akron Iowa go mam Viola Viola Wilson youngest one Joann fat thing knows all you yah phone BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired teeth payd go hm mm no not go I mhm never I not Rob u fuk to but put it homes mhm not think so BJ cmon again more it yo BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired hi Lance voice box remove yo Faber shot out before it leg lance cousin tv yah why cancer leg diabetic and all.life baby newborn fat baby born life it go man it mhm . Go . Joann green eyes too freckles teeth braces clrd brcktd yah Joann kind mouth had em now covered gear mouth go mam they today no Joann mouth yah no Joann pork chop can had get had em it forget bout u guy gal mhm dctr told pork chop not check lied go not trust Judy old lady go mam I took u go mam
Her picture faty face school wants no do go what u who u give Joan Armstrong gal Leo Murray go mam life touch school pics
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 09 Apr 2018 00:11:20 GMT
Nah.not putn nothin down.. pro
Elvis.. hata was after service fatso ..
Mhm .. is huh .. Yas .. yah too it ups.. go .. Ben u up it on har ... No
It.. is dah .. listen it's pretty dah Bulls go.. ma'am okay to be an in military and either way is good for real not sayn names do it go to all had em up jealousy cars and the grade pretty sure that was to short height is go man lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 08 Apr 2018 04:43:07 GMT
What he'll bottles used for than far piece of shit ..
Go hell bout me .. guy stop Western college right here right now time like tis .. lies movies again go threw lie town Bush tis time Poppi on koann to toann bday u fikn bitch ass King b.b familie to him into the DVD westside go
Ur all stepssisters step brothers go like 16 kids go yah different last llnamr huh name
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 07 Apr 2018 16:57:01 GMT
No I'm doctor veterans them bottles not for aids hiv not that try heart reflexes as acids .. spices to peppers
Eat fukn em peppers eat species fukn go mam have heart attach send in Alona Johnson Gronbach go mam
Terry Moore home okay . Need down Calvin straight up her . Get Him Thur be it go
Give her retalin wrong doses in Joann go
Killin her off her Joann Armstrong gal.
She shut up man I'm Dean to Rodney to black guy how like like it rip off Joann nirga talk it round her time go fatass took by have CDs music by mouth teeth braces had em days fuk her faty face too jealousy cars that wires mouth need em fat thing Thur come it pants Joan say Moore to Angie her but familie go mam tis on here believe it her Angie Foster now it marriage now go voice Zoey jealousy over Joann go man's sures today go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 07 Apr 2018 10:43:38 GMT
What hell supposedly made by what ..
I don't think so. Try again soon boy lier son u lie fukr son I'm Beny what aha at Viola Christopher ex Moore punks ur fries knock off fuk on here not know much as I do good sure good enough for dog nice step ass go there now dog bitch I say not I say that's abuse just sayn I'm an dog like pic I'm like worth more like dogs nice picture kid send me u send Joanna to kid BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired get by mom or say stinky not baby fat newborn had birth her Joann Armstrong gal but did man seen it Ames em days bout pork chop go
Hey man u call her that kid BJ that nirgo kid white black baby never had school enroll caused haird head or doll wrap too plus skinny under it black brown skin to againist wanted him Iowa his shit they ur daughter JoAnn and BJ John claim wanted his shit did too go man u tripn like me bro get piss man sayn retard to top it off with this monkey business to not read me bro bullshit yah that too where at mam oxygen grave bro lyin dyin tryn dyin right maybe how die right I don't thing too fgure out that one Thur man put away for this mental mam bro nirga son Jaleel in glass seen Michael like it in baby life mhm me Joan mhm black John seen it rape me who mam pork chop Junior how that mam repeat JoAnn Kay Ibut plug Wendy in front my first
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 05 Apr 2018 09:33:34 GMT
I'm Andre young from over here Siouxland
How all of yah nirgas ..get never sayn tis to still take em out her pants days too. Remove . No
How r nirgas get freckles on body now. Younger ones. Wheresoever at em eggs. I known have it . go
Ate em freckles em gal fat thing in mid east map of Iowa north gal olympics Algona Iowa Kossuth I wanna pic on her for bit. U know it right all nirgas to em younger one under my grandkids ages beging born now. How kids get bodies that mhm. Have it be her panties go lol and teeth em too perhaps it go I know talk bout fatass πŸ’ chick em mhm truth be told bout her Joann gal think her go Lance Armstrong pink him too go man lol actually have got em kids younger ones under my kids ages now born made how get em panties go like see tis πŸ“ how lol go be hair go never BLK hair brown chick not seen it tkought red brown black three it kinds mix to some blonde go he funny brother want care his mom em days think he could of gave gotn in panties stepssister thought know want have in to her cause teeth carry after em go huh and both older ones my ages thought upon beyond point lie sayn Nirga go had her by mom or another sayn sister go but realy dirty guy kid mom and Thur sister go look it mhm truth he same ho go bro not talk now mhm moose come my doors go give rest got back her freckle plus top teeth crkd em shirt females no changes sex get go get it go someone tell her go real ones no hospital go moose WWE man
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 04 Apr 2018 07:01:58 GMT
Excuse guy to u.. Snoop Dogg rapper guards stick Joann bit go.
Hanna stop go than if know it Hanna in Algona Iowa . Guy answer tis how write bout in Akron get brain in head on shoulders that BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired that his child she Akron Iowa yah u Hanna as Cody herd board on here land rent aptmt long time ago guy sorry like 12 yers go ink be that Thur no more how get on board there ink not last long u man have an special not it type it is guy but like it im sure like know it SoS
I'm Snoop Dogg Calvin Broadus okay okay all virgin go now dam it go fuk as child believe BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired fuk dog king u believe edc slow go oh my dad good fat ass who talking go
U edcn kid go need it who u mhm u not know like it known it go when you guys coming from go man tell u all no piss go keep tis go mam sure go yah do t try it guys funny weird looking at out go mhm
U not edc kid gal better not had man lol
All over on farm on long road three or five brothers to two four sisters in home yellow big one blck big home go
Eight bdrm house ten car garage go lol
Sheds garage's that funny brother pickup at that one town someone stranger lost picking into window . And that not Joann familie dout it if did that go man that uncle to we all known her think so Thur in laws Joann Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah dout it Jim do it man someone fuk up head go bout someone in attack here icet is neighbor guy that go man all funny Snoop Dogg go from too nj stt too. Newark NJ Thur part Delaware NJ sos yah Jim Moore live out Thur marry my as I Snoop Dogg u Calvin Broadus as third cousin Houston stepsister go Gail Smith NCIS Cool j brother go piss get that way come go try it dog .. type want gonna man u funny too buddy go Faber name em go lol how many shit doin go man Sheen old guy. U funny old guy . Go jackass .
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 03 Apr 2018 20:50:22 GMT
Interstate .. from Akron or Fort Dodge way . Humboldt to Lemars highway behind hospital in Humboldt on road on 20 hey.
Go that way. Interstate calld I-60 to right turn C12 to Akron 8 to 12 stop signs go corner think left turn to Akron corner go right into town Akron past Casey.s just new town ready upon town side road put tis one goin Lemars . It's founds found roads I Terry looking for smell it shit ain't from here idk knows it go someone talk her founds even Hamilton Blvd south turn right on Kum go station and to like past Popeyes to corner of Safelite glass that at on corner left from Thur not left straight go to the second to last light stop Hamilton turn left by vetenary hospital clinic go down to last stop light take to Maynerds no Kmart closed last year in March 19th Thur . Planet fitness out way huh Dunham fries his kid usen name McDermott leave alone Douglas Dunham from here meant it go haha found him lol get hurt cry like step movie get help alright it be go before Chubb Country store like that coffee club in Thur come again go
But anyways
Back teeth cleaning year ago.
James d. Buttermore south Sioux City in Nebraska ..
Left from interstate in Dakota city avenue ..
Take college think name is
Western Iowa Tech Community College back left from gas station on corner toward Fort Dodge
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 02 Apr 2018 22:30:01 GMT
Ur confused hot y ur confused hot water heater.. I'm Cody Rhodes ..
I'm agreement in here in town Akron Terry home.. if nirga kid mix not go.
JoAnna Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah go back aids hiv positive Thur matters show too. Sayn BJ Armstrong yah man SoS
Nice mam please shut her mouth if come go. I know nirga mouth too don't I honey
Huh watch kid . Go wherever here tonight Siouxland kick my way in now go lol
Yah. Hair is blk brn . Mix ble blk Thur mix baby black nirga on step of Terry go
Mhm. See least add no freckles not see it stink nirga her body sweat of it . go
Okay. Terry who u touch man. Not go
Joann they shot dead on State Street in Algona Iowa . Had that Jaleel call him for if press charges at me put teeth braces kids teeth need em that mom ur as child . Fat baby newborn baby cry all time for David Flair cause mouth need in mature growing pain in mouth go JoAnna Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah go mams sures tops hips hops cannot stop thinking upon it go today world year least see if do like if story fries Joann ur mom told do add from ur age of capture of found by state California to town Aultin and that year was 2009 age ur 29 hers JoAnna Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah in September 14 day that go do tis add now 34 yr out today from them guy lady got prison of capture of Dugard been that years many go that be her age today from ground if here bout ur mom Joanna Armstrong add from 29 age to year 2009 and that tis to it 34 today out many years em guy lady go 29 + 34 = SoS be 64 yr old be JoAnna Kay Armstrong as BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired yah truthfully had pant of Jaleel White yah he say mom her Vallorey Moore put teeth braces her go mam no lie lol. See tonight u wonder it out him . Go mam
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 02 Apr 2018 17:05:09 GMT
Yah.. Vick meet em baby as fat newborn get in at nirga. Watch. Huh need on here ur broa mam. U known huh
Sayn nothing sayn it anything . Aha
That was fat newborn baby. As potato Jo
Oh boy. That Armstrong and want an baby as baby life sayn Iowa at Ames mommy care in olympics as in preschool right Algona Iowa Kossuth bulldogs chick and sayn tis in word up sexy fat chick huh.
Right. Yah yah get tis BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired yah Bulls goin be huh.
Like .. matters need u . Ma'am.
Watch nirga hair . Watch shit Faber . go
Armstrong Friday es BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired yah man come again bad self. Right ahah . Can house get done too go. I'm own fan yay here block fukn house full. Horse buddy. Go fukr
Armstrong white got big don't yah .
I do Iowa fat baby now yet adult BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired loose it like of ass on donkey call jackass it if seen it be less to no draq queen wher at mhm. Knew bullshit BJ Armstrong bro cool shit em days White whiny big for..aha
Still party oh. Shut. Oh Man
I'm life his. Yah . Go
Plus as green eyes still broa short fat freckles fat gal. Crook twist she go no lie . In law moose her fat thing .
Bj Armstrong change that Johnson mine u but out . Go mine business and BJ u know it ups. Go we piss. Iowa. Mhm
Aha. Ej hell u doin u change BJ em days play ball in on court . Huh mine u . Ok
Thur. See how he goes classy fat thing go. Take ur other brother leg. Aha.
Hey. Who go gonna go do up. Thur . Go
Bj . Answer it man whoam . Man c'mon it.
Iowa City now go.. someone fukn ur shit and or whatever you need it mhm kid gal olympics Algona Iowa Kossuth thinking upon it go with tis it . C'mon man aha
No not tripn go . Who gonna go do up mhm
Whatsoever not know u know it read very good go . JoAnna Armstrong gal Iowa go.
Get off. No I'm not go . Whom man yah get not than we go do it someone yah funny shit dah go lol too tops mhm sos
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 02 Apr 2018 14:26:32 GMT
Guess non us knew her ..
Beat up. Child growup bout her.. here us Harmon invilved it. Bc Joann Armstrong sayn like want it bout u mam
Ur birhplace ft ddg Iowa . Wbstr and ur mom whoam she as Darla Cantu and He as Paul Brees there peirs to u mam . Huh
So. Beat up. Wrong kids other words it.
Paul had nirga famouswait familie although not sure what to make of it go
Now. Suie I'm Paul Brees . Mhm
Can I sue my own sitter famouswait familie hers it kellyann or Kelrine huh
I'm Paul Brees there. Why Paul Brees bout his kids black. As Joann. One kids his . See it can be his here go mam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 02 Apr 2018 03:10:55 GMT
U really someone kick ur ass ..
Do u . Mam
Dwayne caugh . Air mhm
Aha .. mhm caugh okay White
What man. Who dwayne Armstrong at ISU ftball. Now talking bout . Mhm
Me dirty faced to sisy ..
Seam to me u know nirga alright who that
.. Jo he talk to u . Go mam
No.. John he in WWE Network yah well tryn dyin skip the meeting go lier mhm
Armstrong of baby bro blow job . Oh that guy. Yah .. mhm oh forget it pipiles .
Aha . Whoaw . Right . No go mhm
Mmm don't think crazy think I'm nuts ahha think don't think so . Go
Come again like ur sayn on here go mam
Forget get it line ur dad ur lady ur nuts ahahaj..lol Thur Zoey niece from me to u happy Easter of us kids Zac Zoe go
Mam to u aunt Jo , and Terry Moore uncle. Thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 31 Mar 2018 18:21:44 GMT
Traspassing ..
Where couple month ago back.
Handicap persilty . U fukn dumb ..
Ur guy sayn tis my kids not living there not retards neither that place is go sorry had dogs cats think dating me lady . Someone else go
Sorry. Penny knows u than . Huh
Here Zoey x
Clinic eggs past kids Rock WWE Network her guess not no brothers guess only child kids cousins mouth to em aunt's uncle's kids go guess lies bout it go
In eggs huh Zoey now answer it now go
Cole sorry Cole not word it go got had doctors go no idk don't go sounds known typing keyboarding tests never had it go years school that Cole famouswait familie go not fuk Cole am I Rock of tis WWE Network yah go get here touch me kids mom head Joann pants uterus ovaries go belly bag carry Makin it huh lance typing it go Cole Foster look forward not u fight Crow singer of my ex wife her hudband go Jackson there it now go say it go mams sures ho forget there marriage yah there put jail let know it famouswait although it here tv stars what fuk just readup who hell r u mam
Yah Beny as Joann to tis gal on here child past touch like said dresses gals nirga words at go known more I do and Crow singer ex wife now go dad aha funny gals no shit beinging lier nirga go lol
U all funny weird go took only three dad out prison go like that hore go all Ingo gals ho ass em go ladies lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 30 Mar 2018 21:15:32 GMT
Excuse Me..
Denise Chase singer as to Chevy Chase ..
For real familie to fries in law to family my family to em her typing it go mam. Viola daughter go youngest one curls BLK brn hairs crookd teeth fix by welfare. Bill Clinton pass it back rm days do so Thur . Now what oh what.
Miss out freckles of Jim on body his stepssister JoAnn Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah typing it go truth go
Yah. Only thing used u all nirgas me here it our feel me upon beyond point tis . Need for my mouth brackets talking within it never guys words wheresoever now come again within nirgas sight by seening like ugly women go
Thought all.jobs u nirgas rappers go but job words like ass skint upns go oh that it on paper in screen in cashier register screen fill It feel me in u all sayn now what huh . huh drink coke dah
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 30 Mar 2018 20:42:44 GMT
Can sleep apena drive ..
Oh member at party shit em days.
Get get otho done need it too.
Oh live cause nobody get along u mam
But u do live over there nobody lie really . Lie bout . Whatsoever.. huh
I known Ami not allowed me in there go
Oh boy.. being death penalty really truth know it truthfully . huh.
Yah lies no truth not truth slap selves now badass Thur bout all them stories bout me . Sayn do so tops hips hops stop not that it .. go
How come answer get otho under sleep apnea that patient has it go she can it see people here go they not sleep go
Patient sleep not at all. Go asking any athletic to it tops hips hops if wherever out sports all not it go lol all know where out for sports breathing test is part in sports go mhm
Who know up Joann Armstrong knows lol go it truthfully test on lungs and heart go sleep apena too brains to kidneys as tos muscles nerves systems dah snoring too
Mhm right come again lady as I am her Joann Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah snoring how. Pork chop ahahah Judy lol wherever at readup it Terry Moore lol
That Faber huh known it bout shit lol
I sayn more u all do pork chop potato do knows more test sports go armstrong as alive that thing as Beny ugly thing it beat gun it Calvin Moore huh Armstrong gal to u fatass thing get guys done go
Hey zah get done sports go breathing it
And Zoey ur for it go mam kids Scott mhm
Breathing go yah Cody kids Lacy kids to Brandi to kids go Melody ur closer Urijah go drop now go aird face mask go probably that go string ehoungh huh air that go not pants Joann. Go mom had it Joann go mask face it go ahah lol
Air actually of the body mother air kids has face mask go Joan put on Face at night go never miss day not strong air she is meanist kids 6 mom family go lol as I Terry sayn is mean as Joann lol aha
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 30 Mar 2018 17:19:49 GMT
Dead she really is cannot find body of Joann tis .
She say Ilene Misehloff never herd anything nothing s that woman . Go as to an Joann Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah I Ilene Misehloff was that body too.
Big fatass to fataso .. sorry
Algona Community School District ..
I'm nope . Fine truthfully told story about the shit. Goes
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 30 Mar 2018 16:29:38 GMT
Excuse me I'm talking bout to guy north state over from here . Now Go
Try guy Minnesota for real comment truth
He did stepsniece to out step niece stepsister aunt that he as brother mine to wedding back em days married stepaunt to out niece famouswait familie although not sure he Married it keep.askin if she is her to out niece but one aunt.s by second marriage of Bush to his dad Vanderhemel . That went goes down in all already famouswait familie in law by Moore dayghter to us sorry brother in law by her our niece why did that brother . Huh what for . Oh what fun it would sayn known as nons known for being willing to do so much and have seen it before but realy are going meet up for a pumpkin pie mhm . Thur
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 30 Mar 2018 16:22:32 GMT
Possiblity Truth
That brother married in law already famouswait familie although in law stepaunt to niece his her stepssister that brother mine married .. that stepssister an step niece of mine aunt my brother . Fukn bitch . No lie actually factuality reality not marry to nobody here in tis home.. huh
U guys full not nothing like my dad Thur and that u going with her but how goes it that truthfully told story. Sorry guy for upset on here . Man no lie go broa
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 29 Mar 2018 22:16:11 GMT
Pussy back going ft ddg .
Dyin Thur. Screaming . Dead Thur go
Sorry. In home cop in never Akron an police ahaha
In town slap real did . Scream police in don't town . Now Go
Actn . Fuk pussy has dick office.
Sorry . Start somethong within bout herself Mindy go get fires school not I JoAnn Armstrong gal go all lies to Mindy face go . Plus Phyllis and Judy
What not female. That go say ft ddg go
Changing all time ahahah funny guy voice female it go handicap one sayn it no air in between voice Thur but are into voice go niece . Best not Joann voice beat Scott kid Ashlee ho get Ms pills sayn bj hot gal. Brackets teeth sorry mine head as to I'm her Akron Iowa Joann Armstrong go come again Thur not no service paper hey let her do it go guess non that huh
Floyd URS huh Joann. Scream like u all not known it ups . Go ahahah whose huh
Smart ass mouth slap it huh
Put back on head to Joann Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah freckles to head match chest and back waste Thur including belly Thur ass yah why want it go. Deb cutter in family . now go
Mhm. No idk . Try looking someplace other not have shit look at dogs scums .
Hey guy. Not Irish not germans has it go
What made u all check it go
Did yah Makin me out it. Do not have it.
Guy. Just it . On him show upon beyond all point that sayn Jim Moore huh and that not allow my stepsister typing nothing & better have remade my Jim Moore body againist all tell yah Thur go
Who . U guy . My stepssister JoAnn Armstrong she yah she remade half brother Jim Moore body freckles to short height to braces brackets mix schutter as Eischenbacher teeth haird eyes grn was blonde rusty brown dirty blonde to blk brn cramp . Female to ovaries all her Thur Joann . Kevin blonde Thur yah Thur why. Want for . Point it . Mhm all weird seen out my eyes mind me up rings and come Faber tryn Makin out me here feel me here me out today. Mhm Read very good here neither what come again it man
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 29 Mar 2018 19:13:53 GMT
Hey yo
Woods talk yah. Kylie as girl name.. as Kevin see u not dead got diploma here go and tis ur years Nate ur not try Randy Bode guy get Thur go man try him sometime up that road fguring say Judy why guys be in 20/21 age grad. It go
Kids Viola Christopher ex Moore as Armstrong . Don't f'gure out math it go
Okay. Asking her whensoever I get home grad. Cerouis here. And better right go
I witch one out there up north hill by college school took care his mom.. em days . Now Go
Right. Cakvin Moore as Armstrong actually pick on him cause no nothing em in school.in 1997 or 1996 not to 1995 sod right guy. But ur Scott bear gay not want in year that cause someone else everybody is the case female on u guy go
Nobody not doin that u guy Armstrong yo Calvin to an Moore or him have her family not missing anything please don't
Sayn it upon beyond point it that one is Sheryl Cole at time had Scott Bear Thur plus prom 1994 Algona huh aha did truth than after kid four kids two boys two girls had Randy Dicks go yet so thur
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 29 Mar 2018 19:00:10 GMT
Excuse me . Off walls lil bit..
Okay. Joann Armstrong gal that ugly thing yah so u guys what knew it all. Okay, Class of reunion 20 years Annevirsary Algona should over here. Riverside Park in Siouxland.
Park hold all us and Target Center why . But put it over here hey ideas that Not why nothing it over here better tell us now park ma'am okay to you staff Algona high school Mindy Robinson Mrs Spear
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 29 Mar 2018 14:34:13 GMT
Look guy wallet not non names upon here.
I thought was who guy is in home .Right
Yeah.. what tis he name whatever what..
No Moore by lawpivtures .. it . Thur
Try sayn known as tis full name..
On Here me type it . Here
Philip Andrews as last name tis Sewick..
As Scott Sewick . Thur
Who. Cell in hell is he.. huh
Street of drugs off Algona Iowa bout tis Kolhouse daughter as Nikki ..
Enemies.. not better had .. done it sayn Moore as Daniel that name . Now Go and Nicholas too it . Man within Kolhouse go
No lie here .
Excuse Me dout it my mom Moore for man now.. sounds streets to hitters off Kolhouse they're wherever to em faulks no lie.. and that own em Calby did by out state of New York as City to Harlem . Yah that truthfully told by all faulks hood and either way is idk. But whatever works out well tryn dyin that is what not completely sure what to do about it upon seeing not working and either way is good for nothing bet does know it go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 29 Mar 2018 12:14:30 GMT
I what I think voice box..
I'm roll. Joint yah.
Like Durant don't lie Paul that it got handicap ..
Also how u got handicap bout u Cole .. bout hot handicap .
The does it .
But self esteem organization of em.
Famouswait familie although not Rock WWE Network yah well tryn Makin out nothing does not want her head from Algona Iowa Kossuth County stepsister kid that is name coping of an JoAnna Kay Armstrong information about herself as she is not been on drugs streets and either way is fine mam please tell em knock out some more information about the position and would sayn known how oh put away me that's how whatever I don't know I'm Diane really thought has drugs got handicap Paul to Brees and then Cole of streets to drugs plus alcohol poison..
Yah. Tell me something about nothing lies sayn known as nons they marry nothing to do with the fact truth Thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 28 Mar 2018 18:58:59 GMT
Whatsoever fukn hell in Bible . Cell
U known after I JoAnna kay Armstrong gotcha done reading all tis got nothing learning bout it tis fukn shit from assholes on here . U know tis go fgure . Tis opportunity as no enemies not sure what hell all of bout it reading on here butt plug it shit upon beyond point it out yah maybe not know how grand opening of now what oh what. Go man lol
Thinking coming back idk watch it on Fox or CBS yah Thur telling me bout hit his no u do it . Man. Thanks fries hey yo
Hey . Baby . U not sayn mama sayn look not touch . Huh .. u tryn teach me it
Oh. Okay . Urijah Faber. Smartass . Ho
Bitch. Look an lady. That we jail us both em jail yah carry cought u get it at pork chop.. u no need bunzi break one off wall. Thur yah Urijah. Go u funny guy. Not sex either . Seen Pluto mouse . Go . Homes oh . Hi Mickey mouse and pork chop as Pluto em days . Yah. Thur
Meet yah Urijah have been man tripn it
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 28 Mar 2018 14:40:51 GMT
I'm back to back tis.
I'm truthfully on now air and all
I'm really for real biological birth name Joann Armstrong butt plug it..
Why. Want tis shit look ugly butt ass..
Whow . Gross.. but got point Makin out too yah. Tis day on here
I'm no lier .
Sure need stomach to watching in horror .ovie cutter as clowns into tis ass Freddie including to ER surgery room tv shows .. yah how tis one here me out feel me up today.. star to famouswait although how tis crash your party into tonight clouds pull over in front sun
Point Makin it watch movie Halloween to tis yah go Jason how's hellraiser em yah go watch shit bullshitters how one ups to tops hips hops tis bloody one that be say it Jarod Faber.. go . Seen all . Lol
Have brothers like 62 be that go broa
If was round dead . Go man mhm Moore lol
Do it do . Huh when tis watch food same time shit wit out go boyfriend .. lol
Semi clowns movie I want there Faber and have seen it but can u tell me that wording on DVD Thur seen semi wit clowns yah kind movie go man think have it watch but repeat tis that day go brother boyfriend . It's on homes think ur nirgas past year Lee in yah that one go and she my lady Armstrong past years never got sickly go. Eat food watching it fat thing . THUR
Let's see em kids now
Dare yah go rock . Bro that Cooley huh
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 28 Mar 2018 14:25:10 GMT
Hell. Who n tis are yeahs. Saying lies this shire usen people names..
What not u all prove do so up down..
That lady.. u all sayn not an arm (junk for head hers missen since tookin an basement of school and how that one) yah there truthfully was told in town City Thur .. nice sayn fat bitch she need em shutup fukn mouth . This new kid block sayn to his dad want her head get it skiny dout she need em too but not body freckles huh yah go ..
What sorry.. made by Jim Moore now go
Not him
Telephone number 515-3204687 . Corwith come in on my phone bout repeat myself my stepssister . Huh third set as I Jim as James Moore to another was Armstrong birth of JoAnna Armstrong now go . Why
Plus Debbie including teeth hers . Idk u guys say ups downs . go
That be pants JoAnna
who . Excuse me television stars I'm here within Gail sister cool j come again .. Mam's Suresh he'll meet yah lol
U Calvin Moore in there . That our stepssister JoAnn Armstrong pants Thur into that head shoulders go bad self huh arms legs including that huh
All fuk inbelsol u want my chest breast both freckles this belly waste now mhm
Come least see how this was past years was done now go sure gentle area too perhaps body by law that right now has of Joann Armstrong niece definitely in law cousin McDermott who sure love cut all back to tis gal niece to Deb sure love lit it love it cut ups back head hairs blk brn eyes grn arms legs back to an Potato JoJo as daughter Beny calvin
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 27 Mar 2018 20:52:19 GMT
I'm Amber Jean Reifer u all treat shit..
Mom Kmart was Casey Main than before that was State Street . Now Go
I'm oldest child Amber Reifer live Hull Iowa. Within my dad as Brandow as Todd Thur .. why . Want for all enemies of us guys.. huh
Making faces ur selves . Go
U all looking up at McDonald's days em ass butt clowns druggie s to Tom ..idk
Who.. the guy. Dont came from but man tis must stop. Wherever it should stop. Right here right now.. get coffee to drinks upon beyond . That point to donuts yah be it go hits on papers ink .
Go yah say it right . Black yellow. Yah
Dogs Cats in wherever dout think so
No prove it. Man
U guys must leave and to this curb
now go nice..
U whatever did the whatever sayn Amber..
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 25 Mar 2018 18:31:24 GMT
Calvin Moore stop abuse..
Use not Makin since .. what can put it.
Not that words ass hole slow retard in school..
Tis typing . On here . Go
Start if from that tops . Now do so lol
Fancy . Cause Calvin Moore was that name telling everyone u can but white out Armstrong than wrote Moore . Wrong .
Put back ur Armstrong on birth certificate guy. Do it I come . To u in Minnesota to Moorhead . Thur
I'm Randy state sercurity guard of tis that South Dakota now do I lie Mhm
Yah. That son as u see guys is my son Brock Lesnar . Thur why that for mhm
He just is that I Randy . now go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 25 Mar 2018 16:58:33 GMT
Quite ..
Can Think up same she .. does
Guess .. we all liesput in jail.
Rock go to Jail for abuse was female . That tis still in pussy from.panties of Joann Kay Armstrong .. this still ur idienty too
Asshole Ms to the Armstrong to tis all past years to shows go. Man
Usen them same eggs ovaries that still child to baby life have kids by. That tis fuk own daughter was but in car Thur as Calvin Armstrong known not my father was not no Moore by Armstrong ..
So. What doin bout that. Suing .. Thur
So. Was Joann Armstrong gal burn huh
That fat newborn baby . That freckles to green eyes to braces teeth colors em days huh plus short. Height . Than huh
Yah. Go .. ur nice put drugs streets . Yah. Get right typing the town knew it Viola not not been in streets drugs that be Joann. Not to ups . Nor alcohol neither . go
Want ur pussy as kid Calvin Moore if not her it's an streets drugs Iowa . Huh
Thur. Go no lie it nowhere it truthfully sayn here. Huh . Yah sayn Eddie Murphy how u John famouswait familie got aids hiv sharing it cross Iowa to sayn not was that by law as fat bay newborn Thur but was it . Now Go
See famouswait familie lies go bout daughter Viola Thomas to Kramer go not funny but her Thomas daughter diabetic at birth that all family was big fat go
Can see it em having her family of Joann tis black brown had teeth braces freckles too be thyr part to them Kramer now go to much transferred blood in body cannot til it ups . Now Go
And that was female at birth shows on it no don't go sayn Eddie Murphy now go rest famouswait familie to em.lirr not female at her go it funny tis life sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 25 Mar 2018 03:46:36 GMT
Reed c. Faber .
Got list had CDs rappers first call huh on Monday tis
Doctor Tom Shelley daughters in television body builders Sheri four quintruplet as four birth .s but waiting me . Two Algona and two Fort Dodge. Bout nurses in braces orthopedic dentist as first Dr . Daryll Mergen in Algona tighten up. Not Thur retired yah I know tis. Move Tom Shelley. That calls Mergen that guy retired see . And who lies lier. Now not I Joan fat thing go
Now recorded teeth back ugly cow. Huh
Nobody talk in family sayn got it fancy pants . Huh that learn it we'll brace pork chop fldud sayn here we known fat ass his house Terry sayn sister go lol
Fancy pants cause braces that carry still birthday to stall. Now go one. Come again. And that egg be problem with digestive system infants but females say pork real pork chop say it go funner go Calvin Moore how knew sister ho remove by doctor information sign not right say Terry Moore go
No lie guy. Bring shit back here it is up okay that go guy sayn broa step go
Now today go like letter as int ur bc .
Go Armstrong go man u Calvin Moore go
U funny sayn us . Huh
Give u shit back ur pants ur u wherever braces teeth lady go mam Scott picture fat face go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 24 Mar 2018 22:55:22 GMT
Yeah..I beat u all.
Did too. Lyin sayn it meet em huh
Because Joann Armstrong as I sayn tis iam Patrick Kelly .. I had her first in preschool years to not hers I'm like close to Forty go mams sures . Huh aha mhm. Lol too the tops . Now I'm tripn .
Go she only would have baths showers not sayn goin home at that never went outdoors to smoke either in corner by north road go lol yah I know who's not ups . Ho go mhm who u got Thur .. mhm
Joann not it hits go nor alcohol go mhm
Nope who whose koann now to calvie her brother mhm man. What do u like eat me to cutter up me after to cook smell it up go mhm. Tuna. Onions mom body huh and Kelly that in laws go including tis chop to u girlfriend in laws her as herself tis name u want mam beat u gun as Calvin than now here listen up to tis who got Thur . Nope not want it go that Manriengo Moore as Margie see no girls huh not Beny as Calvin Senior as Armstrong not know I Patrick Kelly . Hore talker . Huh . Do u not want it go
And sorry ngo what do u laugh lol too
Idk. Joann today . Go funny herd lies in my life. Who u got there guys . Mhm
Not buster dog made who and who guy u funny guy weird today whatsoever to from seen outmyeyees man . Go I'm tripn I'm Patrick Kelly . Man nice okay middle school one now mhm nope bee me yet go
As Patrick Kelly do u like man tis fun
Shean musuvs dance go man huh yah right.
And whatsoever to yags no not fuk hos if feather . Go come again to ur Romer had to an Carla as Kelrine yah rent lyin as not an Markla but am em families Markla an that
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 23 Mar 2018 05:35:15 GMT
I known cried bout something bout tis here really won't to hear it truth .
Am Joanna Kay Armstrong and that born in Wednesday August thirteenth writen curses ink black ink . Year was 1980 and always known that statement cring tears face Bush be in my 35 bday beat it was on Poppi .. realt love that families . Why now not mhm
Hey . We've got u . I don't think so.
Trine Makin out me again all u ass clowns.. I known not allowd touch his side town Lance Armstrong my racer retired family why.
I known it . Pock blood work. Check beat it right man.. leave it on bc original that same Urijah c. Faber . Thur
I don't is Terry no not .
He Jesse know his look there meet him at Minneapolis at the theatre atrs museum.
Showing be governor Minnesota that whensoever us Mason City and Algona..
And seen Tupac . Upon it . too
Okay. Kidnap my broa hell cell ain't yah within us ladies fries .. hers nope it ..never herd upon her have other Moore..
Yah broa .. cutter homes eat me kill me do he like .. bitch not clumbzy other sayn kill me cutter me eat me do he like it u know man em days . Hit it bet jam . Go wit flow sista to hood go to d to broa s yah man it times play party Thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 23 Mar 2018 05:21:32 GMT
Faber non in television..
Not ur Carroll last name by from Charlie sheen than Carlos Evroterez.. scoop
Bitch .. hey . Can do it.. now go
But hey deion bring needle check .
Age to race to height to hairs to features u know it . Don't Yah .. man
Ur beat the day pork chop .
Hey mind u .. play right .. mhm
Talking bout sayn she fatass green eyes bitch sexy fat ass huh lier nirga black hairs mix brown than tis sayn Tupac huh
No nah. Mhm
How I get middle of if tis within Mexican break out jail kossuth to Mason City new reporter them boys lived Thur need way back kidnap her new s to Mason City Iowa second after em Algona has Joanna Armstrong tis that braces collord rubber bands teeth brackets metal spacers not rubber spacers stay between teeth had metal kinds em days lance Armstrong racer retired cyclist than hey point u guys have Jesse Pink Panties aea wrestler . Beat it . Not her bum. Lol
Beat not tis either do have Tupac Thur us guys as Pink panties . Reporter Mason City than first Joann Armstrong gal from kossuth not her no Mexican gal these has us are bout it over bit Mason City thut
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 21 Mar 2018 15:43:33 GMT
Whatsoever I do so bad beside truthfully braces colors rubber bands .. no brackets .. no spacers who in myself Joanna Thomas.. records same teeth as not no burn who u burn that . huh
Are you for really no lier to tis as an ex in law but lier but it Bob Kramer it at her to daughter of Linda got hold me Bob to an Robert as Kramer get em man .
Her family to Taylor no not make out u man.. why to in law by Linda cousin to an Terry Moore lier sayn Terry my cousin by Linda mom Betty Kramer marry Moore as Meurice to in this cousins to Delbert ..
That how went piss off at Linda sayn better you Terry and Bob to Robert her brother step to an Hispanic white non black.. go man u to Ashley Moore.. huh
Abortion Linda in laws that it 🌊 yah can do it too here for Joann Taylor to an Thomas to Hall go fuk abused by pets now go .. bullshit .. sorry to Iowa look at age herself to JoAnna was Armstrong Thur coming go mam see want go it up lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 21 Mar 2018 04:39:59 GMT
Happy kiseter come Wooster show u she had panties non business not wrong eggs lies I'm Bear whatever got seen her face fat ass face braces teeth em days jealous over it want same shit out mine bout psyhic no want do it pregnant it go
Oh what mean sos Joann by law sayn Cole took.from her Joann Armstrong em days em people stranger.s huh . why
They could carry same black brown but was blonde idk think.it don't it not sayn dye .s go cannot tell it go lol
Whatever wearn her hair bout it ho tis funny kid if nirga made it by em go she really good Joann hill tops gone wrcko sound like Jackson kid go mhm idk not believe it try sayn it go man's sures not believe it still in either now who do mams sures
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 20 Mar 2018 22:00:47 GMT
U want money poor people cryn upset usrn drugs streets idk
Live money goes Terry
Live out own
Can have her money back..
Calvin I'm sorry
U all not cheet on my mom Viola Armstrong .. guess other family was stop litn word on here on since whatever ..
Oh thought was LL Deb her or ur aunt .
Thought mam
What mean money back . Thought marry her. Ur sayn man kids
Who u than guy has her.. huh
Not have since at all.
Huh..bones to blood remove bout em bottles he home takin it
He not have it go back way his body was begin life go
What what u mesn her body go back aids hiv go now now prove mine pork chop Thur
Charlie Sheen as Carlos of California.
Thur . Nice bout fat ass thing Iowa .
Her body go back aids hiv as meet Mark as John to as Maqic son nice as two finish it was age was she show it go mam
Who . Cmon Deb McDonald's name go
Not try 1990 's ur forty ages donar guards of sayn name him No
Butt rappex who Deb by age huh
No that guy side try truth lady go
Sayn Joann mam not had Viola gal .
Here cryn joy . Go Calvin have nothing huh Albright . Happen fat thing got Thur sayn Joann huh
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 20 Mar 2018 13:12:54 GMT
Who voice creepy. In home ?
No lie , I never lie there f'gure mine
Not I hiave voice boxes now prove it.
Bout this dcumy town over . Here learn
From James Galles teacher of Algona of teacher councilor. Of Joanna Armstrong yah Calvin yah right u and Webb sayn not family to her. We Webb not but in law ..
Still be family if marriage Joann cousin lying her family Jollen sounds like teacher from Algona yah was Colleen preschool teacher years 1984/85 say lil Wayne from Minnesota Moss some blood mom Moss . Why .. Calvin u r done at ur stepsister is .. why
Get at u Calvin ur the one walun nuts .
Ain't not Joanna .. never was Thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 19 Mar 2018 23:55:25 GMT
Marv kolhouse for reafore all. U as Faber yo Reed sayn plus buddies to television here. Sayn my as Marv girl fries to Armstrong. Mhm whensoever tis day took up place .. now answer it man..
To as Faber wise to asking polopoho to come bust me drugs mhm u did Faber mhm..
Really want Chase .. mhm protection.
Nice eyes blow by gun homes but not see one ups .. now go
Not that either mhm .. think now sure ..
Go . To bad self .. Thur mhm
How's ur side to it now..
Just really to tis vandam actn it upon beyond it him .. mhm
O ground huh. Broa.
Nice pissing me off mhm.
How Charlie sheen as soon Martin sheen to an movie to an California kid year like herd up out pops like I don't know fuk hell cell am I mhm see here oh do know it pork chop mhm told me not watch liesbian bang shit show how they women go
.. sorry bitch not it go born cup mam
To u gay . Go fries not I accued ups go
Right . Man I'm trip .n lol it upon free
Oh really for his dad supposed child at him no dick us that Tom at Ami go lol broa do I have in town like ur koe senior man jail.lamp go.man trip they come because it go dark lamp I go over her underwear over wherever at over here there to be whensoever to be bust it go
Try is real guy but why it up seas go it day Joe senior
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 19 Mar 2018 15:28:14 GMT
Hello.. how u do today like say mental hi Jared Rucker
See Ur in year in 1999 .. brother
Why.. Joanna Armstrong gal fat bitch lie
Aha.. and Faber.. so was RIGHT.. yah
Was truthfully all this time..
U come yah . I can go.. MAN
I'm Todd VanOtterloo Algona Iowa Kossuth County.. fuk JoAnn Armstrong gal fat bitch huh what fuk sayn to her..
Not like wherever at nothing Jared..
Mix black white.. Dah.
Ask.. guy television should been born by him.. Now Go
How knew that before time.. after ahahah.lol.. look guy..
I'm married television..
Here comin politics in Iowa or was lie now.. what's truthfully out families now go.. and if Viola Armstrong ex Moore I believe shit come bad selves s
That out the store like maqicians winds.
And shit spoons to president now go
Keep the original image go whatever print out that in arts shows crafts makin out into show r fuk head right give come to us go they stuff us television stars mow go.. I'm dumb typin it must be need pill JoAnn Armstrong member was kid picture was mine as Joan. Truth. In Iowa man flip out go man lol funny today.. least go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 18 Mar 2018 19:19:32 GMT
I know what done to McDonald's gift card four years ago at gotten at Xmas
Cut up it as scissor it .. upon it go..
That's was fun dog mow go..
Realy rumble .. r u .. right .. BROA
Shit.. man .. to I got beyond point it..
Whatever lies sayn not dolls is kids or r kids now .. huh were coming no not it upon it. I get him jermey Newkirk guys j cryn out tears no u guys are be it does not had ever know tis and know it tis yo an whom whoam lady all talkn it upon it ho now bout burr oak lier but no truth god to good hits maybe it's kids to prom aids hiv as Larry to Romer OK it him Algona Bulldogs year 1991 prom u tent gal no truth no hits it good god no truth but lies to makin out it no truth go mam u tellin non church getn marry go that truth at church too non s go rent gals to Catholic school non sis bro non Catholic non no can do a legal break stp knows it break it ticket it too truth knows it stp knows laws mams sures too Dah Bulls
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 18 Mar 2018 16:57:01 GMT
Flatter hair head Bulls pic on JoAnn team her into picture team face Freck
Dark hair black brown go insult huh truth idk blonde Deb put it go jealous ho
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 18 Mar 2018 16:07:29 GMT
Braces and freckles at lady at Terry home all em ups . Kids mine I'm kelly Durant for real . Mam
Now come again to all of u Bear year to mine .. want my teeth body . Mhm read get someone in our year it I'm Durant as to Kelly JoAnne Durant ex Moore nice following me round . Man funeral expenses mom in law thur like in mother in law ex wife idk . Man Scott please .
Yah. Right maybe no . Go fgure out mhm
Smiling again man yah kick ur ass it time break it again go hoe break it never maybe bay that go no fgure out it no go get some one read it upon beyond tis point sayn go fgure dah Bulls mhm
Nice tv star threaten me with ysh did kick his seen it ups fuk um gunshot him say he firs look u it up shit someone yah I did it seen it man fun. Shit it walk to talk it out yah never it out herd bro u fukr never time do it man go
Had hit fast lighten flash it go by em f
Days brother seen wow bow pow bom how git up straight hood g go bro d go mhm
Like giveth child Di it of so-so aha
Right black onto brown tan medium done it upon it fat bitch baby life go like 10younger than that go like thinking 6 years old kid Manriengo Armstrong at times that Wooster go nigras go huh
Get her go MAN yah .. wondering whoam kid to JoAnna Armstrong gal fat bitch Ames or Iowa also sayn no maybe it not good go bad idea mhm John kid change it from yo Armstrong mhm no Moseley kid seen it upon go here Beat up her and raped child Ames yah did fatass go mam
Child her mam type it guess list mam .Cooley deaf guy kid Cubs now Montreal expos truth go he did believe her potato kick her ass dad rape weird lol at her JoAnn sayn what cooley read mind u twist at u man piss off that day mam Ur dad in home go yah hill than maybe cannot say it go dad 68 yrs old old guy go Cooley
John's Maqic other name go yah Dah
U guys in why mom JoAnn go man war zone go idiots mhm that Manriengo hill go yah I'm JoAnn mix not up go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 18 Mar 2018 03:56:11 GMT
Stitch stitch..
Go bad selves huh.
U do something like it like that one oh Panther's NFL football player team try learn kid something in Ames Iowa Hawkeye ftball player I play for Iowa. Yah help kid handicap burn someone other side of Iowa but basketball player fuk right away from it hell cell in his bro WWE. Man Let Go an handicap yah not known it need helper one em ups huh.
Tryn learn shit but that not reason beatup baby arms man for piss shit on Jersey on basketball team man I sayn player dud it too can do it can team go
That can it ups player .s it go man
Piss off then piss on in it go lol thur
And maybe other families thur did up sos Lyin after raped child baby sayn crooked teeth need em braces teeth awful big belly baby had four yrs old or five st time go to as u mam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 18 Mar 2018 01:07:45 GMT
Serious look guards had first drop gmfuk everything here right now kissen c. House em thin eife families huh think truth ysh man it fukn no lies mask gun shit Terry nmbe round em iOS go mocmve right right c. PSN. Brandon here Akron buffs funny shit dog guards not shit shot fan sit on it phone news JoAnn feelin beat ever syn but in sayn ymtypin sayn ways NFL panther sorry lost super bowl 50 said yah yah not because both team people truth know truth hit truth face no lies go move in herre man cops sheriffs not Terry no lie c. My pan try think Brandon happy kiester Wegher ass get got me gat families go Brandon get mine Armstrong gal fat bitch war go tv man douglas bills go c.s shot wife kids shit man why families phone look ur ass herd go no lie c.s guy black know fuk how spell know seen before fuk. Comin Mam guard dog Faber go
Chad go Limbaugh fhure did like u go
Had it yet by him mam no club no mhm
Mask black guy. Try hell under it brain think.pills shit . I kersn yet what fuk now gal keran gmfuk go.mental.sshlee wondering guys married Reed go mhm
Yah new pic like ahaha Faber school jackass fuku u horse Red maybe go
Lift knows lift yah go cart diabetes no not I known know it ho drugs look it it go
Small lamp it my Calvin comin gusrddoose war c. Look panther's guy guy shot not Shot house stepsister yah Kevin Doug lookup phone murder families panther joan ssyn it truth bowl.psnthre the Deb how words get in thur shut mouth hit pay teeth Bj Armstrong NBA star retired Bulls player how pay lady yah did piss aunt now believe I
It ho go back mam telant take tv us like man sorry like us mam sign Curtis Armstrong adopt regards bitch Terry home mam Beny go come ..
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 17 Mar 2018 15:52:00 GMT
Reed tis hesrt shit in tv guy someone preschool buddy u where man
Genius.. hell bout now..
JoAnn. Mhm . Get on man who
Know guy Brian bout twin look u guy.
Look him lil.bit..
Member mine business. Thur
Reed . Smart mouth. Member Iowa
Oh beat up sayn nothing. Jail em days.
U did man
Tell me something wanna here man
I'd don't know wanna here up it go
Smart ass bitch . Who yo
Armstrong mind u . Snoop room kidnap dog
Aha.. yah.. Faber. Ask FAN try oh
That word so. Sayn pork chop
Junk back not wany Dog snoop dog him that guy. Yah. Mhm go man dah aha look
Lol looser but it laugh out loud go
Okay smartass. Carter of John he words man no retard like ur pick that service I don't think so to urs mams lets go Ur book sicks make it right John Carter nice be nice go real name stop it where Algona vo east mid map of Iowa north pioneer Kemna yah filler KFC long johns silver go
Yah type it go mam
Armstrong gal fat bitch..
I'm aha oh Calvin watch I'm Moose lady get aunt Deb Armstrong McDermott bitch get it r u get come any day it . Go
Be it
Hooray silver right
Oh man words man
Right u John Carter all it nirga go
Right lady born who guy Carter ur John in thur cmon man nor all hundred now years it up go
Like turd out ass pork chop potato go
Nick .. oh okay bitch gay don't tell me same pork chop oh god go lady u do it go cmon it wit hut bet it let go mam butch any other go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:35:08 GMT
Dad found in picture know him..
Back Calvie yah dad doin station something what Deb sitn coutch .
Happy . Okay . Pork Chop shutup ass iam go. Lookup there lookup thur..
Right.. mam
Let me finish let finish it here ..
Go went down in it ahahah . Lol
Right. DSC I'm fries Calvin. Go
Huh. NOW Rog. Tom . Cleveland.. go mam.
Nerva Tiez owner sister Algona mam
Get Calvin in Moose go
No listen READ Up
How went down in brain
Look it.
Dad sitn station baby ahahah .
U said yah. I stand there backpack comin off get in off him okay I'm out here red face red fast man. Did it go
Black brown no lie it go
My brother back turn him out dad play some on floor. Calvin hahah Nate hah.
Red shirt mouth
And I was wearing purple sweeter Moss face . Yah ftball. Hey now aha. Huh
Wow. Getn piss at him coutch. Hey pork chop mouth . Yah .
How put no not we Calvin . Go
See that guy that took it up go
Yah Terry I was place took place no never nothin huh queen perfect ass wherever years huh lady in home mine go
All nirgas words fatass chick . Go mam
Stay fukr tell stood Calvie yah maybe Calvin now truth came okay huh go mam
U stood doors my doors wow .. whoaw
Calvin in front in floor Calvie yah go
Mam. Bsck turn his dad go Deb on coutch yah our dad Calvin Senior Armstrong coutch go brother Deb Armstrong McDermott.. yah
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 16 Mar 2018 17:04:14 GMT
Now.. can sue have me
Year school but idk.
Usen me sound em years . Still in
JoAnn Armstrong.. at three age..
Lie sayn not tis my name but town
Say it go
Took out hospital..
Remove pants when as baby life in 1979
as go she born than go brother seen her female now go bathe in sink as girl baby Deb sayn boy too had eggs ovaries tubes to someone else need it go
Tis funny life sayn Kossuth born female to Kramer now not back em day was Viola
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 16 Mar 2018 15:17:23 GMT
My Jarred Allen u fight birthday bro
Now come bad selves
I'm Joan right nor comin anything g rent bitch . Get u use ur own house go
Butt who did that too
Burning come Akron Iowa want him
Rest em room.
Buying something hit me..
She proof black brown guess non of u
Guess jealous over u mam
Freckles surgery likesjit now.
Sorry eggs
Come mine too
How got man not u less takin her
Jesus now non carrying
Who u than
Bj shit at child tellin at somebody here okay put away find him kelly north hill pussy sayn same From Ames throw Viola back em days
Deb shit off too
How that skiny flesh Noah . Mrmber out Jordan was my boss go Douglas..
Told her alone .. fat thing house go
Gave dirty here said that mine Ashlee .
Told Ashlee fuk some tv side seen one it Ashlee see kid now Akron guards lets Brooklyn. Why all em now . Come mam
Stop agreement go
Brandon Wegher so here huh trlr too Ashlee with in Algona yah Faber
Took raped seen know not either go mam
Bad selves go
Gi idk schools sayn what fuk strike get streets man dog go
Off it go stop hit go
Bring in out sayn bj Armstrong gal fat bitch fuk all pay Bj
Lyin number
Sorry.. took teeth records en someone
Body else bracket bones .
Idk nerves head arms legs everything go
I should took cryn arrest development man
Sorry took her wheel chair meet man
In guys trouble not lies shit why got picture of her cast body at concert over here as baby life
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 15 Mar 2018 08:11:29 GMT
Took off doll found nobody here.
Went stage..
Of Faber hope Faber is.
Not either .
Stop.. before
JoAnn quite .
Ashlee send away back then.
Then female parts under the doll adult..
Not known her knew ..
Not tv tell that.. lookn wrong.
Oh.. nirga Cantu nirga go
Because u known JoAnn as mine go
U nasty. Bitch well JoAnn had nirga hair go as that Armstrong in years mine go
She RIGHT.. now go
All of us Snowbird. Trielleger Puerto Rican black. Rolfsen Japan black. Patel inda black how that. Kinsath China black knew Beth first go JoAnn Armstrong Godfrey school Elementary. Pork Chop 85.
Year first know her in Anderson kindergarten class.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 15 Mar 2018 02:20:37 GMT
Brody pork chop actually kid say her..
Actually fuk her go man
Nobody just her cause tis wrong . Deb
Nirga color not go
Ain't blonde .
Stepsister go man
Put jail I'm JAROD FABER.
Italian fuk hair think my class bitch go
Carly Johansen iam JoAnn go mam
Stick bees s pork chop hair go man
With her fries go I know it nirga lady mam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 22:35:21 GMT
Yah.. talk Calvin u known fukn round he is famous. Dent . Wegher program mhm.
Aha.. robot aha.. no date her .. who Terry fat piece shit.. talkn u man gay gay.. life. BROA.. fuk her house . Mhm
U know Rey right get it from him like prison say her fat bitch house child like butt plug all gals .. not sisters go not look.like too it not only child go Frank and Rose. Aha know more u Calvie. Aha to Zoey mhm
Espanol that english know it know Spanish espanol go thur Zoey daughter Calvie go know it ups. Go no more easy said done. Think JoAnn service got lift School thur man Mindy. Was too skiny ur sister go talk with Rey Cantu fat thing as child that thing house now fat go man
Come house word shut lady gren glasses told . Yah pork chops too go
Came actually on second pork chop Rey Rey go Calvin I'm prison go man
Why look for me u get out karate I thought it. U and who guy had . Member shit tought sister no nah man wrong ahs nah no go try another name man
Ur go stepsister not go cops for what .
I'm on for what . Man hang thur right wrong answer comments bitch ass wrong Cole over bad check bouncy check right sorry Cole was married to Beth in years his go mams sures ups downs sorry check it fools go mams Foster Cole hot lady .
Bj Armstrong NBA star retired Bulls player get that like uncle back it before likes shit tis like out cryn upset maybe knew who realy .
Durant did. Mhm fat over there tslk Emmetsburg right show u not pork chop why . Hot today hits go mams
But ladies gaks kids fosters adopt out sign out off Durant don't like it ups not us go mams go sorry Armstrong to John's worry John in from in Emmetsburg
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 21:14:43 GMT
Stay have not have it
Oh u than I took pictures .
Of u . Than
Though u guys
Guys of board go
Make since not nerves I'm so-so go
U funny go sayn so-so
I watch 90210 sorry don't get it
Not never it before what
Porn idk never it
Lady in van way
These shit it go
Never it neither go
Sound like Kelly on phone today from Emmet realy from thur
Accuse in Akron calling yah .
Suin me all time want money before I'm cougar guy shot one. Not want dollar five neither go what sane mutt go loop sos. Know in Minnesota usen drugs to streets ur Couples tah say it truth go
No lie go man and Hanna to h too brother never herd u neither at school in Terry think Chris my years go how Cody u be it go .. huh .. man guy not kid yet it go
U funny live Chip as Tom Calby on drugs them hippy men trlr park at Thomas gal go u men funny that Chris hang her kid to Linda Thomas sayn blackin window front window of ur trlr yah nude and to do it black in it on window to guy Terry at Fareway never moved off oak thur mam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 21:05:03 GMT
Came home wires teeth cuz cars .
Brothers Ilene there should get Billie Bradford huh owner Algona. Yah so knew it. Rob. To Brian at me . Huh
Realy . Man
Man. Back Billie Bradford go man and
This I'm realy owner fine wires back fatass guess ugly kid guess fuk him enjoying put him jail stranger my ass go
Homes in Algona thur boy Jo that your that bout my ass not known him calvin senior that right my ass go thur I'm Deb . Larry to Calvin Webb now. go back up I'm Webb go I'm Buscher too it Algona now OK me to my place dog house BROA it
How u get them JoAnn here more Faber an Penning as Joe to Jennifer yah go lol
I knew u Reed to Jarrod.. yah did em date em no never that mhm realy okay..
They say bout JoAnn yah go slap face it
He fight slap em pussy . Tell cops go
Clowns. Yah sister go piss off em both it go face . Mam Jen my permission or come it ups go no let go real no Reed real guy out thur mam andit Jarrod go now usen nobody never it go
Another shot out it thur sister okay boys fat go hot fat bitch go yah
Pork Chop braces cars jealous over it go
I'm Calvin go show me go
Yah not book wish not mams sures it ups
Not stop qlick go Shawn hid age yah meet me WWE too who u Bret badland go Falls she fuku don't don't cross today I'm Brett
Ur do go talk it ups hot go Andersen kids go lie sayn Calvin but neighbors it go
Hi piss shit pants vernon out public still do that go
Jack Limbaugh
3 rd go not place or copd no swearing if pork chop not allowd ho mams sures movin too place go too
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 20:51:59 GMT
Nerves . Bones body too.
Sures Ilene need them for braces in mouth urs I'm JoAnn Armstrong gal fat bitch over that way ..
Supposely been at Pfeiffer as Addy party sister Jeff from Garrigan..
Tell her mom with it go no use it. Go
But look Lin it Tiffany Arent go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 19:03:08 GMT
U all not typin right
Only lies . Now Go
Feathers think . Well yahs truth it lies the truth sayn JoAnn Armstrong gal fat bitch now makin my day come back round join crash party go man
Like nirga to u all word to retard go no stutch thing nirga word yah go u self bad it bone go from thur too hahah Jak
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 19:00:27 GMT
Calvin realy years Faber realy thought was ur baby only stepsister JoAnna u and Neil Fox and trlr parks call-in dirty words at . Her ..
I'm so-so man
Pocahontas today or Saint Clouds too.
Joanna hung Michael Swanson thur did hits him too tunnel sayn shot at that was her husband was at baby life did ups it star to television BROA
Everyone wants ASS his ash her MAN
Sit down for real ask pork chop whom named her it JoAnna Armstrong thur
Was Johnson family idk. It sayn go lol
Why. Care adopt out another before it go
Someone. Now Go
Who . Not do that she won go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 17:52:39 GMT
Get Drama of bro mine get reading glasses or something or other.. ups downs in Cole Foster families
On Zoey look nirga the lips .. now come again bad self.. Jaleel White I know it of White.. yah. So . Not my not Rock go non em ups go.. lalala. Go sayn it go girl ssyn baby to fight in store
R u Urijah had nirga lips .. shut
Baby lala mhm baba
Undue whoaw Matt law order brother Faber Ur Faber girl got store baba .
Brother lips got girl give back chops mhm baba lala back stepsister yah home's whoaw she hot ..
Who nirga pork chop whoaw lala em who fuk her laka baby Armstrong mix it lala bab
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 16:58:25 GMT
I'm for real Biological birth name of tis fgurin out mhm
As Kelly JoAnn Durant..
U r sure very daughter. As to JoAnna sayn Armstrong.. HUH
And u Calvin sayn samething..
I'm Brock my wife thought so. Go Mam
U had who . AHA to Durant an tv guy both them three same blood each other and kids shot death penalty No she famous my she that FATASS my BOSS now lady Thur
No put no ain't put them to that kiss my rosey my Ass Mam u ur fukn Clowns comin again shit . Aha
Right . Mam u do man look it mirror it
Jackson sayn u had dolls his . Huh Mam
I know MN. Butt Plug it. Wheresoever in China day . HOMES.
U know Romero Yo.
U what sane what .. mam
Armstrong bitch now .. Brock.
Now my hood wait on me mam
We have that . HUH
We've not got right we don't no us not have it Hardee's. Listen Ur tripn Mam
Need get Marie Cook hired back got one em. Mam ups of it . Mam AHA
Whenever took place . Kick ass for livin Mam thur sos shut beast killer of my hood tree cherry sing it .. now range whensoever u comin aha
Not very hear it good in my deaf comin Urijah Faber u r sayn it comin u can heart attack u know it MAN yah not funny go MAN I'm Brock Lesnar. Was Iowa to now Falls yah million town go MAN yah huh .
Richer u lol too
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 15:15:43 GMT
Like that movie
New of Rock Dwayne.
Thought mom Viola Armstrong ex Moore told me was April 13 was Delbert Moore birthday . Fuk ur birthday second August bitch.. sayn not my aunt Jo Armstrong I'm her date birth August 13 yas both same my grandfather Delbert Moore now go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 13:48:38 GMT
Answer me this one..
How would my mom Viola Meribeth Christopher ex Moore Mrs Armstrong and ex Armstrong known any this it's fukn my head here upon this bout be another as to yah I know it him beyond that point too BROA nirga Antonio bring him that me the nirga go BROA I know nirgas too lol wherever do I know get yah does go lol come bad selves Son Bitches spurs deceased.. yah bad ones upon here balls go like em in too not have don't like it up on it go BROA huh em it too song go
BROA Men fukr kiss my rosey ass kiss it ur own kiss go son bitch about this one is for your help and support you have any questions please feel free to non that the message from the other hand is not an intended recipient please notify me immediately by replying so quickly that you can do it.. yah
Mow mow kiss it son bitch go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 00:06:12 GMT
I'm not sickly in face or skin look.it ups now go . Mams sures ups down hood go to d to block to low tops dah BROA..
Thur no idk nah not than block Jo.lo
Go wish wrong mams sures go wantd her go
Had husband go tho diddy. Great ho
Puff . Go two em don't forget it ups go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 13 Mar 2018 23:28:31 GMT
Somebody adopt out another born don't it August on 13 1980
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 13 Mar 2018 16:57:50 GMT
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