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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 23 Jan 2018 18:05:07 GMT
I'm moving iowa..
What was that cops sheriff's in Algona
And Akron. Not her JoAnn kay Armstrong.
God dam am I makin face like em guys do.
What fuk hell . Sorry try ..
Joann in laws to cool j rapper to Emmit Smith nfl and new sport reporter yah so
I'm Gail Smith is to JoAnn age a em by like 12 / 14 apart between Jim Moore.
Wrong Zoey Asche . Stop usen her names.
Mam say us Hulk Hogan guards mam
U was report stilln panties that fat baby we wrest em days Did to carry out Des Moines Iowa. Bother still go
U all Cole butt plug it back too her so u birth her kids by Rock as Johnson..
As u Zoey Asche that Ur aunt panties say her got . And joan told us not Calvin kids u belong to streets of drugs guy like Chris Hayworth baby why not carry blonde the us do so go now stop lies mam to u Cole a Nd Foster families here me out feel me up today man days on ur side smell more roses like Sunshine's on it right away too brings to green house took it too brother say her hiempatieb flowers soled more than brother to had sister panties go say monsoon Jessica I known my class not dead go lol Too
Say JoAnn Armstrong go man funny guy brother party cuz Nate marry Tiffany class of her JoAnn sister Calvin not no more got bitmrth certificate show tis Armstrong to Junior go and she say I lier here me out feel me out up lol.too
I wonder who told her tis ugly chick sos
Go Nick fukr aunt pants go
Both butt clowns go
Who nice no surgery in aunt at all before that remove eggs crooked . Hair dark short body . And Tall boys too some blonde at dark brown Reed hair too JoAnn an Faulkerts than my sister red Melissa.
And my sister Kristina is go mam
U guys stole it from than JoAnn fat gal like look dirty Butterfield huhlook her wonder all em year not familiar h er like my Gary father go think so golol too something bout story goes like
Never had em bed dirty guy in mirror oak.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 22 Jan 2018 21:17:13 GMT
Oh bout forgot one minor teen age year begin life Pierre Sneyihuath
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 22 Jan 2018 21:15:46 GMT
Pork Chop had Snowbird f families to Linda son and Patel families to doctor ears jakela too
Betrayal as brother to Charlotta ..
His name Noah . Norland families sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 22 Jan 2018 21:12:27 GMT
U all butt plug eggs crooked dental dark haird short height bout 5/8 pretty feet curved broken that way long jump nope fractures bones brain too what be today how I am by law snoop Dog age oh shit enemy at us not Let her scoop now aha black kids back joan feel bad her class kids beat it come out now Cantu yas kinseth trielleger rolfsrn sound like pork chop known e m go tv guys Cole say i amgie Moore now Foster sister jim Moore cuz hair teeth height like her families urijah go she say idk is it voice box back retard.
Oh only if like artistic autism wrestler Duane Johnson yah told yah by Jim sister joan gal fat bitch go off he mental sis
Today world HOMES say Frankie one em on
Quite comin to Algona nothin here for u.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 21 Jan 2018 15:18:31 GMT
Fan. Deb Armstrong including nephew Calvin Moore supposed to go back it aunt
What drugs JoAnn on
Not anytime never we us not go
High on drug as Snoop Dog to boys to men say Baer hay yah
Say Todd Holmes lawyer Algona Iowa
R u all drug her as to JoAnn Armstrong my age at myself Scott Baer .
Nice man
Bring shit back I'm member payd teeth for member it Viola Armstrong to u mam
Ur nice mom doin it her
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 21 Jan 2018 15:05:53 GMT
Joey Holtz Betty not aunt zoey r u miss harassment. Abuse sayn JoAnn Armstrong gal . Take Cole come . Not no wickwire come Cole not no family is thur truth.
Actually Cooley families actn the name that too in wrestling don't they so-so
Y ah not for u MAN
U deaf use to ears problems urs ears Zoey nice ideas switched body put back butt plug it . Not blonde as to fat bitch that's right Mam to u Missy bring body back to JoAnn Armstrong now sat Holtz .. stop givin drugs . No don't n o lier say JoAnn Armstrong I guess Joey Holtz.. fuk aunt's body Johnson to Rock not had sense in wrestling anyways how old u come pair to her guy . Say so-so
I know member Zoey pint point right Cole now stop bring here Terry stop stop threats. JoAnn shin Holtz her in laws families Joey stop abuse nice Olympic word usen her usen tv without her JOANNE ARMSTRONG as to Algona student. Fat gal years ago everyone . It's me myself I kick myself off. Want my pictures on her instead pussy see male or female. Old pictures female parts I guess. Cut up put here put back sat married Johnson both niece aunt stop war zone go
JoAnn age Ur age man
Trump BROA me man go
I'm her
He BOSS not he asshole sorry let go
Drug dealer Johnson not have I JoAnn not allowd had bitch 2018 on Cal
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 21 Jan 2018 14:52:47 GMT
I'm Todd Holmes
People harassment physical. Verbal. Mentally. Abuse
Remove television families .
Removed Olympics because I was one em student use word Olympic .
Say I as Jo Ann Armstrong was that in in Algona .
I'm suing. Hope guys life's treat yah.
Plus dirty words say words farm m
Yah fat iam. Guys pretty it.
Guys broadcast it on tv better sat it
So Deb fatass. Of aunt McDermott..
My hair my teeth . My eyes green fukr net worth but I at in it JoAnn
Sat to guys name type name
We have ask h er cu Calvin kid zoey
Guess. Guess year 2048
Both families tv Johnson married said shit both families both h happy
Sit why . One too. Eggs being with actual I n koss reg no survey before that she all time
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 20 Jan 2018 23:59:05 GMT
Ripmit up .. not shit bout it that out there fuk him he Vick .. thought he dogs
Same actually same birthdate too Vick so
. Hit on u bitch huh . Right wrong HOMES
Fuk fat bitches need loven . Huh
Dee that words in funeral card . Yah lies tok don't they Keiper I kinds know em Deb feels like mhm Andy yas know miss aunty go I'm JoAnn who he now nah mhm
Dont think so mhm
Thur Ur answer wrong right Deb. Okay right JoAnn go right all time were Faber by granny Fish yah is RIGHT lady lol
Too. Hey yah think so yah
Daisy lady u nice Ur aunt who u r Erie
Can than out away. For dullin lies sayn Keiper mhm I say us too Faber
Hey Reed excuse u lies here back em day they talkn yet bout u mister mhm.
I'm sayn is tis that fight had u hit me Faber hit back see that twice guy hitter . Bitch . Hey we not hit families dam it go why u got nirga hair BC dinosaur life r nigras member grandpa Floyd
In us Armstrong of Floyd like em think white . Broadus. Buckwick pork chop height short shit ass use to do it.
Talk bout him mouthy . Get me shot thur.
Yah we know em think so Crock Shakur.
Hayes. Gay . Cooley lost ears em families. Us Armstrong white out tis way. Elliot Jones . Think em ones
C alive fat tall.like Reggie . Some mine Jaleel . And Buckwick eye problems.
Mother leave alone thur go
Fgure u words now go
Never say that Calvie kids in Minnesota.
And u do kids life by Johnson mark to Bj Armstrong guy . Go dingy lady . BC sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 20 Jan 2018 15:49:52 GMT
Harmon u guys r HOMES e as people bring shit my panties . U know Ami. Kramer
That FACTS no Terry Moore thur Kramer
And son to Betty Kramer thur Robert Kramer Brother Terry Kramer has 14 kids Betty Kramer.
And I'm with JoAnn Kramer over here they not know u guys Algona thur Fort Dodge.
NOW GO now u sure I'm JoAnn now to an Armstrong here huh
How come Jesse as road dog herd u all go
Must Armstrong go brother Lance Curtis dumb fukrs . Nerds movie guy. Go
Right Calvin u must kids Kramer and must be older only child cuz Hogan WWE wrestler say fat baby could brothers .
No dont had brothers nobody herd em go
Only kid in families as Nice's nephews .
Cu,try out kids go to have birth if charges to anything thur
She gal.has be older than she looks like thur . Looks kinda herself service outfit . Thur countries too
U Kramer daughter to Fred kramer Junior.
Everyone say Fred Moore herd go
Assholes now man I mess myself now lol
Them boys has be hers at birth cuz mom tubes r tied after girl born Ames when Johnnie Oor families in laws married Susie Kramer go how that went New England . NOW GO
Where at Gary Nebraska and Jim in Kansas
Steve in Montana . Glenn in Illinois and Daryl at Illinois . Wayne in Montana .
Robert at Atlantic . Harold twin Harmon in Texas . Caroline at Arizona .
Ohgla at California . Pasty at California . Vivian at Fort Dodge .
Lloyd at Wyoming now Evelyn in Wyoming.
Now Kramer brothers sisters Rodney why
48 grandchildren to 56 great-grandchildren. 23 great great grandchildren. Now come again HOMES
She was old like 92 yrs old died go
Yah Betty u know her Moore Ur aunt Ashlee whoaw had 14 kids wow . Sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 20 Jan 2018 06:59:30 GMT
Excuse Myself at Terry Moore .. home
And oh can u do money once ..
Tis one cost bout like find out like father but it's DNA to age to who I'm to name of cuz I show him scar on left leg knee . Not member it this scar .
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 14:09:11 GMT
U kids wanna due . By guns shots
Not gay .
How what that . Never dated went proms .
Who did tis to me.
Nor parties not even drugs alcohol user.
Not let gave license if was one em..
Not born ..
Excuse me kids Scott Ur kids Cole family came out Sheryl .. not I JoAnn Armstrong to . Viola Christopher. Always hers .
U ah one put away. Mason City go
Go . U all go fuk Ur self
U all nirga bdrm long my mom sayn shit like trash talk Deb never back up words sayn come out trash talk mouth brain Britt Iowa. Never adore admire that was Cali as to Calvin guy Minnesota go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 14:03:26 GMT
Terry given nope.
Cops given JoAnn I be gun thur
From Algona k Kendal Pals at Britt
Aunt shot Deb Armstrong want come to Britt. Shot her. Off television side Doug..
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 14:01:07 GMT
Unbutt plug everything not her.
Someone else.
U did this too
DICK on me off television side..
not her someone..
Oh excuse me us ..
Her stuff was white out it.
No number on them lady raping u .
From lady other lady butt plug her thur
And here stuff back that u girl guess mam
I think who r guess ..
U dont come in here if not want too
Guess . . Cuz lies flatters everyone bout everything what the Britt does her niece .. go
Nice brother give off eggs JoAnn Armstrong to bitch ai MN t his kids they r drugs dealer and AIDS HIV off streets.
Now get em.
Hope they fit cuz mother of em had braces teeth short dark hair Was blonde.
Ain't u urijah hell Ur business here.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:29:55 GMT
Just married Charlie Sheen over night ..
Three ago . Told em they butt plug em during charges or child of mine.
But look like child had AIDS HIV..
Cuz ears . Deb
Not her not known go Britt
Not live here live with Nielsen.
Put his in body by Bridget his flavor flavor they adopt her . Go
Hope Ur happy . Ur kids go
Need ass blister thur d e b Deb piss pants shit pants like JoAnn us too.
Call name dirty ones ..
Not her fat gal in braces teeth need em times. Butt plug jealousy over daughter Viola. Fat gal. Yap.
Butt plug an lier out state be an missed child cut up Todd frirn pictures to be that gal in state . Go
Be California. Okay Ilene u not missed what wrong I'm Urijah . Yah right ice
Prove it like JoAnn Armstrong say it sos
Butt plug shit bitch know Ur roll BROA.
What up that now lady teenager get tis one now y ah other gals did same infronylt us say parties . Say right wrong say Todd who me say Todd neighbor need got thur Bridget . Good one bout us. Yu ah u marry home shut up Kelly cousin in law mine e x married Steve Moore to my niece Ashlee Moore go
Her family go
Yap go jail fuk man hotdog .
Watch kick Ur ass opp know stp.laws streets hey tis
Personalized pencil just say no to drugs alcohol man on them for Ur kids Urijah. Yah
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 10 Jan 2018 04:36:42 GMT
I'm dying I'm not on.
I'm at mental place . Thur
Not ever been on . Not known whatever u guys all talkn bout
Plus had bitch kids birth slaves go
And I'm smoking weed doin pot marijuana cocaine holain ..
Hey butt rapers .
Aha..Scott u come to my house after all this I'm get him fukr yu see do u ..
Not like man. Ur stinks pit poop.on floor from hell buddy la la go
I'm breathing Scott for u hell I n cell.
Baby ..
Mhm yah Dy IU n right maybe be baby
Hey yo .. me know u guys in there gals what this I herd mhm.
Me heard rumor dam it fukn I did he blonde guy Faber ass kick he butt rape em Reed Faber guy how he blonde me butt fuk yah look at kids Calvin a Amber go
Hey pie holes u know here fukr right home's yah u lier do so lol
Bug lip guy right
Hey u dying Calvin u got out hospital for what fir cryn man like mom.what .
I'm not had one that thur
I'm fine thur
I'm with Matt sutn gossip go
Now open fight night we stay sober ..
Let Dogs Out..
Meet up him W Walmart boy . He nirga pist he thin someone had heart attack on here .. huh
But not tis lady Armstrong gal go kick ass well I go again jail.alright fukr .
It on who fuk u now hope u ass clowns know call somebody. I help you out like Faber and Seeley get polopoho hg et him hey no listen Nate Faber I know mine go
Calvin . That pist I think so go
She hung phone up on me . Think so not I fine oky
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 08 Jan 2018 09:09:30 GMT
Who that that her family again show us on Google Melody Armstrong as Deb daughter Kevin as but r u Bj Armstrong.
Same letter to JoAnn write aunt thur m huh. Bob Thornton son BITCHES check that go give paper write em go no mouth word in kick ass boy go did kick go retard hg hh how bad Santa that guy go idiots fukr clown hey get tis on news show on kaloland clowns ruin interstate go
No new years party not out thur no man herd from neighbors from thur go lol so
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 08 Jan 2018 09:00:21 GMT
I'm dating Scott Baer go home from house leave .. here walk out thur
Let's see that name I'm chieley than Baer go auto repair guy Nebraska Algona
Cmon u snoop big show u loose Ur big show get Misehloff files go I live Iowa.
Sioux City idk. Go guy i know her not u
Send Rob go same
Hi Jodi lier dying car o it doors go.lol
Lier name Jodi u meet u Jodi right not real name I'm spike Bday JoAnn go me
I'm Putin shit back boy spike what have big show idk. Know sting go we herd type here go Altman went thru lie not touch check u know Brandon not trust boy up
U go get ground but raping me as JoAnn Armstrong her some by retards handicaps I herd sayn I'm artistic autism ..
Yah welfare shown do pay so kid u W as her as child went back and show brace for need on crooked teeth go
Hilton why not put caps on m
Skyla please Calvin u all burn her go
Get flair h ey watch mouth thur
U made tv FABER
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 08 Jan 2018 07:12:36 GMT
Sure not want me have phone charger up ..
R cause me miss Armstrong I meet u attached phone store u Lance racer family truth no lie ..yas think so.
Was slow in school learn too go . Okay
Alright . Why was u slow . Cuz dad touch me told cops . He lied to Dave nelson
And shot me head for lies . Ho
But to tell lies thur
But then I went before that write up it.
He broken my arms that how happen ho
Who u put ho.
Ashlee u ho.
I her feels like seen her. Beet
Had mine go non businsee
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 22:20:53 GMT
She fatso lard ass fat ugly got told fr Vick to tis from Eagles ..
Aha. Hey u boss at man. U Walker round .
Guy in UFC Fighter u BOSS of UFC ..
Hey u Dana .. it's Charlie Sheen ..
Say JoAnn use to no guys not ..
Why not claim talk to her at mom funeral talk think Boicourt behave that Thur funeral reading up her go
And this not lies if June sayn Vick on same birthdate that's why voice box remover thur go Deion Sanders.go
Calvin and Moose go get ground go fukrs
TR old Vick and the bring down house too of my birthdate Deion Sanders.as Joan go
Get Him fukr I'm dying not no wrong go
Make out yap go
Try Kelly.put back JoAnn u Durant that looks let her
JH ey I know Keiper as Andy I'm usen it guys Deb. Doyle wit Kramer marriage thought was Thomas h er ugly at time go
Married Bob thur guy name Deb go
Right u r go fukr who u mine say I do no
Okay gossip u lady Sony no u sat behind show yah herd chin know sexy long time ago h ey dog move go away hey one rm papers excuse me manners but not dig Alona r on air member Sam it brain lady m go dam it listen up go later out Jo.
Ho go u lol
We did attack leg go hey dog pepper go
Fukr bitches get off rei n kick black Ass haird fat sexy chick from white black nigra phat bitch from hell in cell go lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 22:05:54 GMT
No idk..
U not teeth braces why shelley shelley.tis Lori but checkn
Monson dental know he not had sos.
Calvin Ur Stepsister not stupid go
I get back JoAnn Armstrong as member it em Baer got pictures not getn em go
Not whenever can threaten huh
Not blonde that yahs go fix stupid that go who u talkn bout .. not u JoAnn in card u know ..
She knows my daughter thur at Terr Too.what how figure..
Calvin had copy of checks .who that bout amber need money independent.dont got money other time what hey get money mom JoAnn tis gal. U lied so have mental thur I know it huh ahhha. Go IU CE t
Get Jim same picture Faty at dads funeral go had em go thought dad funeral
Fukn lier takn Faty so pictures to work . Here
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 21:21:21 GMT
What u talkn bout what that mhm.
U leave ..
Keep sayn shit to us like tis..
Who u bout again u ladies in town.. Y ah I herd something man..
That this guy tis lady goes to stores with is lier again think so ..
Why vikings Fan usen ..
She ask him IU Terry Moore from Vikings of Minnesota team can have autograph.
Quite helpn ..
Hey tis team tell yah Ur stalking cheerleader thou move moveout yah get so fuk pist off went south .. I think went back in my head as JoAnn back age 3 yrs old went to Kentucky go
See I ain't dumny want one ..
Hey lover his what's name lady ..
How doin huh MISS LADY..
Seen Alona Gronbach yah man look like so
Fuk her Hoyt heads ..
Does heads man look like thur say fatso JH herd it
What's I told her fatso what's Ur problem who u Terr say
NO Not I'm marriage Ron as sheriff Algona knock off MAN stupid ass guy
Kick like his stepdad ..
Joan get her Limbaugh nothing happens any families go fatso say her grade it's shit schools ftball idk think has any.
Can thur got u see u all usen can go
Urs to potato yah
What tis menke as Dan in prison to streets and Cantu Rey mine no Jo never had kids huh go
Kinda child support whit menke. Realy.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 16:18:45 GMT
Excuse me alright Limbaugh alright sos
Seen it man. BROA
Hope pray not up him last name. Too
Yah . Herd to man . lol
Who u in here American Gladiator mhm.
U em up thur aha
What say opp RIGHT go
Yas u Limbaugh families as usen Faber
Who u now hey . Watch man one big guy.
Go knows how READ up lol
Okay u another one em kinds Sol's
Too. See it go
Jackass go u not say him now he now sos
Who u m alright .. yah
Hold down take there go
Bring it wherever mhm too
Stop READ up Nate get em it put it go
Fukr her go lol TOO need him fukr go
Dying t all one like em at 6'6 Go at my home THUR
Been shot by Snoop Dog THUR
Yah u I know u guy don't we man huh
Now who jetsz in class who u lady . Sos
Who Ur same class Ruhnke as Brandon huh
To Jack third y ap two one Kelly Jetriz
Okay in laws who u JoAnn yas go 1999 AHS
With Mhyre now that one look down READ Up her that Thompson put it go
Look low down next box truth go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 16:00:20 GMT
I ahhha talk type for u Rog.
U do jetsz it jetnz as Kelly as Mindy I think so
I'm Thompson man both same like that one
U went let me meet u now in town woman my kids loved the jets or both names either ways get I cmon too BROA go
U learn W words gangs streets thugs too cars too what no JOANNE fat gl fuku her hey bout braces t thur yas
Send Rog . Copy one how out in here pic. Tis braces one found
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 15:48:59 GMT
Play hair head .
Not her Un house
As her to her aunt deb stop I her ..
Nobody Armstrong say I bitch go
Fukr retard who retard smell it hits go
Not doin wit brackets cuz welfare pay it say Joan . Here not hassaren
Not typing zoey is I know it go
Zoey I'm Holtz but Judy not known who she talk to say wickwire go
Got actually cards number JoAnn teeth brackets braces as colord one all it number medical not y as is why I pork chop h answer it go
Ask sting what type by JoAnn
Somethin bout when I Calvin in car racing but get was jealous than I seen her Stepsister in who not go wrong fuk deb Armstrong bitch .
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 19:42:59 GMT
U guys local bout patches Doll s
Started it
Fat sexy chick funny shit my life really sayn long time days like me no listen am PORK CHOP three 3 years but for two 2 go
I even sense tis age man here mine sos
Yah PORK CHOP I'm Kim Kelly bot that go Tina Calvin zoey Zack .
Cousin's all dads .. mam what cannot quite laughn man Doll s fuk HELL
What for urijah . God dam it
Kids som go
Can go
Shut up u mine name urijah..Yah go
Sorry old dolls r ages us kids be back R's of 8 yrs . NOW Dam it God Reed away I'm Alona go fukr . Ashlee
Say have kids Urijah. Kids sos
Not u BROA
Know u som place fat sexy chick go u HOT Mama yah learn Charlie Sheen em it go
Movies something go
Old guy yah know lol making out feel me here me out Urijah sayn plays Doll y
Hey u sayn something papers too no
Nothing papers too go
What's that alright talkn here whit
Yas go
Guys gals whatever u laughn bout nirgas.
Huh bullshit I not idiots go fuku local go even it's does it snoop up it before never go here it tis does Bookers it go seen it here me up huh lol TOO know em suckers Too go huh
I knows bout I'm shut mouth yap go pigs doin hits no bacon no lol though hey listen shit know fukn eat warms. That READ does that lol thur
Calvin haha. Where dam it yo lol
Than Ur site says huh som bout tis up thur I. Middle part Bookers go does it knows em it does it yo go opp to
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 15:56:42 GMT
Maybe the knows em so-so uses em after up em thur knows one em so-so THUR go
What up that ass off sidelines worse than part night out member it tis fukn ass whips yah h red up good D used by knows best manis MAN no LIER Fans his go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 14:58:56 GMT
How Bj Armstrong nuts cut off . by Pork Chop ass child go fukr cut off u
Nuts go boy go
Nice spell word Snoop Dog neirdurd
Nah need nerd word go no kid go
Fuk her go sit boy lol.too
N been no but herd we Iowa up here tis from Grandma VI tis that aha mhm let's see here here from her huh it was call hone by JoAnn Armstrong gal her daughter got directory assistant by that 411 # number go gave it sayn cousin no more RIGHT I'm Sting I know how READ say Dam it go
Say phoned Bj Armstrong he who Iowa NBA star who ever go
Hey Iowa u loose mind Bj .
He no u kid no .. I'm keli I'm 22 who Calvin on Iowa back than 22 hornezo
Thur go yah white guy fuku her fat Iowa gal Olympic h handicap hey hi us Troy
Haha . U ah his girlfriend lil thing follow em and end up piss on uniform his got post off go no I do that who did u
Told coach got him believe it got Bj in it wore uniform on court to that night sayn he pist in it go
Faber just shut up truth say Nate Faber
Go probably did it he did it best dumb stuff . Like that blank Jo u do act up say Brandon Wegher yah thur Brandon Wegher go keep real it up here go no not do yet nah wrong .
He did blaming me Jo . Cali thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 13:27:24 GMT
We. Take down paper or plastic or boards so see high only THUR
SORRY lies Karen and stepdad Tiger
got make sure JOANNE ARMSTRONG knows yah first dumny . Hi AIDS HIV
She raised up arms sleeves now cuz arms where both broken as child by him and that was name mark Johnson at time gave him it .
As Johnson and Maqic Johnson
U guy sayn say I u know my do u
How u get name Bj Armstrong than dumny
Say I Lance Armstrong racer bicycles of Texas BROA
Had be something THUR guy nigra hell.in cell go my families touch u r ass right HOMES.. Joanne in Akron was born in Fort Dodge Iowa show us wrestler cousin's as BC it all herd guy mark Johnson
Yah report u r drive too
How say us not has tv I'm home go
Broa Tiger
Show truth child I as Tim Dwight know pick Ur ass Iowa in Ames man
Reason Armstrong fat gal her now again okay retard nigra let's go again BROA
U type it for him r u y ap go
Smell my pot now
U but Armstrong got pick up for Ames
After beating up by Tim Dwight
Terry ANUAL has it like
Bj Armstrong u put it say Lance go
SORRY p layer r x player put it BROA
Pro how ever say words in sings whatever go
How how it go Vince Neil go
Com man help her brother nigra
She not pic u up Tiger.
Go I'm badland Vince IU t place p a en has concerts r rich boy like it go
Sioux City nigra Armstrong go Bj ioway
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 12:34:42 GMT
And tis for u enemies too ..
Top it off here an memory of pop in
IAm like an man of a woman indeed piece ass did it an woman like u but I'm an man . . Go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 12:31:17 GMT
For all u slickers out there ..
I don't know I eat warms...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 23:28:26 GMT
U guys over thur it BEATUP Fat al guy when I was in school Iowa Hawkeye go
Herd something bout yahs I do have nigras go I stick-up for Jo Armstrong gal not best BROA SOS
Show us tis birth certificate of herself
And parents same moose in laws. Calvin Moore now she say how put his on by camera who took off camera ger phone when she want pictures the his BC HUH
Of Armstrong name I F Moose in laws SOS
Oh Boy says by her went Deb had it done says her but Deb just say her is BC sos
No other way must too Ben deb misunderstood it Thur go
JoAnn lift massage at Fort Dodge to say it boys Algona twin thur Go
Lied all of us who they wherever r huh
Idk know now she say her cuz tis Why whenever I knew someone they lie
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 23:14:57 GMT
Hope ain't Ur shit .
PORK CHOP r u on no I do not know put it sos . U r now what
Hey told me I'm ass clown . U know ady.
No but clown on news they no put tis RIGHT Po h shit what READ man I know I how READ up clown on news Ur ah get tis some bout report says aha clowns rrunn on interstate over in California o me em interstates go clowns doin it man sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 05 Jan 2018 21:55:01 GMT
I y ah yah aha guess oh right FABER
It seems n information people jaw problem right now
Here . I don't say
I don't neither Christmas
Sioux City I went concert of who ..
Want know say snoop dog of Calvin .
No need put it. Know had go
Lil John . Lil Flip . Lil Erie . Lil Wayne . Go other there too
Why not show up afraid get shit huh Dog
. Who u guys trash . Liers.
Means behind W here at not see of a I ey usen name Jo Ann Kay Armstrong thought drug name .. no tis food . No who u Pork Chop so
Let see if that why cannot who in home
Wheeler chair from Sioux City I now's not. How u know .
Cuz . School always over that we seen it Thur begin life BROA.
At driven grand am before skyla told her it getn it I shot yah
Hey yo were wrestlers ask by JoAnn Armstrong on email again from child last year's 1983 can tis use Brian Bruiner and Jim. T win as they're brother's in awa with sting first began out hulk mania . Go yah it honey go
R even his date birth . Em birth wrestling go matches as u joan as fat baby than yu urs girl Beny nobody by that name as he Thomas go ROD. Guy Sue
Kramer go uncle aunt has same baby pictures if u but em TOO
I'm us awa wrestler s hulk mania go
Again I'm well brother how u lady nice see u alive well. And I'm sting TOO
It's her use us guys gals shut go honey as Jo usen Armstrong mam thur talkn fat u who were r no but in in us manners boy homes brother go back with Austin broa
As u know em up Steve Bruiner go homies
Actn Austin to stone cold to Bechmier too. Hey fukn fat p iece shut like her dad. No not go dirty try words MAN go
Who one use wrestlers know brother big large fat baby newborn JoAnn sense name Armstrong go h er why herd know like hits people yah need it guys go
Kicker guys ass sin butch I'm sting kick buff I'm him her member buff wwe.
Live her too man
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 17:00:57 GMT
I'm Woodbury NBA player star over.
Joan let's stop before see letter
Before fight dam it we Bitch wants deb like McDermott at Christmas time and in summer HELL cell says tis WHITE rolls round on floor look laughn.
Like her to hat one BOSS huh
Joan I'm Calvin go
Gabel say see break somebody in two man READ it tis
And Jason Dent meet em sat down say rodeo r sure like em families before READ tis shit BROA. I not liking it Man
Like he flips out BROA
We all sayn at joes cafe I drink TR was waiting to off work Terry said sit THUR someone cash us out thur home
JoAnn me and white git bring in here not livin car. Good acts like READ shit.
Like syn
U know if u send bottle of piss .
Yah Go
I'm gonna say it urs piss Urijah GO
Ur diabetes patient here huh
Say Bull tv guy . Go
Bout diabetes piss check piss. Go
Claim it HUH
Blood TOO of
Viola Armstrong had black s ay Deb r hat father JoAnn Armstrong she truthly not my n brother child now go
She television family thur go
Sat name JoAnna. Boicourt and Shakur not work out SORRY Keran Ur Fat gal.sorry
He that Sanders families to JoAnn too.
Mux all em tv guys fancy guys weird to o best Jackson to white to Johnson to Vick to young to Hayes to James to fuku to brown to Houston to a ll em bedroom mine my families cousin's THUR blood mine .
Why want it for . Not tags Durant gals
Nah sorry not dick u mean JoAnn Boicourt as usen Armstrong thur GO
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 04:08:44 GMT
McDermott herd tis MAN says I on paper plates wend scoop BROA
U sucks ass man
U never played on court high school as child to from elementary to middle ages in junior high school and LM d high school now go retarded guy . Fuk Face so
Whoaw. R u I'm Ilene Misehloff as to leave my families alone Durant whenever I say tis BITCHES hoes to garden hoes her dads RIGHT my bros don't do hoes on cars like u gals go but brothers mine to Rob has kids better days ass to JoAnn Armstrong we not em Sol's fukn ass Sol's
To upsets Fans. Trusted me my skates job RIGHT gals. Wrong
Durant. What gonna do kidnap JoAnn teeth n races daughter I ts only girlfriend of Ilene as to friends JoAnn Armstrong u know herd it some place THUR go
Plus Oh Boy by way it's twin take from yah Durant gals TOO mhm GO
Who u fuk thank u r sayn I Reed Faber sayn shit like bout Porter to zoey butt.
To Foster as Andrea . And Moore tis lady em Presley TOO much trouble could be wrong but the problem is that you can see the status of the same time as well and you can do it for you have any questions please contact the sender immediately notify me immediately and destroy hey excuse me she missed child as teen f Tom born over by JoAnn that Armstrong gal is past years ago herd rumors Armstrong gal does know her Ilene
That that families did had I NDA kids birthing NOW GO and that Steve Moore stepsister not no lie op n that one I m Kohlasch
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 03:51:06 GMT
Oh Terry Moore
Says my stepbrother tell me Miss aunt
Debbie Armstrong Mrs McDermott to wife Kevin
Now of grandma Dorothy Fish not Fish last name Ur wrong read it wrong and that u s guys r Vick to black families from Virginia. Go back Floyd was served in service meet her in Virginia State of town Here it up miss lady mhm
Alright JoAnn go lady right back lol TOO
Funny shit ass kick'r go yu ah hit families mine Reed but NOW guys want BC to Snoop Dog and Nate dog to families life I f cousin to JoAnn Armstrong HUH
U ap even Armstrong NBA star retired go
Aha. Not sayn that she has something on me MAN
Many times I Bj Armstrong had war her as child baby THUR go bro h e did go DEBBIE
Aha. Lol sized Larry oh okay families happy now but Riley r White and Roth off Dorothy Vick.. and BC families black all rappers go mix not believe it Jackson go
Michael THUR
Now that green eyes Viola side her mom's say lampee mom doctor a twin a dental crooked teeth. Digestive problems Vick.
Thur and that tonsils r Broadus side ears and white black is apnea sleep. Go
And plus tall to fat look Reggie. Yap.
Fuk em no no not say it hit yah JoAnn has u cried lady. Nigra. Right
Faber be granny as married Vick see not Fish thur says Reed go
U guys mocking m e families two f s
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 01:01:40 GMT
Eight u under table ass clowns I'm wit my sis beat crib too man
Uncle Lyle as Sony
I only uncle gave shit thur BROA
When I born Fort Dodge mom Viola commit him bout drink habits smoking too bro
Too. But tis was he said name after my daughter Jodi GO listen tapes No lies
GO he sayn I'm girl at u ah try JoAnn
Year 1980 Zoey
CMON Jo u know u do so miss Sony
Beat say Jim I do TOO t I have been Thur
Seen JoAnn born thur female fukr Thur m ass clowns. I was 17 u R's old figure out sophomore Algona High that 10 grade MAN yah say I Jim Go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 00:56:19 GMT
I'm JoAnn Armstrong had uncle Frankfurt BAD sense ages 2 yrs old and smoke cigarettes Thur
Wrong they did put him nursing home
I know facts it seems his body when put him in THUR GO
Changing body from that sense ages two yrs old. Back yrs ago like 1936 GO lived be 81 yrs old should been 105 like my great uncle of my mom side Roni Pedersen GO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 19:58:23 GMT
Hey.. excuse u hrdlicha to Melissa..
Least never cheated with tis had before charges girlfriend.. GO
But I herd JoAnn Kay Armstrong went prom of in tis guy year 1999 college Iowa ..
He Kofi Kingston. Yah plus TRUTH colors carry his kid GO BROA
Say us IOWA STATE CYCLONES place small building of by YMCA by High School in Lemars Iowa m fuk
Yah u wish Kofi Kingston NOT PORK CHOP girlfriend.. of that to IOWA HAWKEYES..
Hey .. way Rapper u Fukr u love Fat Bitch. Yah like Ur HOMES sayn out THUR
Whoa PORK CHOP fuk yas go home's
Hey piece shit my mom I'm Brody..
U say HUH son BITCHES LoL not funny it's dumb born try is u born Ur like her dad says her u tis one Joan HUH who has been checked for viruses born dumb fix stupid
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 18:19:48 GMT
Excuse Me..
I'm Blake Rivers from Lemars and Akron Iowa congratalions on drivers test JoAnn Kay Armstrong is u mam.
So Ur not Lyin HUH
And yah why u want year 2048 for on year license. If it year that mam.
Or u told em u gonna get Tony Kohlasch as son Steve town Kossuth sheriff of that town I of Iowa. If Ur in book school his sons HUH but u r in there so told us why not give calendar 2048 THUR
CuZ Ur born year 1980 RIGHT LADY
U know tis Ur stalker to the town ..
And plus schools THUR
Why cuz I can pass test drive THUR NB BROA
What Ur point cop . Lies Durant gals facing my TR TRUTH that FACTS I'm older by twelve years than Ashlee Moore HUH
My mom granddaughter Sol call that SOS AND if not Romer herd of out Rodney Kramer I'm RIGHT with JoAnn Go I'm on I'm Rodney Kramer THUR BROA I'm no LIER
So u Bitch went Rodney Kramer
Put balls Dick on my niece between her legs as child newborn let her em op for Armstrong families in tv do that her
Fukn whole families can roit in HELL far I concerned bout THUR
I'm not whoa I'm am Go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 04:02:07 GMT
Curious George wants to know factuality of birthdate.s same as PORK CHOP to as JoAnn Kay Armstrong north date month is
Em Rappers are Dr. Dre as Andre Young.
Eminem . Run DMC . Curtis Jackson 50 Cent . Prince from Minneapolis Minnesota
Now u want WWE Wrestling ERs no GO u gonna do it anyway Pork Chop GO
Spike Dudley . Bullshit Ur lying lady.
Brian Pillman actn name Brunner of state Minnesota and Chris Bechmier as Moose .
U Lyin died u fukr . That's RIGHT Man.
Hey thought u Urijah Faber BROA.
Yap GO. I thought PORK CHOP lies man.
Not that nah GO believe Chris is Pillman. GO oh herd Steve Austin mhm as Stone Cold BROA . Oh my owns I can do so lady. U no need it type it for us lady .
Oh Go I snoop knows stone up here okay
No I not have Alzheimer's. LADY. GO
Good luck on that one .
Like WHITE sayn bout girl lucky good luck one that lady me bite when I bite I bite good u know this BROA GO LADY LoL
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 22:48:45 GMT
Mhm..okay . MISS LADY as PORK CHOP..
To JoAnn Kay Armstrong..
Let's see here . Sayn tis right way.
As child to toddler teach u bike riding
Did u fall off went boom broken both arms right than teeth knock out em crooked em days too. Mouth urs cuz I t was I told u perhaps had face fraction
Not crooked teeth that caused u had em teeth way did thur go and tis one when u fall as child toddler to u hit side face also punchers ear right side not had tubes in ears . That u sayn thur.
Think not had em ear tubes now go
U slide on ice outdoors put bike away mom told u put bike in sed out back behind trailer u not making it out thur go u fell we all found u that way bloody and all. Thur like someone BEATUP THUR
Who did it to u . HUH
Why mom got cops out that's why. Man
Handle bars right side went thru ear puncher ear drum safed it doctor Garcia then arms too
And bones both up past hips. Call that finer cellor bone.
Fracture s THUR
U wherever in body cast lady as toddler think hide out sense than times touch u aas child THUR em years was 1983 THUR GO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 22:18:31 GMT
Yah like em Boicourt rappers families BROA NOW GO lil Flip. To tis lil John up here and lil Wayne to ass of lil Opey.
They know it shit BROA
Yah RIGHT look at CAT back em days too
It says no not streets STP BROA nope these guys MAN THUR truth ass Nucky.
Opp I'm sisy herd one em Iowa Hawkeye home . Yap GO no bite either WHITE.
And this whatever kind kid that one NOW
What kid u got thur Urijah..
Herd something MAN my sisy kid baby. Mhm
Take Doll off homes beat nigra baby SOS
What's up homes man go it kick her JoAnn
Ass NOW GO. Mhm whoaw yah yah that the other day and time of day and time to get back with a few RIGHT LoL
Ur Granny families BROA
NOT Bangalore yah man. NOT sure what to say that you can see that you are not the named recipient only and may contain privileged and exempt status of your life and death knight in shining and it was not able we can do that Families with shit MAN. WHITE. Tell em that again CAT to Faber as Granny Fish to Armstrong peirs sisy JoAnn of dad Beny peirs. NOW GO BROA RIGHT LoL Honey SOS
Mhm Right Faber agree mhm granny to grandma Mrs Armstrong her maiden Fish her mom Faber.. Go Right Reed agree Man mhm or got ass up there LoL Not known families to part urs too RIGHT BROA
Yas we got card funerals fish of Faber. And Fish to Armstrong My peirs JoAnn Armstrong. Why my thur my dad Calvin Sr
As Beny first guy born 1951 tis month be his birthday on 29 th would been 69 SOS
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 22:03:51 GMT
What u do mean clean get shot by someone does thinking in streets. BROA
That's why. Had first LoL
Ask bmg music Center in Indianapolis.
Indiana lie. But u having him first. Bout that GO
Servals CDs as musics GO
Blackstreet.. HTown . Bobby Brown.
Yah Bell biv devoe mhm
Naughty by nature
Nelly . Yap . So What
Rich Boy had it
Eminem huh herd both brother's fukr round outside roundside NOW GO
U all like em Eminem AHA
She my cyclone as had em all tis black u haird MISSY to tis fat new shit and that em all black guys r hers fat lady rocks the house I'm married striper as an the cyclone .. NOW GO lol a haha. Man TPain
And u all has shit up here if Siouxland.
Mhm yah BROA
Lil John and gangs Christmas songs we went too. Wit Randy on Thursday BROA
Even WHITE got in MAN THUR LoL kick ass.
Seen ladies like em don't say it LADY
She bomb fatso looks at me like JoAnn like RIGHT. Mhm nodes up down she bomb
She my nigra LADY GO fatso PORK CHOP
RIGHT bring back eight clock MAN SOS
I r seven nine THUR mhm GO
I love her but CAT meow me here it LADY
Hey stop em .. u know her fatso.
Who WHITE miss already. Than MAN
Who knows day nirga mhm
New one em kinds LADY sat WHITE SOS
No may NOT cut tail OFF No n red it bro
Bounce get post off. At fatso bite her.
NOT RIGHT u know sissy her One wit bottle up GO har MAN me WHITE love har.
BROA with em lil flip GO THUR u GO sista
Rock now LADY
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 17:34:18 GMT
I'm Mindy Robinson I not see No broken bones in records of schools years of tis Miss JoAnn Armstrong..
Whose arms both she got?!
And another how come her chest and back and face plus neck has freckles.. HUH
Who stoled shit from her removing from her body .. PAST YEAR ALGONA 1999
Get I'm bout VanOtterloo .. LoL
Oh shit here goes herd she voted for an Van Otterloo over THUR
Yas think Sheriff Plymouth County
She JOANNE is friends with kolhouse gal.
Nikki Kolhouse.. hope Faber..
Herd some list guys like Dahl. Whinshaw.
Trent class 2000 Algona. Jill Rochleau. Beth Cometich. Mandy claemen dated Bird herd it some place after had Monahan as Michelle. Go
Yah. Not saying Go
What u gonna do Viola put there on Oak Street LADY..
Says Kevin
Van Otterloo. Lol
I think tis Armstrong not No LIER bout who murdered her friend Nikki Kolhouse . Man
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 16:23:48 GMT
Yes I was hore to big one why..
Had friends wit Nikki house that as Marv kolhouse yah it r friend there Faber murder her I herd up its truth be told mark . Yeah when Marv kolhouse gets out from slam for bust drugs only him did . Not girl GO mhm and tis hope pray Faber not into that bite that either must knows how run figure out shit BROA
Good friends close friends her knowledge her sense preschooler life and her life headstart year was 1984 GO
Mindy Robinson think JoAnn RIGHT man
We well HELL fly there FABER bout more people involved into that murder out south town Algona.. NOW GO
JoAnn Armstrong Not sayn anything that is not an issue that needs attention and cooperation and support for any inconvenience caused and the other side and a go on say it NOT her information bout herself JoAnn Armstrong like u all sayn there .. beat Viola wrote n school past year 1984 preschool JoAnn THUR SOS
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 02 Jan 2018 16:15:35 GMT
How tis Negative blood work out test came back today .
She as JoAnn Kay Armstrong must knows how READ signs BROA as child. HUH
Yeahs HUH.. Mhm AHA
Oh Boy trigger my Ass MAN
What up lies sayn that child have u guys AIDS HIV at Ames while in Iowa Schools of Olympic HUH. It's on LoL
Yah w as hore as growing up MAN THUR
But CLEAN ones Let's Go Rock!!
No. My sister I bought her having sex intercourses with guys as child in Ames em CYCLONES a HAWKEYES players
What Bj Armstrong.. Ur tis guy thought herd RIGHT as Marquez Johnson Dah
Ass Clowns.. and oh boy I bang tis to when gets old fart Carlos as Charlie Sheen as Urijah Faber. NOW GO
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 22:19:38 GMT
Put 'tis in Joanna Team.. man
Sayn fgure out one em women had to done as child to em her age toddler at tis time year went out doors no clothes on no boots . No coat . No both Mittens hat . No snowpants suit ..
Member it says one em guards of mcdermotts to her aunt debbie armstring dad big calvin senior to beny as armstrong as coach iowa state cyclones greg to doug bulls player that was niece as pork chop as joann armstrong now go
Thats how she had tonsils problems ears.
Now Go now teeth braces must been whenever she had fell off bicyle say swore down lance did fightn her she wantd his bike racing job she was to skiny now go hot baby thur and had both arms broken same time than hit mouth handle bars teeth wear knockd out some em now go . Aha. Cried for man.
And not go on it thur after arms heeld thur . Swore lance did it . Yet go
Yah startd whenever she swire crow and hudeson sayn not have girls of birth broa. . Mhm or other one . Lol too.
Right brother not wrong aha . Man sos
Truth she swore up down. Lol
Do i ever ever lie no never im no lier man right brother .
And no fear no tis oh what now .. lady
Mhm no joke boss .. yah plus ribs too.
Plus parts that bone top hips that hookd too. Big large bone .. broken too on her
Man as child toddler. Now go
Thats joann armstrong.
Yah tried olympics than got hurt on both feet broken em broa in long jump..
Only she liked was bowling man ..
She loved it sport . Man
Went state years thru school .. ribbons start straight from prsechool to high school go thur fuk rest shit clown.. sos
Tookup music choir too plus plays at school. Too studied fashion designs in gerhart hunts .. lol nurtrions foods has clothing too. Now GO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 21:30:57 GMT
I just got ground . In TELEVISION
Who u
Cuz everyone touch me by FANS
Lance families is realy joanne armstrong than . Yas please.
They believed her she an female u guys all put man to male as boy at birth..
From girl to female than not allowd be an woman as adult if growdup.
Wreslers member person big fat baby and baby was an female someone all changes her pampers now go
They carries her out the place building too of iowa.
Now apologize to familes who put there daughter an boy . Now Go
What u all. Sayn now go
Must put her back female cuz its upseting sting over here cuz member the fat over sized baby looks like her was baby at em days in fort dodge of wwe matches . Em days. Times now go
Nice lies sayn other guy. Kevin thur go
Who he now never herd em this familes never had boys girls now go
Why not lie not lyin
Calvin as couples .
We know u in psychics want shit child stuff cuz ur friends becomin fats . Right
But not wantd say her joann thomas go
U all not ma
Chase u need pills take says i wwe sting
And includin whole town algona need em.
She does hang with me man
Who u
Sting who u guy actn
We know not hang with him
Joann armstrong does too
Go even wegher panthers nfl player. Go
Even ur fighter born ride ufc cage as tis matt gabel of lemars . Now go
Fukn a . S .. dam it broa
Hangs with three plus avon lady and tupe wear lady . Does say cops us marshalls
Even friends buddies with em soso
Like tom who ever tom she talks bout man
Yah even we lookup snoop dog bout tis off phone cell hers sayn streets been picd for that must hert. Broa in up thur
Sorry lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 21:15:45 GMT
That picture is jarod outside gates chase singer put in tv by lies sayn wedded
Widow wife brett ..
But its that moore gal of lies sayn she an moore.. now go
plus christopher too
Perhaps concerns any business of anyone is that her mom wedded that nba player..
Cuz lies sayn durant in tv thur
But lies again that fatso ugly gal and that no ones talks to her as an conquer that stills cheats wears cheapy right wrong woman within clothing magazines sorry. Lady the lady gets at my home only sizes fits her. Thur must be aunts gave her magazines now go must be phyllis .. go
Now muly sister wrong not talkn u chiild.
Keran knock off. As Romer Aids Hiv child PLEASE .
Aha. Hi
U not know touch old fart .
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 18:29:33 GMT
I understood u all wanna look at me..
and not agrin within birthing of Viola Armstrong in Fort Dodge that Viola Armstrong had back year at August 13 1980 gave birth an HAHA NOT I KNOW How
Here mom records from Kossuth Regional
Here. Bitch
Remove ur mom records Kossuth take some other place even Mason City Iowa.
We rather go Spencer Iowa SORRY
Plus STOP stalkers. TOO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 18:21:10 GMT
Oh forgot em streets ones I had hit but not jives hit or smoking ones now what's that one u or I'm getting confused here MAN how sayn words BROA
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 18:19:18 GMT
Excuse Me..
I'm for real Ryan Holmes son Todd Holmes.
So. U guys stunk on ftball team Algona..
Maybe JoAnn Armstrong not one says promise.s to bath outdoor.s but get indoor.s says I'm going home moew yard or going home get one but never do so
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 07:22:32 GMT
Moore what r u talkn bout Minnesota..
We all seen Ur birth certificate say like tis Armstrong..
R u sure Ur birthdate in March..
Cuz Ilene Beth Misehloff in March..
Kid by fence of Jaycee Lee Dugard story.
And SORRY u kid never got nothing for silver platter.. an plus em women too..
Excuse Me r u in this state California Mam.. as to Armstrong as Lance tv outside gates family to cousin JoAnn..
And I not like what said in past on here tis SORRY u Philip Garrido and Nancy r sick pigs to touch Dugard Gal.. and possibly be on look out there out of prison herd it some place too. But not sayn wherever at MAN
Hey MAN it is Ur business what I here as s MISS ARMSTRONG Gal.. HUH answer it.
Hey excuse me not being rude anything u guy not married me to get in business mine BROA.. NOW GO Taken Up from Thur
Let's Go
What I here is my business matters of facts is truthfully I here THUR and tis NO SHIT LIES aither Fukr take that bullshiters
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 31 Dec 2017 20:56:19 GMT
Says I'm truly Mary Faber same birthdate as that miss Armstrong gal daughter Viola
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 31 Dec 2017 16:34:25 GMT
U all making big huge mistake fukn wit me WHITE.
Yah how that apples..
What's this about again. HUH
He NOT bite me yet MUST be RIGHT brother
And u figure out how to get back with the following user says that he was in the same as last time I know that you guys NOT get streets if bought that CD MS JACKSON first .. RIGHT
Boys in hood in bedroom cux my sisy not trust u 500 of how many nigras had by her .. yas she did . Haha. Lol
Know read one let's see here pock one em suckers out DAM It has taken me know what to expect from me know if you have any questions please contact me know what you think about it and the other its contents or attachments we recommend that you can do that for me and my family and the rest are just too good at the moment but will be able we know get on with it MAN CAT WHITE.
Why so pushing for the use of or reliance upon this message was automatically generated by the way to do it for the next few days ago and I will be able we can do that for you and the other hand is not an option in my case it would be great for you have to go back and forth between us and the other hand is not an option in my case it get out CD music nigra who he bring out CAT WHITE what she got we don't got HUH
It's in good hands and tis CD let's see
King Bitch Aha RAP yu ah u rape for food sign says it. Get Him. JoAnn Armstrong Get Him. Wait get good BROA just hold up in here see look listen up MAN here Go
Well.someone in there must not know how write or something like that one sat it right HUH did too. GET Him.
King Bitch put him on .
Here pull.out one let's help u out it
He is Public Enemy NOW GO
Yas get Brown as Bobby put him in player bro
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 31 Dec 2017 15:25:32 GMT
Excuse Me ..
I'm Joan Armstrong half-sister to Terry Moore and that Peiscka right bout Angie Moore is now Foster.. never was my brother Calvin Armstrong if not just sayn never knew em but Foster r Angie kids families sorry.
But tis is right too.
Calvin Armstrong did hang with sheriff and cop as working in place. Herd it some place. But tis is RIGHT too
That marriage is RIGHT to out of em brother's Peiscka here tis that marriage is Stepsister of John Busch as to stepdaughter of big John VandDerhemel NOW there right it's not lie
And bout marriage Calvin Armstrong Junior wife is that Families THUR
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 31 Dec 2017 14:54:49 GMT
I'm Mitch.Lester Peiscka
Past years CLASSMATE Terry Moore can u tell u but we both tell yah miss Joan Armstrong who Ur half-brother Terry Moore family cousin had teeth problem s
We're hers too as past years CLASSMATE..
So u had same she did ..
We member thur big large over sized gal out in trailer park em times that u looks like gapps twisted teeth . When lil gal smile d thur .. and was that u lil.gal Joan Armstrong.. u wherever an medium golden brown haird in between blonde haird gal.
And We both that Angela Moore other marriage as Foster within Cole to Meyers Ur classmate gal that Calby gal. Go
And that Hansen boy. Too
Plus we wanna say to perhaps tis Douglas guy . Also Angela Moore to Foster NOW GO
See we NOT believe yah did we BROA of there baby BROA as him like dad THUR Go
Now u married to whom she NOW HUH opp
Listen still tries become an cop nor sheriff deputy. Huh
Cuz Ur baby Stepsister lies .
Yah herd something lies RIGHT MAN SOS
Her lies r probably TRUTH NOW GO MAN.
God never herd had one em in families BROA excuse me whoa who u guy idk. MAN
U her new young guy black friend I bet there on Hamilton Blvd that last name Young and Boicourt.. tis guy
Gotta tell lie to put someone in jail but it's TRUTH. Bullshit LoL TOO
Hangs with Gronkowski TOO
Yap . Tis guy families Wegher a Gabel
Ready Now Urijah Gabel one urs MAN HUH
Yah herd get underneath together BROA LoL Do I herd say Heather hornet's car
Still can fight MAN
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 30 Dec 2017 08:26:23 GMT
Joey Holtz ..
JoAnn Armstrong member me an nephew to Glenn Ur in law uncle by Phyllis Ur mom sister as Viola..
U can name to JoAnn thur
But why r they doin to u over there .
What did yah do really bad and done.
Beside went prison I herd for Faber year 2001 beat u not know Steve Moore Ur brother dead. RIGHT beat blam u murderin
Calvin Moore u have em paper s don't u
LIER WHY say Armstrong for in ANUAL school book. U ever show Ur sister that Armstrong u named I n school books. MAN
That's WHY Ur sister all these DIRTY names or Ur touching her by sex .. HUH
That's signs of women telling truth when families touches THUR BROA
NOW GO. By way who tis Eric kid u told at trailer court em times u first had it at age 12 yrs old who the Girl MAN THUR
I was there BROA and Edith my sister and Deb u r cousin to Ur aunt Judy. HUH
Sorry Calvin em kids truthfully r kids JoAnn Ur sister and urs than times SOS
RIGHT cuz get back Angela as Angie Moore new husband is David Foster THUR Go
See not knew u MAN em Cole a Foster families Meyer families or MHYRE SOS
RIGHT agreed with it MAN
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 30 Dec 2017 03:35:58 GMT
How tis before I see Jenny Craig.
I want my CDI dictionary book 1981..
I'm JoAnn Armstrong plus never name myself BROA
Suppose to say like tis one figuring out here listen up assholes if any business of u all born by dirty guy and birth of Viola Christopher TOO NOW GO. Jealousies
Yah. Cuz crooked teeth plus fat body.
Dark brown haird thought was Ilene.
But why Baer has em pictures braces teeth colors ones on my teeth em days..
Must be PORK CHOP.
Yeah get tis NOT MAN for u .
Talkn Ur self assholes..
Wanted aunt Debbie put man boy male parts on her from girl as lady female.
NOT nothing to women ass clowns Ur not hot enough to make sure out to have my baby there women..
I rather excuse u who but in ..
NOT finished I'm PORK CHOP no Ur not.
Let her type.
U all retards did I herd by Matt..
Should I Neil Baer law order. Remove everything out body.
Lady Stop.
Ur funny lady.
Lesbian knock off I get cops u sexual harassing me..
Why . This person cut off penis nuts lay down on table ..
When somebody got home .. shut up
U ladies doin at so-so off route ..
U know u r names.
She this lady well get cops. Thur
I well help I'm Nick Moore GO JoAnn I know Ur female.
Ur mom Viola no lier GO
Get at em ladies off route . And em school gals. And if u gals all of u did whatever u think I think u did to me..
I'm NOT claiming em . Nope NOT my type ass. NOW GO
What give wrong ass from pictures I f colors braces teeth PORK CHOP had. Em Days and than say u gals. NOT dout it life NOT work Out that way say I JoAnn Armstrong..
Colors braces teeth PORK CHOP cuz cousin EISCHENBACHER same teeth niece Viola yah that kind screwd too plus mouth gear for face. Now GO
Plus possible twin I n families too Viola Armstrong as Christopher as brother Lyle Junior had grandkids Brandon a Jordan. NOW GO lives in Pocahontas Iowa.
I beat u GO Gina
U sound like happened Terry
I'm going too Calvin
Alright BROA it on
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 30 Dec 2017 03:09:51 GMT
Years ago u brother of tis woman came to me as Melissa McCarthy as actress wantd an identity theft movie cuz em guy wantd one out Ur stepsister ..
U usen his daughter information cards..
No not she JoAnn Armstrong not as niece mine Judy Christopher EISCHENBACHER
She in year 1981 CDI DICTIONARY BOOK sure in there THUR never name myself how
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 30 Dec 2017 00:02:23 GMT
STP knows law of streets to clean of BEATUP by bunch of STP knows STREETS BROA by way . It's truth MAN and tis to
SOS concepts and techniques for each other for more information please login below or copy this email in your browser address bar of your website Snoop Dog was arrested on streets as ages 20's & 30's & 40's NOW GO
If Halloween costume of HALL to Uriah..
Aha.. it's FUKN WAR NOW that RIGHT
Whoa brung him up here . Mhm whoaw yah Diane. U JoAnn Armstrong out THUR.
Keeps Up with the following link unsubscribe here are some of them have their contact details are as follows order to make sure to check out this week and will not work with the following link unsubscribe from these guys have any questions please contact me know if you have any other person or organisation to whom it may concern please find attached a few days ago and the rest are just too good not true for anything else urgently need to be able and interested and I will send nothing u know what you think about it and the same thing happened in my opinion on it and the same brain washers.
We got it thanks again for all your help with your phone number for me to do it for you have any questions please contact me know if you have to go back NOT at least what everything else was in the junk yard work for you have any other person or entity other hand is not an option in my opinion of course you have any other person like you to know what you want to make sure you can see that the message from your computer unbutt plug it MAN
Dam it BROA
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 23:12:02 GMT
What's tis about.
Excuse U n television side matter facts.
Think my credits cards .
Acts knows all bout shit wherever shit comes from TOO
Okay. Answer me NOW matter
I m NOT payn shit never received in mail my DEER.
Oh really Deb. I'm capital one had WWE Wrestling credit cards company for em wrestler s NOW GO..
And tis one shire I'm not paying neither for cock sucker rapest THUR NOW GO
Here that one credit card here listen up
GTE for phone service NOW GO.
And two others ones Sears and Spiegel s
Never had em THUR
U got wrong name of up that one..
Ur brother credits cards MAN and sorry for upset sites thats why u got the guy u married u know Armstrong sister Beny THUR
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 22:28:17 GMT
Brandon Wegher LIER fat piece shit..
Brandon.. tell truth..
Guys Gals.
What u all think Calvin IU s NOT bright himself he retarded TOO
Lookup in Leo Murray years students..
I'm Jeremy NewKirk u dam right
GO Honey
U tell em u get NewKirk that's right Mam
Now Go through HELL back BROA
Go fat piece shitlike his dad too.
But name after him now that gal not was born yet as Ur Stepsister JoAnn.. THUR
Scott Baer I s it u MAN. Yap GO
I watch her born South by Southwest of Humboldt Iowa and I know tis JoAnn Armstrong love the town too.
Talks good bout that town THUR BROA
It's truth is her birth town THUR MAN
Think it's she right Fort Dodge Iowa.
GO ahead Calvin Moore as Armstrong sayn its u r brother Birthplace but longs as Wessal not yah here it out man that nigra boy he get yah honey he both pic with Ur Ur PORK CHOP sister JoAnn into pictures of baby glass in hospital at Fort Dodge. Same time day TOO.
Ur dad Beny put em together same baby glass bed so be pictures together MAN.
GO yah that Shane Wessal as UFC Fighter known become fighter he did that em as Shane Wessal baby picture in born in Fort Dodge Iowa W I think JoAnn Armstrong gal.. what her dad did that . Why
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 19:39:54 GMT
Diana Wilson
Todd Holmes
We all lie bout u here.
Guess I r SSI check as child starts at 25.00$$ call em Kelly smelly Durant gal.
If they not u Kelly they make fun of not JoAnn Armstrong say I Molly Easter..
Her as JoAnn SSI check did start at 25.00/48.00$$ WHY and ADC checks that DHS income gives out for how many kids parents has of birth THUR BROA
SORRY.. smelly Kelly Durant..
Oh Boy em DHS income check s was starts out at like 172.00$$ if NOT less .. WHY
Who u NOW asking of Armstrong as Viola shit documents. That was hers bout kids income Calvin Junior. Kevin. JoAnn
Not Ur one Durant gal kills my brother mhm. Thought justify tis document as of wantd fuk one Ur daughter.s be Karen or lie name NOW all em kids lies of as my brother's kids THUR
I know I'm am Christopher THUR GO
Who u JoAnn Armstrong wantd to know u ..
I don't all talkn bout never seen u all at holidays at my mom's trailer nor apartments. Or homes lived in THUR BROA
What u gals do hideout ..
U know u r kids belong Romer as Larry
Why he say it for oakcrest funeral search they have u know online internet.
Of Algona Iowa. Now Go
Why em kids same as Larry Romer.
So u all Lyon givin us Faber guys young ones AIDS HIV than other words that how supposed to take up and not tis LADY as Armstrong as JoAnn NOW GO
I told yeahs once I as PORK CHOP CLEAN as WHISTLE .. NO JOKE either RIGHT SOS
Now excuse me not being so perfect ass to it all MAN who has been sent using visual studio and I am looking forward to your website and the other hand is not an option for you have any questions please feel free from viruses by the way to get back with you and your team is working on the other hand if you are doing a little bit about the new one and only if necessary and r to Dog Nappers
U should check u r self fool you have any questions please feel free from viruses by avast antivirus protection of privacy policy copyright material from your DVR sender unbutt plug it.
U watch em son bitches thur .. GO
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 18:35:09 GMT
I guess went FBI Agent..
Idk .
Something happened I m Terry Moore..
See if all tis talks sites r lies or just wants her pants cuz someone in television came Wooster back em days according to documents phone calls at so-so home . He said he put braces on her teeth .
Wrong welfare covered em NOW GO
Say JoAnn Kay Armstrong
Her titlnineteen card number 0555048H
Looks paper. Huh
Moore stoled her paper as cards too.
Here . Kelly out here farm Faber.
Here guess they r where out here. GO
JoAnn Armstrong report why should herself be last birth of giving out body babies.
He knew JoAnn Armstrong girl as Female.that guy actually action up.
Plus Alona Johnson Mrs Gronbach says who
U guys all threaten me here sorry for raping by Baer. Handicaps other guys.
I'm pressing charges. At him. Hope FBI goes Algona if not help me pressing charges at Baer so that sotchtory for. I get shad moss my neighbor get him in Minnesota jail boy. I'm Calvin GO
My car bought Troy brother Scott.
Neither one knows each other..
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 18:09:19 GMT
U all quite harassing.
Say Charlie Sheen..
Maybe she not doin anything MAN
Study for her driver's test . THUR
Yah better be smart mother fukn cops sheriff s too us MARSHALLS sayn check drugs streets. Alcohol
I'm Tom Gronbach she not do nothing like that with anyone never seen her W. Nobody THUR GO
Terry Moore big mistake hill valley SOS
Sayn lies bout her .
BeT Debbie another including Larry also Nick TOO
Looks what happened Beny maybe might happen to em THUR
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 14:27:47 GMT
Nobody had kids yet.
Only by John Busch and Steve Puffer.
And Larry Romer.. WHY
Guy's not sure if had u black Ass hell in cell Boy.. THUR
Hey that's preschooler gal I herd in middle ages had raped n basketball Iowa player. I don't know if black or white guy NOW GO.. BROA
Herd was an last name child at time was Thomas.. NOW GO why change her name to tis usen name Armstrong. THUR
She Linda Kramer daughter than HUH tis ugly lady .. sayn Viola . Calvin
Not to think Viola had mentioned guy married to her . SOS
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 14:15:45 GMT
Lier Bitch from South..
Cunt lier.
Durant tell truth fukn don't truth if hit truth in face. So THUR
That Bj Armstrong not know or want yahs.
And u want me repeat it
What was says back em days iowa he at Iowa.
I no NOT want BITCHES like non stutch thing .. u r new future guys are in RIGHT Track. HUH
Beautiful LADY what HELL her name BROA
Ur ass in sceitity .. need go THUR
Truth Dogs of features. NOW GO
Ho remover I wondered if come in spray can .. like my dad's word's bout em ..
Gals. Ho.s
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 13:48:20 GMT
Iowa Political..
U guys gals knows what marriage.s is learn it lookup .. BROA
U might use us people not our BOSS
And this of all us nigras r married to black same skin look like black no doll honey. Find one it did it . THUR
What's Ur sayn FABER..
No one did it black or white. Why
If truth PORK CHOP did Bj Armstrong Iowa player back as child ages as babies stages WHY . Cuz she as JoAnn Armstrong went in tv cuz big fat newborn and does know television like Lance Armstrong and his family in television THUR GO
Think she did MAN W. Bj Armstrong retired NBA Star. THUR
Think Rich Boy TOO
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 03:05:02 GMT
I'm way back years ago BC dinosaur life of black families White . Calvin Junior came out tall big like Reggie. And I JoAnn think Kevin was round think he be same. Tall big Reggie. Thur
Today Armstrong and Riley and Thornton and Smith, Fish and Faber and Roth and Jennings and dinosaur life Anderson ..
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 28 Dec 2017 19:55:03 GMT
Tis NEWS over here..
Herd it yet guys in Algona Iowa..
Well. Goes Becky Hebert wrong spelling I JoAnn Armstrong told her it's tis Hulburt and that mother Heather to Jarod to Nate Elizabeth Mrs Faber but Ur husband telling u spell last name this Hebert huh no it's tis Hulburt thur go
And what hey u not sayn anything bout Trump Becky put her husband jail cuz written threaden president.. and that kill him by meeting him but later in month was shot by Becky his wife now she in prison for murder.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 28 Dec 2017 16:53:47 GMT
Shut up in there BROA.
Let her. Man
Let's see I want for Christmas list of
Yas Nathan Faber. U know tis means MAN
Where women at or Jarod Faber.. RIGHT
Need something like that in my studio HOMES.
And u what I need women hot No ugly like PORK CHOP u know I'm WHITE own by her NOW BROA. Whatever that means idk.
I'm sitting here think bite her up SOS
And she NOT thinking mine yet brother.
Yeah also need no problem on outside lines MAN. I'm an IOWA HAWKEYES FAN CAT
Now Go it's LoL TOO BROA
I watch nothing of Queens MAN nah mhm
Nope wrong. I don't either.
I'm FAN of I'm WHITE I'm FAN of PACKERS and That's Jack. NOW GO
He comes out on PACKERS games GO and IOWA HAWKEYES THUR got shirts em Xmas
I keep both on trust me MAN
Now who running my TEAM. S down hill SOS
Mhm NOT wanna do that brother.
Me I put my sisy up to do on Halloween in window livin room knows tell yah something it's says BEWARE an bite ME
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 27 Dec 2017 20:02:49 GMT
Why. I Cass Boicourt I as understand tis em Armstrong not Armstrong for real they're to families of Boicourt as mine I just meet JoAnn. Now What Honey Ur families burn out in trailer as child u wherever as baby in Algona that same trailer is living in lot29 herd bout as child but mother Doctor the girl cuz families and friends not believe was female. U just went past me mam u that one everyone's say PORK CHOP too and Potato .. huh her. Get back here I'm talking to u mam I'm rapper owns by Dr Dre. Get back unfinished business too.
Oh boy W ho u burn u a new d Ur families Ur dad brother's to u . Very first live o it in trailer.. how I know that one was baby .. when what year did happen
JoAnn say was 1980 round her ass. Go
Told me in Sioux City Iowa
Calvin Ur him Ur Couples seen very first papers u guys all send my mom Linda home NOW GO other guy Linda Kramer. GO as Boicourt . Taylor. Brown . Armstrong .
White . Hall . Johnson . Hayes . Gay .
Igal I JoAnn think Linda Kramer had em men . THUR
But questions is why Terry Moore book of Algona High say Boicourt as JoAnn with Armstrong lookup on yr birth '80
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 27 Dec 2017 19:45:37 GMT
I wish I was Agricultural Kossuth shit for Iowa as FABER families r in life SOS
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 27 Dec 2017 19:18:42 GMT
Yah. Farm Bj Armstrong Iowa Hawkeye retired Bulls and Harnets and Warrior
How Ur back in Iowa State member yah bring up my dad Beny ground h e tell yah man.
U call no listen Mother Fukr.
My daughter JoAnn an retarded child and u said no man listen up dam it u said ARMSTRONG not name as white people has I Go AHA man what my daughter JoAnn say Lance become racers bicycles..
Never. Answers JoAnn Armstrong questions
U ah. Man bullshit member daughter JoAnn Armstrong had big black NB ad ass mother Fukr kicks Ur ass man. Yah
Name Kelly. I can . Kelly bullshit a ha.
Right. Bring. BROA
He say bring u guys in har tv.
Don't shit at BROA
How McDermott got my cousin Lance Armstrong out Texas . Now Go
And hey JoAnn Armstrong my daughter was first c uz pregnant as child by r is black guy off Iowa ftball team thur
Yah she did prove newborn fat better to have Babbies . What age Durant not Ur daughter baby pictures PORK CHOP as I Calvin Moore here Minnesota GO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 27 Dec 2017 16:41:52 GMT
I'm. Dentist of Doctor James E. Buttermore South Sioux City Nebraska.
JoAnn Armstrong teeth did have braces do to had em as teen-ager NOW what years wherever em days and teeth glue of back when had braces teeth was lifted thur on teeth glue for braces teeth she must had colors ones two bracket mount top lower.now she 37 so u take 24 yrs off that's whenever JoAnn Armstrong had em teeth braces Thur yrs must been 1993/97
And Doctor Darryl Mergen in Fort Dodge put em on teeth JoAnn Armstrong.
Yas daughter Viola Armstrong Christopher
Yas . Thur and Calvin Armstrong Senior.
U as dad had to have em as child says Ur grandpa dad Floyd. Something like that u do know that . One Ur same teeth ur dad Beny NOW GO LADY
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 26 Dec 2017 17:35:30 GMT
Excuse Me..as Tim Deward I'm years class of 2001 Algona High r u sure u excuse JoAnn Armstrong lil bit man r u sure and
Bout tis r Deward families man to u Durant. Cuz never heard u Durant THUR BROA
Yah I'm Trent Devirres know her lady too
Man sure not that name u Durant gals lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 26 Dec 2017 17:11:40 GMT
Bout unfinished business Gail Smith Brothers r nigras black asses TOO.
Watch Ur mouth Diane get Jim THUR
Yah Todd. John. Emmet. Anna Nicole Smith as sister NOW GO.. MAN
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 26 Dec 2017 17:08:12 GMT
How u think Gail Smith is came out white body but blonde yellow haird chick sos.
And that wife Jim Moore half-brother BROA to me JoAnn Armstrong.
GO FABER U kick ass man. SOS
Hot Lady
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 25 Dec 2017 18:50:32 GMT
Notice when JoAnn Armstrong talks.
Explain order tells her kids different look do same notice.
Yah we California people sayn she is JoAnn Hudson. Thur Go truth
She tells o order they think they know repeat back to her . Dah
Yah I don't understand em kids her s
JoAnn Hudson. Now Go
Some like em wild kids groupy in large crowd in at Corral em hers and at Olive even at Outback also wherever at seen some of em groups like that at Texas ..
How much kids does she have here HUH
They're wild groups. Lol like know how order too some order hamburgers fries and no ham mash potatoes cor nor grn beans casserole beat they it that thur
Go not dumb RIGHT guys some kid say thur and order turkey dinner RIGHT wrong.
All her kids order we there order ham dinner they're not dumb no retarded sayn nor Christmas day go
We got money from hg er JoAnn Hudson.
Thur were u get it money . At lady.
She worked as nurse aide plus EMT . Before Was Dessaline corn pulling up fossils for hybrid California. Go
And Universal pictures studio GO
Sister Katie Hudson. Now Go Guys lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 25 Dec 2017 18:26:43 GMT
U California people r gonna stick up for her JoAnn Armstrong not Armstrong but is Hudson Ur sayn HUH
And I'm her kid and we're r her kids as of 14 kids of her JoAnn Hudson.
But story goes how she get out here her five yrs old son thought knew her husband at life his mom JOANNE HUDSON NOW GO but he seen her get tattoos on shoulder arms and ankle but he Traiten told her his mom why get that not my father as David Jennings GO
But told her JoAnn son Traiten yes is too much Ur hore and that it fukn anything that this u put me in skills class mom told him he needs it Thur Go
And possibly pregnant with David next child in in 1954 go been out here sense and that the child doing it r Thur
She RIGHT as JoAnn Hudson NOW GO
Keeps putting mom in school after having kids more. Thur
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 25 Dec 2017 17:43:23 GMT
Murder by TOWN ALGONA.
Cuz not believe was Viola Armstrong daughter as JoAnn Armstrong one everyone's dirty word s at thur as there Target or tis born after there kids was years today man must been vary baby in her belly thur as I JoAnn Armstrong SOS
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 25 Dec 2017 16:51:36 GMT
I do..
Got kids at 13 yrs old . Why
I'm JoAnn Armstrong sister Calvin Moore.
As Armstrong
Not his kids aither
This guy kids father of em Patrick Kelly
From Livermore school Twin Rivers District. Iowa Schools
We.re TAMPA BAY in NFL and BRONCOS Fans and Giants and Panther's and 49ers and Falcon.s and Eagles and Colts than Steelers. Lol TOO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 25 Dec 2017 16:28:29 GMT
Excuse Me ..
U say tis tis Mrs McDermott my aunt Debbie. Our Peirs off Ur mom side Dorothy Fish Mrs Armstrong but her mom Louise Faber. U know what Reed Faber .
Yah u go first BROA.
And u say was BEATUP Honey
I JoAnn Armstrong told anyone bought anything of life is tis truth u go Thur take who ever there u come back Get more teases by It Yeah talk shows homes WOW
U NO Reed u told everyone was BEATUP By oh my god. That RIGHT there WOW
Talk shows u talk Honey Reed no Ur NOT TALK PORK CHOP no talk shows say Nate Faber understand me homes and what comes back u TOO Get Name for yourself RIGHT
MAN u wanna watch Ur think shit out think over PORK CHOP..thank you
Agree come back get teased more WOW
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 24 Dec 2017 20:26:15 GMT
I JoAnn Armstrong member mom
telling I had care of two players of NFL
on Wooster Street they both came out thur at me cuz they told my mom Viola tis that I got cops and sheriff s at em both Buccaneer and Falcon and that when I JoAnn meet that Armstrong as Bj an NBA star fukrs nigra. S
Sayn did that em broken leg Vick Falcon. Asking dumb question.. he laughed bout on field . His buddies say what she knows ftball man women not know nothing.
Dumb question how u put an plain from that coaches board to field but brother.
And I'm JoAnn Armstrong better than brains man I know cannot do that impossible. Honey
And than sayn same things to Kershaw Upshaw to on Tampa Bay Buccaneer Thur.
How can put plays from clipboard to field Thur. MAN
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 24 Dec 2017 20:11:28 GMT
I'm for real Mindy Robinson Mrs Spear
Can u guys show lil more respects to school years mine class 1999 Algona.
Tiffany Hansen hate tell u not the OP me in our school..
Not JoAnn Armstrong on here sayn anything.
Okay. Let say tis Durant gals r that RIGHT do so.
For someone not from IOWA sure knows a lot MAN and tis one lie as other W as families to Schmidt no I'm not either.
That's an lie. I'm families to Hall as to Linda mother Betty Moore her.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 24 Dec 2017 16:48:47 GMT
Excuse Me..I'm really truly Scott Baer and Sheryl Cole..
R u guys r sure not our daughter as very first girl born like in 1980 cuz if look it we both were born year 1973 NOW GO
With Kelly Durant gal GO out Kossuth Reg. Doctor Thieny . NOW GO
Bot dead my peirs THUR
Now lol fukr on here
I'm like age 37 yrs old
And that's they both were in teens beginning age teen life as having me.. SOS. My dad had ms.eplyipses brained spells. That my mom had heart condition plus diabetes including obesity problem and knees . GO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 24 Dec 2017 16:05:56 GMT
Scott Baer
I'm Really JoAnn Armstrong gal.
What tis have pictures of Faty face close up fat gal smiling with braces teeth in pictures.
Sorry Never Show u em.
Can you mail me em o pictures brcs teeth
all four pictures.. sorry welfare payd em teeth braces. SURE
Misehloff knock off at her JOANNE cuz really had em teeth braces THUR JoAnn Go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 24 Dec 2017 15:58:38 GMT
I guess take .
Ur dad's word's back Mam
How not ask Kelly that might be an lie name says Paul Brees
Started with Iowa FANs sayn not an as WHITE ARMSTRONG FAMILIES..
R too matter factual actually u not know shit from streets Terry nobody knows u cuz Ur lier of an service military guy.
Go Ur tis guy Faber put as Wiltgens.
Or George Harrison NOW GO
Looks like one em NOW GO
See not have television for families do yah sosos. I'm not saying I am BROA
I know I do so .. GO
Kelly . Kim I'm Neil Fox boy u member me out there huh u sayn something bout tis u having kids future by someone in my families.. who re u talkn bout ladies.
Huh . Point Proven
Yah . What more lies coming from other slick trees too ..
Like that Puffer as Steve that guy is Moore u all call Moore too.
I have funeral card em. GO
And son Jerry Puffer.. dayn now nurse Kossuth Reg. Bonnie Streuckler THUR GO
NO LIER opp u know me guy . Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 24 Dec 2017 15:43:51 GMT
Digg tis to Ur nigra guy ..
"(U not better have went over it at Lesane Crock as Tupac either.. and is really that second cousin to boxer as him Mike Tyson)" NOW GO
Out my Nintendo Games
His game called Mike Tyson Punch Out..
And that bring another and tis u all my mom Viola phone too.
Not better be as him
Bj Armstrong burn either.. that's bullshit brother.
Yah u all ready say FAN.. I know tis MAN
I know facts i JoAnn Armstrong has families in there NOW GO
No. U not know how act out in public and tis not loose control minds.
Keran bullshit..
Calvin strictly with her I know it go as yah JoAnn GO
U still not making sense. Say JoAnn as I NOW GO
Still waiting for the first truth about it all depends verb's noun's not technically u r can suck my ass THUR GO
Hey u kiss own ass and suck ass it boys
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 23 Dec 2017 20:20:13 GMT
Miss Durant worry u
Ur name coming from lady. Thur
No . I'm not Tiffany Hansen kid thank you..
Preston Faber kid is yah Nate know em huh
Well his mom is Sheila Ingals GO
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 23 Dec 2017 17:12:36 GMT
Durant don't lie fuk scum
Stop lies. Bout JoAnn on here.
U girls r typing shit
Fuk hores .
Now fuk cops sheriff's
Stop use my name fuk cunt Durant
Herd slander Durant use false information to cop sheriff
Have yah Durant gal
Retarded Bitch
Like JoAnn ARMSTRONG gal name why sit lie in court back em days huh
Bitch out her ass answer me Scott Baer u gals lies bout JoAnn sense zero days like Armstrong moved trlr north park calls Hillcrest right Bitch Durant gals
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 23 Dec 2017 05:39:44 GMT
Excuse US Misehloff families bout back when someone sense or thought they seen Ilene in Algona Kossuth..
Right wrong
Em times was that fat gal we.ve herd like need braces teeth like Ilene.. GO
And that truth em these eggs u all removed out that woman or teen back em days r hers as Armstrong gal..
To that daughter to Vel Armstrong so
Her niece had a speribral poliscy moving of legs. Now Go
And families of Armstrong Gal off her mom side . Go as Vel Armstrong.. Thur
Beat can carry twin too h red rumors uncle has set couples set twin grandkids. Braces Teeth goat milk problems. Crib death child. And stale birth nor still birth grandkids.. as grandsons. Thur Mitch.Ben.Tommy.Heidi.Jenna.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 22 Dec 2017 18:49:29 GMT
Jack Limbaugh Third for real man
She my sister for real how u not JoAnn Armstrong not herd u all slow in families of hers. Now Go
Is to loan out to u Viola Moore or did u thought u had son em days says tis one
Figuring out that Ur mom of this child Markla as David that herself Viola.
Herd em some place thur
Well my families tv as Limbaugh to Rush
As Jack Senior owner but dead back em days 1997 go no I not kill my families go
Man try it BROA go
And this who tis one sayn who she as to
Kids as her Dwire u them families sos
Not familiar with it that not name sos
Been Iowa too
If look for Tim Dwight as Tom Brady that's guy is to Not her go
Faber . Try tis nope wrong snoop dog
Wrong miss Jackson.
Not everyone goes by Presley not Jackson go
Try Families of mine sister Armstrong to Lance NOW GO THUR
Let's Rock
Beat it JoAnn Armstrong not lier go
Say all my families marriage Durant go
See right Durant gal.
Curtis nerds go say pork chop
I know nope keep it
Huh who u think Ur families r
Lance Armstrong hit rich trillionare go
Like bill gates go
happly married to
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 22 Dec 2017 16:30:06 GMT
Excuse Me ..
Fans FABER.. might upset u all..
How tis that truth story ..
I'm Alona Johnson Mrs Gronbach r u sure them families r Lyon sayn Ur thur kid as to JoAnn Armstrong gal but truth I s Ur an Linda Kramer daughter by herself having an black guy from Fort Dodge Iowa
his name is Carlos Johnson. Now Go
And that sounds like that Deb u write to in letter s is to in law Linda Kramer as her Deb an Harmon .. Right
Cry Ur eyes out too. Go Guys RIGHT
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 22 Dec 2017 15:49:31 GMT
Excuse Me ..
Aha. FABER Fans .. don't have to read if not want to ..
But I'm Alona Johnson Mrs Gronbach of Iowa but anyways this is true Daughter of Viola Ex Moore Armstrong.. she did to had kids as birth think wherever in towns tis
Kalona Iowa and Lemars Iowa ..
This other out state Minnesota as of towns Luverne over by Sioux Falls SD.
Towns in Minnesota r Luverne and tis gal town Bloomington.. but Saint Cloud..
Other last child JoAnn had birth of was in Dakota Dunes South Dakota..
And I Alona Johnson Mrs Gronbach words say to her JoAnn em kids yrs would cost rounds what states says like 35.00$$in em states cuz state for cost filing birth certificate and service fee .. go
Get em see if em names u want to names em I Alona Johnson Mrs H Gronbach would I was u JoAnn Armstrong. Go do check em names Ur kids thur worry u and Ur kids go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 22 Dec 2017 05:13:47 GMT
Lay off my families u talkn too
Iowa in Kossuth political as FABER..
Why got job
Tell yeahs. Why
I'm JoAnn Kay Armstrong
Oh boy not my information and
This shire knows all too
Families bout not daughter Viola right
Sure not Sony as Lyle Junior has in laws stepdaughter Kelly Reifer marriedGgronbach. Larry
Not at time back em days
Fine claim fats kids Ur dad made
I guess not have tv families for FABER go
Guess Ur was asking my families put u fat by put u away at age 5 yrs old not at that age age three yrs actually 1 yrs
as baby go asking why born for right.
JAROD . Huh I'm cop
No let's skip over JoAnn shit first
Yeah them did FABER actually Ur aunt starts . It
Nope not married any them trash too me
Here wants say back em days on here
No body business why they had her right
But why put baby away ask that question
Man. I'm Kendall Pals.
FABER why. Man put her fat. From skinny
Now acts like not owe. Her right
Put handicaps thur fuk her than before her dad in between was neighbor guy
Say Baer right. Man how went down go
Than they all added lies making it look good thur go.
No they lie say Jim. Beat it
What Jim nothing bout him. Thur
Never herd em. Go
Comments bout Jim now who Moore
Lies mom sayn stoled shit whrimes . And tires
Think I know Jim Moore works no idiot.
Think construction guy roads. Say Pals.
He out trlr park north high school when I first got on police force go 1984 go
Vila. And Terry
Beat Ur not even dead I don't care Vila.
Crazy lady anyways I'm with Sony go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 22 Dec 2017 04:56:30 GMT
Kershaw Upshaw retired TAMPA BAY Bucs
Hey better not might press rape charges on yeahs Faber u know what I'm sayn man
Right from feather side town NOW go
Raping people by political not way go
From hell back in cell go
I'm not Janet Jackson but prove it am I
Janet Jackson. Man
See yeah do to me Janet Jackson from her bedroom . Go
First she had. Bought go say bmg music service out Indianapolis Indiana go
And had some movie DVDs out Indiana too.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 21 Dec 2017 18:32:57 GMT
Fat Bitch ..
Here Ur liers back corwith Iowa.
I guess Ur granny lady Louise Faber to Burt Fish and her daughter Dorty Maxine Vera Fish married Armstrong as Floyd Lynhart kids r Malvin as Nick . Calvin Senior as beny .
Deb . And Larry. Now Go
Thur . Oh boy I named em .
Aha how oh butt pain grandpa's had when pregnant of my grandma. Huh
Feelt be e Calvin have girl . Go
U ah member mom Viola sayn happen to Floyd had kid Calvin same pains mom Viola
Go .. Mhm grandma laughing go must truth.
Go Calvin Ur sister is her huh
That pork chop. Right Homes
Yah her dad past out all em. Go
Seen how babies born out woman. Go
Beny . U not perfect . Now Go
U had tramas reflexes beny yah.
The ell Ur sister that one man
As I Viola . How kids r born by between legs up into woman. Go let's rock lol
I'm not dead as Viola Armstrong Go
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