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Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 03:42:42 GMT reply
Chewing dogs ..here..broa ..
I'm her.. go
Feel like never tis shit before..
Like realy is truth sayn
Calvi ..
Go get abuse verbal mental physical abuse charges.
Cause from tis lady JoAnna Kay Armstrong for real. Butt plug ur daughter head on her myself if is body
Who the black guy out hyvee time with knife switch sord ..
Switch heads JoAnn. Em times . I'm her JoAnn no ur not go teeth braces Zoey lier. Check up go roof mouth x-rays go yah child by law think who r to belong to streets corner yah Zoey Asche not her her lookn look for Amber Krug.
I cuz ANUAL miss within her Asche that same gal Krug as Amber to Asche yah guess her ur class years too Terry face go Myers gal Amy.. Calby go keep girl JoAnn that go Reed both gals had go lol cousin Faber mine what huh ur cousin Faber granny to date both sisters yah go
No lie he him Reed go fatass .Yah they say JoAnn Armstrong need money kids she have ours men go tv go Limbaugh go only her go back em days too butt plug it Joan as pregnant man as him had baby not ho not known parenting class at Algona High either too bullshit either she JoAnn had it that class go had plastic doll home baby too robot yah yr grade yr go man up. here feel me up here me out today go what repeat abuse too go dam good of it broa yah go Terry nope fatass one go
Aha. Knew Seth how u nite to up stars found famous go huh right knock off man herd it McDonald lawyer not goin in place BROA try class mine joann nshytup fukr u go eat too
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 01:20:57 GMT reply
I'm born W. Brother s Ilene
And I'm Alona Johnson Gronbach has brother's go
What have JoAnn Armstrong into cinnamon office deb hansen
But not interested in u homes boys go
Terry. And tv make u four to star. Go
Get Him my granny Faber wonder he not Faber up blood pork chop talk right ..
I'm tv movie film makin director yah start Joanna's newborn fat baby to put away mental.institution
By families friends..
And told tis why born and why here ..
I'm taking it Alona
I'm take it have too see cinninamon man
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 14 Feb 2018 01:15:04 GMT reply
I'm pork chop.
I'm here on..
Watch Ur fat
South mouth
Watch them if tv Urijah Faber..
NOW that RICH.. to Boy.. beat mine
U not know nirga . Yeah u classic fatass
Go .. what u mean.. technology who u
Calvin her brother.man
Watch. Rock put words mouth Lance say it CmPunk go lier like he Lance does doping not at all. Up here I like her fatass bitch from hell in cell. Go
Yah..I'm back again . Go
I'm Calvin brother.. Honey make mine..
Matt. Go okay Pork chop purse Jean . One
Where at Walmart go Lemars get it.
Tonight .. bill cafe or say burgers
Okay go.
Lol kind food place .
Now ..
Told tis alive grab me in Siouxland lil.john herd something knew me slipnot as mo lie ear ear remove that year no lie that year ho Calvin bleed death all rush over thur go dead thur too.
Okay fatass live back em days yas
Lil Wayne yas donar accuse his friend grab me lil John target back January lasyonth grab me in Walmart see tears down face BROA I say scream John u man
Yah honey hug each right. Kiss's me cheek thur go
That right honey .thought someone say I dead no man alive go lil John sayn .
Back up what Walmart sayn u guys Terry u JoAnn invite target center y ah get Randy haird he was comin anyways guards security states round areas here
Does Randy friends how I keep okay like that bad sayn Rand b office go lil John
Man I'm not shot up here. No not ur not right right go that's
Keep brain s frozen who u bought us mam
Go back okay lady
My men go
Yah. Know Bj Armstrong NBA star retired okay RICH BOY u know here man yas he do ho
Go yahs
Jaleel White playd basketball yah
Not Laure not I man
Sayn that one Bj. In him sayn sos
No honey mhm joan not allowd he piss Lance .yas go.
Beavis butthead huh
White guy . Man
I'm Lance Armstrong.
Mike judge.
U like dirah no
No don't Like that shit go Reed no Jaleel go Calvin Broadus go her go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 05 Feb 2018 18:18:13 GMT reply
Cars electronic hand controlled.
Yah won Ur dad too
100 times go
I'm Calvin.
Where I'm am I at man
With funny look gals. Sayn party at plus lies sayn urs pants ilene too
U put her thur.
Against JoAnn Armstrong my niece
Excuse u Misehloff.
Not pictures kids Scott baer.
Thur JoAnn fat bitch a 4 em braces teeth thur . em pictures
Dont think so
Deb Eischbacher niece Viola.
Joan yah
Heard .Tis
Mason City
After fix bones put arms both to JoAnn wherever at em. Now send security guard.
Do too. Here . After fell had crooked teeth as at age 3 yrs old 1984 cuz child was fat newborn baby seen it Deb our aunt beatup her say it her see can kick my ass. Oh shagy hair too at school they thought want hangs and boys stop sister knows how spell words . Man
What do shot us.
Yah like u do her.
Say her why not man
Not murder turn round Barry u cops sheriffs. Huh
Like her brother.
Kevin hu
Went head stuck-up joan got murder by school never seen her home. Bern there
U cop Jeff Gilmore how ankle leg hit at u guys knock u yahs never raped yahs either . Go
I tought she getn annual VanOtterloo in it maybe not thur
Robinson I'm still say it families Terry lies u do too not JoAnn neither fat lady in class mine . Can see em black kids in out classroom.raped JoAnn in elementary yrs givin her em black kids plus now cuz haird body go
Than teeth freckles Faber go best it right bout pork chop
Now green eyes best pants pork chop yet .
Best still our class Casey Myers u as no lie kids and Amber Asche . See here that brother lies sayn his kids brother Cali as Calvin. To Moore onlysd like joan say my class to me Mindy why on joan y ah cuz not allowd em days use Moore books schools and now work on job plus marry
And now think in laws to JJ step dad Ashlee niece to em Cali and joan yas truth im joan classmates year Mindy and Todd
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 05 Feb 2018 01:38:24 GMT reply
If blonde ..
But tis I as Armstrong ugly fat chick fat so . Honey .. u know
Had all 500hundred of yahs nirgas guys..
No got no 99 problems up here me out feel me up.. aha. What
Yah. Hard I'm black brown dark haird fat sexy chick though fake lie nirga yah sos truth all day . MAM
Founder too. RIGHT
No get tis they my families sayn I'm blonde hair mama . Mhm
Never was it nope no surey mhm
Lie nirga haird of no black skin chick.
Yah. I see things tis if herd right bout danrif on head well u see not on blonde u know it . RIGHT
What quite see it on darky chick haird mama . Like Ur stepsister. But only they carry pants . Like say Amy Myers.
Yo that marry her by law was Funky as Mike in class Algona High year 1994 sos
JoAnn RIGHT that Ur stepsister pants darky haird nirga lies not no blonde to her pants go that's right no member mom sayn can have that thur but other Go
But short of same as her JoAnn. Go MAN
And she RIGHT thur Calvie her brother..
Plus Ur grn eyes freckles non us Cole that nor Foster . Mhm nope . Go
Say I Amy myre and Calvie to brother to JoAnn listen known how READ Up here man.
U do okay.
Her goes .. one em
What if I Amy Mhyre says it Casey Myers kids to Amber Asche to my cousin by Dawn daughter my aunt Pat Foster to my grandmother Grace Foster and that marry Vernon Cole daughter to cousin Sheryl Cole mine Amy Mhyre yah class 1999 of Algona even Godfrey at ob laing middle school of JoAnn to stepsister to u MAN
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 05 Feb 2018 00:52:36 GMT reply
Take these records back ..
Release Form or Keep Em .. go
No business.
If teeth Braces patient in 1990's til make it Ur business.. go
Possible freckles body too
Grn eyes sense child newborn .
Fuku fatso. Fatass . Ugly
Shot bout ready com over shot . yah
U shot her..
I go Minnesota shot him up.
I'm Vince naughty by nature known more and I known she Jo Armstrong had my music . MAN
How's Ur music. Huh
U check it yet BROA to Snoop Dog. Aha
Nice how they knew her had it..
Head like this have pictures of child sense baby has em days gonna buy my CD past years before em bought CD yr was member mam
Jo on here air see member it
1992 yas month it July go day 2 got on 8 th mail go see nobody born thur
Nice liers in families of so-so of same families. Huh life u all . RIGHT. SOS
Got receipts from bmg music service yah Indiana. How she JoAnn Armstrong knew that place .. had Curtis 50 cent Jackson yah . Not Crow child . no.
Tina Turner . Why . Think so he Crow kid is think so go nice families. Had Lance Armstrong too marry her too .
Bullshit Ur lier. Nope go lookup it man
Ur JoAnn Armstrong. Yap
Married August 13 1991 yah Curtis born 1992 yah go fukr burn Michael Jackson thur that smelly Kelly seen it off my mom phone off on street Wooster.
Algona. Go Iowa . Huh
Whoaw right Durant lady sayn u Lyin it Joan. Bullshit . Bout ready bring over check out u all. Again go lol funny lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 03 Feb 2018 18:05:52 GMT reply
Classmates mightbe past years also too u
Rucker usen mom name it think so Ur em.
Sayn I sayn getn accused by u all time for MAN not sayn nothin bout u MAN
And that FACTS Jack. God DAM It
What iam sayn here me out feel me up.
Yas Go..
Like em on here Dam it.
Whose brain washer her JoAnn. Grandma VI daughter that fat lady in van white one. Huh cars em fancy ones . Go
Yas.. had em black in room of mine ..
All 500 hundred of em Sol's THUR LoL sos
And mhm. No did it . Think so nice it. Words lady. . Feel em up . Get Him .
Paint white bring em in up here. Home
Butt plug em feel better bout em too lol
RIGHT . Makin Lyin sayn just like mine Armstrong guy. Go say again it huh ahahah.
It go hipitzing him em all. Guys butt rape me. Water bed member it broke BROA.
Oh that's right her bed did do it huh
In that room. Not no lie now it sos
That tis truth sayn had immature that old bow bow to huh right who other Houston guy. Right Sean . RayJ . Lloyd .
And Drake . Than em Tyrese THUR
Go fgure . Out sayn in em. Lady
U som lady big legs yas skiny face neck upper body chest back than waist.go
Okay now might be pregnant by em guys like Faber guy. Farm . Alright okay.
Hell yah. Comin MISS LADY
Fgure u. Butt rape me . Armstrong life thugs . To did streets smoking hits to pip to joints to lick papers every hits than had stick long one use it seen it oke it hits wit it go and drink coke go
Go . Opp . Had em . Huh
Oh aha. Not funny shit BROA kick ass his em guys in the t one of h e come again that that pains bro cried for weeks mouth em days say Vince stoled buddy money jump out my shelve collection got piss off he told me used money his Bj Iowa get teeth braces only places have it money cuz look around our home on wester . Not lol to bright em days. Not welfare covered em kinds I had need teeth braces go and Vince punch off em teeth mine . I cried for weeks pains man. Go find my friend Nikki . For butt pain BROA no lie and had x-ray went thru cheek too braces go ask Davis k.r. h. C
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 03 Feb 2018 17:49:46 GMT reply
Doin it at daughter Lyin bout her sayn ours child is in laws by peirs marriage second husband that Armstrong dirty guy filthy. Never washed up pin up pants..
Wholes in pants.. and.. why..
Tis one I'm tis person actually in life Limbaugh u known what courts .. law suit
.. bout JoAnn Armstrong as my past years.. want money back her.. her Mams to sures. As families of Cole a Foster families.. sound word for put kids to foster home live can not trainings em RIGHT . Or fix shit stupid. Dah
Talkn self Faber.. to Reed. Huh
Guess . Ur families to Jack Third was threaten Joan Armstrong past years school.classmate Algona Comm.. District.
Was taking money. keran. Ashlee then not listen her sayn there Casey Myers kids as Zachary and Zoey.. her classmate as Casey Myers son Roni a John Myers ..
U dont Moore how fuk know been suid by Todd neighbor urs like stepsister says here go tall big guy. Head injury from auto. L yin sayn Ur stepsister did it we seen who got car got tall guy got out weagon. Done it thur .
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 03 Feb 2018 17:11:34 GMT reply
I gotta watch mouth ..
I think should . Bit here
Someone READ Up.. it hits bet ..
Excuse My language up here..
Only o be doin hits bringing shit in Iowa was someone born over that way ..
Past cross lake gan ..
Think so .
Teased fat gal Olympic Algona dog kid..
Beatup by own buddy white boy at that buddy reason by nirga on other team but Iowa Hawkeye.. white boy was ftball. Of Hawkeye ftball tackle that nirgas for break-in arms of kid fat gal .. and than makin fun her. Yah nice yell back BROA.
And yah . Niece sayn she fat gal retarded like families sayn to em Thur.
Yah. Should ground urs nirga ..
U come game leave her alone HOMES.
Competch sayn Tom Brady was name of as Tim Dwight Iowa Hawkeye.. member me Boy u ah I do kick nirga ftball made u scream like cryn bitch brother THUR
And that FACTS Jack. GO
Shot who up . Straight candy line. Huh
She knows herd me too . Brother.lol
Was Vikings fan think kinda yat I s Man
Walker. Faulk . Refrigerator old was vikings then eagles than bears . It on.
Let go bring it nirga go funny guy..
Bj Armstrong. U get mad . Something like that man u get foamn at mounth shit.
By Tim Dwight tackle. Aha
U ah brain damage and back broke . Lol
Hello yelln again nirga think back broken homes and neck shit and God knows what else nirga .
Dam straight . Tim Dwight as had changed his name dam near killd yah Armstrong to u nirga. Get over Ur problems reason slow learn kids MAN to u nirga Bj Iowa.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 02 Feb 2018 21:24:21 GMT reply
McDonald's restaurant was ownd by my classmates dad as Bing to lawyer in Algona Iowa Kossuth County that how discovered it his last name go
I'm classmates of McDonald like twin or triples or quadruplets same at five birth babies in Bing McDonald families go guess who iam typin tis JoAnn Armstrong. NOW GO
Now PROVE my shit to ur shit thur
Ur shit never gets answer it right go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 02 Feb 2018 21:05:43 GMT reply
We over there too.
U station out Germany. Man
U took us kids with mom too.
Em times thur member it dah
That's over seas zoo never herd it over they there country had an zoo for. Pets.. thur. Man
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 02 Feb 2018 21:01:29 GMT reply
Hey Yo..
Whose pictures of snake as dancing one..
Camel three lump .. and Kerala Bear..
Plus Squirrel Monkey .. whose pets..
Loose like he from Iowa had meet em pets over seas stationd Germany and Italy and Europe and South Africa.. and China go
Yah . MISS JOLLY.. who them pets..
I have Pictures of em.. mhm .. fgure it out . Mam and oh an Ferriat .. too
Wrong .. Terry Moore as he seas Military Ur brother. Here. Akron. Beat It
And that's FACTS Jack.. LoL
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 20 Jan 2018 15:49:52 GMT reply
Harmon u guys r HOMES e as people bring shit my panties . U know Ami. Kramer
That FACTS no Terry Moore thur Kramer
And son to Betty Kramer thur Robert Kramer Brother Terry Kramer has 14 kids Betty Kramer.
And I'm with JoAnn Kramer over here they not know u guys Algona thur Fort Dodge.
NOW GO now u sure I'm JoAnn now to an Armstrong here huh
How come Jesse as road dog herd u all go
Must Armstrong go brother Lance Curtis dumb fukrs . Nerds movie guy. Go
Right Calvin u must kids Kramer and must be older only child cuz Hogan WWE wrestler say fat baby could brothers .
No dont had brothers nobody herd em go
Only kid in families as Nice's nephews .
Cu,try out kids go to have birth if charges to anything thur
She gal.has be older than she looks like thur . Looks kinda herself service outfit . Thur countries too
U Kramer daughter to Fred kramer Junior.
Everyone say Fred Moore herd go
Assholes now man I mess myself now lol
Them boys has be hers at birth cuz mom tubes r tied after girl born Ames when Johnnie Oor families in laws married Susie Kramer go how that went New England . NOW GO
Where at Gary Nebraska and Jim in Kansas
Steve in Montana . Glenn in Illinois and Daryl at Illinois . Wayne in Montana .
Robert at Atlantic . Harold twin Harmon in Texas . Caroline at Arizona .
Ohgla at California . Pasty at California . Vivian at Fort Dodge .
Lloyd at Wyoming now Evelyn in Wyoming.
Now Kramer brothers sisters Rodney why
48 grandchildren to 56 great-grandchildren. 23 great great grandchildren. Now come again HOMES
She was old like 92 yrs old died go
Yah Betty u know her Moore Ur aunt Ashlee whoaw had 14 kids wow . Sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 01:29:55 GMT reply
Just married Charlie Sheen over night ..
Three ago . Told em they butt plug em during charges or child of mine.
But look like child had AIDS HIV..
Cuz ears . Deb
Not her not known go Britt
Not live here live with Nielsen.
Put his in body by Bridget his flavor flavor they adopt her . Go
Hope Ur happy . Ur kids go
Need ass blister thur d e b Deb piss pants shit pants like JoAnn us too.
Call name dirty ones ..
Not her fat gal in braces teeth need em times. Butt plug jealousy over daughter Viola. Fat gal. Yap.
Butt plug an lier out state be an missed child cut up Todd frirn pictures to be that gal in state . Go
Be California. Okay Ilene u not missed what wrong I'm Urijah . Yah right ice
Prove it like JoAnn Armstrong say it sos
Butt plug shit bitch know Ur roll BROA.
What up that now lady teenager get tis one now y ah other gals did same infronylt us say parties . Say right wrong say Todd who me say Todd neighbor need got thur Bridget . Good one bout us. Yu ah u marry home shut up Kelly cousin in law mine e x married Steve Moore to my niece Ashlee Moore go
Her family go
Yap go jail fuk man hotdog .
Watch kick Ur ass opp know stp.laws streets hey tis
Personalized pencil just say no to drugs alcohol man on them for Ur kids Urijah. Yah
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 17:00:57 GMT reply
I'm Woodbury NBA player star over.
Joan let's stop before see letter
Before fight dam it we Bitch wants deb like McDermott at Christmas time and in summer HELL cell says tis WHITE rolls round on floor look laughn.
Like her to hat one BOSS huh
Joan I'm Calvin go
Gabel say see break somebody in two man READ it tis
And Jason Dent meet em sat down say rodeo r sure like em families before READ tis shit BROA. I not liking it Man
Like he flips out BROA
We all sayn at joes cafe I drink TR was waiting to off work Terry said sit THUR someone cash us out thur home
JoAnn me and white git bring in here not livin car. Good acts like READ shit.
Like syn
U know if u send bottle of piss .
Yah Go
I'm gonna say it urs piss Urijah GO
Ur diabetes patient here huh
Say Bull tv guy . Go
Bout diabetes piss check piss. Go
Claim it HUH
Blood TOO of
Viola Armstrong had black s ay Deb r hat father JoAnn Armstrong she truthly not my n brother child now go
She television family thur go
Sat name JoAnna. Boicourt and Shakur not work out SORRY Keran Ur Fat gal.sorry
He that Sanders families to JoAnn too.
Mux all em tv guys fancy guys weird to o best Jackson to white to Johnson to Vick to young to Hayes to James to fuku to brown to Houston to a ll em bedroom mine my families cousin's THUR blood mine .
Why want it for . Not tags Durant gals
Nah sorry not dick u mean JoAnn Boicourt as usen Armstrong thur GO
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 04:08:44 GMT reply
McDermott herd tis MAN says I on paper plates wend scoop BROA
U sucks ass man
U never played on court high school as child to from elementary to middle ages in junior high school and LM d high school now go retarded guy . Fuk Face so
Whoaw. R u I'm Ilene Misehloff as to leave my families alone Durant whenever I say tis BITCHES hoes to garden hoes her dads RIGHT my bros don't do hoes on cars like u gals go but brothers mine to Rob has kids better days ass to JoAnn Armstrong we not em Sol's fukn ass Sol's
To upsets Fans. Trusted me my skates job RIGHT gals. Wrong
Durant. What gonna do kidnap JoAnn teeth n races daughter I ts only girlfriend of Ilene as to friends JoAnn Armstrong u know herd it some place THUR go
Plus Oh Boy by way it's twin take from yah Durant gals TOO mhm GO
Who u fuk thank u r sayn I Reed Faber sayn shit like bout Porter to zoey butt.
To Foster as Andrea . And Moore tis lady em Presley TOO much trouble could be wrong but the problem is that you can see the status of the same time as well and you can do it for you have any questions please contact the sender immediately notify me immediately and destroy hey excuse me she missed child as teen f Tom born over by JoAnn that Armstrong gal is past years ago herd rumors Armstrong gal does know her Ilene
That that families did had I NDA kids birthing NOW GO and that Steve Moore stepsister not no lie op n that one I m Kohlasch
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 04 Jan 2018 03:51:06 GMT reply
Oh Terry Moore
Says my stepbrother tell me Miss aunt
Debbie Armstrong Mrs McDermott to wife Kevin
Now of grandma Dorothy Fish not Fish last name Ur wrong read it wrong and that u s guys r Vick to black families from Virginia. Go back Floyd was served in service meet her in Virginia State of town Here it up miss lady mhm
Alright JoAnn go lady right back lol TOO
Funny shit ass kick'r go yu ah hit families mine Reed but NOW guys want BC to Snoop Dog and Nate dog to families life I f cousin to JoAnn Armstrong HUH
U ap even Armstrong NBA star retired go
Aha. Not sayn that she has something on me MAN
Many times I Bj Armstrong had war her as child baby THUR go bro h e did go DEBBIE
Aha. Lol sized Larry oh okay families happy now but Riley r White and Roth off Dorothy Vick.. and BC families black all rappers go mix not believe it Jackson go
Michael THUR
Now that green eyes Viola side her mom's say lampee mom doctor a twin a dental crooked teeth. Digestive problems Vick.
Thur and that tonsils r Broadus side ears and white black is apnea sleep. Go
And plus tall to fat look Reggie. Yap.
Fuk em no no not say it hit yah JoAnn has u cried lady. Nigra. Right
Faber be granny as married Vick see not Fish thur says Reed go
U guys mocking m e families two f s
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 04:02:07 GMT reply
Curious George wants to know factuality of birthdate.s same as PORK CHOP to as JoAnn Kay Armstrong north date month is
Em Rappers are Dr. Dre as Andre Young.
Eminem . Run DMC . Curtis Jackson 50 Cent . Prince from Minneapolis Minnesota
Now u want WWE Wrestling ERs no GO u gonna do it anyway Pork Chop GO
Spike Dudley . Bullshit Ur lying lady.
Brian Pillman actn name Brunner of state Minnesota and Chris Bechmier as Moose .
U Lyin died u fukr . That's RIGHT Man.
Hey thought u Urijah Faber BROA.
Yap GO. I thought PORK CHOP lies man.
Not that nah GO believe Chris is Pillman. GO oh herd Steve Austin mhm as Stone Cold BROA . Oh my owns I can do so lady. U no need it type it for us lady .
Oh Go I snoop knows stone up here okay
No I not have Alzheimer's. LADY. GO
Good luck on that one .
Like WHITE sayn bout girl lucky good luck one that lady me bite when I bite I bite good u know this BROA GO LADY LoL
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 22:19:38 GMT reply
Put 'tis in Joanna Team.. man
Sayn fgure out one em women had to done as child to em her age toddler at tis time year went out doors no clothes on no boots . No coat . No both Mittens hat . No snowpants suit ..
Member it says one em guards of mcdermotts to her aunt debbie armstring dad big calvin senior to beny as armstrong as coach iowa state cyclones greg to doug bulls player that was niece as pork chop as joann armstrong now go
Thats how she had tonsils problems ears.
Now Go now teeth braces must been whenever she had fell off bicyle say swore down lance did fightn her she wantd his bike racing job she was to skiny now go hot baby thur and had both arms broken same time than hit mouth handle bars teeth wear knockd out some em now go . Aha. Cried for man.
And not go on it thur after arms heeld thur . Swore lance did it . Yet go
Yah startd whenever she swire crow and hudeson sayn not have girls of birth broa. . Mhm or other one . Lol too.
Right brother not wrong aha . Man sos
Truth she swore up down. Lol
Do i ever ever lie no never im no lier man right brother .
And no fear no tis oh what now .. lady
Mhm no joke boss .. yah plus ribs too.
Plus parts that bone top hips that hookd too. Big large bone .. broken too on her
Man as child toddler. Now go
Thats joann armstrong.
Yah tried olympics than got hurt on both feet broken em broa in long jump..
Only she liked was bowling man ..
She loved it sport . Man
Went state years thru school .. ribbons start straight from prsechool to high school go thur fuk rest shit clown.. sos
Tookup music choir too plus plays at school. Too studied fashion designs in gerhart hunts .. lol nurtrions foods has clothing too. Now GO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 21:30:57 GMT reply
I just got ground . In TELEVISION
Who u
Cuz everyone touch me by FANS
Lance families is realy joanne armstrong than . Yas please.
They believed her she an female u guys all put man to male as boy at birth..
From girl to female than not allowd be an woman as adult if growdup.
Wreslers member person big fat baby and baby was an female someone all changes her pampers now go
They carries her out the place building too of iowa.
Now apologize to familes who put there daughter an boy . Now Go
What u all. Sayn now go
Must put her back female cuz its upseting sting over here cuz member the fat over sized baby looks like her was baby at em days in fort dodge of wwe matches . Em days. Times now go
Nice lies sayn other guy. Kevin thur go
Who he now never herd em this familes never had boys girls now go
Why not lie not lyin
Calvin as couples .
We know u in psychics want shit child stuff cuz ur friends becomin fats . Right
But not wantd say her joann thomas go
U all not ma
Chase u need pills take says i wwe sting
And includin whole town algona need em.
She does hang with me man
Who u
Sting who u guy actn
We know not hang with him
Joann armstrong does too
Go even wegher panthers nfl player. Go
Even ur fighter born ride ufc cage as tis matt gabel of lemars . Now go
Fukn a . S .. dam it broa
Hangs with three plus avon lady and tupe wear lady . Does say cops us marshalls
Even friends buddies with em soso
Like tom who ever tom she talks bout man
Yah even we lookup snoop dog bout tis off phone cell hers sayn streets been picd for that must hert. Broa in up thur
Sorry lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 01 Jan 2018 21:15:45 GMT reply
That picture is jarod outside gates chase singer put in tv by lies sayn wedded
Widow wife brett ..
But its that moore gal of lies sayn she an moore.. now go
plus christopher too
Perhaps concerns any business of anyone is that her mom wedded that nba player..
Cuz lies sayn durant in tv thur
But lies again that fatso ugly gal and that no ones talks to her as an conquer that stills cheats wears cheapy right wrong woman within clothing magazines sorry. Lady the lady gets at my home only sizes fits her. Thur must be aunts gave her magazines now go must be phyllis .. go
Now muly sister wrong not talkn u chiild.
Keran knock off. As Romer Aids Hiv child PLEASE .
Aha. Hi
U not know touch old fart .
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 31 Dec 2017 16:34:25 GMT reply
U all making big huge mistake fukn wit me WHITE.
Yah how that apples..
What's this about again. HUH
He NOT bite me yet MUST be RIGHT brother
And u figure out how to get back with the following user says that he was in the same as last time I know that you guys NOT get streets if bought that CD MS JACKSON first .. RIGHT
Boys in hood in bedroom cux my sisy not trust u 500 of how many nigras had by her .. yas she did . Haha. Lol
Know read one let's see here pock one em suckers out DAM It has taken me know what to expect from me know if you have any questions please contact me know what you think about it and the other its contents or attachments we recommend that you can do that for me and my family and the rest are just too good at the moment but will be able we know get on with it MAN CAT WHITE.
Why so pushing for the use of or reliance upon this message was automatically generated by the way to do it for the next few days ago and I will be able we can do that for you and the other hand is not an option in my case it would be great for you have to go back and forth between us and the other hand is not an option in my case it get out CD music nigra who he bring out CAT WHITE what she got we don't got HUH
It's in good hands and tis CD let's see
King Bitch Aha RAP yu ah u rape for food sign says it. Get Him. JoAnn Armstrong Get Him. Wait get good BROA just hold up in here see look listen up MAN here Go
Well.someone in there must not know how write or something like that one sat it right HUH did too. GET Him.
King Bitch put him on .
Here pull.out one let's help u out it
He is Public Enemy NOW GO
Yas get Brown as Bobby put him in player bro
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 14:27:47 GMT reply
Nobody had kids yet.
Only by John Busch and Steve Puffer.
And Larry Romer.. WHY
Guy's not sure if had u black Ass hell in cell Boy.. THUR
Hey that's preschooler gal I herd in middle ages had raped n basketball Iowa player. I don't know if black or white guy NOW GO.. BROA
Herd was an last name child at time was Thomas.. NOW GO why change her name to tis usen name Armstrong. THUR
She Linda Kramer daughter than HUH tis ugly lady .. sayn Viola . Calvin
Not to think Viola had mentioned guy married to her . SOS
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 14:15:45 GMT reply
Lier Bitch from South..
Cunt lier.
Durant tell truth fukn don't truth if hit truth in face. So THUR
That Bj Armstrong not know or want yahs.
And u want me repeat it
What was says back em days iowa he at Iowa.
I no NOT want BITCHES like non stutch thing .. u r new future guys are in RIGHT Track. HUH
Beautiful LADY what HELL her name BROA
Ur ass in sceitity .. need go THUR
Truth Dogs of features. NOW GO
Ho remover I wondered if come in spray can .. like my dad's word's bout em ..
Gals. Ho.s
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 29 Dec 2017 13:48:20 GMT reply
Iowa Political..
U guys gals knows what marriage.s is learn it lookup .. BROA
U might use us people not our BOSS
And this of all us nigras r married to black same skin look like black no doll honey. Find one it did it . THUR
What's Ur sayn FABER..
No one did it black or white. Why
If truth PORK CHOP did Bj Armstrong Iowa player back as child ages as babies stages WHY . Cuz she as JoAnn Armstrong went in tv cuz big fat newborn and does know television like Lance Armstrong and his family in television THUR GO
Think she did MAN W. Bj Armstrong retired NBA Star. THUR
Think Rich Boy TOO
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