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O M G! Blaney is soooo fuucking hot. I want his dick in my tight asshole soooo badly!!!
my names jeff
hes too boring. his voice irritates me
this nigga needs to get a life. nobody cares about your stupid "adversity" life sucks for everyone. stop crying
Those girls are hot. Why would they waste their time on Denny when there are younger hotter guys around. Let the babymama have him.
Danica is way too old for Ricky, he needs a new young girlfriend in her early 20's.
I think Tony deliberately screwed up Danica's deals because NASCAR still doesn't want women in Cup.
Kasey is old to be a boytoy
What's the worst part of 9 Danica fans driving off a cliff in a ford mini van? The mini van holds 10....
No, we all didn't get to see her lovely outfit from Saturday evening.  Do share pictures if you have them.    Was it a "throwback" theme?   Reply-to:Seriously did you see the costume Brooke wore to the Allstar race? A strapy hideous blue and red top with matching pants with ruffles and bell bottoms. Looked like she just smoked a fat one! I cant even describe how hideous it was ...
annnnnd....we're back
It's just the Trolls, that been on all these forums since 2001 lol, Take a wiff of Kiff y an dher friends.
I bet she's a lot prettier than you are Rookie 02:17. Maybe we should put a picture of you on this site and wait for the comments to roll in. Whoever you are, you are no better than gutter trash!
Yeah, Merry Maids cleaning services is nothing to be ashamed of!
clint is da best, better den da rest!!
i hope he gets fired and loses all of his money
He should be rotting in a jail cell...fuuuucking scumbag
Steve Wilson , San Lorenzo, Ca.
Robert LaJuett, North Carolina
he needs to retire already. he gets outrun by kyle every week
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