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Reply-to:why does Danica think she can grab Denny Hamlin or any other man for that matter?
Wonder if they are going to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony tomorrow
what a bunch of asshole
Any professional sport ruling entity that treats one competitor as if the sport hangs on his success is selling the rest of the competitors short and is doing them and the fans a great disservice.....rsm....
She's a Purdue grad with BA in Psychology. Reply-to:She is obviously a prostitute. I have Purdue grads in my family too, nothing special..just sayin. A little on the nuts side as well, and that IS NOT A REFLECTION ON PURDUE!! THE OPPOSITE!
Alex don mathis jr, Cottonwood al
Willynne Tully, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Ashley tweeted a picture of herself and a some other that in St. Barts or is it somewhere else? Anybody know?
So true.  Remember when Kyle quit at Texas in 2007?  You'd better ease up or CLB's gonna go nuclear.  (I'm kidding.  Let's make some popcorn and enjoy the show!)
Jordan made Denny change his IG name to James Hamlin since females were admitting that's the name he used when meeting while he claimed he was single. She's making sure he can't do that anymore. What a pussy.
Charmin Toilet paper. 
danica is better
He sucks amirite
I want him to stick his old smelly penis inside my ass and make me call him my master.
Reply-to:poking with the devilwoo woopoking with the devilThen i better get my Big sword out lol.  
Chad now with someone beautiful the stench of that " fish smell " takes it toll lol.
It is nice that blocker Carl Edwards has retired. I would be ashamed to have had another chance to win a championship, and decide not to race for it but to block for it. Seems like the whole Joe Gibbs team should be named Team Block and Team Lay Back and not race. If your not fast enough to stay out front be a man and let them go . You may still have a chance to finish good. So long sucker.
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