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Reply-to:I didnt like when tony stewart grabbed Delana Harvicks ass cheeks and squeezed the hell out of them.Well are you Delana's husband?  I think not.  So, its not your place to like it or not.  People on here need to get a life of their own......
Kevin Buckner, Statesville NC
jerry that's giving it the gas nice WIN
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SO refreshing the 42 won today. Wolfe Pack cars finished 1-2. Too bad AP doesn't travel anymore or she would've been in VL. Oh well. That stings. More salt?
SHR needs a new driver for the #10. Look what a difference a new driver made in the #14.
I gt to see today talking to Ricky Steinhouse Jr.And got his autograph.He is cute and hot I think that I would date him
Judy Hooten, Oh
J. D. Taylor, Chesterfield, Va
Child support is cheaper than spousal support. Maybe that's why....
Michael can do for auto-racing what John Macenroe did for tennis--kill it.
I was shocked when I saw her. I'm not used to seeing a drivers wife or girlfriend looking that unattractive. I mean I'm sorry, but she is way overweight and just not Attractive. Of course, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Justin seems to be very much in love.
Neither of these Dillon children would have a chance in hell of driving a cup car without grandad and they know it . It's shameful.
Yes, Sam's Mother, She defended BEASTIALITY, and said she's a Catolack and her Daughter Muslim. ick, AIDS sucks.
Sam's Mother of this Ho, which is the Creatures name ? she's been stalking me a long time and she knows she will lose.
Hey old Drunk Danicunt Fan is out of rehab for today to post about her Jr hate obsession!Enjoy your day out! You'll be Drunk by noon and back in rehab tonight!!!!Old drunk loser hag!!!.JR said take this with you from him, 🖕🏻
I was shocked he said he loves her
On her getting a Top 10..Shit in one hand, and birthday wish in the other hand. See which hand fills up fastest!!!!!
do you think bk will cheat with pk not in cali?
This D-bag is killing NASCAR.Someone needs to STOMP the crap out of him, the big WILLOW
Neither of them do to me.
Is that an engagement ring? There's a picture of her on Instagram from a week ago and there's no ring there...
No problem, thanks rsm.
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