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What did she tweet? ah, I get it. You're just trollin'. Good luck!-------------perfect example of the truth flat out hurts your azz legend. Do your own homework you lazy bum. Even when the cheater posts a tweet you sweat she didn't. And you called someone else a troll? When all you do is troll for attention! Thanks for proving the #truthhurts
Driving back to Georgia, great race in Daytona! Only problem I really wanted to buy a shirt with the Clicklist Kroger logo on it. No where to be found. Fanatics only has size 5X on line. Thankfully I'm not that big, but really want to buy a shirt, where can I get one?
Laura Stalnaker, Georgia
I don't mind Ty but, I despise Austin because, he's an "Atomic Punk"
Shelby Willis is Bubba's fiancee, they have been sweethearts since high school.
Damn legend sucks.
Got damn. Kyle sucks.
"What happened?" - Kyle
OMFG......he sucks
I hope Ricky’s doing ok, this had to be so tough for him this week, he showed class and respect though it all. He needs to just keep focusing on his racing amd he’ll be ok. Hope he has a good race in Atlanta.
Wendy peterson
Her dick bigger then his
Dillon still sucks. Got to the front cuz everyone wrecked then crashed the 10. Just ruined the Daytona 500 for many for life.
Anton Johnston , El Cajon, Ca
Aaron is a homosexual!
#10 running about that!.What's different this year? LOL
This asshole just caused another wreck. When will he suffer unrepairable skull fracture?
Riding around in the back as usual.
Stink house sucks. Still has Danica on his mind!
Put your dog on a leash PK.
Did anyone see Kasey and family. I missed opening ceremonies.
He is rarely seen with the girls so it’s not like we have a ton of examples but he was also holding her is a family pic on their Christmas card
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