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Danica trolls are losers..glad Ricky has a younger girl. Will have cute kids when ready
The best part is how this is still a premier forum and the guy ain't even driving...haha  thanks
This isn't even Austin Dillon's page you shit for brains
Pin Chin with another bad finish at Richmond. Wish they were scoring just by points. Despite an excellent pit crew and Grandpa's money helping with best equipment he continues to suck.
How many tires did they get this race? 5?
Kevin harvick sucks
Rookie is gay
 Sucking a thumb maybe.  Kyle fans keep on watching those big victory burnouts Kyle does after a win.  Junior fans wouldn't understand
Cathy Carter, Dayton
Screen shots and the internet are forever! Who the hell would put up a picture of their husband in a nursery with a glass of burbon at 9:30 ish in the morning ? Holding a stuffed bunny and glass of burbon! That's real mature and great future parents . It wasn't meant to be cute. She told everyone on twitter he loves his burbon.
Pennelope Jimenez
Didn't know that kasey watched lonesome dove, lol
Rookie...When you were in your mommy's tummy....did she drink a lot?
They are NOT together. Ask Ron :)
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Stupid ass trolls
Reply-to:Legend likes to stuck and jive like a niggerReally the "N" word seriously?!?!?  This entire board should be offended by that.  This has been reported and I am hoping they kick your back woods butt off this board.
Reply-to:He beats womenWho beats women Kurt?!?!? 
Who cares why she stayed home. They are a shot gun marriage anyway. Brad being the decent guy married her when she got pregnant. And she did that because Brad had his eye on another girl. So her plan worked and she got the ring. But, unfortunately this does not make for a happy marriage.....
Reply-to:The amount is sealed. Anyone posting an amount is simply guessing.Is anything ever "sealed" in today's world?
She's fake! Don't buy into her BS.
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