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Reply-to:What A Cinderella Story next Sunday will be the headlines will read Dale jr. Comes back from drug rehabilitation to win at the track that took his famous fathers life and now the world is a better place tonight because once again Nascar has fixed a race for his most overrated driver!! Its no damn Wonder interest is dwindling in this sport if you listen to all the coverages weekend is all about him Dale Junior. You can change all the rules you want to make it to his benefit but he lacks the talent because Jr is nothing more than mediocre behind the wheel that dead extra horsepower might just be what he needsHmmm thought it was a concussion how do you he was in drug rehab? He was on instagram like crazy posting beer pong parties, trips to KW, etc. Dosen't sound like drug rehab to me....
where'ws Bill ?
Reply-to:Fat man in a bath tubYes, in my bathroom too. ick.
Danica is very pretty. She has a great little body and can do things with it that you can't even fantasize about. She's a celeb. AND independently wealthy.
I hate Daytona and I hate Talladega tonight all you could hear was about Nascar's most overrated driver Dale Earnhardt jr. . It's worse at these two tracks than anywhere else but they had to Ram it down our throats all night to the point where I just turned it that he'll off so disgusting
It looks like he's back . . . shit, stop suckin so goddam so much ass PLEASE! Wipe the brown stains off your mouth
Really? She gets to race in The Clash because she got the Daytona pole back in 2013????????????? Ick
And why wouldn't she be happy????
Think someone has opened their mouth already
Robert A. Wooten, Rockmart, GA
do you guys really think that he will cheat on his new wife? he has a wife so that he does not have to keep looking for company, someone who is always available!
New season 2017, same old story Pearn and Saint Marty can't pass inspection at Daytona. This same arrogance and smug attitude is even more evident and the team has not changed and will do everything in their power to circumvene the rules. Hope this team is fined to the limit.
Please girls, what the hell is his Binky I've been away for a while and can't seem to find an explanation
mrsdebbiesuestewartlovemrtonystewartgetmarriagevasvegas11_19_2017., mrsdebbiesuestewartlovemyoxoxhusbandmrtonystewsrt
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Hi, Hope your day is going good. Just want you to know that I miss the way talking with you challenges me and makes me think and reflect. Hope you got mental stimulation from our talks, and that you miss them too.
Linda Mckinstry , Vermont
SHR STOLE NB's MONEY!!!!!!!!!!
What is Love, baby don't hurt, don't hurt me, no more .
Fun Q&A of her
What is Love, Baby don't hurt , don't hurt me , no more !
What is Love, Baby don't hurt , don't hurt me , no more !
What is Love, Baby don't hurt , don't hurt me , no more !
What is Love, Baby don't hurt , don't hurt me , no more !
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