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does he have a ride
Stick a fork in this stalker board.  It's done.  Junior Nation.  STILL winning.
I ripped peaches a new one after I totaled the old one.
gets ear surgery cuz he has big ears and is insecure
from Cuba to daytona woulda been epic if he didnt get wrecked
yo no hablo espanol cabron
Marcos should return to NASCAR to set these pussies strait!!!
tony put both thumbs in there and delana farted
doesnt bother me that he has no ride all hes done since joining jgr is whine about everyone younger than him
front row Joe
arrested for assault
Just to add that guy in Brittany’s pic is not Ricky it’s her friend Jeremy that she was with there.
fake ass cunt tree personality
does he still race?
too aggressive early in the race he caused three big wrecks
dab on that haters
Shame on Petty. Wallace is a hothead.
Considering how uncomfortable Aaron appears to be with PDA, for Danica's sake I would hope it's not that way, 1:18:09
One more week of racing on east coast then Penelope can enjoy 3 weeks on the west coast and good Mexican food out there for sure.
Rookie: 1:19:22 you should care. Unless you are comfortable living in a socialistic country.
I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw Aaron Rodgers watching the race while Danica's ex Ricky raced. I wonder if he was putting pins in a voodoo doll of Ricky. The drama!, fanaddress
why is pw selling some of her and Scarlett's colthing on poshmark?
rogerhacanson, belle fourche,south dakota
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