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Why was Kenseth bounced?
Michael Woody, West Virginia
Joey's dad!!!!!
Congratulations!!! You deserved the championship. Jersey girl
Ethel Remick, New York
richard hamerski, wash st
Truex is the Champion and Chevrolet is a socialist entity. Don't you just love the USA!
Is RM not returning to Team Lowe's in 2018?
Brad looks more like a sardine than a human
Reply-to:Rookie, Chase did the same exact thing in trucks to another driver. See how karma works.You are right.  Chase Elliott spun Ty Dillon to win a truck race in 2013.  Silver spoon boys forget things like that.
Did anyone see the video on brads twitter when he was in the plane on the way too homestead and holding scarlett so cute I like scarlett she is getting big though
take off you hosers
Well the last race is approaching for NASCAR's highest paid driver that requires over one million dollars a race to sponsor his car. What has everyone gotten for all that money? 1 top 3 in points for his career.26 wins which mostly came at restrictor plate tracks where a slightly bigger restrictor plate makes all the difference. NASCAR gifts after daddy died blocking for his little loser in Daytona.7 winless seasons consisting of multiple losing streaks over 75 races. 3, the number of times he quit on his team's.1 million+ beers consumed in his alcohol filled career where the question has been asked before if he thought alcohol abuse could have attributed to the concussion, Bahaaaaaaahaaaa, issues.
One more week for NASCAR's mascot!
FYI Sam and Kasey are co parents, and she does obviously want attention because she hangs out with Jordan fish now, she's in the baby mama club trying to figure out ways to put Kasey under her fingers.
Greasy skank!
The dykes are jealous of Sam.
Y'all assuming that Jordan was with Stan Fraser and that he might be the father of Molly, y'all are crazy! Get this through your thick skulls Molly is Denny's!
Samantha's favorite words to say "photo shoot", keep wishing model wannabe.
marty's gonna win rip  now sleeeeeeeep  sleeeeeeeep
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