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Hernga Dernga Herngur, Vottlestruf, Germany
You better believe it BABY!!!
What makes Tanner an amazing baby? I mean really......yea he's cute but so are a lot of other babies.
Tony had mental issues way before he was in Nascar and they weren't caused and can't be blamed on concussions no matter how he wants to be like Dale Jr. or even in a category close to Dale.
The only think good about #3 A. Dillon is his girlfriend.
goodcatch up kyle 6 but in top 10 not getting out to your right ads a few feet
Day and time of my choosing, CLB.  Nice weekend-long rants you put up.  Have you no life?  Apparently not.  LOLHow'd you like that "Lucky Kyle" yesterday CLB? Did you even watch it?  Check it out:Kryle cuts a tire, slams the wall, has all sorts of work done on pit road - and - (this is the best part) - stays on the lead lap when it's all done - at BRISTOL of all places!  Go Kryle   
What did Sarah and Brian Vickers have...a boy or a girl?
what happened to his car?
Reply-to:The crazy delusional jealous mean rude peanut gallery is back! Yall aint never happy. Dog everyone on that team and connected to it if they win or lose. Ps maybe keep your crazy twitter rants to yourself.Yea, them, the delusioal , arrogant trippy folks
I feel bad for Sherry I am sure she has hung in this long hoping Martin would marry her looks like never going to happen. What a waste of your life waiting on a man who quite surely is not interested in marrying your even after your illness.
Before Liar Lady Lambert gets on here and starts lying, here's some interesting facts:1. Comode Earnhardt Jr. Has led 8 laps this year, Kyle Bush 413.2. Comode Jr. could win 10 races this year to Kyle Bush's 0 and still be behind Bush is wins. Of course Bush has raced 5 less years than Comode.
Danica posted an insta story of her snack on the bus, and Ricky's been on Instagram.
It's too late. Dale jr ass kicker got Caitlyn's junk.
yes he did and they have three lovely kids too.
Thanks for the idea of the business narrative. It's been very helpful.
There's no trouble in paradise. Denny knows Jordans got him by the balls.
Dose she put down some of his crew? Do a lot of them not like her, but are nice to here as she is with BK. Is this the reason she prefers to watch from the stands not on the pit box as do most other girlfriends and wives?
Dee Scott, Dayton, NV
oh but the golden boy is slowly but surely loosing it.............his PR can only fix so much they cannot fix the ho and what she is and will always be a manipulative enabler.......he is just beginning to show what he is all about lazy, showing off his wealth which he never used to do, pretending like he is like the ordinary Joe NOT JR everyone in the garage area knows better poor Kelley having to buy your underwear all those years you need to man up and grow up but don't think you ever will ride the coat tails of your father that is what people really think hang on to that money cause you are going to need it
Griffin Eldred, Plainfield, IL
FBI has found that PD used AFF funds ($65,000) to pay for her attorney fees against KB. She's going to prison!!!!!!
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