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I have to give credit to Whitney Dillon. She went to college on full acedemic/athletic scholarship. She’s set goals for herself and has reached almost all of them. She made sure she was going to be respected by actually getting a ring. That’s much more than we can say for Jordan.
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He married the drag queen
Merry Christmas ..,may you find Jesus in the new year. Be KIND
Reply-to:I am new to this site and I can not believe all the bullshit about this fukking cunt !! Wow.. ??? She is pathetic yet she gets all this attention. She has never won a race...never.. why so much attention for basically a fukking loser. ?? I dont get it.Go be hysterical somewhere else, Chumlee  
Is Timmy Gay ? I heard he is one of the Gayest of the Gay !!!
Gerald Reichert, La Crosse WI
Danica found out Ricky was banging hookers with Denny in Las Vegas.
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He’s better than danica lol 😂 just barely
she's rich. all you have are memes. she wins. u mad?
Not only excited, but posting it all over social media, not like when Scarlett was conceived.
Looking at the pictures for the first time of gowns from NASCAR awards. Not really sure about Amy's. Liked the cut just not sure about the fabric. Also every pose Jr does seems like its for nothing but publicity. On anyone else would have thought the hand on the baby would have been sweet but everyone on this board whether you like her or not knows he doeseverything to generate press and poses.(=to be talked about..or liked on social media) Such a shame. I did see one comment asking her why she kept turning her head when he went to kiss her and why was she pushing his hands away..all so much smoke and mirrors. Will we ever see the real Jr? I'm not sure his public could handle it.
Vet is a troll.
James Witzke, Iowa
dance for your master
Tony has a penchant for buggery.
Kyle said that Brad takes his lunch money from him every day 
does ignorance come naturally to you or do you work for it?
I’ve been wondering if he’d stay with shr and go somewhere else.
hi stupid. who are your imaginary friends?
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