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Doug fulk, Massillon, ohio
Interesting tidbit on Montoya here then, a veteran driver must ask himself if its financially worth it to keep racing at a drastically reduced salary.When Juan Pablo Montoya was let go from Chip Ganassi Racing at the end of the 2013 season, the only offers he received in NASCAR were losing propositions. By the time he subtracted his expenses from the proposed salary, those 38 weekends on the road were going to put him at a financial loss for the season.
๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ Yeah that's believable
Tony pops a boner when another guy touches him...... he isn't normal by any means!
Reply-to:Sophomore 5:00 - simmer down, sweetie. I was pointing out that he left her in the hospital to play golf right before he left for days to do his job. He knew he had to leave his newborn baby for days, but rather than spend time with the baby & jordan before not seeing them for days, he chose to golf. Just strange to me...and Marty Snyder & others. Why are you so upset about it? Are you jordan?Jordan is here all of the time. Not that hard to figure out!
Unreal, Jr can't even win a lower series race ?
Maybe they should start selling crying towels for Sheep Nation to cope with the rest of his season. Lol. Now, that's something practical at least....rsm....
Great job in Bristol, Trevor. You did well battling against Jimmie Johnson. Went to Charlotte in April to see your shop and met with Brian H. Had a great time sorry I didn't get to meet you, maybe next year! God Bless. Melanie M,
Melanie Medicus, Baltimore
See, I told all of you about her successful career. She is starting to have shows all across the country. She is so talented...I love all of her pieces.
Are you sure about that?  Here's what she really looks like without Photoshop:
Danica 38th in P2 after 60 laps!!!!!
He is the biggest jerk. Have been to several tracks and attempted to get an autograph each time he walks past his fans like they are not even there. The only time I have seen he autograph something is when it is to help his PR.
Tanner is the cutest kid I have ever seen!
John and Gay Kinder, Tulare, Ca
I'd date him!He is very handsome but is the butt of many jokes from NASCAR drivers.
Peaches knows the end is near.  She's just gonna rant and keep repeating old posts because that's how Peaches rolls.
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How is you day?
Step away from the alcohol son
Sad to see you run Jr down. If Sr hadn't died you would not have a pot to piss in!!
Yep, Jr looks funny in a jar.
Give one of these to Daniel Suarez.
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