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Jimmy Butler's era in Chicago - NBA Draft 2017 - Jimmy Buler bulls
Same here . Boy byeee
What did he say when you tipped him off or did you tip him off electronically?
Alaina doing stupid ass poses u will never be a professional model lol try again should've stayed ur dumb ass in school
Didn't he buy this pig an apartment
Rose bought a big house for Alaina in LA tho
He just got traded for cap space LMFAO....
Lmfal bitch does look Russian thank goodness his baby look like him
He must got hella issues!!!!! Cuz my bestie got serious with a Kings player recently who admitted smashing a jump off LaMarcus was banging also. My girls man said this jump off tried to game his ass saying she couldn't have no kids so he would fu*k her raw. Yea TF right he knew betta 😭😭😭 He said he smashed now this chick hittin him to not say shit. Girl stop hittin my girls man wit ya gamin ass. We not petty exposin names but dis bitch know wtf time a day it is back tf up off my girls man
Did Dana really refer to herself as a "public figure" on that video
Kyrie finally posted omg 🙌🏼
My friend said his dick stinks and he doesn't pay
he homo
He was def just wit a different bih in Denver and def had lira in Baltimore just last month. U hoes sick!
is he dating her?
Andre Miller JR., Colorado
I know at least a handful of girls that he's messed with, they all say he's super sweet but small and whatever in bed
All of y'all are the saddest. Faune , jen , renesha getting tossed around . Just get a life
They so many jealous people on here. Just let Lesa Nichole and James be happy in live. So many haters....
But we could not trip even if we wanted to, what saves him is he is not commited to anyone. So everyone see just as loving dre. yea ok. dre got game, well he think he does anyway. is false right?
For a man that adores his mom and is a self proclaimed "mommas boy" im really surprised he's not a steady relationship type of guy
Needs to change his face it's so ugly
Y'all gotta take the dick get a couple of dollars and keep it moving. Tyreke was the best though. Those lips are good for something!
Fax soph how much does Tony even make tho...on his OWN... I get that same cocky vibe too and it's a little too much for a guy whose little brother made a name for him. I bet you 75% of the stuff he has is courtesy of KD lol
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