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Is he ever gonna get married he should marry Hope
He has been divorced for nearly a year.The media just seems to be late to the information game.
He likes hoes 😂
Zaddy forever 😍
Iman is a coke head. Teyana hooked him on it smh
He unfollowed that Elle girl and also unfollowed some others.. wonder what that means
Soph all on Layla d*ck GET OFF THE BABY D*CK 🤪🤪🤪
Mason had a son 3 years ago with a “professional” groupie when he was with the netsShe is crazy af and he had to call the cops on her a few times He pays child support only if she stays out of the spotlight and doesn’t tell anyone the boy is hisHe never sees the kid and has never introduced his mom to her grandson!Leslie knows about the son and does nothingMase loves his ghetto black hoes that look like menHe staying low key af on insta.... but we know you back in nyc before heading to Dubai.....right?Stop calling me Plumlee!! I ain’t gonna come over to suck ya dick!! Ask ruby to or better yet NAOMI!!!
vet stop!
Who is that sitting next to James at the comedy show?
Who gives AF cuz I don’t! Thrill just blew my back out last night 😍😍😍💦💦👅👅👅👅👅
He made a statement that after a woman give birth, her Pussy become loose 😩😆 I think he’s refurring to the woman he has kids with.
Who is be with from Miami
What parfume does he use y’all
I think he’s still in LA
He was just trying to get me to fly out when he was away from Khrys
What does that have to do with this site soph?
He just broke up with his last girlfriend. She was some sort of Polish actress. He’s single now.
If there is no proof...He has not flown anybody out 🤷🏻‍♀️
Yo Dirk!!! You suck balllllllzzzz bro!!!!!
Other soph. they still mad.LOL. They haven't seen anything yet.
He's very illiterate it's hard to understand anything he is saying i need help..
Jae isn't following dana no more and he deleted the pic off his ig  how long it last 1 month ?????????
She got his name tatted near her pussy but he fly hoes every week to la lol
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