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Lebron really is KING James,KING NIGGER that is!!!!👑👑👑🦍🦍🦍🌚🌚🌚
Him and Monyette are having a baby , it’s a boy
Dr Chris brown
He hates being around her she forces herself most of the time
Yall talked all that mess and they on the internet boo loving. This blog is full of so much hatred. You all should be ashamed of these lies
Lol y’all are haters. His girl’s got a great body, she’ll bounce right back. I’m sure he loves her, her just needs to get off sometimes. That’s all he’s doin with y’all. 😂 I’d rather be the wifey with the babies.
Haha white cow Sarah still not on some exotic vacation spot like the rest of NBA players 😂😂
She’s hardly in Toronto
The Curry Familia ##1
You can tell by her Instagram she is feeling her self way to much - buy elimite online
Well shit who is he REALLY fu cking with cuz he seems to be all about his FIANCÉ
@Sophmore 😭😭😭😭you’re his only what ???????? LIES . let me tell you all the nights you weren’t with him boo or his wife on here deleting comments .
at least her man publicly claims her and proposed to her
Congrats to cass friend Callie. Everyone is getting married. ❤️
Hnnnn there’re
It has to suck to even date him and every where you go all his boys go! Like I get it’s his family but at some point u have to separate the two and grow up. Half those ppl he met once he got in the league and they riding his coat tail. They don’t work or anything. I’m sure women who have dated him had issues with that! Like no romantic or alone time ever
Good because she ain’t getting at home 😂
Do y’all think he even knows about this site? Haha
Dwight is an a-hole and he will get what he deserves eventually.
They about to come up with a lot of stories. Andrea out to eat with his father.😂lets see what y'all do with that.
So. He likes her. Lol. Ok
it's wrong if you allow every thot groupie to suck for game ticketstheres a reason he's not at the all star weekend, too many of his groupie thots exchanging notes
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