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It's amazing @rubinadyan is still with Mason even though he's still sending DMs to girls on Instagram!Ruby you're so stupid if you believe him!Did he give you all 3 of his phones to go through? He has multiple accounts and multiple phone numbers on multiple phones! You can do a lot better! He's not the nice Christian guy he's pretending to be!He's EXTREMELY DEVIANT and into freaky $hit!Why do you think he hasn't had a real gf since Jasmine in college???Wake the f up!
Even if he wasn’t there at that moment doesn’t mean anything. He wasn’t always right there 2 weeks ago when they were together but she didn’t snap and she made Shia get off of snap when he did come around. She’s going to the game and she will be on the screen so she can’t hide the fact that she’s there so why not snap.
Her and bazz are def back together, he’s commenting on her pics again and she’s responding
Damn Vet do you have to be so serious. It's just a joking comment. She was easy to spot tonight because of the jacket. Also I never used the word engaged. They're a cute couple. What happened to having fun?
I just want to ask him why is he messing with Monyette knowing she has someone else ? Is he ok with being the side piece tricking on her ? Hahaha
Still married. He wears his ring.
why is he so fragile
Lmaoo at Kyrie he like by niggas lmaoo
What girl is that ?
Or maybe not
these women did not come from such an harsh animal environment like yourself . This is y other races of people don't accept you, not because of da color of your skin , but the context of your character . So u should stop . What have u bless that girl with except for hell and fury . We never seen anything more disturbing than Luol Deng . Unbelievable. This is y people don't join 2 save the Sudanese people because 4 each woman of another race u unjustly treat ,you only destroy a generation chances of your own kind 4 equality . U don't want forgiveness, so leave her alone . U don't want to marry her so leave her alone . U don't like her ? Good ! So leave her alone. Da only think you are trying 2 do is rob her of innocences,her body and time . 👍so Stop! You fuzking son of a bitzh!
I HATE him
More Ebonics from a ignorant fukking nig
Why do they keep deleting the freaking comments
Westbrook chokes in the playoffs again
First off bitch stop bragging that you work at a hotel! Second, what are you psychic? How do you know who is whom on this and other forums as everyone appears as Anonymous? You keep assuming its Dana because people defend her as a woman.  You are right all athletes cheat on their girlfriends and their wives. And its purely them not the fault of the women they are cheating on.  And to be matter of fact all women at one point secure or not check their mans phone, reply to rumors etc. it has been proven.  This girl aint no different. She is just hated on by stupid bitches like you.Reply-to:Omg yall are all funny. Like I said I work at a hotel. Everyone cheats. But the married , secure women dont be on these sites. Dana, stop coming on here fighting n defending when you not going anywhere. Let him cheat in peace
Hahah Marat is nottttt his girlfriend . More FALSE NEWS
why cant we get info on his D game ?? so no 1 on here fuccd him???
Brenda get a life n stopTrying to sabotage birds privacy you ain’t his wife and he wouldbe scared to see you posting behind his backAs if you something specialHoney
they clothing line looks sooooooooo first it was cute, now it looks tacky & like cheap printed shirts
Is James the one telling her to stop posting her pics."she stated her man.She must have someone she can trust to run her business cause she been gone a minutes.
Hey Anthony!U suck ballz just like Dirk
Wow. Why are you guys so mean? It’s probably not their fault that Kris makes them feel like they are special. If he is like every other f*ckboy out there, he’s telling them they are the only ones. You guys hate on these girls so bad. What did they do? Shouldn’t we blame Kris, not the girls who fall in his trap?
Why would Tristan want birdman sloppy seconds ?
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