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All these back and forth and no real DR?
Somebody that wants to be famous so bad he lashes on to Dwight and his friends that's who he is
She was driving and singing stucked in traffic. She was wearing a tight white shirt. Her boobs are like water mellon😂
not a good start for fake curry. 1-2 already. you need to get your red headed fake self injured soon.
Kevin might of been out too late against Orlando. Lot's of homo's there. Loosing to Orlando, the worst team in the league. king is going to have to make some changes already.
king, i said king. orlando?!! really? you probably were tired and need to take a night off. Orlando, Orlando the worst team in the NBA.
Is he still with amber?
How yu no if I done been in da courtroom? I wuz their and seed wid mine one ize.
most overrated playe rin history
Zaddy, always 😜. Sexy and Swaggy ❤️
She finally got that baby hair done! Now if she keep getting it done bi-weekly her hair will grow.
I miss the D...I used to get it when he lived on 37th and 10th
Seedy group of people
TWT... tonight!!! 🔥🔥🔥👌🏽
His new girl put body, mind, soul in her bio in a different language so it wouldn’t be obvious shes being a follower.
He's weird
He fn sucks.
Deron and Amy are not together anymore. He is married to someone else. Also he doesn't play basketball anymore.
I'm tired of paying for them
Hazel old self met him at a mutual friends wedding a few months ago. He was there with his long time girlfriend while she was pregnant. It’s just bold how she met him while he was there with her and then boom she wanna play side peice and not care
 Hi 👋🏽 old friends(if you guys are still on here)Hi to you too.Sallie
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