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Vet jealous hater
I hear he can skate maybe the Bruins can use him, he cant jump over a puddle and looks lost again last night. Cant rebount and hes a turnover machine.
Adam henrique
Draymond disrespects the proven stars of the game.  He will never be as great as Paul or the other stars.  He is a great player with a big mouth and a little brain. 
Ava Elizabeth Brawley, Indiana
Plz remove this player from the Celtics roster immediately
Ol girl needs to go claim her man so the media can stop linking Ashanti to his ugly ass
Morgan isn't really cute.. at all. She looks like a grasshopper.
Does anybody know how old his girlfriend is? Why does she look so old?
She has no other optionno other guy in his position would ever look twice at her. De has nothing going for herself. Her Face . And body are disgusting
Actually I heard Jordan and her friends especially HAZEL stay on this website. Hazel writes about herself on here trying to stay relevant. Jordy as well.
Great post. I’d certainly agree with ALL the 6 reasons why social media sucks. The benefits do outweigh those issues though. In our experience it’s numbers 4 that has really provided value. Engaging with peers and influencers in a particilar market allows you get the sort of marketing feedback that 10 years ago you would never have received. In the past you’d need to commission a report to get feedback on your marketing messaging, go to a trade event and try it out. Now you can just sit back and ask Twitter. That’s invaluable and makes up for all the time-wasting, spam etc. It’s also easy to measure the ROI.
Fresh gay site cruising gays gay dp gay meeting gay costumes desi gay
Rookie how do you know kia pregnant??
How embarrassing! Where does he find these trashy women?
the color of the girl doesn't matter, they have all dated white, black, tan, foreign. their parents don't discriminate and neither should y'all.
Oh y'all quiet in here now😂😂
She did get her booty done and lipo after she had that baby but if your not working out you have to continue getting getting lipo.
Derrick might be washed up but he has more money you hoes will ever have
I want to see a updated pic of Amber. She must be some sort of cute for Mook to date her.
They talk ?? 👀
True, you nips would rather jack off by smelling little school girl panties you bought at a vending machine. Good thing jap men hate sex so much. It'll be great when the next gen of japs are half anglo because all your pretty ladies will go after the white meat.
Curry plays the game like a little bitch
I kind of believe that he may be with Jaz. Usually whenever they breakup for a while, someone comes on here to say he is with Jaz but no one believes them until Jaz pops up shortly after. It happened when he was with Ashley and right before he and Jaz got back together in 2015 as well....might be true. She may pop up in Oakland soon.
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