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That apartment she posted in on my God looks like somebodys trap spot God don't like ugly👀😂😋Derrick Rose and Alaina is engaged with a baby pn the way I'm so happy for them
Trolls all over these formum all of them I done seen it all 🤣 heres a pic that shoulds after nba game that kevin was not standing by cass he is standing to the left with his back to her behind Joel E. and she's to the right of klove behind bron's kids someone said they believed that kevin and her were standing close to each other but she was there and she is going to be mrs. du rant just wait and see
Dana does the most but for who? Cus jae ain’t doing the most for u... u can’t dven get a pic posted on his page sis... he don’t want to show u off to his followers WHY? All that wrk u had done & u still look big & husky🤦🏽‍♀️ U need to go to a new surgeon sis... u shop at forever 21 u have old purses & shoes so what exactly did ur valentine get you? Lol nothing but a trip with him & his women. Sharing is caring right? Even exposed ur child to that nonsense
Him and boogie got babies on the way
he gave my girl an std
He got another baby on the way... from someone in his hometown
He got herpes
He got a new baby on the way
Hey LeBum shut up and dribble that's basically the only thing you're good for you pos.
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Where’s his ring band at huh ?
But ya'll say Mieka winning,What she winning?
Stephen Curry's game is one-dimensional. He's largely ineffective on defense, ball-handling and play execution are just average. Overrated, overpaid and a poor leader.
What’s his side chick name? Was she at allstat?
Excuse me what did you say? I don't understand
Yes! Gorgeous couple! Love him with her. 😍☺️
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You guys should take it easy on Shavonti she had s rough childhood her mom was on drugs. She smoked cracked. Her mom is a really nice person , she got her life together. Her mom looks like back in the day she was gorgeous but the drugs make her look like she’s been thru a lot. I’m oretty sure Shavonti has gone after DeMar to help put her and her mom in a better position. I feel bad for Shavonti she doesn’t have a lot of self worth going after a man who has a family.
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Nikia KILL yourself. Ain’t no1 contacting u. Nobody wants ur tired ass back. Move on. He contacted u to tell u that ur pitty payments are stopping. Enjoy working at Lulu lemon and stop coming on here pretending like he want you.
Who cares!
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