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Hey, y'all, this is Kevin Durant givin' you a shout-out. Look here, I'm doin' my thang and bangin' buckets, makin' big bucks and a NBA championship in the bag. So who cool and who da fool? Yo!
kia baby girl.. that name fits you and your class have you heard of the car brand... you're just another project oj has picked up
Wow. I'm glad I found this site. My home girl fukcs wid him heavy and I'm not gonna say who she is or out her insta or snap. She's a good girl. Low key. She's always at his games in different cities. They've been messin around for years and never used protection. She's always nervous about that. She's not naive. She knows how these ballers are but this nigga tells her all the time she's the only girl he fukcs without a condom. I'm disappointed and disgusted at the same time.
Mase face layin low in nyc visiting his son and crazy baby mama! He can't like thirsty fake models on IG when he's with her or she'll punch him in the face again!
D's AAU team : Team Rose playing in a tournament this weekend in the ATL.Fri-Sun.
Yea that's a good point. Could Klay maybe wants some props for dating a hot bitch? She ain't hot at all to me. I've seen way better especially at my damn school. Reply-to:Hmmmm yes and no. Hes made comments about how shes immature and annoying (but hes still with her) and that shes thirsty, and doesnt have anything going for herself(but hes still with her) its just strange to even say that about someone youre with in my opinion. Hes basically saying shes an aint shit bitch. But if hes with her what does that say about him
Unless he claims you you're just another hoe! Sit down and know your role! 😂😂
Toria Williams, Chester PA
Eric Gordon
wiz up king. are you doin a little vacation right now. Looks like you won't need to take a rest during the playoff's. Well, if you really need one just ask the ref's and they can push the games out a day or two for you. looking forward to seeing you go down once again... You''ll get to spend more time in the early off season masqurading as, Mr Cookie going after all those 13 and 14 year olds.
When will Airemy Lin next compete in a playoff game? He is past his peak at 29...Is this all that's left for him?To slightly pad his stats on the worst team in the NBA?
Where @vet at today? No new tea???
It's more fu*******cking rude when you running ya damn mouth saying she exploits this of that it's not your life it's mieka she can do whatever she wants bitch other vet
Pretty big dick
To grown and old to talk in children riddles.
yeah i saw them too at the ds17 lounge, damn shes a beauty (the african girl) !!!!!!! i think they would make a great couple !!!
Timothy Dong, Irvine
read GSW would not be practicing on Thurs...however see where coach Lu & co coach Bron have been practincing everyday at Cleveland Clinic in prep for their second round...Bron not letting up on his team...hope GSW not slacking...playoffs is when Bron seems to shine and makes his teammates live up to his expectations no time off like they were discussing on undisputed he plays mins. cause he doesn't like resting in games...GSW should be playing attention
wow, awesome article.Much thanks again. Want more.
Who cares she look like a oompa loompah just like the rest of his bitches😂😂
He always says hispanic and white hoes are just a f*ck and he'll marry a black women he loves black girls
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