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He’s such a hoe stay away walking diseases probably one of the worst guys in the league he plays that cool calm nice guy act at first he will fuk you and leave you point blank and basically fs anyone and everyone
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who gives a shit
Where is this bottomless pit of money Derrick Rose supposedly has, Mekia is selling her clothes and Alana supposedly downgraded her living situation. This is preposterous Smh.
Lin is a great player just like Trump
I just hope KD and Cass are happy.
Deeana , Miami
Wow his sister went in on Jelissa.
It's true that Westbrook is neither a team leader nor a team player. He was outperformed by Donovan Mitchell in the playoffs, and his production suffers when he obsessively pursues personal stats. OKC suffers from a severe lack of team professionalism and consistent team cohesion. Coach Donovan is proving unable to foster these essential characteristics.
I see Jennifer lame ass deleted the video 😂
[b]руручки Montblancручки Montblanc
Nah Tey def brings girls home in AtL too. She only fux with strippahs
Have you considered therapy?Sallie
Who got inside scoop on this dummies Armed Robbery Case? Was this some type of drug deal gone bad? I know his Grandma is pissed. Career DONE!
So Ashanti in NY so is one of James closest homie and draft day is coming up—is James gonna be there too?!
PJ's got a secret love child.
Racist ass
Rookie we all know she messing with him but details matter cuz for 3 days on here lmao yall been wildin on storys , so that beenin said she wasn't there yesterday in the afternoon only at night the beautiful view was her view from home and like I mentioned before the night snap was his home so yea a nigga was right
James “Strip Club” Harden
Y'all love bringing up irrelevant hoes. wtf cares if she got a ring? She ain't with John so why do you care?
He always deal with hos tho which is crazy to me. Canthe not find a good woman to deal with.
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