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what is the diameter of Anthony’s anus? is he gay?
Still selling houses? Lol
She s bum period , Lmfaooooooo she really think she hot shit cause could say she fckin with a ball player . That I’m pretty sure still get Pussy from other bitches anywhere . Bitches really would rather get cheated on to put it up with just to Fck and suck for designer . Like hazel u was Fckin with this nigga while he had shit with his baby moms . U really think when a nigga see u tryna be on his dixk like that when u know the situation that he gon have respectFor you ??😭😭😭😭
Amal is in milwaukee look at her snaps
Fact - He most definitely has a girlfriend.
Alania ain’t shit who the f*ck drinks and have a baby at home bitch should be bonding with her child 🙄. She’s a disgrace she definitely had her daughter to keep a paycheck coming for 18 yearsSmh
Used to like him—he sucks. Doesnt deserve a fckin penny this season!! Quad injury?? Whatever u pansy
This guy only plays legit ball against the heat, the rest of the time he eats pasta on the sideline, I hope he poops his pants and has to go back to etaly in nyc, go knicks
They broke up
Lmao check out Tristan Thompson page. They are calling her Jackson 6 too
Jackson 6 member lmao rollin yo!! That's what I'm about to call her
He gonna fly me out soon
are they in the NBA? When did she meet Eric?
Lmao so you want to be the eighth baby momma lmao that's goals
There beast of rapping women
Her man in the G League bringing in that 20k per year lil ziplock bag 🙄 foh
Nik is not with James. He’s with Ashley and Puertonrican girl from NYC
Here in North Korea if you say anything bad about our hero Jeremy Linthen you will not get ObamaCare discount at the markets
Huge dick for sure he still cheats FOR SURE. We have been messing around since 2015
Houston is real quiet I been watching her page since TH been there to see if she posts anything. She rushed her ass back from vacation to be there up his ass though. 😂
You reported this very well!
Him and kehlani are friends lol
Britt unfollowed KT
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