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Jimmy butler
Jeremy favorite hair gel for special occasion is Bukake. Take no less than three long hung dong to make it happen
he did say he's having a baby on the way on the road trippin podcast. he said march 1st and they don't know the gender.
On that actually tiny mess it showed half his face. I can’t see what upload on here, it’s not showing anything on my phone but the link
It’s some Tea in Mooka Page. Lol y’all need to go over there!
What is happening with Lolo Jones? and the thing she said on Jimmy’s post ig?
Liberal turd
Grape soda
This guy looks like a creep
Just give him some time Maybe he's dating someone on the low
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is Kyrie’s relationship with breanna the most private one? I don’t recall any chance that he made it to the public by atleast posting in social media.
I'm so happy to see Rudy back doing what he loves to do. His passion and heart is in it and it's inspiring. I hate to see ppl exploit his personal life becaus whether we realize it or not it still can give a complex about him as an individual. Rudy is a good person. I'm proud of him, he's endured a lot on and off court. Keep up the good work Rudy your an amazing inspiration not just as a NBA player and putting all that aside, but as an individual, as a person which I feel is FAR more important and comes before your job title.
Hahha I wish I'm not his "type"
chicks like what?
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You are obsessed with Mieka and PJ. Laugh now cry later. The same way Derrick barely see PJ can also happen to Alaina’s child. If he does it to one child he will do if to another.
No knowledge about that but I can tell ya we all like mikala way more than kamiah. Brad changed for the worse when kamiah became his girl. And now he's trapped by a baby? Money and fame don't produce happiness and neither will a self-consumed baby's momma or worse yet wife. I feel bad for my boy. Hope for him this is all rumor. He's too young to be stuck with a bad woman.
He loves cock
Can't wait for you to leave
He like this girl named @_camcarr she is a dope cheerleader for lsu, is family oriented and knows what hard work is
Mieka irrelevant to derrick pj hardly see his dad rose spend mostly all his time with alaina babymama can't no more post pics and videos of derrick,Alaina posting pics of him,alaina and rose shut babymama
Toronto ig hoe, sarah mcdonald has been flying out to see him, posts him at his game and when she's with him. She's a well known escort in Toronto originally from Newfoundland
Why did James Harden supposed Ex stripper gf start following John. @lesanik_
Funny how Nik is now following John Wall but he doesn’t follow her back and even if Harden is tryna keep her on the low she’s not at the games no more
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