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Lmfaoooo that’s all they’ve done . Especially Brendan 😂😂😂 oh AND Anastasia stalker
“Reece” “.....would had” “barn fire”...........u so smart they’d burn that barn hahahahahahaha
Nuski looking for a high school basketball playa
Assuming he ever was in the first place.
your boyfriend does have a big dick.
Shut up. Sounds like some type of voodoo. You’re not even making any sense. Making my brain hurt
01:56 groupie # 3 what are you talking about. Nothings as dark as you. Go try Chynas lightening cream.
He is a crybaby loser - trade him!!!
Hey tough guy. You making threats from the drive thru?
I stomped your ass a few months ago,12:50. What a pussy!! I can only conclude you take a certain self-loathing pleasure from being beaten-up. I broke both your arms, cratered your nose and busted your jaw. You sick little pus-filled right wing sub-species, this time you won't even partially recover.
Meaning rods arms both arms has freckles but why enemies not want them arms cuz freckles.. to arms hot ones kinds pretty ones here look em at them arms chock how take care skin that truth to joann as Armstrong must truth arm freckles here take by as with rods in them both em go fa e should be that truth weed eyes lol how u know teeth braces truth how got go Black mix Brown both hair that yah no lies bout hair Joann neither shock that truth here tell them quite Jack guy fat fukr get qourny bout horny at times go bout arms to fat loose weight bout here go by law that truth to yah all out gym need all fat obisty bout arms Joann go there skiny on her too
That bm so disrespectful
This is him right on!Below me.I totally agree,that’s why the gf thing is funny besides who wants to take this man serious he is definitely dirty!Its hilarious,he is definitely selfish..Soo much more,this is only the truth and it’s sad because most females stories add up about how he is,although woman want to change him,it ain’t gone happen!!Thats facts
She gotta keep them on the low... my homegirl been kicking it with him in mobile
This is all some crazy sh*t. You’re all insane.
16:25:18 yes I do "sell pussy" ... so what?
Her slut hooker of the month Sarah was at the game in Portland. Omg. She looks even skankier in person! Just like he deserves.
Homosexual liberal buckwheat POS
01:18 yeah ok bitch every one knows it's you that are posting them you and your side boy black alphamale
who is? deshaun right.. I never see gerald g wit ah bitch
02:04 you seem angry why don't you go fukk your self or sister
Ugly sunny said she didn’t get anything for her birthday I really don’t believe he flew her out there
Vince carter
He talks to several women while with Monyette he’s a cheater and so is she
Whose birthday was it Her or George girl
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