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Anna H is def the best he's had, look at her ring on ig he got. Huge rock! Looks like he might be off market, bye bye thottys
Derrick back depressed and in hiding because he's injured again.
Who the girl y’all talkin about ?? Lol
not Isabelle Cutrim?
Praying that bratty ass unborn kid dies 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽
What about mook's side pieces rook?
He is a smelly ape
Kevin is with Kevin spacey
Kyrie is a man if he eats woman ass so what
does he ever acknowledge these girls he got pregnant outside of his wifey? He barely acknowledges wifey. Are they still together or u guyz think they broke up? i know he got a girl pregnant in my hometown. He paid her to abort
Hazel is in ny with Draymond. This dude is disrespecting his live in girlfriend all over the place. I’m sorry does she have any self respect. Just like labrons wife
Send them all to China
I heard Kish done took her a lil trip. 👀
It’s a court :-/
Niggers suck just like fags
Vee has a BF and never posted pictures like the rest do
It's not Lue's team, dumb ass. Its da kings team! king runs the show.
Reply-to:Shes a prostitute or was at least. Google it and youll see. Stop making excuses for her. Shes still cute thoMy goodnessPublic are a target for stupid people who don't know doodoo......
What about the girl from Ohio? Wasn't he sleeping with 2 friends
I think Zaza's wife is pregnant with baby #4.
king, someone is on here telling all your secrets. Peed on? Just shameful, king.
Lol! Why y’all bitch asses sayin’ JR is gay? Did he choose to f+ck one of your friends instead of you? Lol!!! Hatin’ asses...
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