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She's praising a pregnancy by a married Man.
The baby mama has an IG but I won't tell
Thanks Veteran. I don't wanna be one of them so I will ignore him.
Issa thot battle Toni battling Michelle n Michelle battling Toni for LMA
Spill the tea!!! Who is the gf?
Ha everyone knows Luol pays for puzzy! You're just mad because you're in love with a hoe! Sucks to be you right now! As long as I'm getting 🍆💵 from him I'll continue to fk him! He will never be faithful to you or anyone else. You're just making yourself upset! Why get yourself stressed out over a nigga that will never change? Deal with him sleeping around or move on! That simple!
i just watched that bryson tiller somethin tells me video clip and robin looked really beautiful in the video ( AND NO I'M NOT ROBIN SINCE PEOPLE LIKE TO ACCUSE EACHOTER OF BEING SOMEONE ELSE)
How would u know he's there for a wedding ?
Soph u always on my tip u know I'm telling ge truth
I am from cle... and yes he cheats on his wife!! We did that many times!
Hey hun are you still going to the pool party today? I got invited too, maybe we can link up 🤔
What's Christine's ig handle?
Does anyone know if he has a daughter in Atlanta?
Hell yeah she should be looking for a man to wife her instead of being nearly 30 still club hopping and bopping . Who is your friend she is talking too ?
She is Frank Gore's old side chick, cleaned up her image, plays innocent and trapped BEN congrats to her. The truth always comes to light shawty doesnt even have a GED
He sleeps with everyone raw
He has a side guy
Guy looks like a donkey
Vet you a liar keep spreading fake stories about Alaina a.rose stay hating more to hate on soon
My friend is a photographer for the Toronto Raptors and he noticed him courtside at a playoff game.he came and left with an east african looking girl when I asked my friend who the girl was he said the girl is Drake's ex from Toronto
Man that dog so damn ugly . And so is the owner
Lies! He ain't messin with nobody from Houston!!!!
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