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OMG!! What was that?!?! Embarrassing! Wish the team had showed up!
how do you know?
Where wade at tonight i went to the game in dc what’s good for tonight
23:54 how big are your tits?
Yall notice the caption she put on her pic is also the caption that Kyrie's sis Asia put on one of her recent pics as well. Its lyrics from Q-Tip's song Vivrant Thing lol
Allen inversion
The babymothers going ALWAYS be good
can pat please buy this bitch another pair of pants? what is wrong with her?
It's bye bye for da king king. It's shame that we won't see you get your butt handed to you in the finals. You and the Lakers will lose 50 games this year. I love watching this guy self destruct. Bye Bye king king.
Jory lives in toronto?
Klay was at home with his concubine. He would definitely be there , unless he had something or someone to entertain “ wink wink”
Lol John is not in love. John still has his harem of women he brings around. He hooks up in hotel Rooms since he can't bring them to his Potomac house. The bm lives there with Ace, and her daughter. John will always have love for shante because she is the mother of his son. That love will never go away, but he's not in love with her. John is your typically athlete with millions. He will not settle down any time soon. He's too easily distracted by the young and upcoming ig models.
Saw him in Minnesota bomb
Fu***ck off
Good so I can see him then
Is that the picture of Trump kissing Obama?
Reggie bullock is a bum. Go be a bum freaking bum
Leasnik whatever her name is why you been stayin at that old white ladies condo inside to cosmopolitan ?! You maken her house you in her unit ? I saw her in the elevator and I’ve seen her a few times from the ladies house 🤨 what you doin scamming her outa money lol
That was a lot to read , why y’all doing long paragraphs like that . Jordyn didn’t come from money she used to work at a club in Vegas and after that when she moved to LA she had sugar daddies paying her rent .
Does he have a lot of girls in Houston?
Got yasmina prego last night probably
Yes and her insta post tells all
Jonah Ronberg, New Jersey
21:40 are u John?
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