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Can someone post a link to the listing of her house?
How y’all think this whole situation in Brooklyn Gonna be?? I could easily see that become a Dumpster fire between kd, kyrie and dj , esp Because kyrie’s someone I wouldn’t trust!
Nik flew to Vegas yesterday. She’s still seeing James.
Y’all talkin shit about Dana being dramatic on IG but Jae out here actin like a teenage female over a girl he’s been dating (and cheating on) 2 months. Lmao
Thought you was giving away sneakers all month?  Copied Hardens idea, did it twice for recognition.  you suck. your game gonna suck this year too. smh
WTH you saying? 1:11 that is probably true no money for clothes and etc. We didn't want him to lie about the mom.
So What .. Ur guys buddy FAT big look em nobody want do him aither no more day ask her by law lady shell look her up
Go.. Meet UP Em gay leisban want too . night papers out do part it too truth rich poor better worse truth for monkey off my back Thur listen be sols to keeper that be nightmares by wakeup 👻 face 🎃 it by fat big scary nothin smiles
Know give back body from burn car mother hope has rods from broken bones fall from knowing NOT do so from fall easy break bones less calcium NOT ever at all drunk milk from child grew up had broken bones 88 calender year it rods both arms
Lit Pink . Orange . Lite Blue . And Lit Purple . Added Clear number days ball player football truth him.. Mmm WHAT u r who u .. And got by truth NO got yet UhJousting askin saying got them too picked out . how dark pink what say mamTrusted allow by ROCK Dwayne .. And now how deep talk voice cuz iron back days muscles truth how tis reallocation got him . Aldi. Stores by book 🏦 urs Thur why for what reason that real here go them Thur .. Ask first by guards win by prizes truth who by judges schools got by when taking it front coaches Thur go and trusted by NO town them say here it MAN like that one reallocate all yo goBy families noth8ng got by pork chop we know it for real by law nothin but well her pass go do so it by here yes truthSee her how rest them got . thur ass lolAnd picking more color makin choices got by him ROCK Dwayne more babyies boys goHow Red too up both them also like 2 July to January . whatever how really need truth All got right now choice stone by birth boys sons yah Rock Dwayne no not me know read no that dah thur mm
Oh and I was the one who mentioned Cass sorry haha. Ofc I know she wasn’t in NY or whatever it’s just that I thought She and KD looked together and she’s pretty
Stuff 🦃 by body that it ..Why nothingness by ways day him meet up him eat out truth young from Hamilton nothin hurt u 🍯 it trusted by him.. Christian ..Like 🎃 pie pur water days here whereby by 👍 it up always her by sides both jokkin righteousness m by .. Knowing what ..Be smartass Christian ahahaha go.Heaven by 40 mine too same u mamNothin yet aither by me kids here truth see non by me truth come get minutes truth tell yah get them at other place also baby got by it really . here Chris what happened man . at me.Mmm ah . uh yes u are mam listen u truth . But OUT nothin bout u Hamilton..Welling by Johnson by him rock Dwayne now at me WWE what older u than by age know that from come out in at truth days mam thur goPotato truth Davis loverboy by him Andre WWE got by him u gave m by u mam at house look u that way by u at me . got it had same by looking weird eye trusted do something too ROCK Dwayne nothin u pork chop who bout see it can yah read me truth real for Thur who say by Troy bust 📖 by ever by who trust 📚 writen thur days guess it on that right cone out that room get that choice good it by Kane right ..Knock OUT Foaming Mouth ever whom that hell it Thor's by that real thur guessing Mari weed no got by him neither truthfully how got it bypass triple colors four them go gotting by bout know what look it putter holes same forget him got day why went Mira truth now Thur other went too her need lady get that tis starts at no got look it got by neither steps as Wayne lil
Lil Wayne as aka Dwayne Junior truth FAT but muscles building body .. Licking Bud by Back Roll.And him aka Dwayne V what when as lil Wayne was V to be Dwayne V GO YO . who Senior Dwayne here the who saying by it in him.. Know more bout druggie .. Stop at him Wayne bout he rapper . yah Joann buddy help out her all time here.Who that in picture 💩 face stool on eagles site.. That plastic head Halloween for sculpture MAN what . yes really who look human Uh got by mask shape human face to at stool 💩 what go all yo .. Here Lol nothingness is funny NO MORE
0people, they seem happy... Though is true Te'a don't follow him on ig and he does... So maybe he's pushing her into something, trying to help her. We always see them happy or being sweet but never see them kissing or hugging nicely... Specially her... She's always talking about her ring on her comments but when she's with him never hold his hand or hug him or being sweetWho knows!!! Maybe they are not really in a deep love place. Maybe is him after her and she's just going with the flow and taking advantage etc etc etc
Are his Dick and Balls Big?🥜🥜
Are his Balls big??🥜🥜🥜
Is his Dick and nuts 🥜 BIG?
What's her name, I don't know her name was, please let me know and you can go to on youtube, twitter, patron, and comments.
Yea registry was for friend and family . And just because jimmy got all the money in the world don’t mean he going give it all to too her . They aren’t together . She’s under a miscroscope right now one false move jimmy will try to cut her off or take her rights .he a control freak
Somebody just said on here that hoelaina’s mom use to clean somebody’s toilet
He’s in a relationship so.... not sure what you think
Lol that bday post so half assed
Hope that karma gets her and that fat pig mother of hers
rudy gobert
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