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Question: is this Britney girl a high end waitress at this PHDAYCLUBLA? I thought she was an actress.
People how they wanna dress
Reply-to:Lebron worth more than derrick his kids dress simple with nike a white tee shirt melo son too rose mom dress simple with tee shirt and jeans favin used to dress tee shirt a jeans bm dress with Gucci big shoes looking crazy alaina most time sports wear before yall trash alaina bm aint no saint shes even worst than favi and alainaVet. Even D dress simple majority of the time(sweat suits) like yesterday. He was raised to be humble by his mom. Look it up he has said it himself multiple times. #He got it from his mom #Like mom like son#D yesterday
Who is kyrie dating now? And what happened to kylanie what ever her name is🤔🤔🤔🤔
Dana and Dona has been wearing the same old clothes,shoes,and bags for the last 4 years. Both of them are pathetic. How are you dating athletes with nothing to show for it besides getting shoes,bags,clothes,and a trip once in a blue moon?They're hustling backwards. Both of them are ugly,bad built,they can't dress,and they look old.
Why was taj ex at his teammates baby shower? Let me guess he's embarrassed of his girlfriend or was the whale not invited? Kisha we waiting the streets are talking son
He flew out 2 girls to Oregon
Yea I agree. This relationship ain't going no where but downhill. Reply-to:Girl who knows. They just need to go their separate ways. This relationship has clearly run its course everyone is super young just move on
There is news that one of them was seen visiting a divorce attorney in the DFW area.
How is that the last baby mom get more money than the one who has two from him. It's not that much love in the world. She's dumb af thinking he loves her or will ever be with her. She might as well make it all worth it. I just wish I was half these girls mom to advice them. But I see Cola has her mom to guide her. Smart girl!
She is.Her sister posted pictures on sc for her bday.Shes big she's probably about 6/7 months
Well I'm having his baby too!Bring it on hoes!
Nik is really pathetic and james is dumb as fck! She doesn't work or do anything and all she does is follow strippers and ig thots on ig all day... Doesn't cook, no talent, just chillin! Like get your fckin life together and stop chasin after him... he ain't gonna save u... what u gonna do when he's tired of u, which is soon coming...! Girl snap outta your fantasy!
He has to delete his comments to keep his fake image
Jordan clarksons
dude is straight garbage now
Leave troll
Sophomore he never "claimed" anything.He was never quoted as saying anything.That is just something that was made up by the media and y'all.Y'all are just like the media you no nothing about him and always lying on him.Just because the media writes something doesn't mean it's true.They are just like you.They make up anything for ratings or a click.And in response to the second post you "doubt" means you don"t know just like the media.So stop talking about and spreading lies about something you know nothing about.
He needs to stop
Did anyone see da kings interview last night after the clt game. OH MY GOODNESS what little hair he has left on his balding dome he got it growing out and it looks curly like pubic hair growing out of his head. Gosh he makes us laugh. Just shave the dome king. It will be a new look for your third place end of season run...
I'm so confused, how do you guys know all of this information
Too bad his wife is pregnant again with their 3rd kid....lookin real stupid having all these kids with someone who doesn't respect a marriage or you.
He got a girlfriend now
So embarrassing. He's not happy and he's drinking his life away. He needs to get rid of this girl. So sad. He's a nice guy. I hate this happened to him.
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