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🗣I’m tryna shoot my shot !!! Where he be at ? Since y’all know so much lol 👀👀😂
Rookie a whole lie. That man is packing. Like a 9 inch thicky. Not a single woman here would say other wise. Gtfo stupid wanna be hoe
are you talking about the cousin in this pic? It's with his Uncle Leslie and his son-
Shut your mouth worthless rude smelly mean racist thug
What Up .. Young in Siouxland all last names them sorry invein all them back my way first got here go drive Ed . Go knew them how Terry families words like Joann knows out that no not his business fat family mine that know me age Joann go man like no under or over nothin them same only that age only Joann jive yah go right got it head Thur came here was right feel it BLK BRN same mine got Beny his u all not want him Thur nothin sin tall kid Thur neither give back Joann right bout dad her look his that BLK BRN head black brown head mix that dah go lol
Blacks suck
I would like all of us to get organized. We should open twitter and instagram accounts and go comment all of these on jeremys page. He needs to see and be reminded of how much his zipperhead ass sucks. With his chong chang chong. We cant understand him!!
Ed got married end of August so about a month now
does anyone still have contact with Dennis?
This page is trash😳😳😳😳😳
His girlfriend is gorgeous! Y don't ya'll stop hatin!!
But no one can see the gestational age...
lady ur curse be on u
Seems like you the stalker 👀
Told y’all dumb ass kids that al tattoo was new but y’all swear y’all know everything 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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You are a HORRIBLE person , the absolute worst X I’ve ever had , you mean you rude , you only do kind shit for attention , you’ll invest in some dumb ass shirts to promote poverty but nothing that will actually be lucrative! You are a dog dark garbage ass dude , if we see each other in passing which I ask GOD that we never will again, don’t say a word to me! You’ve always been horrible to me like literally always! Today was the last straw, you’ve NEVER done anything but misuse me, you will from now until your horrible death have BaD LUCK / you are gross and only Lil B can remove your bad luck !!!!! You’re BLOCKED.
I wish that poor ugly woman would stopLetting this poor ugly man cheat on her with any young girl walking around Atlanta.
Ash out here living her best life.
Oh good I'm Trulia that sorry manners dah today faullks blood pressure is high groups classy lady iamm.How that tis comment about the sky scrappers bro no lies dah how The Rock Dwayne Johnson be born in 1970's thought up upon star famouswait Mickey Mouse clubhouse that Orlando FL but tis Maqic and his brother Bess that had aid hiv positive response that truthfully bam in face whimp that be Thur cool boom lol go no stutch names Johnson right Thur hit it cause Aid Hiv that has by Sheen blood touches Lakers game Thur that be anges ace bandage off to foul flag player go lol that 🐝 that into u to me nothing go how that happened but trouble leave behind nothin much laffe to Thur lol go it day today find truth told nothin but truth Bible Catholic charities that Jehovah that them are Too that Johnson go dah mam sure cousin to Armstrong nothing but Black last name that us dah by law go Truth told em today Johnson no stutch word em all had Aid Hiv positive response dah Bess to Maqic Johnson Thur Sheen go he also had gave it say em Thur day lol g
She looks a mess at the Redskins game
Niggers suck
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