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When she announced her move to TNT, she did an interview with Marcus Thompson. She told Marcus that Klay said "I am proud of you". Sometimes it feels likes somewhere deepdown he likes real women like Ros but just not yet ready for commitment. He may be thinking sticking to woman will take away lot of fun from him :). I agree if she starts liking him, she will be a right one for him.
Michelle has to be private now bc she looks like a fool and Charlie posted up on social media with his new chick with both his baby mommas kids... who knows maybe third times a charm...... I think this one is wayyyy better for charlie. she anyhow, she is holding him and his kids down as if they were her own. All natural and latin. Charlie found a keeper
If he don't take you to his HOME. You not the one baby girl. Certified Hotel side piece ha
He hate Jennifer
I heard he has another bastard on the way that's why he unfollowed Quia and Jess. Any confirmation on this? Or is it just rumors ?
Lin fans are cute like Obama and smart like Trump so perfect for Hillary. 😀
Amir johnson
They are not together. And she wasn't even with him. I was in London and I saw her in Stamford bridge in London watching the game. Whoever is saying he's dating her is either desperate or Daniela. The only person he dated after Keri was Barbara Fuoto. Since then he hasn't been in a serious relationship.
Idk about all that he was with Natalia then
he dates eliz
Why are you guys hating on Khloe like I don't understand what the hate is all about what you hated that he left you for her and he's not looking back and seems to be very happy give it up girl he's gone he's not coming back the fat jokes are so old find a hobby it seems as if they are always the topic of conversation very pathetic lonely and sad Behavior
She still look like Hurricane Chris that will never change he can love her as much as he wants he's going to bed with Hurricane Chris
🙄 maybe he's just not ready to have another child right now since he's in a transitional phase in his life with this team and moving. And maybe Morgan respects that, and isn't going to back him into a corner. Maybe that's why she's the one next to him because you hoes are so caught up in yourselves and trying to figure out who he is and what he wants when she knows and provides it. It's love, and it's sacrifice. She wanted a clothing line (it's wack asf 😂) but he put the money there so she could succeed and make her own income, he invested in her. Y'all need to invest in psychological development
Reply-to:Alaina back in LA with her manRookie: I love the love in LA💞🌹👫
He's back dealing w Justin Bieber old chick jiordyn. A IG attention seeker for sure & a girl who has nothing going for herself at all
She parties like she's the ball player with all the money...bitch is never home always out with a drink in her hand.
He lost a real one lol
This is funny I was with him when he was in Chicago a lot. And just talked to him and he said no girlfriend. You guys freaking
I miss my booga
Who in the hell is Bras? Oh I guess you tried to spell 'Brad' huh.Reply-to:Bras and kamiah will be getting married soon. Stop hating and find you a man
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