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Guy is a pos dirtbag thug
Umm nobody said they was plotting on him. Maybe the ones that's single but not his ass. Girl shut up.
in church lin eagerly slurps down his holy communion yoghurt because it represents the sacred creamy jizz of christ
He took monyette to Cabo. Thts who he is messing with.
Yea I agree she does wayyyy to much for attention from social media
Did Dwight used to date a lawyer from Florida?
laron dont talk to him anymore which is a good thing
Hey rookie there's a picture of rose and white trash slutbucket on jaccpot88 check out the comments under the picture they found out the rude comments that hoe said about rose on twitter
He's a leech, and y'all just let him suck you dry for gifts.
She's praising a pregnancy by a married Man.
The baby mama has an IG but I won't tell
Thanks Veteran. I don't wanna be one of them so I will ignore him.
Issa thot battle Toni battling Michelle n Michelle battling Toni for LMA
Spill the tea!!! Who is the gf?
Ha everyone knows Luol pays for puzzy! You're just mad because you're in love with a hoe! Sucks to be you right now! As long as I'm getting 🍆💵 from him I'll continue to fk him! He will never be faithful to you or anyone else. You're just making yourself upset! Why get yourself stressed out over a nigga that will never change? Deal with him sleeping around or move on! That simple!
i just watched that bryson tiller somethin tells me video clip and robin looked really beautiful in the video ( AND NO I'M NOT ROBIN SINCE PEOPLE LIKE TO ACCUSE EACHOTER OF BEING SOMEONE ELSE)
How would u know he's there for a wedding ?
Soph u always on my tip u know I'm telling ge truth
I am from cle... and yes he cheats on his wife!! We did that many times!
Hey hun are you still going to the pool party today? I got invited too, maybe we can link up 🤔
What's Christine's ig handle?
Does anyone know if he has a daughter in Atlanta?
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