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Did you know niggers have the lowest IQ of any race
It doesn't matter if Kevin liked it or not lol Kyrie still won't pay her any attention
Kind of like klay following every hoes move on snapchat and sending them messages on snapchat. Okay for klay to do it but not anyone on this site. He is on snapchat all the time with his regulars. He still needs to monitor his do called friends.
this is truly filled with the stupidest comments of all the player forums!
this is "girlfriend forum" stop talking about his skills (or lack of) on the court!
Well, possibly Luol will come back to care for us all. Therefore,I unblock him and others. Maybe,there is just a small misunderstanding. Just keep the door open for him. 'Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative, but rather overcoming the negative.'- Wisdom
Play 4 minutes in second half of game 5 with zero touches.
Ehhhh agree
Haha Morgan trynna sub his baby momma Jessica with the table comments but Jessica make way more money than Morgan. Nobody want them knock off clothes or them wigs ... she make boog look bad!!! He would never get that wack ass hoe pregnant
I wish somebody decent sweeps him off his feet so he can end the bullshit shenanigans she’s put him through. He needs a REAL one. Dana built bad Af, and she broke and dumb. Cant earn a dime of her own without screwing someone and setting him up ... yea that’s classy bih.. using ass thot
Derrick Favors went from 16 PPG and 8 RPG to fricking 12 PPG and 7 RP really future hall of famer. Maybe for players good at scoring above 8 points!!!
😂😂😂😂this biitch made an IG for the baby but really for her smh HOW MUCH ATTENTION DO YOU NEED DAMMMMN U THIRSTY
What his sisters are doing? They also jobless?
He STILL out here dming new girls and meets a lot of his women on instagram... no one cares at all about khloe if anything they want him more now because of her taking him serious 🙄
Right lol
Y’all see the ring again she is a fool is that her right hand or her left because that pic looks different when you take it from the mirror
how does he cheat when his girl is with him 24 7? just asking not saying he cant
I take back the negative things I said about the ladies... every woman is just trying to find their place and accept their own beauty. apologies for putting hate into the world.
Has anyone else notice the bruise on rece chin in that video she posted👀 it’s in her latest post. Maybe that’s why her head is in the clouds lol from being knocked around so much
FUN Girls 😜😂
It's amazing @rubinadyan is still with Mason even though he's still sending DMs to girls on Instagram!Ruby you're so stupid if you believe him!Did he give you all 3 of his phones to go through? He has multiple accounts and multiple phone numbers on multiple phones! You can do a lot better! He's not the nice Christian guy he's pretending to be!He's EXTREMELY DEVIANT and into freaky $hit!Why do you think he hasn't had a real gf since Jasmine in college???Wake the f up!
Even if he wasn’t there at that moment doesn’t mean anything. He wasn’t always right there 2 weeks ago when they were together but she didn’t snap and she made Shia get off of snap when he did come around. She’s going to the game and she will be on the screen so she can’t hide the fact that she’s there so why not snap.
Her and bazz are def back together, he’s commenting on her pics again and she’s responding
Damn Vet do you have to be so serious. It's just a joking comment. She was easy to spot tonight because of the jacket. Also I never used the word engaged. They're a cute couple. What happened to having fun?
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