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Discussion forum for Dennis Schroder's girlfriend (Atlanta Hawks, NBA). Does Dennis Schroder have a girlfriend? Is he dating someone? Is he married? Single? Divorced? Would you date him? Did you date him? Who is his wife? His fiance? Please do not post inappropriate comments, this is a friendly forum for fans. If you see inappropriate comments, then please report them by clicking the report abuse link aside the comment. Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD. Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete.

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 18 Aug 2018 15:23:39 GMT reply
What parfume does he use y’all
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Fri, 17 Aug 2018 02:22:09 GMT reply
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 16 Aug 2018 21:53:24 GMT reply
Wow all women getting crazy just because Dennis is engaged. Thats so funny 😂
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 16 Aug 2018 21:27:50 GMT reply
I like his squad and they are not Fake- they are just loyal to him as they should be. They are not going to be loyal to you and let you know anything. Lol Come on! Some of You girls are so naive. It is what it is. This is a Young Black Man that is also Muslim - this is just how it goes in our culture. I keep telling you little green beans, but you girls act so slow. Gosh!
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Thu, 16 Aug 2018 18:01:14 GMT reply
If anybody sees this IP number please report it and have them banned for life thank you
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 16 Aug 2018 06:31:40 GMT reply
His whole squad is fake. I’m not proud of what I’m telling now but I knew him before he got famous and he cheated on his ex gf with me back then and his friends hung up with us - for them it was totally normal. And I know I was not the only one. So please these girls here who try to tell something about his good character and that they know him because the sex was SOOO intensive. PLEASE STOP. This person ist not good at all.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 13 Aug 2018 09:12:58 GMT reply
Even if you know his friends and cousins,family he still hit u up
She’s getting played!not only by him -she’s getting played by his friends too because they won’t say a word and that’s sad
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 12 Aug 2018 00:12:29 GMT reply
Lol so back to what i was saying, can’t wait for the season to start woot woot! Sorry, not sorry wifey! I know your on this loooool
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 23:17:56 GMT reply
Everyone uses everyone... that’s life. No regrets. The sex was crazy good with him too- at least to me! Lol
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 23:05:26 GMT reply
he only used you all
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 23:04:21 GMT reply
other question: do you know him before he was in the nba? when he was still the little boy next door? do you know his friends? his siblings? Do you know the real Dennis? I do not think ... he only f**ked you no more and no less! you dont know him! none of you. So you should be quiet
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 22:50:00 GMT reply
What do u mean you know him??? Have you had intimate relations with this man? Have you had his naked body on yours? Have you ever kissed him- smelled him??? Has he ever put his mouth anywhere on you? Have you been lead on my him?? We don’t have to know her or be from his hometown. Some of us know him in that way- if you don’t. Be quiet. We got this over here.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 21:48:43 GMT reply
you do not know her and talk about her as if you knew who she is. I am shocked by your comments. I'm from the same city as Dennis and his girlfriend and I'm not a big fan of Dennis wich is too arrogant and rude for me. she can have many better men. my opinion! an opinion of someone who knows BOTH !!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 21:05:22 GMT reply
He’s Muslim and full blown African at that....He can have as many women as he wants. Marrying this dry average white woman is a front. He only wants her, because no one else really does. He can’t handle the drama of a truly gorgeous woman being sought after by many men. It’s too much for him. He abhors that kind of competition. Once, she is locked in. She will see his true colors- right now- he is covering his ways with a mask. He loves lots of women- and he will surely have them. But, I’m good Luv. Enjoy
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 19:21:44 GMT reply
Everyone can write here what they want. I dont believe the things that are said here. they are all just jealous! I wish them both good luck and they do not listen to others !!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 18:31:41 GMT reply
f*** around all you want, be a hoe with a girlfriend, but a marriage? that's another thing. I might be old school but marriage is a sanction between two and the lord. you don't f*** with that. he's not the first and won't be the last but a bit disappointed because I thought he was a good guy
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 11 Aug 2018 00:29:11 GMT reply
can you prove that?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 10 Aug 2018 23:46:42 GMT reply
He asked me to meet today. Didn’t go. He’s not loyal at all.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 09 Aug 2018 14:12:59 GMT reply
He asked Emily to marry him? Of course 🤣
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 09 Aug 2018 04:17:44 GMT reply
Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd
He is going to lead you on.
He’s going to be sweet to you. He’s going to make you feel like you actually matter. And then you’re going to realize that he treats everyone the same way. That he was just being friendly. That he never actually wanted to date you.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Thu, 09 Aug 2018 02:39:09 GMT reply
i'm engaged ladies' asked emily to marry me
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 07 Aug 2018 15:41:19 GMT reply
Told y’all he’s not loyal.. when he’s around-he’ll text you ;)
I feel like she knows what he’s doing lool
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 07 Aug 2018 02:06:19 GMT reply
Wow he text my phone today with heart eyes asking me what’s up. Smh i guess she’s doing it for the money. He’s so not loyal lol
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 03 Aug 2018 18:40:21 GMT reply
Everyone? Lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Fri, 03 Aug 2018 18:06:18 GMT reply
Who emily fxcking now
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