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Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 20 Sep 2019 10:45:02 GMT reply
Paula the scammer is a lier and scammer. Has she field taxes on this business yet before today?
She looks at this website like a stalker and tries to hard. Liar. Scammer. Cheater girl smh
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 20 Sep 2019 10:43:31 GMT reply
Everyone knows Paula doesn’t co own anything with her dad. She only started saying that because we keep talking about her lazy a** not having a real job.
It’s sooo sad Jeff is getting scammed lmao 😂
He’s such a great guy
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 20 Sep 2019 02:41:18 GMT reply
He would let her drive it. He did not give her that g wagon. P gum only fronts like she co owns the company so she won’t look like she’s living off of Jeff’s allowance. I’ll never have respect for a woman not working hard to have her own. Beyonce is married to a millionaire and she still works her a** off. Only simple minded girls wouldn’t at least invest and rather just buy bags and shoes while still living in the ghetto part of Indiana. Bye
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 19:07:42 GMT reply
waiter minute are you people on here saying that he gave her the auto he was driving in the ATL .ALL that stuff she do ,and he don't give back in return .he pulls out of one woman P----,and gummy cleans it.WELL I BE DAMN,she deserve MORE WAY MORE crazy Rihanna look-alike
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 18:36:47 GMT reply
BE QUIET Paola,and stay happy in that USED JEEP he gave you.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 16:59:11 GMT reply
You know what's even more sad?? All you girls leave such shitty lives that in your imaginations all you think a successful person is, is a person who works 9-5.Paola Co owns her business with her dad. How is that not a real job or having something going for themselves?? Simple as girls.. Bet you live on the ghetto side of town too where gun shots can be heard every 5 minutes. No wonder you're hating this hard. Lmao!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 16:52:35 GMT reply
So all black basketball players have to be with black women?? Says who? Where is that rule stated? If he wants to be with an Asian, Latina, Indian, European, that's his choice. Why would you be so butt hurt about it. Maybe his type isn't just black women. Maybe it's anyone he vibes with.. You all are so air headed. Saying Paola has a bird brain and you all can't analyze anything for shit. Just some racist ass ratchet girls...
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 16:49:57 GMT reply
That's how you know all you loser bitches are lying.. If he sucks that bad and really isn't shit, you wouldn't take the time on here to hate on his and Paola's relationship. You wouldn't care. But care you obviously do..
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:23:15 GMT reply
He gave Tyrina a car... he gave her his g wagon he used to drive in Atlanta
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Thu, 19 Sep 2019 11:11:32 GMT reply
Good Thursday Morning
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 21:36:51 GMT reply
ask Paola,she'll tell your know she tell everything
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 21:19:36 GMT reply
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 19:29:31 GMT reply
and such a beautiful brown color
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 17:44:21 GMT reply
Is his Dick and Nutts big?
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 17:31:52 GMT reply
Girl bye
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 16:19:11 GMT reply
There is "NOTHING" wrong with Jeff Teague, IN or OUT of the bedroom.why some of you women are saying things like this is because you would love the chance to be with him, however he only have "MY FRIEND Paola" on his mind and in his heart. sold all us a favor and stop trashing him.
Jeff loves Paola
and for the record it's time Tyrina moved her gold digging behind on to some other man.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 11:58:40 GMT reply
Not gonna say it’s trash but he doesn’t go down and he’s super fast.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Tue, 17 Sep 2019 06:57:07 GMT reply
Is Jeff dick really trash?? Lol are his Balls big?
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 16 Sep 2019 21:10:47 GMT reply
He’s very comfortable with her. All I’m sayin is don’t let a man like him cheat you for what you think is something to you and it means nothing to him. Tyrina finally left him when she realized that. Now she’s in Beverly Hills riding around in a Rolls Royce.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 16 Sep 2019 21:06:23 GMT reply
Of course he’s cheap. The only thing he buys women are bags and shoes. That’s nothing to a man with millions like him. He never puts thought into any of his gifts. It was the same way with tyrina. She was with him for 4 years and he never bought her a car knowing she didn’t have one. He takes Paola on cheap trips. Orlando? And sent her to Miami with her friends for her birthday? But you’re a multi millionaire? Bags and shoes are chump change to a guy like him. I wouldn’t be calling him my man if meanwhile I’m driving a Jeep. That’s why you need to have your own money.
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 16 Sep 2019 20:22:06 GMT reply
i mean i'm just saying that she don't have nothing to worry about if he really is like you guys on here say he is
or do he live withPaola & her son Oryan
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 16 Sep 2019 19:58:23 GMT reply
Name a girl with something going on for herself that you’ve seen him with? None of his girls have ever had real jobs. A woman like Rihanna or Emmy winning actress wouldn’t look his way. With his salary he should be able to pull that type but he can’t. Takes more than money to please a classy boss woman. Yea Paola don’t have anything to worry about lol
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Mon, 16 Sep 2019 10:55:07 GMT reply
ok, so are you speaking from experience,or is this the word around town KNOWN FACTS.I THOUGHT Teague was "THE MAN" that every woman would love to have, but so for what i am hearing is Paola don't have to worry about maybe this is a match made in heaven
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 16 Sep 2019 10:10:46 GMT reply
Of course he can’t pull anything A1 cuz his dick is TRASHHH🚮🚮🚮 and to add insult 2 injury he has the nerve 2 b cheap with that weak ass pencil dick he be trying to poke everybody with🥴 anybody that knows better knows he 4 EVERYBODY so idk y yall in here going back over him like he’s some grand prize all he going 2 do is waste ur time and leave ur pussy dry🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 16 Sep 2019 05:26:38 GMT reply
Nobody with standards wants Jeff. He’s been turned down by plenty of celebs and that’s the only reason he is with that girl. He got millions and still can’t pull a actress or singer. Somebody with something going on for themselves.
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