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oh goody goody, king you kept us in suspense if you were going to play tonight. Oh king don't do that to us.Lepussy! What a drama queen. It's all about you getting more attention. You make us sick. Blow a knee!
Go look at Mieka’s Ig story. Is she in Cleveland? Is that Alaina’s dog running around?
how big is his junk?
I'm still trying to figure out where they got stripper from
Exactly Soph derrick is def having threesomes with his new boo
And someone said either her IG story or Snapchat showed her in a bikini by a pool. I did not see that but I saw on her IG where she said she was going to Utah. She never mentioned Klay after that. She kept it more discrete than his other hoes.
He's working it out with his wife.
Who tf is Ashley Nicole Petiford
no ,he have not .he must have stood you up, are told you he was not interested, because he already have a you are a lil upset, and want to toss his name around in the mud.STOP WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD.FIND YOU A MAN WHO'S INTERESTED IN YOU.TEAGUE NOT INTERESTED BABY GIRL...
Why did Kayla take down that pregnancy post?
They really wasn't together at the baby shower. She didn't look happy. She just faked it to save face because she wanted to seem like they were good since she was about to have a baby. They rushed into things and I don't think having a baby with someone you been dating for 6months is a good idea . Smh
She hoped that her daughter was gonna have genes like her yeah okay
Jr was telling the truth no one's worried about a team led by Kyrie
Alaina got more pics with rose than Mieka look at the birthday pics pj is in the middle it means we not together birthdays pics no romance Alaina don't care
he'll be traded to a city where she'll get 1500 a month by then instead of La courts giving her like 15 a month!! Chris Brown was smart he took his BM to court where she lived and she gets like 2k a month because of Tx laws and hes worth 20x more than Lou. Ash better take advantage of him being there cuz u KNOW they will trade him like its nothing
How can you compare trashy Houston to Takisha? Whoaaa had to been her herself because anyone can see she's not on her level no way.
He's done more good for this country than the last four presidents behind. He won by a land slide. Yes, he is my president. If you don't like it take your liberal ass and move. The constitution will be upheld and these make up as you go liberals are falling be the way side. Go Trump and make America great again.
Lepussy is out chasing everything that walks. He's another Tiger Woods. This guy is bad news and it will all be exposed soon.
Well dona and Dana made comments about kia saying she’s too dark and her hair is too nappy
Are you getting paid to be a troll
What does a sports have to do with politics leave politics out of sports you must watch CNN every single day
Of course she’s not smh
Lin loves Chinese, Lin loves Jewish so that is why Lin loves both circumcised and uncircumcised cocks
So this Brittney girl is no one or just a friend?
Theresa is cute she just dress and act childish. Always leaving dumb comments on his friends pages looking thirsty.
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