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Klay Thompson trash
Draymond green
Now how do we get number 23 out of our hair. Most of us Cavs fans can't stand this guy. I can't even say his name.
I don't think she's prettier than the other girl. I think that girl is a goddess . I hate when women hate on other beautiful women . They are both beautiful af. And at the end of the day it's his decision.... btw I just found out that Amirah is in a relationship with another baller. Not him .
Finally bye bitch
How does she want to focus on her scam of her business when she's always try to follow Pat around like flies that follow poop? Sit your ass down and fulfill your orders! I'm sorry for you when this relationship is done. And this hoe thinks people are jealous of her? If she was my sister, I'll slap some sense into her. Sit your ass in school and get your degree. Such a ghetto wh.ore!
Broke???? LMFAO!!!
Whats johns snap
Chris paul don't come to Houston. Already have enough trash on the team.
Girls def still want him. He's hot. It doesn't matter if he retires or not. He will find another outlet for cash flow.
Fake ass ngga
His fiancé is so pretty and such sweetheart . They def made some pretty babies
Vet your a member just like I am. You know what I can see. You just wrote the last two comments.
She African from cap town I hear
Some of you are so angry... what did Matijana do to you? You just jealous!!
There's a video I saw of Klay at a Nightclub in China.
U hoes can't even spell "research" **Nicki Minaj voice & twirl** lmfao
Kevin love should go play hockey
U can tag anyone in a photo dont mean its that person. u can tell by her page she post ppl that aint her
Ian clark
She lives in Texas that would be smart thing to do but this Kyrie
Alaina selling her soul for all those bags shoes clothes she's giving derrick threesomes and sex with her friends that's the only reason he buying her all the designer shit smh
Nik make the baddest chops. Thats the dopest love that James could ask for. James love Nik thats dope love
Curry needs to suck on my left Testicle until it bleeds so he knows what he tastes and looks like
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