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Alaina used to f*ck with Tony Allen when she was in memphis. I guess derrick does not care even tho he is best friend with Tonys brother
He ain't with dona u idiots lol he hasn't seen her since they broke up from my sources
Al Horford loves Nickleback!
Lmaooo what did ellane post?
Y’all saw John hair on his insta-story! It looks a damn mess.
hes dating nana ellen she looks like a old mom lol ugly ass
these people be posting anything on here
Former Taz Angel and Trey Songz/Drake fling iesha_mariee has been suddenly liking all his IG posts. I'll let y'all jump to your own conclusions. Girls just be getting passed around. Ain't no one scared of diseases these days?
Omg he did unfollow her 😂😂 I wonder why bc she still follows him
he should never play more than 10 min's a game
She not the only one getting that D from derrick tho
He ain’t sweating her 😂😂😂😂
18:55 I'd love to say it to Trump's face and I'd even let him take the first swing, then he'd hit the ground.
Klay is on cali with brit. He flew out on Sunday to be with brit. He sure is getting drunk a lot since his Injury. Glad to know from his speech for his foundation what his core values are. Getting drunk and smoking!!!
Been married for 10 years and still cheats, Tracy is stupid for staying, can not wait til boo finds out about the new kid
Guy is a big baby
Likes guys very gay
Fukk this moon pie eating bitch
Kd gave her the title of girlfriend , so i’ll address her as such. I’m not saying they gone get married lol. People break up everyday. I just wish them the best , what’s the point on praying on someone’s downfall.
That man isn’t dumb. He knows you ain’t shit silly girl. Quit actin like you better than other women, u brag about “takin” him away from someone & hackin his stuff being a straight up lunatic. No one feels sorry for you. Lol. You think the world owes you something. You are sadly mistaken. You’ve disgraced him and his entire profession & you expect loyalty & respect? Go on somewhere girl. Why would anyone be faithful to someone like you. You sure do have the mentality of a low life thief., when you steal it’s ok, but when someone does it back to you it’s a huge problem and you wanna throw a fit. Smh.
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