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Oh boy the golden dress she posted is SO cheap looking. Poor Becky trying way too hard. As cheap as they come
And he’s def not with Miskmarie she’s dating Benjamin Mendy who makes this stuff up
The middle name threw everything off... "thomas" and i know its thomas robinson but thats weird . In my culture we name ppl after they are dead but to each its own
The NBA teams pass Jeremy Lin around like he's a sex doll
Thomas and Kai follow each other back on IG
Maybe Kawhi would like to live somewhere that doesnt pump the city septic above ground and ride boats in it? Maybe Kawhi isnt into 250 pound mexican women with stretch pants and salsa stained shirts.
Felix Samzow, Bonn
QUOTE:It’s sad how some people are so jealous and intimidated by you that they only have negative things to say when they know absolutely nothing about you.QUOTE:
She looks soooo nasty..... wtf kind of spell she put on that man to get him so hooked😫 and nasty before pregnancy too...
Agreed!!! His expectations for “sex” and “fun” are different then his expectations for a relationship. Which is true for all men. He doesn’t judge a hoes past who he just wants to smash and will sleep with girls that his friends/current teammates have been with for fun but won’t ever wife them.
Who’s Jade?
Can’t wait for him and his baby motherrrrrrr yo put the bullshit aside and makeup already!! Tired ofThis fake nose wanna be famous bitch
She may be happy but derrick not 😂😂😂😂
so u hoes say that Christine is stupid for staying with him knowing that he sleeps with other women...while u hoes claim that he sleeps with u guys and yall know that he sleeps with other bitches too...the pot calling the kettle black or nahh??? being a side chick should not be ur aspiration in life ladies smfh maybe he won't marry Christine but he damn sure won't ever marry u birds loool
Lecebabi following his bm but be with him too all the time? So either lece his bm and him all mess around together or lece convinced yet another female she’s just the homie when she’s really sucking...... hmmm
They’re most definitely engaged now.
Klay on the boat in Bahamas, enjoying his afternoon. This time you can see more girls. They could be his relatives too, unless one of you can identify them as his h****.
Kyrie said he meditates.
👀 Told y’all her and her ppl be on here!
Community dick,and walking disease!He messes with prostitutes and has no standards...A complete waste of time.You will regret it,once he gives you a disease you can’t get rid of!smh
George hill
He really like thots
D.j Augustine
Alaina is rich and living a happy life with Drose
You will never be his wife
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