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Corny as hell sadly and CHEAP
Dang that baby head is huge
Derrick NOT in love with u Alaina
He’s with me this week 😇 ask him why he’s so busy
Reply-to:Lol, marriage means nothing these days. 😂She has his name, cars, trips, bank book and houses. So, you sounding pretty stupid.
Thereza lame always trying to show her ring off in her profile pic. Like dang sis, we get it. How about Keef show us his ring or show us some wedding pics.. lol
Yeah a lot of questionable things have been going on with kyrie lately I’m just surprised haven’t anybody asked him about it
Y’all late He been messing with Bernice for years!She does “favors” for him when she comes in town.She always comes to Houston to hang with the ugly funny looking pimp bookedbymarlo.She pimps all these girls out and they all do sexual favors for these rappers,athletes etc and Miss Bernice is one of them.
Well after playing castlevania III for about 10 minutes im confident i a the best gamer ever, ive died only like 3 times and im really good at killing the flying medusa heads. I am not only the best gamer today but im probably the best gamer ever. all hail the best gamer in the world If you leave a comment from now on you must praise me as well as berate Blake Griffin.
Y'all quiet
If you guys also recall, in the emails she said when you write the story focus on the foundation stuff. She’s very conniving and manipulative.
The dumbest bitch alive @eviedreamz 🤣 he hits n thirsty 4 anything moving.
9 year timespan: 7 different teams (not counting D League)
Mirah posted up in DC looking like a tranny
They aren’t together are they ?
Leemor shtrom sigal married to the wife beaterDavid sigal got pregnant by a hockey playerLeemor wants to leave him but the moneyHe’s scamming on eBay it’s too goodSo he beats her and beats her leemor yourGiving a great example to your kidsAnd her husband David sigal is a drug dealerTax man on their case
He’s Ivan in Brittany -bundle of Brittany’s - new book. She speaks about how he has daughter. Flew her to Boston . And not working with much lmao
You see her insta story about getting married lol thoughts?
Yall should know that there are troll(s) on this forum who come on here and say random shit and leave. Pay them no mind.
Damm I really liked them together. I can always respect the ones with guys before they get drafted. I wonder if his injury had something to do with their breakup.
Heard he’s expecting a new baby
They aren't together. Iman broke it off with her.. She's doing the most to get his attention. He doesn't even acknowledge her posts unless it's about their little family. He tells me things
Lol he is
Kish out here begging for attention again. Pushing 40 wearing see-thru shirts and just pasties covering her nipples out to the club? Ok baller girlfriend.🤣
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