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Heard he wasn’t packing anything. In Lipstick Alley some “groupies” said he is small. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Is Tia a Nig or a Becky?
Make alot BEAT.s get flu how ..Oxygen in winter from Miami in game from no use to play against Packers or Steelers still not help that lungs him truth here go no mad for snowing winter only heat that raise them for got back Oreo as that freckles it food jiv
Movies Star.s NOTHING has THAT EARS infections. Or tonsils problems add admoise.s truth new fractures bones for real .. And tis NO GOT teeth dental impairment.s same thing body goes by NOT it .. By yahs Star.s but because beat nothing has freckles aither in famously honored award-winning C'MON beat NO GOT it look that NO white body add head black but body tans u see LIEs here it gets red sun blistered yes Thur
Ur families out to FANS ways LIFE ask step sister where mom at days plain by tree facts families and nothin by stars at all both sides
Gummy got some ugly ass feet! Her second toe damn near 2 inches longer than her first toe, alien feet 👽. Bet Jeff don’t suck on those..... what are thooooooooose 😂😂😂😂😂
, Hall so bitter and retarded😂😂
He’s not all that lmao. Never said I was never attracted to him. And jimmy doesn’t have me on here doing anything.
Did This blonde bimbo who comes from nothing who used to be poor AF really said in her IG story “ she missed her kids gym and chef “ 😂 Bitch “ chef “ you mom used to clean our toilet and now you miss your “ chef “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂blonde gross ass bimbo! He’s just miserable! SMDH
DesignWe have a deep desire to add substance and beauty to the world. Everything we create draws upon all of our experience and creativity in order to produce work we are truly proud of. We move quickly, trust our intuition and embrace debate and dialogue. We appreciate the role of data in informing design but we also know that sometimes the best ideas come from a well- developed imagination and a willingness to challenge convention. Design is more than a way of thinking – it is a force that can change the shape of entire landscapes.VideoFilm and photography are fiercely powerful storytelling mediums. A well-scripted video, beautifully shot and impeccably edited, can stir an audience on an emotional level that few other narrative forms can. We are storytellers at heart and we understand, through instinct and experience, how to craft meaningful visual experiences in order to form a deep and lasting connection.AdvertisingGood stories, told well, inspire action. Every time. We help our clients tell authentic, compelling stories and then connect them with the right audience which will, in turn, generate growth for their business.
Does Jen have pictures with just her and Zach
hahah his babymamas take care of thier kids
Tristan, Kris is hurt that you never hit her up. She still wants to be included in your sexual circle, and she feels she's a victim of age discrimination. Give her some.
Chris Paul is very excited and happy being on the OKC Thunder roster. He states the rebuilding effort will be one he is delighted to help lead. I think Paul will demonstrate true class and maturity, setting an example for all who are involved in sports. He's a true leader.
Can someone post a link to the listing of her house?
How y’all think this whole situation in Brooklyn Gonna be?? I could easily see that become a Dumpster fire between kd, kyrie and dj , esp Because kyrie’s someone I wouldn’t trust!
Nik flew to Vegas yesterday. She’s still seeing James.
Y’all talkin shit about Dana being dramatic on IG but Jae out here actin like a teenage female over a girl he’s been dating (and cheating on) 2 months. Lmao
Thought you was giving away sneakers all month?  Copied Hardens idea, did it twice for recognition.  you suck. your game gonna suck this year too. smh
WTH you saying? 1:11 that is probably true no money for clothes and etc. We didn't want him to lie about the mom.
So What .. Ur guys buddy FAT big look em nobody want do him aither no more day ask her by law lady shell look her up
Go.. Meet UP Em gay leisban want too . night papers out do part it too truth rich poor better worse truth for monkey off my back Thur listen be sols to keeper that be nightmares by wakeup 👻 face 🎃 it by fat big scary nothin smiles
Know give back body from burn car mother hope has rods from broken bones fall from knowing NOT do so from fall easy break bones less calcium NOT ever at all drunk milk from child grew up had broken bones 88 calender year it rods both arms
Lit Pink . Orange . Lite Blue . And Lit Purple . Added Clear number days ball player football truth him.. Mmm WHAT u r who u .. And got by truth NO got yet UhJousting askin saying got them too picked out . how dark pink what say mamTrusted allow by ROCK Dwayne .. And now how deep talk voice cuz iron back days muscles truth how tis reallocation got him . Aldi. Stores by book 🏦 urs Thur why for what reason that real here go them Thur .. Ask first by guards win by prizes truth who by judges schools got by when taking it front coaches Thur go and trusted by NO town them say here it MAN like that one reallocate all yo goBy families noth8ng got by pork chop we know it for real by law nothin but well her pass go do so it by here yes truthSee her how rest them got . thur ass lolAnd picking more color makin choices got by him ROCK Dwayne more babyies boys goHow Red too up both them also like 2 July to January . whatever how really need truth All got right now choice stone by birth boys sons yah Rock Dwayne no not me know read no that dah thur mm
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