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Who is talking to Rod?
Nick young
john wall
He's on the Hornets now number 12. I'm dating him
pretty small package and only likes white girls and the other white girl....
2K, New york
Talk about a choke-job for the ages❗️ Gino Oremma - the coach of the girls uconn team, took the gas- pipe in that loss❗️He should be fired❗️ He sucks, and always has, big-time❗️Jimbo Orlini
Me and mas hung out a few times we met at a korean joint in yonkers a few yrs bak his boy talked to my girl we all hung out he kool we been to a few movies nothin major he jus act 2 young he stay talkin bout his fam in indiana places people neva even heard of i was kool goin to the Nets games on his dime he alwayz paid for me to have good seats near the floor he has a thing for asians so it was kool n he fine he also didnt like comin to my side of brooklyn alot he like a home body so tha annoyin he just make it difficult whateva he still offer to fly me from ny to denver might take tha offer who care im not marryin the cat we still meet up when he in the city and he still pay 4 me 2 have good seats to watch him play his brotha much kooler doe
Daniel Christopher Covell aka Christopher Daniels the pro wrestler who's best known for his work in WWE, WCW, Impact Wrestling, and ROH, and a bunch of other companies? That guy? Same guy who's real life best friend is the phenomenal one Aj Styles? Yea he's married to Lisa Collelewand they've got a daughter named Jerica Ellen who was born September 26, 2003 and a son named Joshua Allen who was born October 21, 2005. I'm not sure how long he's been married, and his sons middle name is in honor of Christopher Daniels best friend the phenomenal one Aj Styles Http://
Chris Adams the former WCW wrestler best known for his work in WCW? the same guy who helped train Stone Cold Steve Austin and Scott Hall? The same guy who popularized the super kick that many wrestlers use to this day? That Chris Adams? The British guy? Yea he was married to two different women on different occasions that I know of. The first was Jeanie Clarke aka Lady Blossom, they've got a daughter named Jade. He later married a woman named Tori Collins, they've got a son named Chris Jr. Oh yea and he's got a daughter named Julia by Brandi Freeman aka Miss Brandi and his last sife was Karen Burge he married her and they were together til his demise rest in peace to him Http://
He's sexy!!!
Why is this dude thotn around when he has a pregnant Gf she need to be checking his cell phone
He's dating steph curry sister. What's the tea?
Whose got the new tea though ?
Nicolette Szczesny, Northville, Mich. 48168
Sheldon smells like shit. He smells like he never wipes his ass after he goes number two and he also smells like he doesn't brush his teeth
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Nicola cato, Lancashire
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No one ever heard anything?
He's a dog. He cheats on his gf Fiance baby mama whatever she is all the time
We just want Eric to get Lauren a good weave job. So tired of that stif as weave and bad split ends from gel drying it out and horrible dye jobs. Like forreal. You make too much money for her to be walking around in kitchen ass box braid jobs. And she dress like a Mexican. Get y'all shit together. Thirsties wanna be insta famous well invest in your appearance some more. Y'all look cheap. LOL
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