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who's his baby mama
His girlfriend does know he's sleeping with all these girls in Calgary
Danni the dream
Jamie Eldringhoff, Topeka, Kansas
Leg that would make sense as we all know how careful he is with his money. Where are her pics from the couch watching tv and didn't she get "her" smoothie?
Mike Dumas is married to Christie Dumas and they're the parents of Amy "Lita" Dumas.
Not Estrella trying to flirt with Dak on her IG stories when the only thing she should be worried about it getting a job so she can keep the lights on in her run down apartment in LA. welp
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Peter Thomas England(born November 9, 1993) is an English professional wrestler & promoter. He is best known for his work in WWE & Progress Wrestling, as well as several other independent wrestling promotions throughout England. Twitter @PeteDunneYxBInstagram
Matthew Moore Hardy is an American professional wrestler who is best known for his work in WWE, ROH, & Impact Wrestling. He currently wrestles on the Raw brand where he is apart of a tag team with Bray Wyatt called The Deleters Of Worlds.Twitter @MATTHARDYBRANDInstagram @matthardybrandTwitter @RebyHardyInstagram @rebyskyTwitter @BABYHARDYBRANDTwitter @WolfieHardy
What's tea? He's fine!
Yeah, we’re all mad because we can’t wait to be the next victim of his domestic abuse 🙄
Champion QB at Stanford. NFL bounced to new teams. Give dude chance.
He’s soooo handsome
Ladies....... anything ?????
How u "had" herpes that's uncureable
Catherine Joy "CJ" Perry is an American professional wrestler who is best known for her work in WWE as Lana. She is married to Miroslav Barnyashev who is also a professional wrestler who competes in WWE under the ring name Rusev.Twitter @LanaWWEInstagram @thelanawweTwitter @RusevBULInstagram @rusevig
James "Jim" Henry Neidhart was a Canadian professional wrestler who was best known for his work in WWE and WCW where he competed as a singles wrestler as well as a member of the Hart Foundation faction/tag team.Twitter @NatbyNatureInstagram @natbynatureTwitter @TJWilsonInstagram @tjwilson711Twitter @BretHartTwitter @FightOwensFightTwitter @SamiZaynTwitter @TeddyHartIsBACKTwitter @PeteyWilliamsTwitter @ScottDAmoreTwitter @JinderMahalInstagram @jindermahalTwitter @SinghBrosWWEInstagram @harvsihra_wweInstagram @gurvsihra_wweTwitter @LanceStormTwitter @RealDavidBenoitInstagram @davidbenoit1
James Ellsworth Morris(born December 11, 1984) is an American professional wrestler who is best know for his work in WWE. He has two daughters, one named Elsa(oldest), and Anna(youngest).Twitter @realellsworthInstagram @jamesellsworthwrestlingTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @WWENXTTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnNotes:His mom's birthday is June 25th.His oldest daughter Elsa was born on May 9th & his youngest daughter Anna's birthday is May 22nd.Ellsworth was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland and he is a fan of the Baltimore Orioles.
Micah Sierra "Katt" Williams(born September 2, 1971) is an American comedian and actor from Cincinnati Ohio.Twitter @KattPackAllDayTwitter @TheRealMikeEppsTwitter @chrisrockTwitter @SnoopDoggTwitter @smossTwitter @chrisbrownTwitter @LudacrisTwitter @TipTwitter @NickCannon
Walt aikens
Kyle Greenwood(born March 1, 1987) is an American professional wrestler who is best known for his work in ROH and WWE.Twitter @KORcombatTwitter @theBobbyFishTwitter @VelveeteenWWETwitter @therealec3Twitter @AdamColeProTwitter @WWEAleisterTwitter @AngeloDawkinsTwitter @cezarbononi_wweTwitter @strongstylebritTwitter @FabianAichnerTwitter @WarBeardHansonTwitter @JohnnyGarganoTwitter @KassiusOhnoTwitter @KonaReevesWWETwitter @LarsSWWETwitter @MontezFordWWETwitter @WWENickMillerTwitter @_StarDESTROYERTwitter @WWEDozovicTwitter @RaulMendozaWWETwitter @KingRicochetTwitter @riddickMossTwitter @roderickstrongTwitter @RAYMONDxROWETwitter @ShaneThorneWWETwitter @TinoSabbatelliTwitter @ProjectCiampaTwitter @TuckerKnightWWETwitter @TheWWEBlakeTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @WWENXTTwitter @UpUpDwnDwn
Patrick Clark Jr.(born August 19, 1995) is an American professional wrestler who is best known for his work in WWE on NXT where he performs under the ring name Velveteen Dream.Twitter @VelveeteenWWETwitter @therealec3Twitter @AdamColeProTwitter @WWEAleisterTwitter @AngeloDawkinsTwitter @theBobbyFishTwitter @cezarbononi_wweTwitter @strongstylebritTwitter @FabianAichnerTwitter @WarBeardHansonTwitter @JohnnyGarganoTwitter @KassiusOhnoTwitter @KonaReevesWWETwitter @KORcombatTwitter @LarsSWWETwitter @MontezFordWWETwitter @WWENickMillerTwitter @_StarDESTROYERTwitter @WWEDozovicTwitter @RaulMendozaWWETwitter @KingRicochetTwitter @riddickMossTwitter @roderickstrongTwitter @RAYMONDxROWETwitter @ShaneThorneWWETwitter @TinoSabbatelliTwitter @ProjectCiampaTwitter @TuckerKnightWWETwitter @TheWWEBlakeTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @WWENXTTwitter @UpUpDwnDwn
Michael Hunter Hutter(born March 18, 1983) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Ethan Carter III(or EC3). He's best known for his work in Impact Wrestling and WWE.Twitter @therealec3Twitter @AdamColeProTwitter @WWEAleisterTwitter @AngeloDawkinsTwitter @theBobbyFishTwitter @cezarbononi_wweTwitter @strongstylebritTwitter @FabianAichnerTwitter @WarBeardHansonTwitter @JohnnyGarganoTwitter @KassiusOhnoTwitter @KonaReevesWWETwitter @KORcombatTwitter @LarsSWWETwitter @MontezFordWWETwitter @WWENickMillerTwitter @_StarDESTROYERTwitter @WWEDozovicTwitter @RaulMendozaWWETwitter @KingRicochetTwitter @riddickMossTwitter @roderickstrongTwitter @RAYMONDxROWETwitter @ShaneThorneWWETwitter @TinoSabbatelliTwitter @ProjectCiampaTwitter @TuckerKnightWWETwitter @VelveeteenWWETwitter @TheWWEBlakeTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @WWENXTTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnTwitter @Twitter @Twitter @
Greg Nelson, Los Angeles
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