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is this guy married or what?  he is all over pitts, trying to get with woman
bill alkofer, Orange County, California
This nigga is stupid as hell. A liar a cheater and always back and forth with his baby momma don't trust him. No matter what he feeds you.
Philippe ristori, Corsica
Glenn had quite the reputation at K-State. He was a good football player, but kind of a d-bag with girls.
Yes broke up she still acts like they together like always 😂😂 she not going no where. He will continue to be who he has always been. A dog
girl from l a is pregnant!!!!
Why is this mans thread empty? 😂 I love him c'mon auto thots unite and spill some tea !!! Lol
Fresh start?
Oh you mean Christina Beseris of Idaho? The gold digger who left her fiancé at the alter a few days before her wedding because an NFL Player responded to her online banter.. 1st date & knocked up from what I hear.. Mike Purcell totally caught a winner! Lol, everyone around town is SO fond of her. #mikepurcell #christinapurcell #purcellparty
I love Malliciah's eyes. They are demanding and sexy!
I would love to meet and greet Keanu. He is soooo hot, mmm!
Reply-to:I love Vic. Does anyone know if he has a girfriend? I was told he doesn't have one. I would love to see what sex is like with him!!!
If you are a fan of the goat Chris Boswell join this fan club!!! All we talk about is Chris Boswell because he is winning MVP THIS YEAR
Zachary Sims, Georgia
Is he still with his baby mom? Who is he dating? Dick size? STD's?
BONNIE NILSEN, Poulsbo Washington
Is anyone from JJs board here? The Kealia Ohai troll is posting porn on JJs board again.
Itsbeyyy on ig. You're welcome. That's who he was just with. Wonder if he's gonna be one of those guys that pretends to be a good dad on Instagram while he's laid up with his girl of the night
Peter Dinkle, Massachusetts
brycetrost, wisconsin
matt mcdonald, dallas tx
is he single
Jeff smith, Minnesota
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