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Does he cheat on his girl?
Did danni_thedream just take a shot at Tyler lol *sips tea*
looks like trae has good PR people making sure he doesnt end up on the girlfriend listings on this site. god forbid the princess finds out her man is a cheater amh so sad
Who talks to him?
ecwwktslrm, New York
Kwon Alexander
Lmao what a joke
Sylvia , Texas
Why do you say that?
I came across this site and me and Landon just started texting he told me he is single
pierre garcon
Been with the same chick for years from Auburn days
Shon Coleman
His girlfriend is so stupid all he does is use her and sleeps with everyone else and he has so many kids in so many states
He's weird
Who is his baby momma?
What's up with him?
Who is messing with him?
Jen Harper, Florida
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Yaz is a meth head!
So trash. Had 2 girlfriends telling both he loved them and was gonna marry them. Was involved in one of the girls kids life. Playing daddy . Just to admit he don’t give a fck about the girls or kid. Trash. Ugly fat & dick little
LOL....I find it funny that in order to view their THe Knot page, you have to have a password. Really? I guess they both think very highly of themselves, like they are THAT famous.
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