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Landon deals with a friend of mine and he lies to that dumb add Victoria & the 'ris chic. Why bc he can and they let him. He has no interest in being with any of fhem seriously
wtf brownies let kevin be qb
What's the tea?
Devil definitely not small
What's the tea?
She throws tantrums until she gets what she wants. Like tantrums in parking lots where Mike ends up borrowing money to buy her shit he says he can't afford. Classy chick
Has a girlfriend that he cheats on regularly
He's a cutie
Wonder how danni_thedream feels about Stefon being in SF with Akasha.
Dak has sex with plenty of girls in Dallas
Has a girlfriend that lives with him for anyone needing to know
Crazy baby momma
What's the scoop?
Who is talking to Deshazor?
He Has a big penis and has emotional problems, he acts like a little girl at times very bipolar but the sex good
The jones family must be proud to watch Eric mess with a legend like Johnson. Only way Eric can beat Johnson is to team up against him in the pits. Use this birthday to grow up. Karma gonna kick your tail
So what's up with him?
No he has a girl
Cheryl Lewis, Jackson, MS
Reply-to:Based off IG he it seems as if he likes white womenMaybe, but I know his family and he likes black women as well.
He had herpes
Pete M Twork, Balwin MI
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