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Barbie you washed
Fukking niggers is a sin
Bull shit legend you have like 10 mud babies
FYI y'all Aleisha is the baby mom of Jordan babineaux's (ex seahawk) daughter- explains why she's in that circle
You people are all CRAZY .... you must be obsessed with David to be posting this stuff. Who the heck cares who he is dating, kissing or sleeping with. Hey if he is happy whatever. Can we saying stalkers. Get a life.
Kealia is stringing him along too. Just agreeing with whatever PR games he wants to play. They’re both using each other.
Do you think Andy Gray will put her in SI even when she loses?
Julio Jones & watson quarterback stay liking his ex sarina pics. Watson in the A
You don't have a job you stupid jiggaboo how about I curb stomp your nigger ass
The Stenhouse Crazies are mad cause Aaron's there
How do you she is hanging with Raul?
He's with McKenna every day, let that sink in
I don’t think JG or AK had it deleted. You can sue for something that ask had already posted herself.
Legend, there you go again, posting Rihanna on a forum that have nothing to do with her. She has no affiliation to the Wilsons. She's not stunning & look confused in oversize sweats, lugs, and a fur coat. If it was anyone other than Rih, they would be dragged!
This guy has really shown what he is...on his Twitter feed for Valentines day he tweets "Happy Valentine's Day to my Beautiful Estonian Goddess." With a picture of his Estonian bimbo babe holding their baby daughter. No me too of the little girl. No wait, she is is his second child-by two different women. No mention of either little girl in his happy wishes.So maybe all thus dude is about anymore is banging hot white women. Not much else. What a train job...she has no job...he'll leave her to at some point.But he's gonna keep grinding and stayin ready for a call that ain't gonna come.Will be a case study of how to ruin your career with arrogance and lack of humility and ability to learn from professional coaches. He could have hung on in the NFL as a backup I he'd learned to slide and been more mature. Now he's got no payday and will have to get a real job. Good luck with that jerk...
When he goes to these upscale places, who is he with? Funny that he doesn't seem to take his "girls" to the upscale places. Or maybe he takes an escort so no pics?
Riley Cooper: nobody replys to that post below that is using the winning teams initials. The lying sh+t~head got dumped by what I don't even call what anybody was looking for on this Girlfriend Forum but at least you dug up one of the for real demonic attitudes of hers. Bitching at everything t me and my demand for clean. That is evil that should get the Hell off and away with her and the perp kind. All her tired ass did was bring in the next order of illegaj skunk weed into that boarding home today. I don't get where her disgusting half~homo acts appeal to you after you allready said you want to move with me. That EG rip~off best to creep off to some porn site and stop disrupting State buildings and chasing your murse or perverted females she must have picked up somewhere. I'm not the dirty perv that wanted you in my butt hole. The other post below hers is just a grotesque nut case. You got the rights to say what you want to me, 2/17/2018, Debra S. Anderson
Daryl Strawberry.Ej Johnson thur actn Bj Armstrong u know that right HOMES has AIDS HIV read signs kid fatass Algona Bulldogs School of Leo student Calvin go man got nirga not nothing sister come white people go everywhere Favr everything u know she got it up here go fukr where know u are fat guy take black blonde head big guy quiz families fatass big show fan hell break loose go knows shit from shit clean neither go let invent it only dint tis cookbook.not hoes std shit streets go nirgas starts gobble snoop dog hit album no.bjnle nirgas streets i guess history go std u Yah thur whoaw my owe FAN today DAM It TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS FAN yah get him PACKERS Favr add her believe it go HOMES . Cooley not sayn him Willie yah ur r . 19
He comes off as anti-American, who desires the limelight and oddly needs it, know it all, who was raised in privilege. Whatever his deal is, it's not making him popular.
Naadish was no where near Odell lol
Good morning. What on earth is going on here? This board is no longer friendly and rarely informative. I skipped a few days and now I see repeated posting of Kumbaya lyrics. Why? What does that have to do with Clay? And really the clown is back to you're a Noble taunts? Is your plan to totally destroy the positive energy that was once prevalant here? Just because you have a miserable life you don't have to spread it like a virus. Fix it. It is the season of Lent, try to do good. For non religious types spring is coming, time for beauty and a fresh start. Today is random acts of kindness day, some of that good will is sorely needed here, in my very personal opinion.I will step off the pulpit now. Have a beautiful day.
Jimbo loves Twitter trolling for ass.
Your prob gay too😁
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