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Pre season games are for making adjustments & cuts. I think Russ looked good. He got an arm on him! You can't blame the QB for penalties, or fumbling the ball at the goal line.
00:31 Krappershit has never been elevated to the intellect level possessed by apes. Didn't you see the portrait of him earlier in the toilet. That is Krappershit. Shit has no brains
Get used to last night Vikings fans. Cousins is a front-running choking dog who couldn't carry a team if his life depended on it. That almost 100 million dollars that you gave KC will ruin your franchise for years and years.
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legend is a best friend of Russell and also advisor.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkReply-to:WHAT? Legend 02:09
I second that notion about being paid $$, just by working online and having a phone. I mean how else do you think I get paid. I own one of the largest internet porn sites in the world. Reply-to:@ Beach Girl- That works too, unless the troll reaaaallly has no life and decides to post enough to bump their status up to Legend. It fooled me for a while back when it was really going on with the trolls on here. Some people just have no life.
Who is the coprophiliac. That is a dangerous interest to have. Lots of diseases. I wonder if the perve is also into Cleveland Steamers?
Who is the coprophiliac. That is a dangerous interest to have. Lots of diseases. I wonder if the perve is also into Cleveland Steamers?
He’s in love and she ain’t from Atl
Cam'ron rapper u know tis quite bout ur cars harassing me ..Ur stepssister right man ..All keep harassing her can she only one can free shot at someone bout her life get off .. at me want Thur Cam Newton go mam if shit keep up harassing me know think everyone know me never hung me at all .. never seen before Thur families yelling keep doin that tis shot out voice box coming Brandon have house party say that go no no worry typing to u behind tis guys lay off leave her alone please shot gun shot at Terry in home Thur Welches on her all her life Thur next service goin that way too families guys stop misspelling words on her okay sick perverted not know stop harassing her just herself never ate McDonald's rest area scream in place that .. know as child life Thur read get someone Terry sexy stop guys before go Brandon home shot up him kill him Thur lyin it Terry where at my teeth bones roof bottum mouth go asking d who guys come Joann shot Scott Frost for abuse in home break up Thur sweet party nebraska coach Thur mam know tis fuk her chantry mouth too Thur star of the week so much known eastwood at Clint that go man not knew like him Thur see no nirga
You think he’ll get blamed for that interception? Is someone actually going to set his ass straight?? but he has money tho. Oh, wait coaches don’t give a F*ck.
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never mind it was twitter I was thinking of!
Russell Wilson wears the same thing. He aint a pilot. Its simply a mans necklace that is being worn by the guys who think sneakers go with a suit. The same guys who think its ok to wear a fedora. The same type of guys who are filthy rich from being good at a game or rhyming to a drum beat. Its not some symbolic tribute to his birth mom or black dad. Its just a damn statement of fashion.....poor fashion.
He posted another song for big mac lmao he so fake he was just in Hannah's phone
Jello Jill is back!
Did y'all see the post about Ciara on Industry on blast ig today. They're messed up for saying that smdh.
Yes leg what’s tea sis?
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Jason Garrett, what a fabulous coach!!!! Winless in the preseason, and he just smiles and giggles with his boyish dimples. He's just a big kid, having fun and being paid for it. He lets his players underperform and pats them on the back, smiling and giggling. Yes, what a fabulous "coach" indeed.
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