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Oh real trump then why did you cheat to get in the white house and the Congress treat Obama lie nothing pass and in D.c that come for black people home and coming for with police kill only black as what about that kids too
he has publicly said he is single multiple times so I highly doubt he is still with his college sweetheart. he seems like a great guy.
The Bad Mom premiere was in New York this past Monday. The LA premiere will be this coming Tuesday-July 26.
Cuckoo Cuckoo
Reply-to:No denying shes accomplished especially for someone whos still so young. She has a nice voice and few if no vocalized pauses.I agree.  I'm sure she'll do well.
He has herpes 2 ask him to get tested for it.
Tony Jefferson
How about "I'm up for giggles and sex"
Dayum 🦍🦍. 🤣
thats happy?? id hate to see "unhappy" that must be a mess.
Lol i wonder who's deleting things
Cause I wanna see if ugly is just his type or.....
Not high enough to gain the attention of libtards and BLM. This is just a silly wild ass guess, but I don't feel it's part of their agenda to actually care about black people. They are the ultimate hypocrites. Watch all the business leaders and their spines turning to jelly. Boycott anything they sell. You can see they really don't want success, security and the business climate they are spoiled with here. Let them go to NOKO or Iran to do business.
Joli black robs ex is telling everyone Kendall gave her herpes 😒
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all you girls are dumb AF if you think you are the only one he is with right now
No wonder he dumped Olivia! He obviously likes younger women, munn was too old for him lmao
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Dang he must trust her enough to leave her by herself in his house
I meet bobby at the club few months back and let me tell you.......... his D..oh my god! But come to find out he fuc everybody. Unprotected at that. Sad!
cam looks very strange these days.. he certainly isn't the same handsome fella he used to be
Riley Cooper: on my behalf,I want to say again that $200 would see me through to that $8000 grant that is supposed to be legit. I would then use $2000 to pay for the Cashiers' check fee for the NL Lotto prize I won, if its not expired. The over $832.000 cash prize would be set. The over seas coorespondence with a lady saying she followed my profile online, promises a large amount of funds for I to use as I judge fit with some suggestions of hers. The dollar amount being in the several millions., some hackers may think it was meant for them. She said she is too ill to travel to the US but her lawyer would contact me. No call or income change for me yet. Maybe you can explain that to me when we talk on the phone again. You got to set that date to do so, 8/16/2027, Debra Sharon Anderson
Legend the only one on this forum that's bit*hing a moaning about Ciara's career is your dumb no career having ass. You talk about Bey & Rih, stop hiding behind their success to shade Ci. Where the hell is your success? Being Ciara's stalker & bish ain't it. That shit don't pay. Ciara ain't checking for you, you're all up in her ass. You're just a Big Ole Dumb Ass Fool!
Right now research is underway to determine any monument dedicated to public sites representing Union soldiers. They are going to be removed one for one. The Union Jack shall not be displayed publicly.
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