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God is not her provider for @amberlanee is dirty sin sick
Liz Flores was with my friend I went to school with Melvin who plays for the sandiago Chargers all weekend, it's quite obvious she's not dating Darrelle. She's arm candy and soul food from what I've heard.
Does anyone know her Ig or last name
Looking at Michelle she doesn't look like a gold digger. She looks plain with no sense of style. Money can change people though. probably feels some entitlement now which is why she doesn't want ryan to pay child support
The pregnant girl pics are up 😂 She was want lying go look I wonder what they going say now
sagging booty ass
I agree. It's always hard when one side keeps putting their version out there and you can't really respond.
I would feel stupid if I were Charlene too she met him in April so she makes up lies and fairytales too not look so stupid
Dockett who are you dating but not sure if y'all still together
Glad to see he and Amy are back together. They're really perfect for each other. ❤️
Olivia Culpo broke up with tim tebow because he would not F@@K her. Olivia Culpo is a former miss Universe. Perhaps Olivia could have a no sex relationship with JJ as well. Olivia looking good in some of her semi-nude photos. Maggie Opelt also available for conversation, perhaps more.
Started unusual web predict concepts history inver support slippers
He looks like he's complaining about the stench of the black folks around him.That stench probably came from you. 
He's dirty
06:15, do they have children?
I did just say that about 2 hours ago...
Ck isn't even doing modeling she's just like a brand ambassador for everything. Adriana Lima is a normal person who can follow whoever she wants lol they met
Riley Cooper: that last post don't sound too good. There should be news of you having a new baby,.just about five months old. Since I brought up the subject, maybe you can fill your number 1 FAN in on this Forum real soon. At least you could give the word if you're going to run off with the Scooter, who"s probably with you, 117/2017, Debra Sharon Anderson.
45:16. Agree.
Does anyone know if he's single or not?
Is Matt dating anyone?
She is proably praying n fasting for tr coon somewhere 😂😂😩😩🙈🙈 green don't come for me -red
"Carlos Dunlap" HAHAHAAAAA! He's been replaced with his fiancée. They are like brothers though. DEF does not have a small penis ;-)
maxine waters is THE DUMBEST nigger alive.
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