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Ugh is that another one of kos shitty fans?
According to Rotoworld JG is set for the biggest game of his career today. Hopefully
Someone's right, he do have a gf. And we kno who it is. We can deny it all we want, but that girl is his gf. It all makes sense. He just don't post her or follow her to keep things on the low. Ask his mom.
So glad you guys have to deal with this primadonna with a very low football IQ, especially for qb.
Thank you for remembering that one. She had all her friends over to stay as well. They are friends but she wanted to do SI and she gets to do it do you think she tried to rekindle with Rob? If she wins it will ck be disappointed if it's the same old pattern with Rob?
“Uncontrollable and impulsive” translation: she’s got really good pussy.
Thanks for the pixs! Safe to say the twins are not identical with different color hair
Pretty sure he's single. Matched with him on Bumble.
In California- does that mean Olivia might be taking care of him, could be.
He's thirsty af
I just saw. Lol. It's a mistake, it will end just like when she followed the purejoyrussci page by mistake then unfollowed some days later
Riley Cooper: as I watch what would be a meningless football game today, I see what keeps you on the anal women type. There is that same type that influenced the use of thier evil feet.for the purpose of trying child abuse on any age way below them. I don't appreciate ball players' companions copying that lousy attitude. Maybe a guy in the know can incite those jive turkey types to end that lousy attitude that resulted from the wrong people on a un~needed TV show in the past, to ruin film to begin with. That keeping us apart is wrong, 10/22/2017, Debra Sharon Anderson
Yeah what's the tea ? Lol
Side chick I think not! She’s sitting with his family at his game. Side chicks aren’t around families come on
He is horrible. Every beat, penalty, dropped interception. I'd rather leave the guy open. Get this joke off the team
Polys in odells house in her ig story
I have followed you from day 1. My wife is even a huge fan. My b'day is Nov 4. I want to meet you
Bruce L. McDonald, Kennesaw, Ga
I don't think he will cheat
Is that Ashanti laughing on French Instagram story
I don't have IG so I can not access that feature. Thanks anyway
Girl at hoptinger last night was saying she been seeing gip for a while
It only takes a small amount of black in you to act that way. It boils down to lazyness.
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