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No ones mad everyone is on here is just stating a fact that she's neither attractive or talented and her biggest accomplishment is working and a dumpy bar and trapping a few not very bright athletes
17:31 Do you always work this hard at everything in life or just with CK??
Listen I like Helene. Idc Idc Idc. She is funny and smart. I see why Odell fell for her.
I am not trying to hide from anyone. I don't give a rats a$$ about any of you enough to hide. I'm not going to explain again my posting habits because you are locked into your theory that I have multiple accounts and am trying to deceive people here for some reason which is stupid. The only thing you have been successful about this evening is dragging me down your stupid rabbit hole of arguing with you about nonsense. This is the very thing I hate about this board and now I'm guilty of being a part of it. For that I apologize to the normal posters here who have been bothered by this BS back and forth. Won't happen again.
Courtney, Holbrooks
Found Jimmy a few more times just in the background of pics and IG stories. Will try post links to them later if I feel like it there's just soooooo many lol.
It's old black broads like Lakeesha and the Kaeperwives acting like fools over Colin..what made so many black women insecure.  Doing the absolute most over a BIRACIAL man..they must want to be non-black too
Thank you Rookie. I did get the relationship bit with her Pics. With the pics she seem closer to the Bruce Matthew side. Clay said in his own words he never dated in college. Awkward yrs. with dating. Why Rookie you know a lot about the Matthews. Thank you. Can you tell me what Leslie Matthews maiden name is?? I like to look up the Obit.Now who is the other athlete on the Matthews side. Well known.Her brother??I must be new to all of this family history.Why are you a Rookie and I'm a Veteran.?? I should be the rookie.
while you all are busy fighting each other another forum has found out on a possible new girl i am only telling you this simply because you all will find out sooner or later.
I'm Shakita friend lol they don't talk Sorry . That's our crush thanks !
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He's ugly af he look like a fool why he looking bad lately
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Look like unique was with e last night in da Knox
AR must have a lot of hope about Producing after football. O will certainly get a lot of parts. I wonder how long that would last. Like producing country music. He must have a lot of faith in himself but he does have the money.
Heard Maya might even think about going back to sucking black cock.
She is a a very nice person. The person writing negative things about her, has an ax to grind. Her spelling is worse than a 5 year old. Maybe she was drunk when she wrote all this trash. I suggest we all send positive thoughts and prayers to Doug and Tara... its not easy to be in the spotlight. Ignore the negative stuff thats written here. Jealousy is an ugly thing.
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He has been affliatied with a woman named Kristy
You don't know either. Why y'all so damn extra?
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Another day for numbnuts talks about being with a 10 for 12 hrs (either he wad drunk or he paid) and going after fans again
Yea I agree we don't know what happened. Seems like people are trying to make Ella r worse than she is. She did comment to TMZ so yes she did talk to the press. But Jules was a big item back then because of adriana and they have people whose main job is to look for the paternity papers or any public document and run with it. Also we just found out about Adriana with the pics in July really so the same for Ella r. Paternity suits with a lawyer and filing take at least a couple of weeks to a month depending on circumstances so her doing it out of "spite" seems a little off because of any girl is pregnant, most of them go to the father first, which we know Jules first denied paternity and Ella r did the right thing by filing a paternity suit. Jules could of said that but I don't think Ella did it because of that because she was just doing the proper steps for her child. Any lawyer would have advised her to do that no matter if the daddy is famous or a hot dog vendor. Fathers are just as responsible for their child as the mothers. Thank god Jules stepped up and is being a good dad to Lily.
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