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Yes I’m the one that said something was scratching me lol that’s why I can’t sleep now weirded out
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Same as ko
Bet y’all hoes ain’t gettin no dick tonite
Gns is a coward just like the rest of the apes
Ummm, yeah, I don't know his GF either. But if I had to make my own, independent, personal, opinionated assessment, I would say that she looks errr...lonely. I guess being the GF of a Football player is not all that it's cracked up to be. While he's out doing God knows what, you get to be at home...ALONE, taking selfies...with HIS BM chain on. I hope she has her own separate identity from Ol Boy. She wears the chain like an OX branded by it's owner. She doesn't look happy to me. And if I were a betting woman, I would bet that she visits this page to feel something... Anything. After all, negative attention is better than no attention...which, I also feel like he doesn't give her a lot of. But I could be wrong. I always imagined his GF would be someone exciting, but alas, I don't see anything interesting over that way. We finally get to see who the lady in his life is, and I must say, that I am terribly dissapointed...and bored *Yawn* 😴. No shade to her tho. I mean, she looks like she could give good makeup tips. The kind of girl who's closet smells like CoCo Chanel perfume and has a YouTube Channel full of "What I eat in a Day as a Vegan" videos. Damn, why'd she have to open up her page and ruin the fun and fantasy of having a "Beastmode" as a boyfriend. She can keep him. As a Black girl, "Beastmode" just isn't exciting enough for my tastes. Moving 4ward....
Sandra with him now
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I hope the Hawks bring him back
More deleting...
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a very sick Houston girl is in new York hospital  who wants to see jj. I read this somewhere a couple of weeks ago.
The Saints waived Brandon Marshall already!
Nah, I have seen all those pics before, most are from his a Israel trip and they are all public, he has posted them before...
He usually eats with DUDE
Once he got paid he was never the same.He coasted for years.Cut him and be done with it.
Blue robe pancake nipples with tats above her tits is his married sidechick that harasses all his girls
Why than answer tis why show lyin it at funeral ur mom Schmidt to Elvis dad as aces his that lyin sayn he but no Elvis nothing truth mean not it him other guy as Fred to an in law or something like that father her by law dad here u all go
Elvis to aces Thur funeral showing at mom Schmidt kids his Elvis boys sons bullshit never saying that what film sayn seen them day morning her woman go hurd like just one thing same to truth her had kids may n out Thur like her kids one gone here no lies go how let go
He gave me an std idk about the other girls commenting but i’m Staying TF away from him and he still with his girl all her stuff at his house still. So don’t be fooled he may be mad at her or whatever but they got a baby on the way and it ain’t over.
who thought it was a good idea to pay this guy 85 million dollars? I mean seriously the vikings had Teddy and Case so why just why.
I want to know which politicians have had their sexual harassment settlements paid by taxpayers. It's my money!
That is Mrs. Cobb. CN has a different coat on too. The rest the same. Bruce's family you can find on my Inst. post away. The Normal Christian Family. Also Marilyn has her wedding pictures up for a year on FB. Only CM charges for Pictures. Even his kids pictures. But no one would pay cash when you can get them free. Even at Marilyn's wedding CM would not let his kids picture be taken. He's not private he just likes money. Even his own family. Loopy's in therapy. It's called Cathy is a perverted old hag who lives off of her families own drama. Your brother must be so proud. More concerned about CM and family then your own brother's death. Soph./Vet./Rookie lol. So who's the pathetic loser CRH. Jenn. won't even message you back. Loser!!!!
Terry talk right .. nothi n marry u lady young in twenty age .. right agree use her at us Tyson Center too nope he nothin marry me he pickup Terry owner got front seat .. nothin marry him go..I'm niece him.. ur who mam please say itWhy he do been threating us Terry yellnAt us bout what sayn he to her name we know tis driving wrong all that here goPushing cart to store truth here not park lot here goes truth here him doin Terry aha .. what ur name mam Johnson The Rock Dwayne Johnson daughter right she is go by knock foam curb right agree ur his Johanna Armstrong where ur mom to his Joann truth no lie now right mam go God ur big to his child The Rock Dwayne Johnson Thur no joke mam head hot here bc got weed eyes huh Plastics gear day his mouth teeth braces huh right mam where mom blow way Faber fight what like em familiy right yell at me cart store put by racks right agree with yah mam driving right mhm got it again read it drove fine wait for yah nothin seen him pull out in front u KFC right mam u go never him Terry nothin seen yah out back store ATT store singing hills right same Terry not need no more him Thur go lol coming pull three vehicles maybe red pickup need where Johnson gal at Akron where at went truth believe she his look head Kane to ur buddy man ask Indian yah
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