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This nigga loves them dirty lookin hoes his ex tho was least a good look
He gonna marry this one. Barbie is a good match for him.
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This is the girl everyone wants to be friends with and look up to when she’s struggling like the rest of them. She’s no different from anybody . A girl who has her own car, job and apartment is way more valuable than her. I’m not putting her down or anything but she have to find her a real career maybe go back to school or take up a trade. Chasing ball players is old and she’s damn near burnt out doing that. She’s too pretty and have way more potential than that. Stop needing a man let a man need you....
I don't think it was DA carrying the flowers. Don't see the face but arm looks too small. Might be her brother. Someone posted a picture with him in TX last night. Also I get that JE legal team probably told him to lay low. But to not post a fathers day post to his dad is weird. Especially since their so close and he always does.
Tom's ego, insecurity, and PTSD from getting his ass beat by the NFC Least in Super Bowls screwed over the Patriots.Brady all but said that he'll retire after this season, and his talk of playing until 45 caused the Pats to trade Jimmy Garoppolo, who they were grooming to be Brady's heir apparent. Now, Jimmy G. is gone and the Pats will suck balls for years to come, all thanks to Brady's selfishness and ego. Way to go Tommy!
Cali partition going on since the 1850s. To be passed or not by the Republican- controlled House and Senate. Earlier partitions passed by Repubs but let's just forget about that one shall we? Struggle on control of this has been going on by both sides, so each party wants what they want. That's politics for you.
Trump take peoples Back today to slavery
Did anyone else see the jokes being made about Chief's suspension? One with a squirrel stealing candy - actually cute.
No tea I see 🤣
on repeat 😂😂
30.39 She looked perfectly fine, both in her IG story and in the photo with her dad. Would you prefer she wore a ball gown?
Set up for what?
Sienna is not cute anymore. She has Russell's face. Very unfortunate. ..
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She’s not ghetto, she’s just ratchet. 😂everything about her is either fake or F’d up looking. 😂 and I doubt her white ass would survive in the ghetto.
man, this page is drier than dessert mud
He needs to save that payout and quit spending like the money is going to keep coming because he won’t play football again. He’s too fragile now. No team will take on that liability.
Why don't you faggots go somewhere?
OMG jaculating? I hope that was just a typo. 😂😂😂 Otherwise, what a total moron. 😂😂😂😂😂
whats jojos ig?
Reply-to:By deleting the video & unfavorting the tweet they made it obvious that theyre not allowed to post anything involving CK. Its super clear that Rob doesnt want her to be linked to her! Her favoriting the tweet among other thirsty tweets shes been posting define her as obsessive. Do we all agree that she posted the video with Goon intentionally? JLWithout a doubt she did.  It might backfire if hasn't already.
Dude sb isn't dating tim. If she was she would respect his wishes to keep it private instead of dropping "hints" like this on social media. Ugh, doesn't she have grand children she can spend the day with
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