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It’s anazing how things change. I wish them the best.
Leave him alone Debra!EG
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sofia and her twin are hideous. they need 3 more nose jobs
Damn yea he's a real ass. Everything will come out. Heard the witness to the crime is setting him up to .. because he reached out trying to pay her off not to tell that he raped her friend while she was in the room with them. Let him have his fun while it last.
21:06:49, why do you feel it's important for adam to have that info? and obtw, is there a source for it? like, where did O say it?
20:35 faggot liberal buckwheat troll
NEXT Reply-to:I think Ciara is just a boring gal. For such a beautiful girl she cant keep a mans interest and either cheat or just leave. I see the same thing happening with Russ, he seems bored of her. What gives? Or maybe it was moving in too soon. Thatll kill the romance in a relationship quick. Marriage jokes exist for a reason, but youre already married so youre stuck hehe, but Ciara hasnt gotten that commitment from Russell, hasnt seal the deal so shes out here vulnerable as a mutha
20:01 same goes to you black ebonics keyboard warrior bitch
The same female who’s at his house giving him victory sex because they won today, that’s who’s at the game! duhhh
Yall really dont have a clue!!! Chloes mother spent alot of time with him she ended it when she found out about hannah & that he proposed to bug mac! He tried to pay her off but now that chloe is here he sneaks behind mckennas back to see her & the baby! Bought her a new car they're on great terms
I wonder how emotionally wise how he’s feeling about his thumb.
No thank you ..How all get rid cars low.s ground not coming big show WWE Network I'm doin the cars 2020 in like in 2010 how that go now truth wherever got it bone hit at attached resume for documents decertified definitely new decorations for the sky is blue and gold banquet is that nothin but truth nothin hot but got it shit more then yahs got Thur how go truth twice in to show movie cars nothin her kids now adult not her dad raise kid to non her that truth not Dwayne Johnson neighborhood neither how truth not it but is truth told yah all how got it lol but Johnson do same they're daddy it go same to truth her Sasha truth her kids her name of so-so repeat it like sushi all ne er had indian blood that Joann cuz Calvie took Mason City or Siouxland her mom see eat that food and she does did that her daughter fat thing how lol that truth rice not nope again go what dog meat made from dog from real one go realistically factuality secrets it foog
Before the game Andy and his lover Vontaze Burfict engaged in some hot scat play that involved Burfict taking a dump in Dalton’s mouth. Then they made out and Dalton gave back some of Burfict’s turd. This caused both to have tummy ache’s for the game. Don’t worry, they may have lost the game but Burfict was spotted eating out Dalton’s ass in the shower after the game!
I don't even like that luvlady chick and damn sure not that jwja chick, but you're fake af to be talking about them when your ass lurks the thread 😂
Whoever made the lakers comment needs to learn their history before running mouth
U mam. By as baby life begin ears specialist Mason City Garcia .. as Luis Garcia.. awareness need as got older need teeth braces too look like gaps twisted teeth missen patient report notice years tubes age four yr is 1985
I liked her heels hair and legs. Ciara is gorgeous
here go legend ruining the fun...
00:02:23 Starting Tomorrow it's "TebowTime" , late in the fourth quarter Tebow for the win. Did you expect anything less?
00.37.52, JJ and Kareem Jackson sacked Alex Smith, and Alex broke his leg in a couple of places on that play. pe
Thumbs up to for the help he rendered to me, Thank you.
Thumbs up to for the help he rendered to me, Thank you.
Kicks it out of bounds on the kickoff. Minnesota gets the ball at the 40-yard line. Cody Parkey please do us all a favor and kill yourself right after you kill your entire family.
The resort resembles Amanyara. Can't tell for sure, but Amanyara is a 5 star, she definitely can't afford on her earnings and doubt an agency would spring for that.
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