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Hahaha..he’s everyone’s man right now, clearly! Y’all all look dumb
Her face barely moves with all the filler and Botox. It's so weird looking. She looks like a muppet
Well heres some tea froma verified source,about julio, he attended ASU with him. He knows guys thta julio messed around with his ig name is ferrariscottt
Some jerk last night went crazy deleting just about any post whether it disagreed with her. Mostly it was post being positive about the Tim and Demi so any posts that got deleted that were negative was most likely a mistake because she was on such a tear to just delete any posts. So don’t take it too personally as it was just ridiculousness all around.
Reply-to:Shut down with a quickness - (translate) Leave Me The F*ck AloneAre you Serious?  This CHICK!  Really!  Just admit that you work for her or working for her on behalf of Russell and I will stop visiting your site. 
Megan is a hoe.... Von is a hoe... I’m sure he is only with her for the tricks she can do that she learned from stripping... this won’t last long his relationship is based on sex and money...
Hello, I am Mr. Rick from the PCH. I have been trying to get ahold of a Chesilhurst resident. I lost her address when I was robbed and raped up my man butthole in Jersey. If any of you know a Chesilhurst black, please email
I’ve heard Travis mated with black girls in High School as well, and he probably wasn’t clouded with CTE back then. So this looks to be his dirty little fetish.
It looks like she met with her agency while in London. Maybe she has been going on some go-sees and trying to land new clients. Stuff she wouldn’t be filming for Instagram stories. I agree that her career is not on track for huge success at this age.
Damn. Kanye needs to date Rihanna. She would always put him in his place and I think it’s so cute that her and Kanye both got chunky these past years. 😊
Someone is mad, mad 😩. When you’re not getting attention. Starve clown, starve lol
Brees - me me me me, look at me.
He has a girlfriend in Seattle
14:47:11, hard to believe that such lunatics exist, eh?
Trump did it he had sex outside of his marriage she was thaeten not to tale no one when she was putting her baby in the car set trump he lied 🤥 said he didn’t have No sex with that women but a wife don’t care 🤷🏽‍♂️ then hush money him and this judge going to have a good time in the judge 👨‍⚖️ office talking about how you all Americans are a fool did she call the police on you no but u did do yes u did lock trump up and the judge too
I just read an interesting article that Tom Ford just   gave.
what got deleted here now
What video?
So I'm guessing CM is God to you?? Where do we have anything about God?? I'm not loosing it. Rookie what are you talking about? Is CN his only friend? You have all the answer. Yes or No??
Wow! Live and let live! Life is too short!Atlanta-based actress, 36, and her three children are killed in eight vehicle crash involving 18-wheeler truck in TexasChelsea Standberry, 36, and her three children, ages six, eight and 10, were killed in the eight-vehicle pileup on I-10 in Southeast Texas Thursday Standberry's husband, stepdaughter and mother-in-law were injuredBoth Chelsea and her husband of 11 years, Anthony Standberry, were actors living and working in Atlanta 
Him and han wasnt no little couple time of fckng lmfao that shit go back years, he tell her he love her all the time yall got it backwards he been obsessed with her
Your getting an award from Harvard, this is the problem with this country fuc*king pussy left politics. You don’t deserve anything other than being sh*it on you co*ck sucker. I hope you get prostate cancer cause that is all you really are a disgraced former cancer.
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