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Did anyone notice that K sometimes wears victors K Chain that he had made for him after his daughters name? That's a lil suspect imo.
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JE's comment on Gisele's post this morning was sweet
He don’t want to get married and she’s ok with that. Why ya so pressed on the marriage anyway. It ain’t nothing but a piece of paper and a potential headache later down the road
Big mac monitors all his spending now so jes even cheaper than he used to be lmao got caught up buying his girls the same bag, sending nikes now the only ones getting cash from him are the side baby moms, big mac really going to lose her mind when she sees his ponte vedra side really was pregnant, brought her to texas new york his house in mandarin hung out with her and her friends gave her his jersey and jags stuff for her family she even supplied him with weed & met his kids!!! Dod he do all that with yall? Or you just being used and lied to? Hes a millionaire & doesnt spoil u at all then you a joke
This thread went downhill. Logging off
What happened to darnell dockett?
Anytime they will talk to him.
who's starino?
He’s messy with some girl name Sandra
NEXT????????????????????????????????????????????????Reply-to:Russell Wilson to Ever Consider  m a r r y i  n g  Ciara - BIG MISTAKE!  BIG MISTAKE!
When’s training camp start? I can’t wait to see his first press conference since this all went down
01:03:47. Not unlike some of us. 😂
21:55 your a nigger
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Horrible, just horrible. Just watched. Reply-to:Geez, I am MT? What is the problem? I posted a suggestion to go to a website to view a video showing what can happen with winter driving. It is one of the incredible videos I have ever seen and everyone involved came so close to dying. For anyone else who lives in a winter state like me, I feel it is a must see. If you dont want yo watch it, dont.
colin kaepernick need to play more
This is his last season in GB! If the prick is so childish he has to lie to leave the crypt keeper at home... he is nothing more than an over grown child in an adult's body. Well, not every woman on earth is desperate like his golddigging tramp at home. CN should be happy she has a butch boy, but needs a shorter leash for her dog of a lying ass husband!!! #Out
Landon collins
Santana & other LAX members names Hispanicized:Carlos Santiago Espada MoisésMarco SánchezMiguel MolinaPriscila ZunigaOGz members names Hispanicized:Eduardo Páramo(Edward Moore)Nelson Rodríguez ErazoShawn Hernández
She is doing great. Buy stream.
One of his thots is Whitney Trust i believe. Shes been around the league lol
Lmaooo I’m cracking up at these comments y’all are hilarious 😂
He took Crystal Westbrook’s to the espys too.. we see that ended fast 😂 can’t wait till he dumps this trash and gets someone better.
Where is WBR why aren't they helping move units, I thought it was a distribution deal?
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