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I don't get this whole thing with OC & DB. Is this truly just a hang out girl's weekend or is this a modeling thing and they are there for business. I had no idea the two of them even knew each other? They don't follow one another. I'll bet DB is all over OC probably trying to get in good, especially if she has eyes on Julian or another player as some have speculated.
I already said the same thing lol😂😂😂
Uses his money & fame to manipulate onve he has you where he wants you you learn sex only in hotels or at your place
His son and sons mother were at the game this week
Riley Cooper: it's the weeks end and I'm not at that program place today. You got free time to leave a comment here including your calling me date. You can get here to go, if you leave some of the female baggage behind. When you make up your mind, this evil abuse of mew will stop. I didn't get my cats stolen kittens back and those that steal them are my enemies. .and all about . I am waiting for you to help me and my cats out like you said with these diseased bit+ches keeping thier hands off of us. By the way, the reason I'm not in the location of Unity Place today is because those bit+hes still can't sit in a room with anybody threatening my life, Thier set~ups., these perv types time with you, didn't mean I thing to them. You gotta avoid the crapheads from now on, 10/20/2017, Debra Sharon Anderson
You only see what’s on SM.
This person has no business on social media! Damn...blame it on auto correct my ass! "Camp beside the skip it because her" lol .Well guess what ignorant one, he is going to be fined by the NFL..Panthers let him get away with a lot of things but the NFL will not. I think poor little Cammy has forgotten speaking to the media IS a part of his contract and he has skipped out on three. More money wasted. He will be broke before he retires.
He's missing his chunky cheeks that gave him a baby face that he had in college. Lol I always thought when he was in high school and his early 20s he looked so cute and baby face. He's aged rather well.
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16:51:50 lmfao I have said the same thing with his kids pics.He always post the same pics of his kids.He more than likely has more of his kids and himself but I think he is lazy or don't know how to upload to his phone or PC so he just uses the same ones.I remember one of his Snap chats,he had his sis come over to help him update his Facebook lol.
Watch out jas jens loves playing the victim. Cut the narcisstic supply and complete ignore or deal with her forever
What? Who said he gives me money?
Mrs. Johnson, Washington, DC
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Catherine Benish, Spearville, Kansas
They just have to stay free from injury.
Awwww. So darling. Thank you so much for posting.
8:26 that's exactly what they did to me I put in donation amount and they added their fee to it
No, I'm just stating facts. She looks like the typical Arab.
It’s very hard to slow momentum. There’s no denying that. Anyone who’s played sports knows that. That being said, I think pushing Aaron would’ve sufficed. Wrapping him up seems like more effort honestly.
Aaron Rodgers is one of the best QB's playing. I always liked Alex and thought he got a bum deal when Kap took over his job at San Fran. Happy for Alex that he is with a good team now and a great coach. I hope KC makes the Superbowl
Love trump
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Marshall lynch in bigger trouble....smh..
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