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This is one awesome blog.Much thanks again. Fantastic.
15:21 that was previously said and posters jumped all over that comment. I'm thinking she either borrowed it from Brian or JJ
Im grateful for the post.Much thanks again. Great.
Yes, he has a girl friend with a son on the way
Mitchell Trubisky is already an upgrade and he hasn't thrown a pass yet.
But it's better than being an outright least you're in a place where you can gradually grow and change. What can you learn from a club except the latest dance or STD?
Thanks a lot for the article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.
Whoever made the comment about Momma Lynch running to the limelight is correct!! lol...she definitely has been waaaay more active on Twitter. She also spoke at the Raiders draft day too.
so he really is a dog? so is that why there's no pictures of him with his girlfriend(s) online? I'm shocked that these women haven't posted any pictures of themselves with him. Women are territorial
I think it will be a least a week until we get a full on pic of baby sienna
Reply-to:And the gay stories have begun!The gay stories are not anything new. Aaron has been rumored to be gay for many yrs.
Really enjoyed this blog article.Really thank you! Keep writing.
Im grateful for the post.Much thanks again. Great.
Great, thanks for sharing this article.Much thanks again.
On his IG he has been called a douche bag. Lol
Good PR.
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Great, thanks for sharing this article post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.
Why would he bring Julia around his family that would be stupid he ain't tryna wife the young hoe he just tryna get a nut and make her feel like he care about her ...
Only chick this man eva stamped was aleali may she was at super bowl his suite he traveled wit her his fam knew her she met the kids went to burgh & quipp introduced him to peep in fashion his xfriend geiger luv her he made it known tha she was HIS girl he NEVA claimed any1 else neva post a picture nothin of any1 else neva take any1 else in public. He smashed flores he wasnt datin her she keep comin back like a lost pup since 13' cuz he an athlete she want that but geiger said she was a smash buddy to him nothin special dudes and chicks out in this ny streets kno what a hoe flores is her own friend Ros exposed her ass yrs ago she been on the dirty & other athlete pages
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