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I travel with him everyday is my birthday
Did yall see the new details on Jimmy's deal? Its essentially a 1 year, $13 million deal. ."Details on Jimmy Graham's 3-year, $30 million deal with #Packers: He got an $11M signing bonus, due $13M total in 2018. Trigger: a $5 million roster bonus due next March. $300K each year is tied to per-game roster bonuses. An extra $250K incentive each year he makes Pro Bowl."
Did you all see Chris Gronkowskis tweet/reply to Rob? That bands make her dance tweet is definitely NOT about CK
He lost his virginity in a yurt to the guy named Bart.
She aborted a half dozen or so.
His mom builds yurts.
Lmao damn I missed the yacht party
....seriously you're going to get upset and judge his persona over a game...? It's similar to the board game Clue. It's a fun game and doesn't make him "not a very nice guy"
Hi Riley baby. Hope you come down to Virginia soon to visit me. I'll let you lick my butt hole for as long as you want. I know you LOVE to do that.Miss you, love you.-Monica
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I feel like Eric has hooked up with a woman of color already. Although she might have been a dark Hispanic.
Big Ass wants him to let everyone know about her (on her page), yep, she will be pregnant by August. Lmfao!
Niggers, blacks— tomato, potato
Auntie,cousin,sister,friend whatever/whoever she ugly as hell. His family fake look how they did Milly the mother of his kids
He took the pic of her, where she says she is thankful for him
Rook 17:26 wrong. Loopy insisted it was Manhattan Beach and then is talking about her parents in PA. Also I am not always reading here and the comments only go back so for. Now what?
I still think somehow someway TG is still in the rotation. She is liking Shannen’s Stuff and the Zudy lady who shouldn’t mean a hill of beans to her if she wasn’t trying to stay close to the fold.
Jen don't bow to the lethal pressure, you are fukking up jasmine evil plans, she is the same slut who tried to eliminate ur kids before birth. I ask the universe to protect u. See how jas turned shard against u and the kid? That's a warning! She is pure evil.
Not Natalie. I'm talking about Laura.
No sight of him with her anymore
20:48. Cjf didn't leave to go elsewhere, he retired due to the AMT of concussions he's had..I hated to see him retire so young but concussions cause problems down the road. He made a smart choice.
AK is going to the west coast
jimmy hi angelika girls love you too
Come on legend post your racist memes on here you scared bitch
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