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those family pics with KO are coming soon. JJ releases pics when they suit him and PR purposes.
Sounds like that family should be more forgiving, or consider that they may be making assumptions when they should be open to talking things out. Ya know, like adults would do?That family may be pleasantly surprised That they find out how wrong they've been.
Couldn't even stay off sm for even a day
I know his girlfriend, I haven't spoken to her in a while but from the looks of her social media they are still very much together.
Gaynigger sambo is a persistant little monkey. If he had the same attitude towards work, maybe he wouldn't be a welfare kang.
The pictures he sends from Africa are so heart warming. My God!!! Despite his share the Love ways the man does do good for the world. Got to give him that.
Yeah Rachel pack on some pounds. Looks like she had her ass stuffed some more or redone
Amen amen 🙏🏽
Even if he does I don't care. Most people do whether they admit it or not
Yeah she doesn't seem to have any makeup in that picture, looks really good
Is Travis not participating in KC Madden contest? NFL showing other KC athletes doing it. Seems like fun and something he would enjoy.
Okay so? Lol and 5 other girls for sure so relax Angie ur just the new toy
Well basically Tim looks like a homosexual in his Fireflies jersey. Not being mean just honest. It's laughable
Ben will rape again if given the chance, should be out of the NFL!
Shakita is really sweet and prettier than the others
nobjectd order generic levitra online
No what you can't erase is Nina's horrid self image. She's known since college Earl sleeps around. She was willing to lock him down with a child (funny how there haven't been any "accidents" since they got married) and marry a KNOWN cheater. A man who brought women into their marriage bed and went RAW in them on Nina's pillow. But yeah Nina's friends and family who love his money get on here and defend her so they can still benefit from HIS money. She and her family are bottom feeders who latched on to him for one reason $$$$. Earl has women all over who he sleeps with who won't accept a dime from him. So who is bad?
Tate put on his ig that his wedding picswill be on theknot
The clothes look like they'll fall apart if the wind blows wrong. Those clothes are not cute. Maybe if you're a thot looking to club or a ho on the stroll.
Reply-to:Linds bae: You forgot to say B-Y-E Felicia lol MAS: That is why she was so funny. Enjoyed her quirks on here. Its a time like this when I wish SOME of us were all together. We could all share a bottle together for Drew XOWish we could all share a bottle together too.  Though is raining like hell in NJ I have many bottles of wine I had shipped home from Napa.  MAS
hate to be a doubter, also the pixs of the twins, usually their is a name on the pixs of the mother and the top or upper right or left corner.. don't see it..anyway hope that rumor is true though
I was introduced to because i really wanted to know what my husband has been up to lately as I seem not to be getting his attention.Joe was able to hack into my husband’s Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and above all gave me full access to his mobile phone and emails wihtout touching the phone. I couldn't help but to introduce him to those who have their spouse cheating on them and want to spy on them. contact or wechat at joehothelp he will help you out with any hack related issues, tell him Cassie refered you..thank me later m
He can merry her who cares he still got dick for us kc ijs he not faithful so she deals with late nite concerns he hav another hoe knocked up
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