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She wasn't even a Giants fan until she discovered Odell...she was doing too much like y'all do too much on here...a lot of y'all should give up on Odell
What a bunch of hogwash.
I second that notion about being paid $$, just by working online and having a phone. I mean how else do you think I get paid. I own one of the largest internet porn sites in the world. Reply-to:@ Beach Girl- That works too, unless the troll reaaaallly has no life and decides to post enough to bump their status up to Legend. It fooled me for a while back when it was really going on with the trolls on here. Some people just have no life.
Diddy needs to sit down and shut up cause Cam ain’t going no where. I’m all for him wanting to buy another team and re-sign Kaep but he better look at buying another team and keep his eyes of my QB 🤬
So what. She's not dirty. You are.
How the hell does Ben WorthlessBurger throw the goddamn ball in TRIPLE COVERAGE? DUMB ASS. Lost the game.
Yo Im weakkkkkkkkkk
There are screenshots on lipstick alley of Kay hitting around to dating Julio ..
Apparently back with his baby mama from the Louisville days, Ashley.
Off topic but the Panthers owner put the team up for Sale. The NFL is falling a part.
I don’t blame them. She is such a thirsty gronk girl. Thirsty just in general that CK.
Andy’ Kramer , Hudson
13:44 I think he'll marry her. They are almost too perfect together.
F uck u and the raiders
Too bad Emily and the side chicks can't see what mckenna posted today
Russell says he's bever experienced such a beatdown: “It’s the first time we’ve ever been -- they beat us pretty good today. They scored in every fashion you can imagine." He dismisses the lopsided score as an issue: "I don’t think the score really affects the emotion of losing.”
F uck u and the raiders....break ur leg and die u d ucken bitch
No because Carolina is meant to make it in too so you're incorrect. 20:45. Views will remain up to see whether New Orleans or Carolina clinches since neither has clinched due to their 10-4 records. Greenbay lost Aaron so they will make it into playoffs at last second against Detroit to keep viewing high there. Dallas is in the running as's a multi billion dollar Company they know how to make money
More like nigwater
Vernon Davis
I guess Brian and wife and twins were at the Browns game with mom and dad M. and Jenn. CM was posting with afterwards. Why is CN's posting pics of her now out about with her old friends. Like is she done having kids and she's free.It'd always the one friend who post pictures.Tina is the only one not married. They all party like teenagers. CM is doing more commercials involving family but nothing on his own family. I wonder if they are still together. No ring on the recent picture on CM3 Facebook were the other recent pictures are. His mom is always so cheerful in her pictures but since she dyed her hair blond she looks tired. But each one of them lost a parent this yr. But CM's parents are a very nice looking couple. I see no comments on these from Leslie.She still has a few. Now Jenn and Leslie comment on a lot of CN posts from 2013. So mom was liking her future daughter in law. But she's a mom. One time CN told her she should slow down on her Following. Still working on Hotel show that didn't last long. She was let go and the show because of her. She was also hard to work with. Well I'm glad the rest of the Matthews love showing off family. Why would a man like CM not want to show off family?? The rest of the Players do. He was not ready giving up all the attention he got before CN showed up.I saw a ad were Jenn. is working at. Prayer warriors. Church ORG. and founders. Good pay.
This is funny:
I also like them together! I can see him marrying her and having a family
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