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loopy, no one knows (or cares) who you are. no one is jealous of your imaginary family. no one is calling your house. get a grip, you illiterate liar.
She is on the D list Vet. Tim is on shit list in LA. He is losing doners. Tim Little Lamb is so much better than Demi. She had the information about Geo paying off pageant official s & she could have hung Demi but the Little Lamb didn't cut Demi head off
Hoeyetta is desperate! She thinks she’s a celebrity. Her ex is already married to a true thot and has new kids. Hoeyetta wanna be a star so bad. She’s so fake and phony and caught up. No sex appeal. No sense of style. Just goofy af. And she can’t clain Gee. He won’t allow it.
01:45 shut up you fukking nasty liberal grammar Nazi
NFL is for liberal gay cowards who love to suck cock
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Still waiting on the never quit ladies of Houston pics. Please post asap.
We all bitched about Tebow and his passing incompetence - BUT HE WON GAMES!
LAC.... you'll learn to hate this kid. Has no business in the show.
Noodle head forgot about the live? Is he in NJ?
Sam old shit....motherf ucker still and always be sucked
I think Julio is still with Jas ... I saw a recent pic on ig .Looks like she was with his family after the game .
Molly walsh comment hes alright on a barstool workers photo with him but I think he no longer follows her on anything that I can see
Have you been messing with him or is that how he introduced himself? 😂😂😂😂
O Kendall is broke boo. Between paying child support for all those kids and getting sued for 400,000 plus any other expenses he’s definitely well off with money. Believe me I know first hand this man almost broke
Awesome. Wish I could see her. Opening for Bruno is wonderful. I was not aware of how many people love him.
He should be beat to death
I am furious that her motter can sit there and laugh - say hahahaha after someone gets hurt like JG did, not matter what happened with her Dotter. Don't play with her daughter - he was dating other women and she knew tht. You have to be a total idiot hoe t think he was your boyfriend. Get over it AK. Everyone but you knows he was never your boyfriend. And you deserved to be dumped after you posted pictures on the internet when you were with him. Who would want you? You and your mom are TRASH!
Wow! Did y'all see this! 👏👏👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 Level Up is a hit 👏👏👏👏👏---
Agree. He’s very much a loner. Several weeks ago he liked a post about just wanting time alone and that people don’t understand that or something like that.
smdh he looks miserable... Regrets??
Yah..Knock outside flag on play .. offside flag football foul out line guide side lines push out on hold Jersey go brother go Gross point this weekend in end in to u to me knows best food on white shit to play game mouth white of that gross mouth Thur aha whoaw gross deion back em point that Ames Olympic ESPN guy report. Go if know mean check myself to my self very some point that question that something like time other side off nothing flag go player I do I do eat oatmeal to rice 🍚 check me one to up five blash Thur mean Thur what act that ass in me lol alala go name her Latiashla Hall myself Olympic go Joann Armstrong sorry mam sure that name championship game Olympic bowling lanes to land to all that to one shot glass how that wine 🍷campaign 🍾🍵☕🍹🍸🏺 Thur 🍺🍻 all that all sounds good to me to all yah dance all night long kids did Thur go broke nothing g to d remix of support from Iowa in to me to need thunder that mean yah black in me dah go green eye cat eyes dah Thur Ami that how got by mom Tupac that go more Hurd lol go
I hope he find someone. Who like him for him
Diiick don’t gotta be big for it to be good.. all I’m saying is I’ve had bigger and better but his sex ain’t worth the kids! Glad I got rid of mine because I knew he was dead beat of jump
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