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I know! I winder where he's going to work out during his suspension. I think he will go to CA then
9 out 10 of the chicks on here want the same thing he want the pussy they want the dick fair exchange is no robbery if you know what type of player he is why look for something you can't get so play the role of a epp as some of you may have been because not all if any of you chick on here have encountered him at all on a blog anybody can say anything tell me how many strands of hair he got on his butt tell me something like when he sh#t what he do to cover the smell so for the DL fake nobody a$$ wanna bee low lifer need a hobby a$$ bit@h on here talking about somebody mad when they right paragraphs eat a di@k and hiccup bum better yet lear how to articulate a conversation instead of a sentence you non educated groupie and stop looking to ride my cousin pee pee homo now read this paragraph SIS👀👀
What white girl and what asian did he date? and where are the pictures
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Typical monkey
If baseball doesn't work out Tim he can try male pageantry, he could try for Mister International...
According to @purplemiami story the World Cup Champions are at club Story. T.I. is performing.
22:53 you are a cancer to the world
Marcus is a great player and great to his fans!!!
Jessica woodyard, Iowa
33:49 AK is not as good as you think tf. shed tasted alot of nfl men. no she doesnt deserve better because she knows whats shes doing. giving men what they want for money. shes no better than km at least shes keeping it real.
HC was just to get his freak on. From his perverse comments he’s prolly a freak himself.
22:52 truth hurts don't it you worthless pos
59:42 they must be viewing the commercial only in Houston area cuz I haven't seen it on TV in North Texas. And I agree she does look funny when she talks as it us then she gets the hand action going so it's pretty funny looking. She's also pretty funny trying to walk and not clomp since she usually stride like a man. Definitely not a feminine or attractive spokesperson for Toyota. Wonder how much it cost to get Toyota advertisers to accept her aydition. She has yet to do anything on her own without someone lobbying for her it paying her way. Don't think this was any different
Well he cheats so apparently looks don’t matter
I just saw Neecy at Lenox Mall, there’s definitely a baby in that belly!!!!!!
Riley Cooper: when you don"t say a thing here, I have no idea if there is reason to wait here from you. The anal perversions stole the right direction you were in while your lack of love for the natural left me and my kitty cats in the horrible set~up you wouldn't allow to happen to you. If some of your evil is through: you can speak up again 7/21/2018, Debra Sharon Anderson
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I love that Ciara launched this song from her new entertainment company. She is not on the clock from some record label. She is her own boss. Ciara is going to take this digital marketing to another level. Go head Mrs. Wilson
Don't blame DA for going to another team that will pay him more. He knew that the Dolphins would not be a winning team but he probably can only play a couple of years more if he's lucky and Belichick wasn't going to pay him. He already has 2 rings and now it's time to make some $$$ before his football career is done.
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Only a matter of time before Larry makes Em delete that photo 🕰👀
There are mostly positive comments on the YouTube video post! People like the fact that she sticks to dancing and not all the outlandish supernatural visual that a lot of artists go with these days! Good for her!💃🏾💃🏾👏👏👏👏
Aaron is a c0ck sucking faggot!
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