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loopy, why are you discussing random internet women with your 'friends'? if you actually have a family and a life (you don't) ~ you should have things to talk about other than women from a packers' board.your 'friends' must love when you start talking. /sarc (have to point out the sarc since you're too stupid to recognize it, dumb*ss)
We are friends on ig duh
Not facts. Ever hear of resting bitch face? People’s faces, when at rest, don’t look happy.
Trump got so many changes his going strate to scratch passing money call adding and beading that’s a crime rich or poor he loves hoes his wife one how much she getting to play along cheating on votes 🗳 people s lost trust in congress and his wife and his family’s son and law and remember lock her up now lock him up the wall shutting the White House down for want your lien ase
Yes Gisele definitely looks more German than anything else. She is a blonde hair blue eyes white lady. Def doesn't look that Brazilian. Even AL doesn't really, to me. AL's skin is naturally very fair and she has blue eyes and her natural hair color is brown, not black. She makes herself look more Brazilian on purpose.
Does Ciara have to submit level up to be certified platinum? Or does WB do that?
His a** look dirty af in his insta story! Those infections must be catching up!!!🤢🤢🤢
mike@SeahawkScout·1hESPN playing Level Up by Ciara is a subtle but awesome flex for the Seahawks rn
Channing kinda cute but the lip ring bugs me and yeah KB reeks of insecurity. Who is Elodie though and what you mean by the hair? I always wondered why he grow that shit out I mean damn at least trim it lol just growing wild.
Both DA and BP were at the #ArtBasel/#Basel party last week (IG photos). Maybe the do run in the same circles...and it was more than just a day at the beach...
DaNang Dick likes it in his ass.
Bell is not a Pittsburgh steeler
The idea JJ is settling seems to be a reoccuring fantasy here.
Drake doing his European tour in feb. U know Odell already got his bags packed. Or he gone be down st the staple center every other night nutting on himself watching his Kang lol
I am a janitor. I dont see why my profession is always used as a negative example. I provide a service, have benefits, and a 401k. I bet I do better than half of the college educates. Working hard for a living is healthy. I think miners, oil field workers, janitors and other blue collar people are actually better people. Plus, I like to pay hookers for sex. No strings attached and no fatties.
01:53:24 Sorry , that you don't but I do, I was married within 4 months after our first date, and have stayed married probably longer than you have been alive. I can honestly say this it's the best that it's ever been, because of the one point that I continue to mention about Tim and Demi , Talking to each other. We started our conversation on our first date and we haven't stopped talking since.
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Bottom comment they don’t get it, they calling his penis small But he still beat thoooo
What is the update? Did they get a dog? Are they together?
This is why the Hawks can't compete with elite teams,they don't have enough weapons on offense. Everything is on Russell.
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