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Oh what a joy to see rishard and psycho jas sufferings from the tun bak blow from jas and Alice witchcraft. This is the kata the load no reach yet! Jen has nothing to lose u 2 destroyed her life and turn all of shards fam against her. Wish I could give jen a million dollars to continue resisting jas evil plans. More fya fi rishard and his 2 jackets(hope insects eat up the material)
Whew chilly,the bitter and broke troll is still at it.
Hey them kids can not be over 15 oldest is Zach then Zoey then 2nd group kids who Sinomin say 17 nope truth only 8 years Zoey 10 as ten ask Alona here it truth I'm her go what graduation kids born kossuth
I hate his guts. I’m done playing his games. No dick is good enough to keep getting hurt by a dog.
22:25:26 If you look at the xmas clothespin collage, all but maybe two of those pics we have seen already. What they put out on sm is a representation of themselves. Maybe not 100%, but definitely more than a ‘snipit’. What is not reality is to think they portray themselves as shallow, immature, and not very intelligent on sm but in reality are the opposite. What you see is what you get.
I did not type 000257. I have plenty to do. So which one of Cathy's cult members typed it. I can guess.Still here. lol Also only 3 here today and it looks like Cathy Huechan and her followers. So know your typing for me. Now who's phycho.? I have not said anything about the SExy Packers in month. But the only ones here are from there. WCM3 Facebook. etc Right? Yes. Cathy are done with your grieving already? How sad. I can see whats important to you. SM and your CM and CN. So don't worry about my family. At least I have one.
Jealous ass trolls
DC look 👀 at MSNBC 818
Lol so y'all mean to tell me this girl got acne on her chest?! 😩😩😩
John Coffe, USA
I'm truth Asian . Polish . Russian . and mix both Jewish to Two here Jaurince . and Native
He liked another picture of her in SD. He is really into IG now. I think he definitely kept OC and any link to her off his IG to keep his options open. He was playing the field behind her back. They were smart to walk away from each other.
Jay Ruby at in tis bout fat kid races daughter Vila nothin Violet retard ur mom same Joann say it her pork chop fuk her sorry hurt feeling I know lady knew manners why Noble called her names for no we did not Durant girl did start it but that lady was as boy nope try girl was always that sorry star movie why all care bout Armstrong gal black hairs for say Smith bros our age is truth girl all should have had ask Vila same time we did Smith bros lay leave Joann alone knew first yah so ..No where but joh wait fuk turn. And no where but Johnson nobody by that name payed out money all teams and to star movie .s truth why cuz lie
Lol. Yea, who knows if the rumors are true. But I know a couple of fans posted pics of EB and his assistant yelling at fans and flipping people off. I understand that fans might get annoying, but there are ways to handle it. Just saw TJ's new post. That pic is from her girls trip 2 years ago. Does she not have anything new to post? I also noticed that she's at 342K followers. I remember when her and JE first started following eachother, she had 85K. Lmao!
I don't believe in too much talks and bragging! I am a certified hacker who have helped so many STUDENT'S, COUPLES and BUSINESS MEN!!! CONTACT me if you want to change SCHOOL GRADES, CLEAR CRIMINAL RECORDS, RECOVER YOUR IMPORTANT EMAIL/SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT, SPY ON YOUR CHEATING SPOUSE, etc... My jobs are clean and confidential... message me at:
Quite pathetic to be this obsessed over people you don’t know. Seek help! You dumb ass!
Family is everything that makes a man happy but my wife broke that happiness and made it a sad one for me cause I just caught her cheating on me. I caught up with her with the help of JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM. who helped me in hacking her phone and also installed GPS on her phone that was how I was able to track my wife. For her phone I monitored all her conversations with this man she was sleeping with. So am here to appreciate the good work of This great hacker
LAX are the current Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions. They've beaten Lucha Bros a while ago and rumor has it that AEW has reached out to LAX.
Funny looking white to me ☃ snowman in kids 🐣 that in weird look in my 👀 eyes how is Bosch how u melody lyin it Armstrong tv star that no truth how is that Linda Sue how u today with Bosch ur daddy aint he ma'am works Esterville chicken welps why ma'am why nothing hate to yah why threaten by movie stars 🌟 em Armstrong and Johnson who Sinomin now as Karen why truth Bosch again or Cole had her as Allen Cole yah see agree with it im for Clay Evens. How is JJ Bosch Vanderhemel
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Anyone heard about the Eurie White thing? Heard he back her way? Is it true?
She’s the only one watching that shit movie lmfao
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