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rookie, get new material instead of being stuck on repeat with people's posts. you're a fool too
which gf went on this trip?? gf from dc,atl,ctl or la????
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lol So Dockett is going to be on WAGS.Someone asked her on Twitter if "she is dating anyone and will we see it on the new season" and she said YESS!!
Hey, thanks for the love! It's ok, that person was just lashing out and protecting their own feelings of inferiority, etc on me. It's ok. It must be hard to be that miserable.
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Rook 17:24 did I get you again. Wait a few then answer.
Dirty dick Damien. Cheats on his girl all the time and passes STD's
Well... i had a little crush but after all this ..I think it's starting to fade . Go Jas 🤷🏾‍♀️
A deadbeat dad who never see his kids
Racist cunt,
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In order to have sides you gotta have a main.
she'd fit right in with the Kardashians. lol
06:44, it's funny as long as the yappy 🐒 Negroes are still here all day!😂
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Yep. The last three contributions are similar to Soros backed distortions, disruptions, distractions and social deterioration. The lonely left will be left.
завидный веб сайт
what's going on now?
Dam somebody just bidded $50, 000 to walk a red carpet.
They both moved on. Yeah, I saw that pic. Tim and Olivia were never on the same path. Hopefully, she is happy with Danny.
Von Miller is #2 player in NFL. How did Choke Boy place? Fangirl is going to be upset.
Dez bryant
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