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I feel like you can say that half the wannabes on ig are cut from the same cloth. But after seeing TJ's posts, stories, and snaps, I disagree that they are they same. I guess I can say similar, yet so different. TJ is so much more over the top, in your face, smug, narcissistic. A lot of her stories have just been crazy. The eyeball closeups, the several lurch dancing posts, the resort laundry room stripping fiasco, the teary baseboard, etc. I think the only reason TJ doesn't have a strip game video, is because she wasn't asked! They are just 2 completely different levels to me. And no, I'm not an FL fan. But I definately do not agree that she's as bad as TJ
Hello my name is Andrena, I checked my scores some couple of weeks ago, they ran down in the low to the mid 400s. I was struggling having a hard time getting approved for anything due to a layoff I had last year so I fell behind on my bills and now I am struggling trying to get my score back up so I can purchase a home. I surf the internet in search of help and I met with the RANSOM WARECREDIT and I explained to them my credit situation and they promised to help me get my scores back on track so I can be qualified for the home purchase. After some couple of days later, they cleared the bills on my credit profile and effected the changes across all 3 credit bureaus and finally raised my scores to 793. I bought the house after a week and I am very happy today with my family. You can contact them and have them fix your credit issues as fast as possible. Contact info: (RANSOMWARECREDIT@GMAIL.COM +1 (954) 416 0322).
You are precisely the kind of putrid scum that needs to be extricated from this country. GET THE FUKK OUT!
Everyone comments about OC’s eyebrows. But if you look at her brother’s pics, his look the same way. I know she plays them up, but I think they’re natural.
AK and KM can still be the topic of conversation. Those two connections are still crazy as hell and don’t make sense.
I love how folks finally noticing and calling out the commenters on TSR as miserable and bitter lmao
Hmm I see that little sex tape got things quiet here. Wonder how darnell nicole feels about being recorded cant trust these dog men for nothing
I absolutely liked caboodle that was written. I'd love to keep reading more and more. I transfer be cock-a-hoop to learn as much as I can I actually wonder you an eye to the follow-up so ostentatiously done gratefulness you very much to save the time. Successfully!
So he left her behind two times that night? Lmao
He is in Florida. Hometown, your turn.
Jimmy is worried about a Superbowl ring and flying. Nothing more!
What is blood TYPE B than ..Ask Joann in Akron Iowa dent car gold Sunfire 1999.. I'm her YO Give blood to me every surgery u Kelly acting up star famous as say Terry I'm him know blood step sister Armstrong to Joann in him mine .. Get ur check Kelly to kids by blood see that blood B like her got health issues by diabetes show type B truth donar be need added ask please leave pork chop alone right Kelly nothin my family by u
Please tell me 3 Chains doesn’t have bandannas tied around his boots. What’s he trying to be, Lenny Kravitz? Does he think we don’t remember he was a white guy three years ago? Don’t you agree this is a confusing image?
Damn, I knew he slept around but I did not know it was this much. Where do ya'll stay when he flies you to Florida. Have you been to his house in Pennsylvania? Are him and his baby mom together? I thought they split. Ya'll use condoms? How did you get coin, I haven't got any out of him in a long time.
Exactly. And nobody will feel sorry for him. That whole team. I can’t wait for the drama
Rather haven famous chicken bowl like same thing get at KFC Chicken restaurant places same thing noe buy at store today at hyvee has them I'm Joann Armstrong how here now go
Rather haven famous chicken bowl like same thing get at KFC Chicken place restaurant ..But buy at hyvee now got them I'm Joann Armstrong how here now go
Rather haven famous chicken bowl like same thing get at KFC Chicken..But can now buy at store hyvee an I'm Joann Armstrong.. How here now go
Goddamn Nessa the camel.
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Riley Cooper: EG doesn't speak for me. She is half-homo, though she has a lot in downing a woman to promote her sister to who? You already know her. You thought up moving and you never spoke about bringing the sister with you. That wouldn't do. You shouldn't pay for this Girlfriend Forum, when the Pics ruined the interest, 7/17/2019, Debra Sharon Anderson
NIGGERS and slavery. Made for each other.
Yes, I miss Anne though. I miss Anne terribly. I prefer Anne running the forum over that twit Demi-Leigh.
Zach the police.. he’s such a b*tch a** ni**a
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