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It's definitely HUGE! He loves to suck toes too!
It is about time. He is out of control.
Does anyone know why one of the pictures of Travis and kayla was deleted a few days ago, from the (pic form)???
Earlier this offseason Aaron spoke at a Business Technology Conference in California. He mentioned taking back the narrative of his life and not letting anyone speak for him. Just wondering if Aaron is concerned at all about how the activities and whoever he hangs out with are getting mysteriously leaked to the media since his relationship with Olivia ended. The details of his golf outing with Kelly Rohrbach, his activities and who he hangs out with in LA, and now all the details of his date with Marie are in the media. Just seems like someone is keeping tabs on what he is doing, what activities he is participating in and who he spends time with.
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I'm at work trying hold my laugh in 😂 I wanna scream in laughter
He so much needs a stylist.
Statue of Lenin, Seattle when is this piece of shit coming down??? In Seattle, is it going as well?
Statue of Lenin, Seattle when is this piece of shit coming down???
legend is a best friend of Russell and also advisor.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkReply-to:WHAT? Legend 02:09
Yeah she's short and fat she got a body like a midget but that bih got him controlled
He is a nice looking man but i do agree he is aging fast. Him and his cousins love henny and smoking. Its catching up with him. Bae was looking alittle rough but i still would hit
Oh real trump then why did you cheat to get in the white house and the Congress treat Obama lie nothing pass and in D.c that come for black people home and coming for with police kill only black as what about that kids too
he has publicly said he is single multiple times so I highly doubt he is still with his college sweetheart. he seems like a great guy.
The Bad Mom premiere was in New York this past Monday. The LA premiere will be this coming Tuesday-July 26.
Cuckoo Cuckoo
Reply-to:No denying shes accomplished especially for someone whos still so young. She has a nice voice and few if no vocalized pauses.I agree.  I'm sure she'll do well.
He has herpes 2 ask him to get tested for it.
Tony Jefferson
How about "I'm up for giggles and sex"
Dayum 🦍🦍. 🤣
thats happy?? id hate to see "unhappy" that must be a mess.
Lol i wonder who's deleting things
Cause I wanna see if ugly is just his type or.....
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