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Andre just looking for attention & the only person to fully give it to him & be his "pet" is Tokyo. If he say bark like a dog she gone get on all 4s & get to barking lol
Pussy taste so good
I just saw him out with Jessica his ex gf. The one that originally he left his bm for. Is that their baby? The little boy?
Remember Brian and Megan live in Ohio. AJ and CM were close playing Football. Laura would invite him over for dinners when he was alone. Why would CM take Brian and wife to the retirement party?? I heard AR and RC and a few other packers were there. I think CM would be with them. I don't think he would go with CN. AJ's wife is really nice but I don't think she liked CN. She never went anywhere with the Packer wives. But then again she was always PG. I really think CM had to marry her to save face. Or she has something on him. Look at all the pics. with her. But with his Dad and Grandpa he looked proud but awkward. Or is that me? But it was nice to see the CM1-4. Treasure pic. of the 4.
Cus these bishes out here thinking they hit the lotto. Not with will hill. She out here miserable with that fake miserable "relationship" all these hoes be out here thinking they came up off this loser
I want Cam to marry Kia just to see what kind of ridiculous tux he would wear. They do need to get married though
Fatboy has been relatively quiet today.
Soph., 37:40 She has an IG account. Those pics. she took with Tim were posted on her IG. If I remember correctly, she is a makeup artist, so her IG is public (at least it was).
Nawwwww he has always had those gorgeous red curls I love them! What a lil cutie he was, has anyone also seen that baby photo I think his b sister uploaded of him to Twitter? He had the chubbiest cheeks when he was a bub too
Guess who's no longer following Camille on twitter?
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I wonder if HEB will use his low waistband pics as poster endorsements. lol
No, they aren't. ZeusHacks are the best hackers. They helped me hack my wife's phone and FB account within few hours. They offer lots of other hacking services like email account hacks,whatsapp hacks
Sorry, but this person is anything but classy. It's good to be funny, but I question the reason for the other stuff. I'm a friend on a few players' gf sc and I've never seen anything like this hot mess on their account. Stick with the fun stuff is my suggestion.
Oh you were being sarcastic? Hard to tell. Sarcasm normally has an element of humor. Yours just came off as juvenile.
Do is jasmine a cleat chaser..? It seems like she only dates/shows interest in football players. She's beautiful, so I'm sure she can have whatever she wants regardless.
If any of the gossip pages knew the details like we do they probably wouldn't have posted It because it's nothing but Bullshit.
I know Legend she has 3 different statuses Legend, Sophomore and Rookie.
So you at work checking on what another nigga doing with his dick, great bruh. Why dont you check o your own man to see what he's doing in the middle of the night while you at work. And saying bruh was not stealing your lingo, it was sarcasm bih. Anyway, back to the chatter.... i haven't see the beastmode lion symbol on his hoodies, i will check it out. But with Gracie, its not like she just noticed she's a Leo. When she gets a tattoo like Marshawn within weeks of him getting it, she's the new face of lady beast, ten she broadcast it on IG people will speculate. Marshawn did his on Snap which disappear in a day. That could be a reason he or the BM store haven't "liked" any of her recent pictures on IG. He's not for the BS.
He's dating atleast 5 different women little do y'all know lol
No they need To fix their offensive line.. drafting a running back won't so shit
Self centered Bitch. Very vulgar mouth. Slut.
Looks like a lot of fun.
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