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Crazy hoe. You are black.
"one of the greatest athletes in history" I literally just spit cola all over my screen. He is average at best.
Its BBBuckwheat.
He talks to hannah every day sees her alot, they have a son together & are still fckng when they see each other. Shes well taken care of & gip chaeses her
I seen him in Miami’ at liv . I assume it was his bachelor party. There was a dark hair girl with him . She standing in front of him with her arms around his neck. And kam was embracing her as well. He was with Richard and some other dude. Didn’t see earl tho. But anyway I wouldn’t want my man holding another woman. Especially if he’s all over social media acting like he’s a loyal good dude
That MF Already Got 4 kids in Nashville.. who wants a child by this sucker
Okay that new post about puppies? What in the world? I have no words
Lmao Kristina you get that comment putting you on blast deleted. You so lame.
Riley, you’re certainly not putting that penis back in my mouth if you f’ucked this filthy, mouth-breathing black cat bitch that’s ruining this girlfriend forum.I ignored your phone calles but call me again so I can yell at youRebecca
So has he been with ak recently?
42:28 who did I get turned down by? lmao Seeing as I have NO CLUE what you are talking about it would help if you started from the beginning DEAR!
NEXTReply-to:Lol why is it when RussCi stans cant defend the truth they start posting old pics. Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday huh..
A couple of instagram followers back in early March stated that he was with Victoria Justice in New Orleans when he made a second trip.
he contacts lauren and is here in cpt with her and is spoilt with love is 200% legit , i always thought this whole hacking thing was a prank and some sort of way for this so-called scammers to get money from people until my best friend gave me the contact info of a genius and yes I said genius because he truly is..He helped me to get proof of all my husband cheating activities on facebook, whatsapp, hangout, e-mail, and phone calls he also in change my grades on college scripts and I can’t thank him enough and my best friend .... I am so happy doing this because I know so many people would benefit immensely from this useful information to get their lives back on track..I have never been this happier in my can contact him through his email.
If anything these loser creep bags no a thing or two about being a felon. I mean raping animals men women and children and also murdering them. Yep those tapes are all out there. Just wait until Soros gets tired of screwing that lose ass of yours and all of your felon tapes will come out. How do you even live with your self or sleep at night with the amount of evil you do on a daily basis felon. How do you even stand to look yourself in the mirror? You are an awful person and cannot wait for those tapes of you committing all your felon crimes to come out.
5:56 has been doing Stiffanoppoloos.
well his "someone special" is NONE OF US...and if he was "seeing" nadiish, she would've done the same sneaky ass shit poly was doing. if he's just fvcking them birds, why is it that important? He's not posting them or bringing them around his mom, so why are their locations important?
Together ? The lies have to stop.
Here the bs lies start again
No she liked pissed
Aaron Rodgers is part owner of of the BUCKS now that’s real money moves. Russ taking pictures with a billionaire and y’all start screaming money move with when there is no actual moves being made😂😂. This the real money moves!!!!!!!!!
Yeah I’m sure he’s playing he’s been training at tb12 and Gillette. It’s what the pats do to make everyone nervous. Don’t answer, keep everyone guessing. But in reality they know.
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