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I wonder how she confronted him (if she actually did in the first place) and how he responded. If she messaged Angela on some “woman to woman” s***, I wonder what Angela said. I would be on fire because this situation is embarrassing as hell. Everyone on the internet knows you’re getting played and have known for a while, but you’re just now finding out.
NO comments you ll scared
Sam Shields
How is JJs back feeling? Hope not too painful for him.
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At least he uses protection
What did you think of Ak's story?
Tannehill was spotted enjoying his day off yesterday by sucking off an obese man under the bleachers. After blowing his load on Tannehill he bent over and ripped a massive wet fart in Tannehills face.
Tim Tebow and his fans are all gross. I hate them all.
This shit is sad. Bitches on here with STD’s. Bitches on here defending a dead beat. He must have some good a$$ diick
Theres a lot of game left for Jimmy to get that TD.
ER has never behaved that way, he obviously wasn’t too worried about his rights as he never even signed her birth certificate, he was the high profile athlete who decided to have sex without protection why should t he have to pay for his child. Good luck to her
Antoine Bethea
How many times have hey been away from social media be it them being in Mexico or LA and the loon on here losing it because she knows nothing. So for the most part nothing she said is a lie.
Her & everyone else he messes with heavily lol
Tanyilia is ugly af!! End of story!!!
13:52 That fixation on turd pics is a huge draw for the Guats. Quit it now. We already have enough.
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Lol whateverrrrr u sayy
That no phone thing is an obvious lie. They're always on SM during their vacations. Hell they practically telegraphed their honeymoon on SM. Stop drinking the Kool Aid these celebs give you
I think we should relocate the Clittons to Oregon. Bill could get on a tall building and splooge all over the demonrats.
What’s wrong with him.... why the comments being deleted is he burning, gay, what is it shit lol 😂
18:46:26- How do u know this? Nothing on her social media. Your probably Danica or her friend.
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