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He talked about me getting pregnant as well. Definitely believable
00:57 is a bull dike from the girlfriend site. She trolled this side several months ago. Nasty bitch
Who cares?
Thisfugly ass nig fukk mudsharks
Fukk you nigger stand your ass up
Fukk you nigger
All the girls he dated were educated. They all attended LSU. She is definitely hanging around she had nothing.
Riley Cooper: in that comment you address to friends or fans plus, you raise issues. I'm the lovely that would be, involved that you should be saying that to in reference of a gast event!. You therefore can get how I didn't like to be put on hold with time at an essence. Give the info. that I need to move on to some brighter future, 11/19/2017, Debra Sharon Anderson
Looks like a bunch of liberal trash
He’s single, I was with him this week. None of these girls on here are anything.
I read they announce the winner in February. CK will be pretending until then that she has it
Darrel young
Not me fool I ain't jealous of anybody. Never looked at pictures either. Get your facts straight. You want her. Why are you on here. This stupid. Lol laflare has been seeing him for months
Colin is nigger of the year
He can put it down but his d is average at best. Not huge. He’s a ho and don’t use condoms.
He is fugly bet he has 10 kids with 10 different women mostly mudsharks
The suitcase is from her model shooting for the weird magazine it's not really her suitcase. Jules is always promoting himself so can he be promoting himself by sort of dating her? I haven't followed this board for very long, can someone confirm if he and EB offended a group of people? Thought I read that here. No need to repeat the dirt, just a confirmation yay or nay.
It's the fat smelly one that plays for a different team each year because he is a dirtbag loud mouth monkey
Veteran @ 22:56:44 According to Jennifer Instagram pictures that she posted on September 1. Marilyn is getting married March 2018.
KC Chiefs suck. Commentators noticing players not playing hard like they did at the beginning.
I just told my hubby this. She is calm and confident. Gorgeous
Nice tackle against the Saints, embarassimg.
41:25 I don't need to back up anything. You either believe it or you don't simple as that. One cannot prove an IG story occurred once the time has elapsed unless they took a screenshot of it and I don't care enough to that.It seems proving this is only important. If you are that obsessed with it, look up the info for yourself. It will give you something to do.
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