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His penis is absolutely horrible. And he gets way into it while you're laying there like ūüôĄ
Whatever ho Veteran 00:02. Just ignore them.
Too funny lol
06:07 exactly julian came out publicly with ELLA BLUM and I let them take photos together why not do the same with Adriana. I think that julian was attracted to who is adriana but her personality does not make it feel comfortable and do not hate me for this I know that you did not like EL BLUM but I think Julian liked her personality more and so He agreed to be with her although EBOLA is not attractive and I can even say that julian was looking to spend more time with blum than with adriana now
Blake Tirrell, Fort Worth, Texas
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hoe please... you wish you lived the life I live.. you on here checkin for cam.. i told him no thank you. so have the stripper baby daddy..
ūüĆö = T R A S H
This is a nice interview with Tim about baseball:
Anyone know what he's so angry at those are some hostile tweets
they literally brag about only talking to athletes. u dont need names. theyre losers with no careers or educations who latch on to any black man with more than 50k. HAHHAA
Yes they are together planning a getaway for Will's birthday.
Dockett takes pride in his coahcing job he needs to find a real job
You can't add that account as friend. You can only "follow" it
And Brian's actions and facial expressions back that up. Only reason Megan likes JJ is she's sees $$ for kid sis.
Chosen Wilson, University of Wisconsin's future QB
You hoes broke up the engagement lml
Maggie was very gentle at first with JJ on their honeymoon. Once they got going however it was no wholes bared. They even did it doggie style and stuff. Maggie is a SAINT.
I know his baby mama Tashana she said he won't ever commit to one woman
Courtney Finley article?
4 54 Everything that you post is incredibly contradicting. Kap is Nessas man so she posts his picture and thoroughly supports everything he does. I don't understand him being so in love with Nessa that I bought her a condo but wont do little courteous things like that.
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