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Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 29 Mar 2018 14:54:14 GMT reply
I always live my daddy BJ Armstrong NBA all-star retired ex Iowa Hawkeye player.
Why. That cuz better u . Thur
Undone part junk home.. illinois to get it done before no.. u do it tops . Man
And hey yo.. get tis I have bar no hits streets no drinks to mix it.. now go
I'm clean whistle blower motor running.
Thur takin tops bet it hit it jam yah do that make sure ur sides clean like my lick ass butt buddy got name . Huh
Yah. My daughter very girl fat newborn baby girl was in Iowa town U thought is my mom Jillian Bear yah sister by law Scott u not Bear em body is but these r guys em Mark or Mike Bear one em guys faulks hood get r done Thur and twin sisters of Bear to homeschool group of friends fries lol funny it's been Iowa and any other hand is not okay with that area gental that is what not happen girl in the shadows of hers both em fourr set two set twins sisters to em Bear broas but why. Tryn like dirty and shit mhm
I see her ugly gal be sister now twin em other gal goes there to home and who she that it . Mhm be Bridgette Bear twin of Jillian as soso white and blue eyes brown hair blue shoes years ago bought it from a different know if not that sorry .. other twin sisters of u first set than born r these ones before Mark or Mike yah something like go than two youngers one or do u gals there us gals do younger ones as Jillian to Bridgette than other gals twin sister em guysgoez like them older em Mike and Mark Bear that why name em very twin girls sayn Skylar and Claudia single two bro a sisy yah go that Man Quinn boy third oldest than with oldest daughter girl LaTonya Thur take it from tops my deer fries sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 17 Mar 2018 17:04:26 GMT reply
Stutch ur mouth self not vikings ..
Hey tis
If donar why.
Mom switch legs from scar off leg left.
Cuz want guy of daughter right . And now head back em days and than arms plus legs told go freckles go Thur added it.
Mom jealousy over granddaughter now go
Think carry Joanna Armstrong gal fat bitch. Thur talk today drugs in go lol
Not mouthy just her go her daughter to nurga thought mouth voice box cool j member it Bj Armstrong NBA star retired Bulls player comin too .Fat bitch wow huh we r .. see what scar leg Jim mom yah head dots someone hesd off switch heads go point out it hole hesd go lol at hole like hesd hardest for paralyzed person could again what go
Okay bout Kmart weird phone I'm Alona Johnson Gronbach we than though so let go want tough they relate go Calvin shit go mom care his mom call truth scar Viola left leg go child years huh chase dad yah story goes seen car cut leg huh ysh Jim sent Lyle her Viola ahahah not dum just Jim think now go store in phone mhm lie lie truth maybe go Hahah never herd just shit now herd it go funny iowa mouth they lies truth Fan Iowa okay Bj Armstrong NBA star retired Bulls player ayn I not nothing no nah no Rock bro explain it okay Joan hung hang with hah truth bro fat thing aha mhm
And funny nirgo lady go well thing her it cmon man not ur man guy go truth back lady kick ass ur go man no no mhm
Nah no
Read up . Got nirga dony thur mam like ur cause problems with it huh
She dud nirga that look it up.
Sayn just u mam only have nirga right.
Show it me ajahahag me as Calvin mhm ya
Kick leg bro idk one thing huh Neil Fox Mike need one mam let rock mhm share it
Loan him huh bro like family u know it cmon yah huh aha mhm no gay gay go bro u know it time it is go Neil.calvin time go bro go man lol funny gals dah iowa
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 23 Feb 2018 17:47:03 GMT reply
Sayn stutch thing as hanging uterus..
Only as far changes sex organs from man
Now Go . Ask any doctor tell yahs
Ask Rochester Minnesota Mayo University Hospital..
Only change organs female to other switch from male to female something wrong organs .. dah
Ask anyone doctor
Tell yahs facts . Now talk me show.
I'm come getn laugh at more than iam sos hahah.. lol I'm Lisa Marie Presley as had Michael Jackson.. sayn has one em it's .. RIGHT within no direction..
Ask anything all the it go other way go.. Deb Armstrong Mrs McDermott..
Sol call knows so butt niece all an female back at was birth fatass one em all talk bout .. they insults her. By Ur listen to something like that of days as of sometime.s . Go Mrs McDermott as Deb sister Beny it was one em triggers go no daughter to her not one how get her daughter had dick or cock. Go aunt now fgure out Viola Armstrong ex Moore ass birth her gal. Fatass one believe look died fat slob. Go HOMES aunt Deb in Britt Iowa Hancock.. now should in house in ass her side town birth that says her as my new FAN like that nirga years of fat but it Mike Jacko..
Talk off jackass talk like here that like brother ass hole from it same ass kinda from hole. Right as typin JoAnna Armstrong. From Akron Iowa Plymouth Yah Baby
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 21 Feb 2018 00:25:43 GMT reply
Cryn abuse
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 19 Feb 2018 18:39:34 GMT reply
Who guy movies proof not actn sayn proud that name man Pink father to that album.
Spencer Todd Nielsen comes here.
No don't . Not know me
Faber who think iam
See harassing JoAnn Armstrong
Did pork chop birth as baby life
JoAnn tear in home .
I'm Terry Moore
For real reason hurt feelings tis lies.
Sorry striper her.
Non bus body.
Fatass my home say not familiar us guess let be. Female come that guess did first that at that place in ft ddg thought that as child. Guess linda Kramer. .guess live thur cousins mine go
Back female go .fatass.
Muscle females to lier Deb Armstrong McDermott sayn that name were believe it letter ur sister Chuck harassing JoAnn girl vila hostage her ho sense them day do families realy knoen it man
Ryan Zittchrich I'm supposed be her go was too female go not boy as make. Did to have dark black brown no blonde go
Lier man trip Reed Faber
Sorry Jeannette Zittchrich know her mom vila go t on me Calvin .
Us families now. Bulls just Deb out stadium Chicago Bulls stand Iowa City bout pull joan Kay Armstrong out vila Armstrong go large fat baby newborn insulin mother fgure out thur mom.vila need pills diabetes problems go and cholesterol too sound in Akron iowa here paper Ashlee go better talk not u is gal sunshine ur kids Scott baer nothing matter u mam to Michloe Nicolle go he knew Cole families like Sheryl Cole he can sound better go alright and this tis one Quinton go Brandon JoAnn knew Marshall isu CYCLONES players go streets go made him go seen it go I'm Scott
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 19 Feb 2018 18:22:54 GMT reply
Excuse cops sheriffs
Prove it all counties
I JoAnn Armstrong
Hi types not handicaps
Go suie pork chop Never as child yah touch not want it tied try kick balls say Jim Moore touch that pork chop yah hung always lid farass murder .
Tv people o
Replace minute
Town replace done heal body beat up
From Algona shot down Snoop Dog
Cole pussy back here to JoAnn
Never touch not zoey mouth fuk.bitch blonde ho blue. I IDs Calvin Cole told take of by Calvie not member st age at 13 ages Ur Scott Baer at my home my mom not been pregnant 13 I'm Amber thur
Born same Ashlee age not lie go what it I'm Ashlee Moore stick for aunt go
My never had kids go pussy at shante right
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 19 Feb 2018 17:12:33 GMT reply
Thinking this lady.
At my home has no voice box fatass by law .
Live .
Took no contact order us all
Sound daughter abuse harassment abuse verbal u here . More physical . Abuse
Next month press charges
Out no order ymtv stars for harassment
Guess welfare em did cover braces teeth
Guess her house vila Armstrong..
We piece ass. Got her sayn that man
Sexual harassment 24 against u all.
In out went of ..
Like John Hall went thru lady fatass cuz not mine as JoAnn Armstrong . go
State live . mam
Pick it not mental place be happy thur go
California Presley so u if be life like Cole that her Lisa sound like mam
I'm Lisa want real one u all doin at go
Pick teeth her fatass . Freckles go born been em days go yah has mark it book sos
Seen it her beibg vila took by future Michael Jackson go duty by never bathe neither shower go told do so ho lol too
Nirgas r that go std s to streets yo hits to tis drinks go that truth from the fatass sound like Elvis Presley in in her go fat ass bitch in Akron Iowa Plymouth ho u mine actn tis way life huh
At my admission ages them em birth days huh ur wrong not 19801982 born ho June go lady how that go word up sayn Lisa in Iowa live thur ranaway from HOME from abuse go of that go Mam I did Lisa Marie Presley daughter Elvis Presley why Mam
Not had u by but did too u four r tis in
Hell in cell of embarrassing up here go
Hit song go yah do it won't be done it yet either mam funny daughter older best one go funny laughn ain't quit energetic bunny today battery go herd too lol Dah u born New England that Fort Dodge Man huh aha. Ho ho Ur too that state Vermont State the stadium Dah Bulls idiot Mam
Lookup it go wonder woman today adult you runaway from the in Iowa in Plymouth ur trouble now get home GO MAN leaving the house that New England Vermont sos
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 17 Feb 2018 17:53:06 GMT reply
Get off drugs streets . Make sense .
There Calvin name as church in Lemars Iowa why.
I'm JoAnn Armstrong.
Member street why .
And bring bow bow as Shad Moss
Being his last year's I JoAnn Armstrong livin Terry Moore four years not ob laing middle or freshman sophomore year huh school in Minnesota I was livin at Clarkfield Minnesota getn accused shit here . Go
What classmates dick .s black that bad.
Algona Iowa Kossuth .
Well . Homies . I don't think so
Drama Iowa . Dreamn then movie we movie FANs Dezyl Washington go actor. Huh
Fuk bitch we movie stars I herd back em days. Go Iowa . Want then say Go
Got us . Nof Joan Armstrong nope go
U a went us not JoAnn Armstrong HOMES
We u in that movies go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 17 Feb 2018 17:44:18 GMT reply
Famous people stars
Not laws suit not money trash lies.
Never been here brother want her
Look recipient got money order she got
Keep owe money should pay Ur sister back say I Deb Armstrong McDermott why not . Ur dad to ur mom..Ur on here shit Cali . Comin receipt Deb. Takin mental send away lies here bout shot by Faber ..
I'm Dean honey bring em with u money order receipt.s please . Mam oh
Swing doors sayn that too mental place . what .
Excuse Me.
Lips here . Say hre like u other blonde learn me some shit realy black brown as Armstrong freckles teeth braces em days no joke laugh matter .. how dental . Crin getn in . Sayn Alzheimer's words is state I'm him recipient. Guard ques
Yah Calvin not name .
Feel town Lemars .
Before . As child
Behind site spell not known how gal.
Who though u JoAnn .
Doster. Ur brother not ur mom . Was Hanna kid . Terry went school quite ur doster cops fed shit teacher harassing family JoAnn Moore was older then I'm Terry that was JoAnn 1954 go no Armstrong back em days . We live oak. U younger harassing his sister vikings. Minnesota look like old go sound check mom sheriff north book her go
Shutup court. Prison
Nuts Cali
Calvin ..
Sure name Lemars church Calvin it us go asking asking him talk bout on here both rapper AND tis him tis guy Minnesota I'm Iowa show 20 February is troublemaker.
Believe Ashlee my aunt church name guy hell is my home go rapper go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:57:59 GMT reply
Daryl Strawberry.
Ej Johnson thur actn Bj Armstrong u know that right HOMES has AIDS HIV read signs kid fatass Algona Bulldogs School of Leo student Calvin go man got nirga not nothing sister come white people go everywhere Favr everything u know she got it up here go fukr where know u are fat guy take black blonde head big guy quiz families fatass big show fan hell break loose go knows shit from shit clean neither go let invent it only dint tis cookbook.not hoes std shit streets go nirgas starts gobble snoop dog hit album no.bjnle nirgas streets i guess history go std u Yah thur whoaw my owe FAN today DAM It TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS FAN yah get him PACKERS Favr add her believe it go HOMES . Cooley not sayn him Willie yah ur r . 19
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 16 Feb 2018 22:19:46 GMT reply
Hey Yo.
Stop. On here.
Kramer flip out..
She us realy thought up her no fuk liers
U guys as fuk Armstrong filthy dirty guy kid . My classmates . MAN
Told em days 1950's her mom was age of Nova Reifer no Never hung her..
Try Gal.
Let me talk well not guys nuts crazy .
Ask cousin's u guys Terry Moore knows much all up here. Armstrong never herd em nobody me . No Fish neither who u guy u guy white lies Joan Armstrong.
Calvin . By Moore by law sister born 1985 in there round there go older us kids realy that go gut who u Minnesota.
Truth who u . Man guy he was fuk Moore typo up mother to my mom to as Terry guy in Minnesota usen my name. Hanna fatass board my name guy that u . All go
So. Hanna . Ob hi Chris I'm Terry she did my older sister older me em days what bout back 1960's huh wrote bout sound Kelly got hot hit chick psycho now go look up lick ass today yah Mann
Not train go in laws guys divorce cam came hickup her lil bit elementary aha shut ahahah laughn funny family Terry. Tell what . Man catch read part say man
All born in 1960back school then Calvin go okay kids elementary school not real ur guys in 1997 than think so just like JoAnn even Kevin go took by Joan sayn go
Ask her money blood DNA age ask pay it for Moore even her go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 10 Feb 2018 21:08:45 GMT reply
Think so .
Am tied at baby ages sorry..
Under 5 yrs go.
Think kinda known what I'm talking bout Alona Gronbach go . lady
Aha. If u all knew my her carple tunnel yah u families not know it go
Who u JoAnn baby age tied 5 yrd old
I'm Calvin. Yas
Beat Ur right at that age tied beT u tmr tied watch it go fmdown like that guy kids. Go brother same too go lol
Follow u know it mam Armstrong gal fatso
Go not sayn iam Mam beat u licence before him go em got his own that days drv ed. course . I know needs help beat u all say not right yet . Lies come out us . What truth than mam
Fat Ass.
U guy Jesse awa wrestler to governor Minnesota cuz teeth braces JoAnna thur Jodi reporter. Mason City yah Justin Dietitian. Fat Baby butt plug it
Not Viola jib sat Tiffany why matter u bout joan yah they did walk in Hardee's Johnson go doll patch you made up em JoAnn doll toy tall black toy made call patch company made him go lol knew hulk go. Yah Ric daughter by law go fat baby found following em round go kidnap Ric daughter they Mason City too
Ric daughter his braces teeth sorry Ilene u get happy kiester off my property before pump ur gut for lead go and the guy talk guy fat so go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 10 Feb 2018 20:56:19 GMT reply
Put back to myself Reed Faber Algona I'm u know him think go to em. Think so . Go
Not far off.. Alona where at Roni.
Fgure out here me out feel me up today.
U know me mam. Burt Iowa or Bancroft go
Class baby ages go funny Baer .
Excuses Me as I'm Jeramie Faber put JoAnn in that same her Algona .
Yah. Hey yo kids practice one yah go lol
Now fgure out mine HOMES . Be the words ain't up here up. Now funny kids sos
And tis too Dah
Hi . Today . What I here I not very good like she is man beat is her ur mom Joan.
On there . Urijah.
H ey yo . Practice kids did rape me as baby ages like under 8 yrs old sayn me I'm one . Prove fukr BITCH ASS Baer ..
Dick sucker no not word . Cock sucker.
Fuk cock sucker. Scott Baer. Whoaw.
Here Up..ugly kids . God bitches I'm like dad Beny hey yo. Get Tis..
God DAM it
I'm BRONCOS FANs I didnt back years 2016 whenever Panther's list sin Bitch artistic autism kid was too r yet yah
Like Beny as Big Calvin Senior as Armstrong. Beautiful. Sexy . Sounds like pizza Capitol letters it pizza go me Terry Moore like her whose mine in home say she like her Beny as Calvin Senior as Armstrong yah why jealous huh I'm sexy hit huh braces. Days man . Freckles too tmyah me went races too baby life yah get fuk arms worth more u HOMES .
Go body is go u u weirdo . THUR
Okay Jim Moore . Haha weirdo
Tell it like it is up here . Go
Yah yah I'm sexy u must baby ages practice kids by Baer how he sayn meet u words man Jeramie. Im Calvin Moore .
Snap her our itgo told not come-on here .
Hey . Yah
No dinw Scott
U butt rape kid under 8 yrs old huh
What how. Fix at 6 or 5 u R's old man
Before my mom carple tunnel hands surgery go yah kinda think not than man to bozo yah i kinda think not to Baer think tied at age em go Calvin
Must Cole gal go
Must be joan use BC paper has date boring. Lie for her sayn joan get by her name down to up her for Cole yas go
Funny guy as Baer walk my line go
Funny piece cake shit walk my mouth go
Like pork chop.mouth m e famous . Go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sat, 10 Feb 2018 20:10:04 GMT reply
Calvin is that brain ur getn best u sure fgure out words syn Terry Moore is another niece his in home yas.
Mom JoAnn is dead her by Steve Moore to Kevin Armstrong. Thur no Lier no lier
And I'm Cheyenne Shakur to Tupac daughter em days truth MAN
No Lier here me out feel me up today.
How went down til yah how went
She my JoAnn Armstrong need teeth braces em day but went Bj Armstrong NBA star retired but not em days yet right
But went him say tis u payd teeth braces for me I'm JoAnn Armstrong the Olympic gal Algona he Say Bj Armstrong NBA star Bulls yas. . honey an I can get thur Iowa watch learn it . Say her my mom JoAnna Armstrong. Truth . Thur
He payd em for her go Fort Dodge Iowa .
Information bout her Joanna Armstrong not ur her daughter Tupac. U git fat . U pretty baby. They told Honey.
Huh what happen body Ur dad's Dam It
No I'm not nuts him . U burn from brown body. Too realy . What sayn tapes psychic reading her voice box in tapes go and okay u knows her own panties say down too tee Freckles grn eyes curved feet toe big . And small mouth non business make it business up me . But out. Say her . Tanya . No spell it her name wrong mam I service military like Tupac my father sayn JoAnna too fatass bitch . Go yah no ur I go funny .
She us nirga blood French to Asian to African black to Nigro too Vietnamese..
What black yas go am it okay u act like fat thing trlr go Mary black gal hung fat gal thing gaps teeth . Freckles too black haird nirga ass go so her Beny kid but u Cam out joan her Joan to now Ur name from Tupac phone Bj pay braces her Joan is Beny kid gap teeth fat thing look.likr Calvin pinking .. ih shit .
Hey hey yo . Alicmve might need him go lol funny oh shit
Aha. Hell just I read up idk man funny laughn funny pinking Beny guy o h Bj good guy em days know her galdauvjter eyes look honey
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 08 Feb 2018 23:12:32 GMT reply
U jnirgas r known have STD deceased in pants high risk factors in papers in health issues. Lookup .. point proven..
And knowledge to carry streets all types weapons to drugs related all kinds yah lookup.. doping mother Fukr in movies faster.. ur brother as trash to tis not sayn truth who is streets to it known for friends of em truth . Sure
Not i joanna Armstrong to em friends do not do so up here feel me up here me out . Today . Right too lol funny shit happens life to truth FACTS not us gals like Miriam as Melissa as Kalpana black inda gal. Now like that . Baby .
No Joke . Don't think do not ur types mhm go with yo bad self sweetheart..Sos
Oh gotta I known other boy Mexican here his his now Rey Cantu HOMES yah hey yo . We know u guys buddies NB I t need lie make friends not at but enemies HOMES but tis take chance in life but t o choke out ur buddy Johnson to Lyin up here sayn doping were do hits like tis off it nah man shutup fuk up no were not
Dout it no nah think so . A were do not do Alcohol neither as pork chop friends go what . Tis takin took joan. Our friend em days had braces teeth colord one butt plug it glues one off gal kind same one but JoAnn here who gal in braces JoAnn who gals think u r em days I'm tis guy in Minnesota bow bow member class mates had em fat Terry sister sister shit back her akron.
Stop actn up to gal Iowa from Akron skiny Lyin joan off tv sayn want ice skater Ilene that do more that honey be one go Ilene . Go bow bow I'm Minneapolis Minnesota order in law work I'm alum rapper was classmates Minnesota not named go could not do that like JoAnn not name me mam like u would ILen so Ur Misehloff sayn JoAnn here is that Ur mouth ILen us Shelton here . Y. N go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 08 Feb 2018 15:43:55 GMT reply
I'm within Kevin VanOtterloo in prison bout his fraud in Kossuth was as sheriff to kossuth ..
I beat he is right..
Bout tis beat law order and closer and bull and NCIS and Hawaii hi five and white collar and new mvgyaver is for there's in like movies and sports competitor.s in there activities in television.. go
Now Go
Funny now get them .. they laugh with me as JoAnn Kay Armstrong. ..
There for there shit in television..
Beat .. were . right
They have to have cops to em too selves go .
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 07 Feb 2018 21:17:37 GMT reply
U all FAN.s cannot tell woman from man anyways hell that prove . It . Now Go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 06 Feb 2018 18:31:36 GMT reply
What u mean Kim in laws.
Fat Bitch
Kelly is too sister urs to Kim Durant as Scott Eischbacher .. to son Joe brother of Bill Eischbacher husband Judy Christopher sister Viola Armstrong ex Moore .. why mom to Terry. Steve , Jim Moore to Calvin Junior. Kevin , and JoAnn Armstrong. Yas and who burn sister in Taurus em times.. Algona found Burt Iowa.. by lake Smith north .. huh
That's why doll cone mask in her..
Beat she ask him Bj Armstrong put one in her by her families. Go from television side. Yas I known that much. Have thur.
Prove it Bob Armstrong to kids as Brad Brian to Lance to Trace retired NFL dolphins Miami of Florida . Too yas to Shamer Moore stepbrother thur to Obama too yas go no lie neither nope lie go.
Steve Armstrong to Scott Armstrong referees in WWE go yas Jesse Road Dog.
Yas hey excuse us now . Who burn her out there in car from family to closer to as Curtis of nerds actor cop guy in Armstrong white family JoAnna . Yas
Looks like an doll in her but black brown haird but fat body look like had teeth braces too yas I'm her man no lie man. I think that Baer did it cuz only knew him or he knew me JoAnna but these groups kids sayn oh have man for u look at him . Over there just move from town live three yrs West Bend. I sayn nope no thank you. U kids to groupies not herd me never knew me . Thur Go
Oh we know enough bout u JoAnn RIGHT.
Think do dout it up to here .
Too. Hang within ice skater Ilene go
And tis friends hers from Siouxland.. go
No lies either kids . GO Sorry Algona.
MISEHLOFF families. Yas was friends her my sister JoAnn thur stay notes her and bdays parties of hers in March 12 go
Yas but hot chick yas maybe idk. Go
Braces too she got thur freckles repeat if pork chop. But skiny hot baby . Go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 06 Feb 2018 17:12:38 GMT reply
Quite ..
Trash talk
U lie bout me trespassing by families..
Asking adoption by tis guy..
Excuse u Deb
As Calvin Moore
Put up do shit..
Want shit JoAnn..
U all do that her ..
Even put dick balls on from female.
Say Kim Reynolds
Yah u laugh ahahah. Lo
Not Viola
What who u . Viola body lies not had girl u know. Em days butt plug her make RIGHT ..
Excuse .. for u sticking up for Ur child as Zoey..
Tis person say it body too
U all want have go
No. Not threaten sorry Moore in Moorhead took care lier but she had nurse seen em man.sorry lady to u to care my mom ..
Get em to up in here go I dk it go Alona to Moore as him Calvin..
Excuse us kids from years schools algona.
Go back put that person back what was being to what say person out by mouth like female on I have it on tape. Yah male right. Lies that go 2011 go
Okay plus tv guys go
Lier to em go
U guys don't know go
U neither bitch .
I'm Brandon live with me cuz .
Yah Ur calvin Armstrong Senior please tv guy. NFL player. Not want yah
Man understood English wherever English come from fuk his girl as daughter never knew was one lok like an boy an times go
Right Doster that put food by me .
Cuz Kelly known have . Excuse we do have had mom big fat four chairs go died go
Keran one go
Not lier JoAnn Armstrong was girl go use Kim Durant get shit back go has in laws my aunt Judy Eischbacher.well go
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 06 Feb 2018 16:22:47 GMT reply
Look in court house titles well yah homes..
Under Troy Baer sold car to Calvin Moore go ass whip ..
Nirgas in tv hangs to Faber. Slaps balls.
I'm Troy Baer type him
I'm JoAnn Armstrong. Go
Now mine of day . Make day punks THUR
Can back up too thur FABER go
Who u ass clowns tv . Sure
Fgure out Steve is that O'Neill clown..
Get round pretty fuk good
Think Dick Dale
But families not had money for come television go for as myself Joanna go
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 25 Jan 2018 15:45:11 GMT reply
It's say tis assholes to ass clown..
If known how READ Up
Not artistic autism..
Bout Spike Lee and JoAnn Armstrong on same month day too . That in August 13 why.. and that wrestler Steve Bruiner as Killer Bee beat he usen name Chris Bechmier as to Moose.. and UFC Fighter.. u ah I can .. why and this I'm from Minnesota too thur Mam
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 25 Jan 2018 03:11:22 GMT reply
What u all r sayn same.. bout right . Now
Mmm ...
Let see u all.martied but only brother had kids by Nancy Pilgrims.. not last name tis Christopher THUR
And tis not lie aither mam..
Yah. Right
All live in home Corwith THUR no lie
Possibility tis truth too be told is an no joke to a n kids boy cry wolf story book . Neither . Man
Hey. Why the Big Show had stretch his hand arms across waste em days to wear an skirts for us kids like Rock meet with Lance in in Algona by race he does Man an Ragby he do too Dah
Dout it MAN
Only use his name in it ragby For bike ride cross states .
Never seen him MAN
And tis ask JoAnn why not Armstrong never his last name go . W ho put that bout him sayn Gunderson. From Texas state . Huh
Fukn Bitch. Aha
Why okay .
Big Show cross his arms h ands like skirt than on raw but I never seen it . Whenever tis. Day when JoAnn was BEATUP . That who dud it . Her em ones two. Dudes. Okay. MAN. It's on . Lol
A Nd not JoAnn fault for gays inside tv thur go so they kiss each other like big show and rock . Mmm
Right what. Lol
It's r
Truth MAN
Hahah . Lol
Not have me man .
So what u gonna do Rock come out tv BEATUP tis gL put butt plug u artistic autism too . Herd it some place thur .
Man. BEATUP u dud at her. MAN
Set her off at FABER best it Man.
It's on now . Dah
Now comin I shot yahs wrestlers at home . Terry Moore not have channel must be past years has memory of not show on tv . Or did but told some of us leave tv set . Go
Not stick up for person aha . Com friend do yah .
Spike Lee OK ff my Bday basch .. as joan Armstrong Iowa . BROA com men gay ass . U lovers r yahs be it boys wrestlers . Not want em her either both em . Go herd more go
Idiots . Clowns.
Feathers. Lol TOO
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Mon, 22 Jan 2018 17:53:18 GMT reply
Buttplug friends sayn his kids right..
Go . Kid Cali to Beny lies sayn sister usen his name sayn Jollen Fish sister not she an cousin to us go I'm Deb aunt aas Mrs McDermott oh no not McDonald as lawyer in Algona so JoAnn right again .
Bing McDonald as lawyer in year 1980's
School kids and brother enemies at her.
His sister.go never herd stutch words
People in families never herd it before life man go mam
How arms turn less than at all half sos
Jim wantd know bout it go
Look like shot in leg too
Go.. someone go hell car in pound
Why . Cuz Ur UFC fighter over that way done it herd out Young at att phone ..
I say Michigan UFC place should give her free car same kind or butt plug it to impala to Chevy one go
Because no car dealer ship sales car like that one. Oh okay .
Right put in it .
Call cops from us MARSHALLS Nebraska.
Have right have car if that fat fukr had one . Go yt ah stole daughter permit to drive em days herd bout it some place .
Dah . Usen that fat bitch name huh
Information bout herself butt plug her to him huh
Yah how come not that like look like her what
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 17 Jan 2018 03:58:38 GMT reply
Deb charges . Accuracy charges crime of rape from JoAnn Armstrong.
Butt plug sayn she daughter to Crock
Never herd guys I'm Terry Moore
Why name too for his ass . Too
Moore . Not child as butt rape Moore
Minneapolis Minnesota thur
Why babysitter kids . Butt rape em.
BEATUP . Broken arms . Both . Ankle
Pock. Ashlee insulin .
Prove it man get Julie in law aunt
Her families Ryan Christensen has diabetes never came out television go
Hey. Answer . Guys pick it people in tv anyways. Never u at all.
If that I'm Brandon Wangher come my home JOANNE ARMSTRONG watvmch yah not burn his home down retired lady.
Had too cuz that guy Maynard's found out I was Ur classmate Brandon we Wangher mam. U her never date u Jarod Faber butch Ur right where voice box mam classmates mam JoAnn it was travis not want us class 2001 not known yah mam
Kevin act yah Ur name man
U butt rape realy that guy .
Cuz me u r grade JoAnn . I know figure u out . Like Limbaugh I n Kevin go
Not km now her fuku talk like Faber sis
Drink tell me u think tell me what u want aunt bitch .
Oh Boy . Here me out makin out with me listen up miss lady aunt why u bother me way not like Armstrong Deb Britt sis
Calvin as to Cali now go
Oh nirga her RIGHT ass clowns
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 24 Dec 2017 20:45:47 GMT reply
Sky.s Blue
U know Tis MAN
Yah beat they got told get turd out ass
WOW . Can win 14 games HUH
Or it's 17 winnings.. HUH
Run run Rudolph Santa gotcha make it to town on freeway down
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