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Biggest Pussy on the ice.Never forechecks or goes near the boards.He simply floats and stands at the hash marks hoping someone wins the battles and feeds him the puck.Talented but lazy.On a talented team he can score enough.On a lesser team he's a cancer.
To answer that chick dignity. A thang missing here.
Reply-to:Bullshit? Gotta score to win. :)Stealing a game is stealing a game. Of course you have to score. A stolen game is very rarely a shut out and no team has ever won a game without scoring a goal but stick to the point. 41 shots against 18 (2 in empty nets) and coming away with a win is a steal.Something that Scarey can only experience watching TV.
At the core my wish for dad was just to have a home and not move and be protected from bart😒
Yeah:D#baby ro_Om
Sounds like Phil is getting desperate if he is scrapping the bottom of the bareel in the mud and sh # # .
You guys realize that Tarensenkos wife was divorced single mom when they started dating? I don't see the big deal with it. If PB is willing to date someone with children, he is clearly really into her.
I saw you score at the winter classic and it was the worst day of my life
Counting the days until the joke is traded. Please make it happen. If they give this duck a contract extension I will puke and switch to Winnipeg.
There's a reason that Ottawa is only one for 19 on the power play. For some reason phaneuf is playing on it for at least one minute. Waiting for the critical mistake probably shorthanded goal when the dummy screws the pooch.
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New pic of JT & LV on LVTumblr -- he always has that dorky face in pics & LV just looks middle aged in young clothes!😝
Bullshit? Gotta score to win. :)
He told another girl last year Ali was his ex and isn't it strange that she's one of his best friend's sister.
I wish everyone would stop saying he should be with these other girls when he has a serious girlfriend. It's weird.
My she-cave would be my room/bathroom/closet/vanity though not outside..
And Mark Wahlberg:3
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what did he do? I heard he's racist. Him and Jordan are Trump supporters
When you're as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside. Ahem. Lauren.
Only reason he asked her to marry him is because she's pregnant. No surprise. It's only way she could get him to. Too bad it won't change his ways.
How can you tell so easily; did they use their own photo?
So, Alexis moved into a new place. Probably why she's been quiet on social media. Shane and Scottie at a golf tournament, but no Joffrey.
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