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is lyla not going to school anymore ?
I cant wait til Michelle Obama is 97 years old and captioning her own photos😊#filter out of order
Reply-to:most black habs fans in montreal cried injustice and vowed to never follow the team again. Subban never was bothered to.lead the Habs last year, instead he was making a total fool of himself and the game. Its not the NFL or the NBA,Most black fans in Montreal (or elsewhere)will not be happy until 90% of the players are black and then they will bitch about not enough blacks in management or ownership. Like NFL and NBA. If (when) whites get pissed and stop watching this crap, none of these sports entertainment things will survive. Chess anyone.
Phil was the worst leaf of last 10 years he ruined the team for me haven't watched since 2012, they were horrible and phil was the worst "elite player" in the history of toronto, will not be in the hall of fame
Yall need to stop prying into this young lady's affairs, first off its none of ur business second off its very disrespectful to people dealing with break ups to have all these social media type asshole typing things about ya, smarten up and get a life you pathetic bon bon eating Pegg bundy like trolls
Who is the gold for today
Cant believe coach Therien said Price was spectacular last night. He choked in the third, and failed on the only shot in OT!
Ohh gross. He had sex with 60 girls at umich in college. He is such a God fearing good Tim tebow type not. Eric is Jewish as Fuchs. Only bad girls are attracted to his old bald ass. Eww. Wear condoms son.
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she looks like a hooker. I guess some guys like that sort of thing.
No I think the rest of us cant imagine what we dont know and will feel better when we can talk❤
Anyone else excited that Alec punched someone during today's game?! Finally showing some aggression.
Anyway, if we get four or five sticks and one or two pucks for Crawford, all is good...
An unfortunate sign of the times: Even Ron McLean is singing the praises of the jake the fake. They must be all under strict orders to not say anything negative about the blunder-prone, not-so-constant Gardiner. Shame...when does that contract end?
Steve Mason is one of my favorite Flyers!!!
Josh leivo
Who is he with now?
[b]montmontres de luxemontres de luxe
Dannah keeps it real, I think she's awesome! There is no fake anything on that body of her's. She's a good person inside and out. Hope they are in a relationship and I hope it lasts! Looking forward to seeing these two around town in the Summer!
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Hes going to be benched next game, -4 last game, 38% on face off, he's not nhl caliber, espacailly half way through season , let this guy go oh wait....u signed him for 4 years u idiots, toronto will never win a cup with #43 around
Sid definitely slow down this month. Only 1 goal so far. He's still getting points which is not a bad thing. 2016 was really his year. He was so dominant!
Happy birthday Darren helm
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