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giroux(jer-ew)has terrible skating skills...he himself claims he's only an "a" level player..I agree with that,he has trouble turning forward to backward,and really cant skate backward at fact he isnt very strong on his skates.I wonder what favors his mom did to get him that position....
Erik is a cheater when hes on the road. He calls specific girls when he is in New York and LA. All other states im sure he finds randoms!
It isnt a no before u even ask the question.
what are y'all talkin about? that girl is def peks' mate. here's a pic of him grabbin her tit
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Is that a pic vet?
So he's been really liking Miss Meredith Frosts tweets lately. She doesn't follow him tho
No,you will need to state your case in person or directly,until then we butter Jens buns by hook or by cro_Ok..
Whenever jvr is in the ice it's an automatic PP for the other team
Didn't make any bonehead moves last two games. Marchenko is the reason.
No Im buttering Jen up to strip for me😉Shes experienced u know(on film;)
I know for a fact who Scottie upshaw slept with on January 8th 2017 My ex girlfriend... :(
What 2 complete strangers are y'all talking about? The 2 girls from Minnesota? The one he supposedly met up with midday had been talking to him via Snapchat and DMs on Instagram for a while before they finally connected in person. No clue about how long the other one had been talking to him. It also possible he hooked up with them on 2 different days while the team was there. Of course it's also possible one or both of the girls made the entire story up. None of us will ever know exactly what Tyler is or isn't doing when it comes to his personal life.
Anyone wanna explain why Katrina accompanied marco on a trip to Mexico with the three other Wild wags & players if they aren't dating?
i cant wait til he goes bankrupt someday from spending money on private jets with his busted up gf. every other hockey player flies on commercial planes but he thinks hes a rapper hahaha. also, funny how he downgraded from a 10 to a hard 4
Loops begged Big Fox to give every player in team a bj. He said he needed to practice his bobbing head movement because it helps him to deak the opponent.
Who cares if she follows Laura?! Laura and JL didn't date. These girls are all casual hookups and they all follow each other.
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I've said time and time again Rask is not a Money goalie certainly not worth 7 Mill I wouldn't put Rask in the top twenty NHL Goalies! Tummy ache or not most important game of the year get rid him and while you're at it get rid of Neely he's in way over his head
I channel my dad and bart when posts have instructions,😒#like and share #type yes if u think sucking sucks #tag your friends
LOL...Rookie what's your name
Reply-to:Hey Rookie 18:24:28! Have you seen Amanda and Lindsey in person? Like really seen them in person without all that makeup and hair products? They are not better looking than me. Its sad how delusional you are. Honestly.Then why don't you submit a photo of yourself if you're so confident? lol. Or would you rather just hide behind your computer? And just an fyi, looks are completely subjective. So it really doesn't matter what your personal opinion or preference is with looks, its what PK and JT think.
Chris Breunig, New Jersey
i heard he did pee over Phoebo
Paycheques?????  Gump gets the biggest one on the team....but motivation can't change that the retard sucks.  Pride has nothing to do with skill.  MM is in fairy tale. Slurp slurp MM hears from behind the furnace room. She must have a lot of pride with her mommy's job. LOL!! Gump is arrogant and proud yet he sucks crap and holds it all in those big diapers.   Reply-to:Build the drive to score? Are they professionals or pussies? Their paychecks should motivate them. There was a time when having a sense of pride would be enough to do your best.
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