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These comments are absolutely terrible
The bruins organization have to be one of the worse in hockey every year same result free agency they grab leftovers no play makers no goal scores last year we lost because you shut down line one and that's it line 2 or 3 suck plus they had chances to grab home ice but idiot rask lost every game down the stretch how much longer you're to realize that Rask is not clutch hes a back up goalie period trade the idiot use. Ack ups to win the cup rask is over paid back up Thomas won the cup for us and please get goal scorers newly and sweeny you suck at your job
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I swear that Sandra girl is a hooker! Just look at how she barely dresses!!
Reply-to:Dara Follow Mark on Instagram .... Idiot.You should follow the family on facebook?
He calls his penis little guy? Idk that seems pretty hard for anyone to make up unless they had spent actual time with him...
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Well she just posted swim week is over, time to relax. She only got there a couple of days ago. There's one pic of her in a bathing suit. Is that it? She went all the way to Miami for that?
Ray emery
Psycho sophomore keeps deleting post.
He liked that ironically. It’s not mind games but Tyler is defiantly bitter about her getting engaged. He is an extremely depressed person who try’s to hide it through sleeping with a different girl every night
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Brian Lee is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. I remember back when he was in WWE or the WWF at the time and he portrayed himself as The Undertaker, and then I remember when he wrestled in WCW and in Smokey Mountain Wrestling he wrestled as Prime Time Brian Lee(in Smokey mountain Wrestling he wrestled as Prime Time Brian Lee), I can completely see why he called himself Prime Time too because he was made for prime time tv, he is a Prime Time Player just like Titus O'Neil and Darren Young
Brian Lee Harris is an American professional wrestler who is best known for for his time in the WWE where he was simply known as Brian Lee.
Ray Emery drowns during outing with friends at Hamilton Harbor, Ontario:
How old are you? I'm so excited to see the future of the world through today's youth.
The Fake was credited 50 points last season. He played 22 mins per game. This as all as a result of how he plays: only 4 goals, and gets approximately 46 second assists, all while playing only with the Matthews line (he gets the crumbs). RE ice time- all easy minutes- he never works hard. He is always the least winded guy on the ice.He never plays the PK. He never plays physical. He never blocks a shot. He just moves out of the way in a defensive mode- he is a NON FACTOR in his own zone! How is it that the so-called know-it-alls who get paid to be experts can't figure this out?it's simple math. the guys a dufus!
Ludvig Pettersson , Öjaby
I like Ally more than Lauren. Ally seems very sweet and talented, she could do a design/art business on the side if she wanted to. I hope she doesn't waste her talents, she could be very successful
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