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You guys are all psychotic and why men should stay away from women.
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When Erik has posted 9 consecutive photos in a row, without Melinda in them. I know that probably doesn't mean anything... But it probably means something lol
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how do i hook up with him
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Tumbler seems to have every job she ever did, a Target layout from 2010 was recently posted.
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She went after any athlete. She dated his old buddy Terry Ryan too lol
If they put even a decent D man with the Matthews line, they would all score far more goals and there would be far more points to be awarded. A really talented D man like Rielly or Dermott or even Zaitsev. Pairing them with The Goofinator is actually holding them back and wearing them down (perhaps by design?).
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Ran into her out in the cities awhile back. She was high out of her mind. Always was a huge c**e head. Thought maybe that she was with him she’d stopped for his sake. Bad thing to be associated with for him. Never seen a girl stick more s**t up her nose then her. Bad news.
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I think the make-believe media support for Mr. Gump is just as enjoyable as the crap in his diapers LOL
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Aaron rodgers
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Soph 3:01 you sound bitter that he didn't sign with a team you wanted him to be with. It's not your life it's his and he did what's best for him. Dallas has 2 big contracts a lot less than other teams, they have good players and decent prospects. Next season some contracts will end making room to sign what is needed. I think Dallas will be getting better in the next few years.
He invited my friend over the other night. Luckily she said no. He is not a good guy.
No she isn’t ewww. He does like the uglies.
I’m curious to know what her talent is since she has a talent agent? Talking about other peoples products on her IG, or spending a record amount of money in a short period of time? Aren’t you supposed to have talent when you have a talent agent, this dude is thinking “ok chick I will take your money to be your “talent agent”. LMFAO
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