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Reply-to:What if the woman waited until Kaner was a sleep? What if she took advantage of using Kaners hand to scratcher herself and have her friend bite her to make it seem Kaner did it. She took a picture of everything of Kaner into the media.  Honestly? Nothing would surprise me these days. Shame she didn't put her BU degree to better use. Unless BU does in fact offer a Drunken Puck Slut degree program.
Um no.. he hit on and tried to get girls right in Ottawa under her nose so imagine when shes in san jose and hes cross country....recipe for disaster
Do you think they will be happy in SJ?
Is he married? Saw him out in the burgh
Tyler seems so awkward to me.
Looks like having a baby takes away the urge to constantly post pics of yourself making dumb faces
Wow this place has gotten boring
So Burish is back on BHTV this year -- looks like him and Souray aren't best buds anymore and his ex? Kristin Reed had a kid. That chippie spends more time with her clothes off -- how many more ways can a grown adult scream LOOK AT ME!
For somebody always so depressed when her kids are gone EC does a good job finding a sitter so she can still have her "fun time"
I had a very bad result that includes red in all subject which if i had taken it home to my dad he wont be happy with me so i had to seek the help of JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM after contacting him in less than 48 hours my bad grades that were all in red changed to a good one at a cheap and reliable price. This hacker hacked into my school site in other to change the results i am so so happy.
Two concerts coming up at PPG Arena. Justin Timberlake on Tuesday and Maroon 5 on Saturday. Wouldn't be surprised to see the wags go to either or both of them.
Niggers love to shuck and jive with crack and chicken and rape and kill
Hahahah anyone who says they arent dating is full of shit.
I have sex with his girlfriend.
Fat half breed
Hmmm look at the roster- any ONE MAJOR clinker still there?? WTF has this spaz got over the management?? Another season down the tubes with a worn out offense trying to make up for 4 and 5 point spreads
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enjoy eight more seasons of the highest paid,goalie in the N HL history,most Overated,average at best, Eight more years of misery!!! Thanks to the media ,all lies about Mr wonderful.
Awww go get a life mother and stop putting your daughter down all the time. your the only one who posts on here about her.
Saw Rask trying to do a pad stack in China. Of course Calgary scored. Never a big save from Tuukka
What chapter are we on now??
One of the reasons that the Leafs are not signing Nylander to what his is asking is that whatever Nylander gets will set the base for Mitch and Auston. Something like Mitch = 1.4 Nylander and Auston = 1.7 Nylander. A second reason, which I grant you is subordinate to the above, is that they need the cap room to sign Jake to a long-term contract in the range of 6.5 M for 6 years. Looks like it will be a bridge deal for Nylander in the area of 5M for 2/3 years.
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