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Phew!!!! That was close!! WOHOOO! PENS!
Question; how does everyone know the person posting here was TG? Couldn't it have been someone pretending to be her?
lets all pray not carson mark. clown looking with all that makeup. yikes. i would hope not.
seems like she is escorting? tell tale signs are nonstop expensive vacation and restaurant posts with no man or friends in the picture? whos your sponser Sandra! tell us lololol
So do we review the first 100 days and then take a bow o_0
I think it would be weird if Randi deleted pictures of her ex husband. They have two kids together... obviously a sign of maturity that they still get along. I knew Randi in college she dated Patrik like 9 years ago.
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Ur coach is confident and understands everything well,trust him.
Garbage pussy can't go im the corner crap American pacioretty who torterello called out at the world's as being shit him an price can pack it up and go to Dallas or somewhere else farther away
Sydney is not that smart she was a sociology major a du. Hahaha
Again, beating a dead horse. Yawn........
I value the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.
They took a pic together in Ava's Instagram Story. They also both posted beach pictures at the same time. OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED!
Does anyone else think it really is ali that writes a puck bunny blog? She has enough time and experience knowing all those people and the skin care thing didn't work. Blogs can make a decent amount of money I could see her trying to make a future out of it but remaining anynmous especially since her and her mom have posted on here severly times before
cant stand this pussy; why sign little prick d; can barely watch bs with his face on roster
Jake Gardiner is trash, along with pretty much every other defenseman on out team. The leafs need a complete overhaul with defense, it's terrible.
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She will, He can't control himself
I really enjoy the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.
When PK thinks of the Habs he laughs and laughs!
Never see her at a preds game. She is a fraud!
Watch the highlights from last night (4/26/17) against the oilers, this guy is single handily responsible for at least 3 goals...therefor the loss is because of him. Not good
Timour detraz, Genève
How old were u when u realized talk shows are infomercials o_0
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