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That was a difficult game last night, but Sid got TWO points. He'll get that 400th goal SOON!!!
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I don't think Charissa was dating Jay Williams when she was on Extra. I hope that wasn't Pk's package. If so disappointing.
It’s actually gross how skinny she is, she is promoting anorexia. Mara was so much hotter than this skeletor
Oh boo hoo he's so unhappy with Amanda. Then grow a set of balls and kick that bitch to the curb. What a whiiney pansy he is.
No 😊
Here is the Montreal Canadians should be a loss for Tuukka, so far 1 shot 1 goal.
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I think he sucks because Ethan Permaul sucks mcadamis cock
He looks good
All of them.They are all equally man burgers.
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Career ruiner. Well known out here she was part of his demise. Small city, people talk. Not a good one. Fake.
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If there was any truth to the rumour that Zobin person wouldn’t have been all over social media working so hard to convince everyone she was telling the truth. She’s clearly got some mental health issues. A well adjusted person does not troll Twitter looking for any mention of themselves in order to retweet it. She needs help and I hope she gets it.
Kadri can you you do something to earn your 4 million,-thanks Mike babcock (your bae)
Saw them in Vegas together.
Brian Korf, Mt. Prospect, IL
It looks like Kane and Toews are on vacation together with their ladies. Maybe an engagement will surface!
K o_OWell Selenas mama doesnt approve of Woody Allen and Justin Bieber so far,thats what I know..
Reply-to:Did his gf move to Dallas?No she lives in LA.
Just like they do every time in public. At dinner, in a club... they pose for a picture and then they go back to acting like they dont know eachother. SheGoes to her girlfriends and he stares at the bar looking for his next girl to creep on
Your a bag of dirt too you piece of rat shit. My mom told me to tell you that you asshole!!!
Pacioretty scores unimportant goals throughout the season and is invisible during the playoffs. Mr Bean look-alike
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