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I would have expected PK to be with some independent bad ass woman, not her... she goes to see him every single week, leaves her dog behind.. what a loser. That's pathetic... does she not have anything else going on?
Jimmy + Holland = no chance at a playoff spot. No goalies, no defense........Can you imaging the morale of the team?
Rough start of philidAdelphia kessel , maybe they should deal him to Vancouver I hear they need a mascot?
Morgan reilly is Jakes girlfriend?
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He was never with her
Fcked him hes hot but way too into lube
please get rid of him asap
I was only stating a fact.
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don't forget that Zaitsev is a beginner. The Fake has been around for many years, and has yet to show even one iota of improvement, as in ability to cover up for his partner. He make a giant screw-up at least once a game, and has done so for the last 200 games plus. that won't change because he is easily overwhelmed whenever he realizes that a brain/clue would come in handy in some situations.
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His ex-hookup is beyond pathetic, keeps posting with her name in the comment-you who u are R@**#! Get an effin clue,this site is not about your whor life, this's Patrik's gf forum!
Saw her at the fright fest last night and she honestly looks pregnant and drained
Haha. He does not love her. He has a new girlfriend. He likes all her instagrams and she comments on his. He’s over Sydney so stop mentioning her.
Soph @ 15:30, it’s @liljillianaire7
Three goals on 12 shots. The teams fault, not Cawee.
what's next for you sandy? you are 36 and washed up.
Garbage American captain Pacioretty
Krejci is AWESOME
sergachev, subban, mcdonaugh.. why do the habs keep giving away great d men for washed up has beens..
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