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Fri, 16 Nov 2018 19:38:27 I tell myself it's not even 20 games and there are 82 in the season. I hope Carl is the only trade and things will improve with that wake up call.
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Hey :) Are you sure Jamie and Katie broke up?
SPEND SPEND SPEND GIRL!Completely redo a gorgeous mansion, shop, shop, shop, take trips just cuz…I know TJ is rich but can you imagine how much money it takes to support Laurens spending, this dude will never be able to retire, Lauren is a professional money blower that is for sure! GO girl!
If you look on zillow it looks like the house costed 8 mill
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This bitch thinks she’s special. Ya’ll give her a round of applause for being just another dumb hoe.
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Lol just search karlsson on twitter oh man
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Morgan Reilly is still not an elite D man, BUT, he is miles and miles ahead of The Goofinator in every category, including: -basic skills and talent, -hockey knowledge, -skating ability, -puck handling/protecting the puck, -shooting/scoring, -assisting-setting up a play, -defending,-checking, -recovering pucks, -winning one-on-ones,-protecting his goalie,-aiding his team mates,-being a team mate,-quarterbacking a power-play-contribution to the penalty kill!(non-existant)and it goes on and on...another list that has out-listed the Mr. List/ zamboni driver, once again!did I miss anything? Take that, anayltics (junk science)crowd!
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Jill, Philadelphia
Marriage next year ... llv is prego
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Paulie has retired:
he’s ugly
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