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No,u would be marrying Mrs DiCaprio.The one that kissed Johnny Phucking Depp on her way down the aisle.She doesn't get confused for other ponies.
That would be the crux of the problem,of course⚙️Bad examples and being angry with the wrong people.
Hmmm what kind of girl has a thing with a guy that has relationships with other girls? Sounds like these girls just keep falling for his lame pokes and sporadic attention, worried about what he thinks or others people think. They may be pretty but they are not smart.
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No,not nazi pizza I dont😡
I don't understand the million filters and excessive photoshop... we know what you look like it only takes to see her pictures from 2 years ago
How do you date Laura and Lauren , two beautiful girls and marry a gold digger that looks like a piglet. They need to find a good cosmetic dentist in Nashville and a plastic surgeon if she wants to be taken seriously .
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She sets a great example.
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Nina Sandbech is one of the most kind people on this Earth. I love her fashion sense and you should definitely give her a follow on Insta
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Off topic but what are the dets on the OTHER son he has?
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Kim Bessette, Calgary , Alberta
Haha maybe it is Alexis and she's trying to cover her tracks by calling Joffrey ugly.
He cheats and cheated at boots and hearts this weekend
Soph 21.45 maybe they got scolded and are not allowed to post anymore! Idiots! to buy cheap online
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It doesn't appear to be serious
I don't think anyone really knows them. They just speculate and guess, and judge. Lol
I don't know what's going on with Jamie and Katie but I wonder if she's not trying to separate herself from Jamie on social media a little due to her career. She made her twitter public, too. I think she's in media management, but it might come with some marketing aspects. Maybe she needs to use her social media and she wants to be seen as Katie and not "Jamie Benn's girlfriend". Which I get. People can be really mean and judgmental.
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