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Why? Was he bad on tv?
True but its the internet..Im your companion that u dont need to dress for or respond to;)
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Kevin should wear 3 and be;)
As a goalie, I can say you guys do know what you're talking about. Rask is terrible on his angles and he seems to like playing on his knees way too much. There are no 4 foot tall goalies in the league so it's beyond me why Rask gets on his knees all game to make himself 4 feet tall. Stand up and play your angles like a real goalie, then make some big game changing saves like a real 7 million dollar goalie.
looks to me that theyve been together for a year and ppl still be trollin haha sad
Wow ppl mind ur own business. Why do you all care if they stay together or call it quits.
Rookie 17:43 what are you talking about???that made no sense!
#Herd Mentality
Tyler's follow spree again.
Reply-to:for the love of darwin, enough with the marriage quip. its even more obsolete than having children for those of us living in the developed worldThe Developed Countries aka Developed World includes the countries of: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holy See, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States
She never twisted anyone's words nor blatantly lied just so she could have the last punch.
Haha joffrey unfollowed someone on instagram. Someone with greater powers than me needs to go figure out who it was...
Yes,to do it back to Margot😊#WTF(oxtrot;)
Seriously, people are just overreacting just because Sid did it. It wasn't worth a suspension. No one even talks about the Sabres guy who is suspended for 3 games.
you  kow  sindy  Crosby  I  thout  you  war  to  yung  to  have  a  giil  frind  you  are  only  29  I  am  only  7    I  am  one  of  your  aultamit  fans  with  my  frind  meadow  seasd  I  have  a  crush  on  you  its  true  87  over  and  out jazzy or my  real  name  is  jazmine
Just watchedWhiskeyTangoFoxtrotand now Im aching to see Tina Fey ask Margot if she can fck her security in real life😊
Reply-to:Lauren was at The Centennial Classic with all the other Leafs WAGs, she must not be married. And I agree, Caitlin Stride is a psycho. Shes constantly changing her IG.She was married to another hockey player before her divorce.
Looks like he's finally getting to talk to Laura Martin. He's been following her for a while and she just now added him back
Thats right on topic actually,condom foot.They hand them out in health class in some places;)I was just thinking about that,when/how to teach kids about sex😒What part comes from home o_0What part should come from schO_ol..
And still it has u feeding it O_o#Commander Chocolate Labrado_Odle
She got kicked off the blues crew
I counted 7 misplaced pucks and 4 turnovers by the end of the 2nd , didn't see him much in the third , my satellite ended up glitched on last half of it, gardiner looked weak, reilly had a few early mistakes nothing like jake spin dekes in then his charge and turn back T 859 in the 1st, even the announcers er commented what a nice peroette
Bebu was mentioned on like 15 NHL players pages - spam. I saw Randi at a game a couple weeks ago game sitting in the same section as the wives. They're definitely an item.
I saw him with blonde in nashville last month
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