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Ya its great that he is being called out on his lies but not a great display of girls sticking together on Carastina’s part no? If she wants to get back at Scott, I think we are all for that, but she shouldn't drag someone else in the mud to do it.
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He's in NYC golfing.
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I to_O enjoyedEl Gran GatspyYSpiderman🐿🍄
The common denominator of Evander is the shallow airheads he dates. Ashley has been the only one who isn't a gold digger- showing off designer items that evander pays for. Well ladies... he can buy you material goods but he will still cheat on ya.
she is not pretty at all i feel bad for jake allen getting her preg and now has to marry her she is so manly looking
Sydney's a whoooore
Phil Kessel is, by far, the BEST Ringette player in the NHL!
Ali gets what she deserves. Her sisters post about all the bullying was pure comical. If the girl didn't want to be bullied she'd get off social media or make a new private account instead she bought followers years ago. Also, she wouldn't snap or take photos of tylers, his arm, or his dog, any time she is in his presence. She doesn't do it with other guys, just him. She is so fake to everyone in texas and has ZERO FRIENDS outside of her family which speaks volumes as well. Can't keep a true friend for more than a year because shes straight boy crazy. You asked for it, Ali. GET A CLUE
Jamie benn
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LV Tumblr has a really "lovely" video of the Captain's girl! All those fangirls who say she is so different -- she just dresses better on JT's dime! Ugh!
[b]förbiförbindelser i london.förbindelser i london örhängen
lol engaged.....they are on opposite sides of the country for two weeks now but they are planning a wedding. Fools
Why does she always look down in her photos? It looks goofy!!
Is he still dating that Katrina chick?
Back in Vermont again!! These summers are so predictable lol. He hasn't fit in his European vacation yet!
Hill Billy is back!
That picture of Sydney looks like it came straight from her camera roll..
She has everything she wants. Luxury houses, cars, vacations, opportunities that many don't have. It's clear who the karma winner is here!
Really? What does that matter. The point is Amanda is a horrible, self-centered person which is not a secret to those who truly know her. As for the Blackhawks organization, I can't help their stupidity.
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