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This site's spam is awful.
still Sucks !!!!
Brendan gallagher
Kane gets four goals tonight as a Shark, the first of his career. Sharks win 7-4 against Calgary
[b]kvinnor longines.män longines.
That was a royal backfire, loool       Reply-to:Heads up for any people here that have any morality ....Sasky is a TEACHER, 28 and older than all these players he constantly talks about, plus hes a guy. Not normally something to point out but its foul and discouraging to see women talk like this, but from a man its even worse.From reading the comments, Im thinking not too many girls will care unfortunately, but damn ...Its worse coming from a guy! Especially when he is a teacher older than us all.
#21 is WEAK. Gave up the puck last night on that 3rd goal like Colorado had a gun pointed at him. WIMP.
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My life was falling apart, I was being cheated and abused, I had to know the truth and needed proof. i saw a recommendation about a private investigator by a friend. i contacted them and they took care of my needs. they hacked his iphone and gave me all information in his facebook,instagram, Whatsapp, twitter and email account. I got all I wanted as proof . I am glad i had a proven truth he was cheating.Contact them if you need help.
I saw a few comments on his picture saying come to the leafs..would/could he?
sergei kostitsyn
What Facebook photos ?
Reply-to:Lol. Lack of talent describes the ENTIRE team. Dont get upset Stormy.Bring that up when the ENTIRE team is tagged the best in the world or elite. Only one phony superstar on this team.
[b]Montblanc Boheme KugelschreiberMontblanc Boheme Kugelschreiber
That should say throw a net over her. Although you probably won't be able to lift her.
Crawford sits on his ass while team has to take up for him good goal tending Hawks could have made a run instead of choking the season
Nikolai Ehlers
22:16 I thought you cared most about Tim Lincecum. You are one of the biggest cyber bullies on Talk Sports.
Cheezus....didn't martin just take a massive knee buckling blow to the head? Shouldn't he be making a trip to the quiet room? lmao compared to the collisions that often warrant C word protocol, you would think he would be a prime candidate.
Definitely a water trade this guy stinks
34 year-old Joffrey Lupul's girlfriend is the same age (22) as 20 year-old baby face Mitch Marner's. Let that sink in.
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Someone pointed out to that Jake-off bootlick, James Tanner, that firstly, his assertion that Clown Show Jake had some of Leafs highest defensive zone starts was wrong, and brought the numbers to prove it. Secondly we all had a good laugh at Tanner's expense when that stats idiot came back and basically told us stats that didn't support his idiocy could be misleading!
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Don't waste my time watching the Motor City Losers. Drain the swamp and start over so I can start watching again.
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