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What happened w melinda and her good friend jess tobin? They were bff and now not bc jess wouldnt drop monika as a friend...? Lol soo manipulative
Patrick Kane
And you get my vote Rookie
Whatever the drama I think she looked gorgeous in the wedding photos.
Looks like he and Lauren got married yesterday
omg what's Jackie doing in Chicago?? Now all his exes are there?? lololol - Order Tetracycline Without A Prescription
It is 3 people. The Oompa Loompa leech sisters and the ugly paid friend. It just sounds like one person cause they’re all very dumb and can’t spell that’s why they get along
Ryan still has photos of them up and he followers her sister. Maybe they will get back together?
He doesn't follow her on IG anymore
Wow, more racist remarks. This site stands for nothing. Nothing only low-lifes.
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Why does she have that much time on her hands? She needs a job.
What happened with them
I wonder if Patrick is invited to Corey’s wedding this weekend? Amanda always looks so pretty. She has really good taste. What a beautiful couple they make.
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Scottie’s comment on Alexis’s latest pic (stupid Instagram-basic shot of her with wine looking serious at the camera) proves what we’ve long suspected: he’s gone from NHL all-star to full blown Instagram boyfriend. He takes all the stupid posed pics of her when they’re on vacation. I would give anything to see some in action shots of him squatting into weird positions to get pictures of her insta-modelling. She probably makes him take like 50 takes of each pic. What a sad life he’s leading!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 17 Jul 2019 14:13:17 GMT"she's going to get fat". That person said she gon get fat. So yes stupid uneducated children in fact write on her.
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