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K o_OWell Selenas mama doesnt approve of Woody Allen and Justin Bieber so far,thats what I know..
Reply-to:Did his gf move to Dallas?No she lives in LA.
Just like they do every time in public. At dinner, in a club... they pose for a picture and then they go back to acting like they dont know eachother. SheGoes to her girlfriends and he stares at the bar looking for his next girl to creep on
Your a bag of dirt too you piece of rat shit. My mom told me to tell you that you asshole!!!
Pacioretty scores unimportant goals throughout the season and is invisible during the playoffs. Mr Bean look-alike
Wot hoppened?
The board is back!
Martin placed on waivers 1/15:
Reply-to:Hi Dad. Fukc off assholes! this forum is to rant about that piece of shit JVR. Not for you 2 douchbags to chat.Please go back to the phanuef site, and talk about how great his stats were.Hi dad, be their soon.
Jordie and Jessica seem really happy! Hope it works out for them this time.
Eric selleck
17:14. And you would be wrong.
Divorced and looking for a new wife, Kristen his x_wife got a divorce and I heard he is dating a model from New York
Charissa nudes leaked. Not impressed at all lol. PK probably realized he could do a whole lot better lol
Looks like alexis is hanging with her sometime roomies. And is that story of her in the mirror at Joffrey’s place? Or at her apartment?
Dmitry Orlov
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Do you really do not understand why he hangs out with her? Because SHE f**** him, she literally takes off his pants, he does not need to do anything lol, but he really likes pretty young girls and to be a "daddy" sooooo..... Sorry, but I'll never believe that he can settle down with a woman like Danielle and Tyler still follow girls on Instagram...
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