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Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 16 Jul 2019 12:29:35 GMTJake You are Pathetic, Please get the F--ck out of Toronto so I can relax and stop worrying that Stupas will find a way to bring your pathetic ass back some how.
Hopefully the BOT has now been programmed somewhere else
Had a threesome with him a while back, he was underwhelming
You being on here defending her makes u a loser urself Shes obviosly weak and in it for money if she allows her men to stick his dick in other girls asses
He only put a ring on it because he got her pregnant. He was dating Kat Cooley for 2 years and his now wife was his side chick. Can you imagine finding out that your boyfriend cheated on you, got another girl pregnant but is also marrying her?
why was she wearing pants and a sweater in the middle of summer while in dallas in her latest insta pic...
This aged well - next page
Reply-to:Lauren has no idea who is on here so assuming she isn’t jealous of someone is a little arrogant and delusional. She has many many people to feel jealous of so don’t get that twisted. Insecure marriages breed jealousy. 💁🏼‍♀️Trying to pretend this board isn't  full of jealousy is delusional..whatever you all need to tell yourself to feel better, sure she seems like a lot of females on here want to make Lauren jealous and its pathetic strong women do not tear  other women down and they certainly do not make fun of a another woman because their dirtbag husband allegedly cheats all the time...but yeah not one female on here is jealous...right LMAO Lauren has plenty of reason to be jealous of you all OK
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Hurt people hurt people. Do u feel better about your own life now.
After a recent post encouraging a low-scoring forum member to be hopeful, several people have asked me how I got my FICO score from 420 to the 750s today. Hard work, patience, as well as asking many questions on this forum, have been my salvation. Not to say I haven't slipped – I got so excited a few weeks ago when my FICO hit 600, and applied for a CapitalOne Auto Loan and a Best Buy card (it was my birthday), and my score started slipping downward because of those new inquiries. I need not to beat myself up over those decisions, but oh well, you can't change the past. To set things up, I have been in close contact with {CREDITSPYEXPERT@HOTMAIL.COM} or +1 985 441 1527 who has never failed me since i knew him, i get loans and more benefits without having to worry
Seriously,? Are you burnt?
Brett deleted his casino story. Interesting!! Hi, Brett.
Can't believe he actually married her.
Women's Abuser!!! Dara hate you
[b]швейцарскшвейцарские часы реплики AAA +швейцарские часы реплики
Videos tonight for the Victoria Secret swag. Ty
Still single, still a womanizer 🤷🏻‍♀️
Not saying it means anything but JT was at a wedding in Minneapolis last night and LV wasn’t with him. She knows Haley and Taylor Chorney from multiple other weddings she’s attended with JT of his Shattuck teammates so it’s not like it was a wedding that was far away or she wouldn’t have known anyone.
Is Maureen there? I hope she post some photos!
Reply-to:His wedding shower to Mel landeskogs sister was today so
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