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Morgan reilly is horrible he is a huge reason along with gardiner they finished where they did, trade them both in same deal some stupid team will think they hit the jackpot....gardiner played the best minutes possible and still was mediocre at best, reilly is terrible he's not ready for the nhl
WOW! You two below are morons! Did you see how far out of position he was in the OT series ending goal!!! You can't defend that... he SUCKS! He's SOFT! He lacks MENTAL fortitude!!! Felger & Mazz are saying right now as I type to dump this SIV!! The defense isn't responsible for him being out of positon... call it for what it is... Tuukka is highly overrated and is not ELITE so SUCK IT!!!!!
My goal today is toHit RecordO_o
Brittany Burke does anyone know about her?
He has lost it all. Again. He must forget interviews he has done saying his family saved his career and life after his rock bottom in phoenix. Sounds like a narcissist trying to get as much attention as he can. Until he hit rock botrom Again. He is NOT a role model to anyone. His kids are precious, intelligent and religious kids. They may love him but don't want him in their lives any longer. They are in a Christian school surrounded by good people. While he walks w the devil by his side.
Kristy planned this oops and very much used her little brain for this!
Sorry I have no pretend right now,ponies messaging me🌻
Funny fantasy about the store from the loser fckface who mysteriously didnt want u even at dr appointments we came to learn why thanks to me eh😘
Kevin saysI WillO_o
please trade yourself max.
Who is he seeing?
Tyler is in Dallas as of 3 am this morning.
Well that was/is her aim,why wdnt her face be a ptsd trigger eh
Figure skater, this guy needs frills and a perm and he's good to go for the next Olympics expect.him to fall and choke there too,loser
Crawford is on a no movement clause so good luck with that
They are engaged!!
Brittany Burke
We don't stick to our own sexuality because this board is Scottie not us . If he didnt screw everything and anything that moves we wouldn't have any derogatory comments about him
Ya Shane played with those guys in the AHL, he was drafted by Anaheim a year after JL. Isn't Penner a "dj" now? I saw a sound cloud link in his IG bio lol.
They werent conforming(following the crowd) they were there to see musicians eh😒
The first time that I noticed that,people knowing good words but not knowing the meaning,we were at a concert on the floor like super early(apc and nin) and I forget what but somepony said something that made everypony look up or head closer like maybe a band member or something,who knows but anyways it was nothing and somepony yelled DONT CONFORMO_o
Del Zotto looks like his lifestyle is catching up with him. yea, she did delete the photo
Jealous freak shows LOLAll the time you spend on here whining about everything she has, could be used to start at least saving for something similar: beautiful homes, beach house, backyard pool, luxury cars/vacations.Come on, this whole board reeks of envy and you know it.
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