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He must have known since he didn't move her to Pittsburgh with him plus he didn't give her the place in T.O. lucky escape
How long have they been together? Do you know?
the truth hurtslupole banged panuefs wife, back when they played together,end of story.....
Who is Afton? He isn't sober that's for sure. Seen him drunk and high w Camille the gf this weekend.
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So many athletes have fuked Charissa over the years. All she does is fuk and date athletes. I know of a bunch. And even with professional make up, that girl is average at best. Such a shock P.K. would see any appeal in her.
Well he cheats its public knowledge and all his friends know except shane obviously apparently he watches eriks every move and erik actually hates shane. He tells everyone. Overheard at junxion that melinda literally forced him to have shane as a groomsmen there were plenty others for him to choose from
I think Katie has a bf
how would he know what falling in love felt like ;) haha
How do you know? Highly doubt he has a gf
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Who went to that game today? All the guys are back together again. I see another cup coming in 2018! And maybe another Hart for Kaner!
Franny is his g
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2017 team portrait:
Reply-to:Bitter and jealous beotches needing to anonymously post negative remarks a out the wags are beyond sad.The moronic wags do it all by themselves, Chickie. Since when does knocked up by "accident" net a bimbo anything more than baggage. If she had a brain, she would have used it to show herself and Corey that she had more in her favor than spread eagle. But no, that's all she has to offer. It's obvious to anyone not stuck under a rock! 
Reply-to: its finest. Amazing what way out=of=proportion she can do~!
Oooooooh who's he at the Yankees game with?
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