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Nylander is a scorer. The leafs have no players to play the ruff stuff, no mean defenseman to counter the bruins. It’s just not a playoff team at this stage - but to expect nylander to play the role of a power forward is not reasonable - who are the power forwards on this team. Management did nothing play against boston.
Tuuka stop handling the puck your a train wreck
Yes he had many chicks he deleted cuz he don’t want everyone to know about each other.
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The leafs win and all is well with the world of Gardiner again. Now watch him once again think he is a superstar and begin playing his stupid game of rushing nowhere and losing the puck and casually skating back or off the ICS. Watch how many cross ice passes get intercepted. Watch how many icing calls he venerates. Watch how he gets tuned along the boards and in the corners. Watch how many times he stands still vacantly watching the game. Watchmarchand intimidate him. And watch him sitting in the penalty box shaking his head. And finally, if the leafs lose because Boston will come out firing on all pistons and Gardiner will melt like the snowflake he is. Idiot.
Reply-to:Veteran at 20:39:03 Thats why I find this really bizarre. Could it have been just Andrew there and not the rest of the family or Amanda?Whether Amanda or anyone else who can vouch for Kane was there that night has not been revealed. The only side of the story we have right now is the 26 year-old accuser's side. More facts, not leaked "details", will be revealed.
This site is funny but the awkward part is that a LOT of the things that have been said have played out to be true. Either way i hope they find peae, together or seperately. Its sad that its a lose lose, if he stays in ottawa hes plagued by the media and stuck with a bad team, whereas if he goes they will not survive starting over and being irrelevant in a different city, she wont be away from her family , they just wont.
Kessel:Traded from two teams at a young age, while benched in Boston for numerous playoff games for his poor defensive play.Caused 3 coaches to be fired in Toronto, while refusing to anything they asked of him in regards to showing up in shape to training camp, trying different breakout plays, and playing the opposite wing -- he told them all to F@ck Off!Destroyed the moral and character of the Entire Maple Leaf Team.After being traded to Pens, he ruined Crosby's year by casing him to go pointless in his first 6 games while Kessel was on his line. Kessel then gets kicked off the second line with Malkin because he couldn't play his position properly nor stop fighting with Malkin.Kessel then gets kicked off the Malkin line.Kessel twice was kicked of the top Power Play unit (couldn't one-time shots).Kessel was then kicked off the US Olympic and World Cup Teams for being a SELFISH, ONE-DIMENSIONAL PLAYER THAT NONE OF THE OTHER TEAM MEMBERS WANTED TO PLAY WITH (except for his buddy JVR)!Kessel only became successful on the Pens as a 3RD LINE PLAYER AND POWER PLAY SPECIALIST, AS HE SUCKS AT EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF THE GAME OF HOCKEY.PHIL KESSEL SUCKS! PERIOD!!!
Reply-to:lol, youre really stupid ... Dara goes back the hill, and with encouraging results this season, and her victory in Quebec proves that she can still progressedShe won by the skin of her teeth.  1 point?
Eric Staal is a pile of garbage
I have the feeling his dating lindsey vonn too
I think it was the washington caps wags a year or two ago who started it.
Suck a d@ck Iam not a slut! Philly is my cream in the cheese cake
For sure broke up
Reply-to:Crawford has piggy face small eyes hairy body I that mouth, those lips as monkey ass ewwwwOMG! LMAO!!! Your description of him cracked me up! I am laughing as I type. So true! C'mon Slyv' , Elina is right. You  are better off without him. (Crow, be grateful you make a lot of money. Otherwise....Idk)
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Lisa shinar, North oaks, Mn
Oh you must be confused. I wasn't the one who drafted him.
Who knows? A lot of people date for a long time before getting married, really doesn't mean anything..
His family was in ottawa btw
Chara is god , Toronto
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