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That's a joke right? Semen in underwear?
With a young bartender in Hamptons last night
Any NY girls who met him recently?
Maybe they’re using a surrogate
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My bestie is a better woman than I am! She was dating Nick Leddy from the NYI for almost a year, up until two weeks ago. Before that they were best friends for a year and a half. But his mom controls his life and started to feel threatened by his girlfriends presence in his life and started to fill his already paranoid head with all these judgements! Instead of breaking up with her he has his mom try and do it. Then he just blocks her. Week and a half later he actually PAYS a mediator to call her and communicate with her 😂😂😂 He paid someone to call her and break up with her instead of not even throwing her a text message! Luckily my bestie sees how pathetic and weak he is and can laugh about it. But ugh he totally ruins the Islanders for me now. Fingers crossed he is traded. What a little boy.
Her 2019 Instagram posts/stories did seem to revolve around drinking. Was it because of boredom or a reaction to something he did, 🤷🏻‍♂️? It’s probably best for her not to be in Nashville.
Another pointless shoot on her stories. She’s “working with” a private photographer and tags the dress label in the story to make it look as though she’s shooting for the company. In reality it’s just another unpaid shoot where she gets photographers to take her picture so that she can make herself feel like she’s a real model. Maybe instead she should be on the phone with her agency and asking for some go-sees and castings so that she can get actual work.
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Reply-to:That schmuck mark Lazarus must be in mourning right along dicaro and Spain. Hes patheticForgot about that asshole. Bad day for him too  guess. He and Baffoe think they are going to get laid  by grabbing these stories and running with them. Not gonna happen.
You mean LVs sugar daddy/kid
I’m with you Vet
Didn’t he dump her when he got traded to Montreal??
Kristina makes herself look stupid! going back to a cheater. When he's on the road, it's gonna happen again and again. She just won't find out this time. She's desperate. Those posts are out there for the world to see. Can you say dumb B?
yeah, real poetic. go figure, Anus McDooDoo!
Why the hell do u care to come here and defend them every day do u have a weird fetish or obsession if ur not one of their best friends? Prob cassandra she didnt make her a bridesmaid bc she was chubby. Says a lot bout malinda And it a coiencedence that eriks penis really IS around 3.75 (more around 4/5 though..) inches ?
Burish is a married man! Congrats to Adam and Jackie
Why did they break up? So sad.
borts went from 21 year olds to a 40 year old haha
Lol ye are all Nuts
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