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no wonder Hunter quit. he was probably afraid he'd have to pay child support for little Kyle if he an Shanahan split up. have you seen that guy? he probably has to use his library card to back up his drivers license when he gets carded. well done on your choice of a student council president shanahan, you dufus!
Jonathan Toews
[b]spyder ski-brilspyder goggles mannen
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Erik karlsson’s wife is not hot..letdown bro
He’s in buffalo right now. Maybe he was able to get away from AG for a few days.
Clowe set to become Newfoundland Growlers coach:
Seriously can you people leave Sids trainor and his family alone what is wrong with you.
He’s a sweet guy and she’s very materialistic. I wonder when or if he’ll realize. People praise her for nothing, and it’s sad.
It’s not a self esteem problem; all these women think they are hot shit! They have no self respect nor do they care because they are in it for his money and the attention they receive.
A PI can’t do shit about an IP lol obviously you have no idea how hackers work lol
Looks like he will be coaching a junior team in Newf, now that NJ has no need for him since his contract is up.
She works & is good at her job. Why wouldn't she travel with him when he's off?! I'm sure any of you would if were in the position.
LOL anyone else see Scottie hopscotching on IG? What a tool.
So who didn’t see him this past week?
Paul Martin's ShineALigh7‏ @ShineALigh7 2h2 hours agoMoreWe're beyond excited that @ShaneMartinBand will be joining us again this year for the 2nd Annual charity event! Stay tuned for details on additional bands, and tickets very soon! #MentalHealthAwareness #AntiBullying #SuicidePrevention
Where are her nude pics
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Tj Oshie
Can't wait for the cops to investigate the Monica "comments" and find their way to this site. Then they will trace all of your ip addresses and charge each one of you for harassment. Lol this is so good. Because those negative comments on Eriks photos were made by ppl on here, not by Monica. Maybe she did a few comments or secretly msged and harased Melinda, but it wasn't just her. It was ppl who also write on here. You are f@cked now people. The police is going to get you. And if you are from ottawa, then they will expose you and everyone will know what you did. No job will keep you if you cyber bullied. And your bf/husband will leave you. LOL
Erik Karlsson
Who cares if he’s teeth are yellow
Morgan Rielly
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