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Omg whyd they breK up?! Need details
If she tried dating or being with a black man then maybe she would realize it's great.There's no need for hatefulness in expressing a desire to exclude their race from your potential choices.
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I would like3Boxes ofSmurfagetti with meatballsPlease and TyAnd if they can print the boxes how they were stocked back in the day that would be a plus💫
Brittany Burke has nothing to do with Patrik
So, she is in Arizona with here family. Her sister is competing in Miss Teen USA this weekend.
I read that she was engaged before she met Erik and at the same time he left Therese. lol at their "love" it's fake as sh*t
This guy just coasts round the rink the whole time. He has zero speed and brings the team pulling not pushing, having to make up for the slack of his play.
She looks adorable!! Cute and fun and comes from a great family.
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There were SO many comments on here before that have been deleted - had no idea she PAID to have the removed....desperate much? She acts like her life is SO perfect when she's obviously an insecure little brat. She much know he cheats all the time and figures if she covers her instagram with their fake smiles it'll all be ok. Can't fake it hunny, it's so transparent.
apparently not
Did anyone happen to read the absolutely pointless "interview" he just did about nothing? I guess the fact that they don't live together *ahem* warranted a stupid article about how he "misses" his family. why doesn't she live with him with the children? Smoke and mirrors fo sho
Well when jaden gets married to Brittany Burke you'll be jealous
What man is happy about being trapped?
I wonder when it's Phil's day with the cup
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She is indeed very ugly and her style is cheap. But, why are we discussing her anyway? She has nothing to do with Patrick. She is way below his standards.
Are they still together?
Ryan Hartman
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