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Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sun, 27 May 2018 05:29:04 GMT reply

We keep hearing from the Leafs that the play of Jake Gardiner has improved. What a f*#cking joke that is. If anything this clown has gotten worse.

As long as the Leafs continue to put useless twits like this guy in uniform and try to pass them off as NHL players they will win absolutely nothing.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Sat, 26 May 2018 18:52:44 GMT reply
Jake Gardiner plays with an upper body problem. NO BRAINS!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 25 May 2018 22:13:09 GMT reply

Jake Gardiner, 100% useless. No hockey smarts at all.

Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Fri, 25 May 2018 01:43:18 GMT reply
We will never play better defense until we subtract the biggest defensive mistake in the Nhl from our team
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 24 May 2018 20:47:14 GMT reply
Meant Dubas
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 24 May 2018 16:10:26 GMT reply
Cuba's biggest accomplishment will be to establish a solid defensive core that actually plays defense and frees the forwards to be offensive. And maybe get the shots against down to 30 or less per game.
So if they managed to trade phaneuf who at least three hits and guarded the front of the net then trading Gardiner is possible. Take him out of the picture and the pieces fall into place. No more hesitant forwards, huge turnovers, one trick exits from the leafs end and a defensive partner who is overwhelmed. So take him out and take a fresh look at how to build a solid defense.
If Dubas can start there then we have more than a decent chance this coming season. Some of the veterans can be easily replaced with our rookies and marlies. That has worked well so far but then the leafs backed off and somehow focused on "experienced" players. Lou's final big deal was plekanic and no upgrade on defense. Maybe he knew what was coming and laid off.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 24 May 2018 00:15:35 GMT reply
salary: $4 million per season. offensive production: 4 goals. defensive highlight reel plays: zero. grade 2 math calculation: one million dollars per goal. now add in the cost of his defensive blunders at an average of 1 per game (89), if each blunder cost the team a goal against: that's 89 - 4= 85 goals against (net). Is there is a way of assigning a dollar value to each blunder and each lost game caused by the super dufus?
Anonymous (Veteran) wrote on Wed, 23 May 2018 19:45:48 GMT reply
Clearly some idiot among the Leafs management has been a Shit Show Jake cheerleader. Is it the Leafs new GM Dubas or was it Hunter or Babscrock-a-shit? Laughable analytics have kept this hockey shit-stain and laughable D-man Jake Gardiner on the payroll and ice. It doesn't look good folks. I won't be watching this hockey d-bag Jake-off bring the whole team down for another year.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Wed, 23 May 2018 14:07:11 GMT reply
Watched Jake (-18) Gardiner play against the San Jose Sharks last night. Why they even bother to dress this moron is a mystery to me. I firmly believe that he is the most useless hockey player I've seen in over 50 years of watching the NHL!!!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 23 May 2018 03:35:25 GMT reply
In the next remake of the wizard of Oz our boy jake can replace the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man as he already has no heart, no brain and no courage
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 22 May 2018 03:10:41 GMT reply
5 years of heart attacks every time this guy touched the puck.His mistakes far outweigh any offensive capability. Very soft on the puck.I thought management was trying to build him up for a trade. Looks stunned on the ice. Almost possessed.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Tue, 22 May 2018 03:02:24 GMT reply
Why don't they make the mistake a winger or forward.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 22 May 2018 01:35:12 GMT reply
at some point we traded Stralman and kept Gardiner, as we have with many, many other defense men. Each time a giant blunder. It cannot be explained. People get paid millions of dollars to make these decisions, yet they never pay a price. Gardiner is still here, haunting us. The media types will quote him prior to the coming season, and he'll say his usual stuff " If I dn't score it seems that we don't get any goals", and he is never taken to task for his ridiculous quotes of self promotion. The worst defense man in the league, and yet somehow Toronto hockey writers will continue to think he's a good player. Shocking, but true for five or six years now.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 22 May 2018 00:12:58 GMT reply
Hope he follows Lou to the Islanders
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Sun, 20 May 2018 00:31:09 GMT reply
So surprised team USA didn’t puck him up , they needed a water boy
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 18 May 2018 23:05:26 GMT reply
fun fact: ANALYTICS IS Bullshit. Its various systems do not accurately assess the skills or talent of any single player. Go figure!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 18 May 2018 23:00:24 GMT reply
ELITE:the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons.
DOOFUS: a foolish or inept person.
ELITE DOOFUS: supremely foolish or catastrophically inept person.
ELITE DOOFUS HOCKEY PLAYER: supremely foolish or catastrophically inept hockey player. see JAKE GARDINER.
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Fri, 18 May 2018 00:32:35 GMT reply
Trivia, in the Retarded category: which defense man in the NHL was responsible for giving up a 5 on 3 goal against- to the team that had 3? Answer: also in the retarded category: Jake Gardiner, of the once proud Toronto Maple Leafs. Now that's "elite"!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 17 May 2018 03:20:29 GMT reply
Elite: (once again) "that's rich". what kind of dolt says such stupid things? a zamboni driving, basement dwelling, high school dropout who knows nothing about hockey. an elite dumb-ass!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Thu, 17 May 2018 03:18:12 GMT reply
I hate to quote a 7 year old, but: Fun fact- GOOD DEFENSE beats GOOD OFFENSE. just saying, and hoping that TML management actually take note (Jake THE FAKE Gardiner is neither- thus the name FAKE- he's a make believe hockey player, super-dufus, dumb-ass. But not a hockey player). again, hate to quote a 7 year old, but- Go Figure!
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Thu, 17 May 2018 00:58:08 GMT reply
We've got to give him the Larry Murphy treatment and boo his ass out of town. Just so Babs and Dubas know where we stand.
Anonymous (Rookie) wrote on Wed, 16 May 2018 06:02:10 GMT reply


I'm the "derp" that submitted this article regarding former leaf GM Dave Nonis. Please note that this article was submitted not on November 13, 2015 but probably back in February or March of this year. Why whoever maintains this website continues to show old posts as new ones is really ridiculous and makes no sense at all.

So, whoever you are out there that thought it would be funny to make fun of this article go f**k your self.

Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 15 May 2018 22:40:39 GMT reply
interesting article in the Sun today by Jim Matheson about elite defense men. He did not mention even one word about the Dufinator. Unfortunately, he did not have an extremely "OVERRATED" category!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Tue, 15 May 2018 22:23:14 GMT reply
Good Defense beats Good offense every time. "GOOD" defense does not include Jake The Fake.
Good defense includes teams like Winnipeg, Tampa, Washignton, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Vegas, Boston. The Leafs defense is horrible BUT, would probably get much better if the lost the GOOFinator and replaced him with a decent D man- (for the reasons stated ad nauseum on this forum). Ditch the Bitch. Send him back to his mother's tit, PLEASE!
Anonymous (Sophomore) wrote on Mon, 14 May 2018 23:31:07 GMT reply
it is inconceivable that these so-called hockey minds can actually link gardenia to obviously doctored stats and then create the aura of a player who is above average!
doesn't it actually show just how untrustworthy and inaccurate the various analytics systems are? It is just so obvious.
they played gardenia with matthews all season long so that he could collect points and they(TML and analytics) could say he was an elite player by the results of the season- 50 points! they completely disregard how the supreme dufus buggers up every single night- more than once, with various giveaways and falling down, and pissing off his team mates- every single night. BUT, he got 50 points- so he's "elite". DUMB-ASSES, all of them, for not seeing the obvious.
GOOD DEFENSE beats GOOD OFFENSE every time. The GOOFINATOR is a truckload of smoke and mirrors and fabricated nonsense.
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