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Reply-to:How classy. Sleeping together while Mrs. Harris was very married. Not surprised though.Not surprised either.  Hopefully they've matured and will have a long and happy life together.
marie doig, Spokane,wa
Cathy Ruggles , Ohio
Bill Stevenson , California
Tobias Brown Jr, New Jersey
Yes Jim Head did play in a group called Jim Head and the Del Rays in the 60's...I knew Jim an d his brother and family in those days...Gayle Tice Good
No .petes a great guy ..legend in aust funny car racing
I tend to think force does throw races....on top of that but 3 cars in one class SHOULD be illegal5
Nimrod Racing East, Wisconsin
Hero? Courageous? Whoever wrote that elsewhere is a sycophantic idiot as is the person who feels bad for Pat. Either she turns a blind eye to her man's behavior or she is complicit. I am the wife of a racer and have caught him staring at me like I am food. My husband says Pittman is the biggest cooze hound around and others back this up. From this forum alone, he is being revealed for what he is. Scumbag.
Look at this on eBay
He has bad breath. Uses dog shit for toothpaste. Lousy in bed.
Patricia Hataburda , Lemont Il
ray edward shively, mesa az
I feel Bob's abrupt retirement at early point in season is chicken shit leaving everyone drivers and others with no job.  The NHRA cant afford to lose teams if he wanted to spend time with his family that's great! but his team did not need him at every race they are adults with probably more knowledge than him on how to get the race car down the track.
I'd like to see him crash and burn again,just a wanna be,found himself a woman that would pay for everything and treat her like crap,or she lives the same life style,he's a worthless selfish excuse for nothing!
Very happily no, married yes. She stays for the $$$$
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fred aguirre,
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While this is supposed to be a forum for Matt Smith, "Pro Stock Motorcycle, NHRA" personality, most of you seem to be here for the actor. I'll keep it brief.Matt Smith is the ugliest actor in the world. How anybody can find his gaunt, neanderthal head even remotely attractive makes absolutely no sense. He is the ugliest man ever to get onto the screen and hopefully his career will die out before he can damage the eyesight of any more viewers. He has a giant, long, stupid ugly face, a forehead that's 30% too large and absolutely no character about his features. If you look at him and think absolutely anything good about his physical appearance, your understanding of beauty is way off the mark and you should feel ashamed of yourself because of it. Tell your friends they're losers as well if they like him or think he's not the ugliest man they've ever seen.
and he has always been a cheater
I have always loved Cruz!It would be nice to know if he is single, maybe I still have a chance to take him out for dinner! :) He is not only a very handsome man, he is also a very very good hearted person. It was over 15 years ago , he and his brother were sitting in lawn chairs hanging out with us fans in the parking lot. They sat and talked with us for hours! Great conversation and great people they are!
Actually, I happen to know Jon Capps quite well. he works really hard for his success and is a great driver. Jon knows how to drive, it's not his fault he gets sucky cars. He has had a lot of experience with other types of driving too, he's not just a funny car driver. Jon is not only a good driver, but a good person. He really cares about his work, family and friends.
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