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Tammy Welden, Sturgis SD
Who is tommy Johnson married to ?
He’s a pig
Tyga is the best rapper in the world
Michael Ray Stevenson(born November 19, 1989) is an American rapper who is best known by his stage name Tyga. Stevenson is of African American and Vietnamese descent.Twitter @TygaInstagram @Tyga
Karon Holland, Blackwell Tx
I saw Jim Head beat his dog. I just happened to walk up to his trailor because I was following his cute dogs. And then I saw him beat and punch his dog for no reason. Nothing disgusted me more than seeing that majestic German Sherpherd cower in fear.
Robert height cheating
george h hultin, eustis
I'm calling her. No more secrets.
Shut the hell up
Shame on new Funny Car driver John Lindberg for Jim Heads team following a bad accident on the track with John Force. In all my years of watching drag racing, I’ve NEVER witnessed a racer throwing his equipment all over the track in a tantrum THINKING IF HIMSELF WHEN ANOTHER DRIVER IS STILL in the car being tended by first responders after the crash. He lacks humanity. JIM HEAD.....Get another driver now!!!His comments following the wreck was lament that they didn’t have spare parts like the other teams. NOT ONE word expressing concern for John Force. He will hopefully join another heartless racer Whit Bazemore.
Hello. And Bye.
Russell k Haas, Pennsylvania
Bradley Babeaux , Ocala florida
Cheats prosper until there are enough who bear grudges against them to make sure they do not prosper. Who cannot carry the weight of the lies. Who keep their part of the illicit compact with no support from him. Like all his other women and children, left struggling and stranded when he runs off to hide, to protect himself from being revealed. He wants what he wants but when one needs him he is a ghost. The secrets are too heavy now and have caught up with him. And his wife.
Erica is a good driver. If you never drove a prostock you have no idea how hard it is.
Tony Pedregon is nothing but a hand puppet . U suck more as a announcer than u did as a driver with your head turning posing every time the camera turns your way. Bring back Mike Dunn he was the most knowledgeable driver turned announcer
Yes, he does have a girlfriend. You'll meet her soon enough.
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How many girlfriends has the Ole Goat had over the years??
Hey!! Does anybody know why he didn't make it to the US Nationals this year?? Was it to many oil downs or did his Ole lady catch him in bed with another bitch??
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